Trump did it! US budget deficit breaks records

Each new US administration likes to talk about achievements within the country (success in the economy and increased well-being of citizens). The “Trumpists” grouping, which was comfortably located in the White House in 2016, was quick to please the public with a report prepared jointly with the US Treasury Department.

It turned out that since the “happy” day for US citizens when Donald Trump became president, 4 million new jobs have appeared in the stronghold of the global “democracy”. The statistics do not specify how unemployment has decreased, but they are sure there that salaries have grown by “sensitive” 1,4 percent. On this achievement, as it were, ends, and reality begins.

It turned out that the US budget deficit in fiscal 2018 (started on October 1, 2017) grew by 17% (3,9% of GDP). And it reached a record, since 2012, mark of $ 779 billion. Budget expenditures, in monetary terms, grew by $ 127 billion, and revenues grew by only microscopic $ 14 billion. That's where the real success is. There are, so to speak, people proudly informed.

Moreover, the budget deficit continues to grow hopefully and will reach an astronomical mark of $ 2019 billion in fiscal 981 (about 4,6% of GDP). Most surprisingly, in the past fiscal year alone, US government debt grew by more than $ 1,2 trillion and hit a record high of $ 21,5 trillion. And someone after that still has the audacity to criticize Barack Obama (the previous US president).

And when Donald Trump begins the campaign, on his re-election to the post, i.e. in fiscal year 2020, the US budget deficit is guaranteed to exceed $ 1 trillion and rush into space. At the same time, Trump will continue to broadcast success, growth, and more. The "comrade" is on the right path, leading his country into a "bright" future. Although the "Stirlitz" has never been so close to failure as it is now.
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