China coldly pointed Russia to its place

Having quarreled with the West, Russia began the gradual de-dollarization of its economicsnaively hoping to receive support from China. But Beijing coldly pushed Moscow as it walked towards him with open arms. The proposal of the Russian Ministry of Finance to acquire federal bonds in RMB equivalent to $ 867 million did not meet the slightest interest from Chinese partners.

Moreover, a decrease in the use of the ruble in Russian-Chinese trade was noted. If four years ago such contracts amounted to 3,9%, then as of the last year - this is a modest 2,7%. Experts explain the behavior of Beijing:

How can one buy bonds of a country whose economy is not clear where it is moving for its native currency, RMB?

Indeed, the attitude of the Chinese towards cooperation with our country is extremely pragmatic. They can smile and nod their heads, but they will only really do what is beneficial to them. The truth is that China is not at all interesting technological development of the Russian Federation. In recent years, Moscow has proposed to Beijing fifty large-scale projects, but all of them were put under the cloth by the Chinese. It is time for the Russians to take off their pink glasses and understand that our country is regarded as a raw materials appendage not only in the West, but also in the East:

They quite openly say that they see our country exclusively as a source of raw materials, from which they themselves will perfectly do everything they need.

So in China they will be happy not with Russian “candy wrappers” of bonds, but with oil, gas, timber, metals, land for cultivation, and they will not refuse to invest in gold reserves of the RMB in the RMB in Beijing either.
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  1. Playerman Offline Playerman
    Playerman (Eugene) 16 October 2018 11: 01
    Looking at China as friends, traitors.
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 16 October 2018 11: 24
      Well, you are too tough. But in principle, what is strange and unexpected in China's actions? Each normal country is primarily concerned with its own interests, and "cares" about others only through the prism of its own benefit.
      1. peta locksmith Offline peta locksmith
        peta locksmith (Peter) 16 October 2018 18: 04
        if Russia would act on the same principle
    2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
      gorenina91 (Irina) 16 October 2018 19: 36
      -Yes ...- it is traitors ...
      -It is precisely today they are fooling our youth, explaining to it the crafty truths about
      about false multiculturalism ..., about tolerance that knows no boundaries ..., about tolerance for abomination ..., about the willingness to expose yourself and your loved ones ... - just to be known as your own in this cohort of liars, whose life credo ... -it is to fish in troubled water ... -Many of them work just for money ...- and laugh at the suckers who are so easily and simply bred ...- "on the non-resistance of evil to violence" ...
      -The Church is already beginning to split ... -because of the fact that the church's eternal dogmas began to be used by such crafty "laity" ...
      - As for the Chinese ... - they are essentially ... - on the drum the fate of any people, any individual, if he is not a Chinese ... - They do not really hide this ... - And all the roughness of this "status "they smooth out such" tolerasts and exhortations "... - they just do their work for the Chinese ...
      -And these "tolerasts" are very dangerous ... -they teach our youth "mimicry" .., spraying in space .., encourage and encourage the study of the Chinese language (incredible ....) .., willingness to sacrifice their identity and the great story that their glorious ancestors created for them ...
      -And on the site there are also "Chinese" ... -this is one of them ... is "ustal51 (Alexander)"
      - To call those who clearly oppose all this "liberasty" as "liberals" ... - the stupidest provocation ... - Probably he is being paid for it. - I would be silent ...
      1. vindigo Offline vindigo
        vindigo (Andrei) 16 October 2018 20: 28
        As for the fact that you do not need to learn Chinese, you are wrong. When you learn a foreign language, you understand the psychology of a native speaker, his strengths and weaknesses, what they fear, how they will act. Knowledge is power! - probably forgot this saying. Well, and if for a simple reason, to understand, it is necessary for someone to interrogate prisoners somehow and translate radio intercepts.
    3. NordUral Offline NordUral
      NordUral (Eugene) 17 October 2018 09: 16
      All our power is thieves and treacherous. And yet, they are friends, or they pretend to be friendly, only with successful and strong ones. With the ones we were during Stalin. And with the caliphs for an hour there is no sense in cooperating on an equal footing, they must be used, which practically everyone does, to our shame.
  2. ustal51 Offline ustal51
    ustal51 (Alexander) 16 October 2018 11: 29
    Those who look at China as the enemy are liberals.
    PAVEL MEDVEDEV (Medvedev Pavel) 16 October 2018 19: 18
    Fortunately, Russia is a country where there is no one to rely on, and no need !!! We are an absolutely self-sufficient country. And we have the privilege to conduct an independent policy and choose partners.
    1. Alexander Maslov (Alexander Maslov) 25 October 2018 12: 08
      The fact of the matter is that self-sufficient countries do not want to have business relations with us, and only those who benefit from us, do not provide anything in return, are "friends".
  4. kriwo.alek Offline kriwo.alek
    kriwo.alek (Alex) 17 October 2018 00: 06
    Although the Chinese, even the Americans or anyone else, cannot be our friends.
    Competition is a serious thing that spares no one. We have only three friends: the army, the navy, and the mainstay of the economy. Here we have to rely on them and go our own way through life, changing the system,
    constitution, acquiring its own-Russian ideals aimed at the power, strength and prosperity of our people.
    Is it possible? Yes. perhaps if you have the strength of mind, the strength of weapons and the ability to give yourself for the good of the country, and not for the good of the oligarchy.
  5. astill07 Offline astill07
    astill07 (Andrew Bystrov) 17 October 2018 02: 25
    The absence of (its own) financial system in Russia, plus the predominantly offshore nature of almost all (!) Collateral assets and the offshore status of the majority of Russian business companies - this is the (main) reason for the unwillingness of not only China (but and India, for example).
    I personally would also ponder: with whom, in fact, can the "union cooperate" in Russian business?
    With Deripaska, with Gref, with the Kudrin team in the Central Bank?
    The fact that something has begun (sort of) to emerge in "national projects" and in some (few) scientific and technological sectors is only just beginning to emerge. And it is not the main "trend" for the "traditional" (since the 90s) manner of doing business in the Russian Federation.
  6. Ilya Saveliev Offline Ilya Saveliev
    Ilya Saveliev (Ilya Savelyev) 17 October 2018 04: 11
    How to see who the author of the article is? author of the article liberal 100%
    1. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) 17 October 2018 08: 15
      1. And what will the name of the author give you?
      2. Do you even understand the meaning of the word liberal?
  7. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 17 October 2018 06: 22
    The fact that something has begun (sort of) to emerge in "national projects" and in some (few) scientific and technological sectors is only just beginning to emerge.

    Yes, nothing began to emerge ... -This is for Russia as ... as an artificial "conscious-unconscious" growing ... warts on their own body ... - or even cancerous tumors (Lord .., forgive ...). ..
    And China ... - what's the difference ... -China is just such a "cooperation" and suits ... with "Deripaska, with Gref, with Kudrin's team in the Central Bank" .... -For China, nothing better can be imagined .. -And he uses it with might and main ...
    -Probably very soon in Russia a whole network of Chinese "pseudo banks" will open urgently .., or maybe ...- even a whole "Chinese pseudo banking structure" (a parasite structure) will be created .. which is very easy ... how a knife in butter will enter all Russian "banking spheres" ... -and very soon it will begin its "work" on the "withdrawal" of Russian assets .., confirmed by Russian gold .., the gold and foreign exchange reserve of Russia ... -Of course ...- it will not immediately become public knowledge (or maybe not at all ... - will not) ...
    -Our Russian oligarchs ... -not for nothing do they keep their assets not "in Russian structures" ... -they will have to first "move" .., and then begin to gradually surrender their assets .., and then ....
    -Okay .., I will not ... about the "gloomy" ...

    -By the way .., the fact is striking ...- how many sites have already divorced "Sinologists" ...
    -Who is this at all .., -tourists .. who have been in China ... -You, gentlemen, tourists ...- you have seen "not popular" Chinese ...- not those that are shown in the movies ..?
    -And you saw "Chinese tourists" .. ... how they behave .., even already here ...- in Russia ..? -How loudly yelling, throwing cigarette butts, beer cans .., they don't see anyone around, don't stand on ceremony and don't bother about their behavior ... -they don't give a damn about everything ...
    -Well ... and the business ... with China ... -there ...
  8. oracul Offline oracul
    oracul (leonid) 17 October 2018 08: 43
    Before hysteria, you need to calm down and think. Natural resources, how not to evaluate them, are not unlimited. It is fortunate that Russia possesses them. It is necessary to use them carefully. And stop all cries about a raw materials appendage (although this is according to Marx, but on the street it’s not the XNUMXth century). The world is changing and relying on the fact that someone will voluntarily to the detriment of themselves will help a neighbor to create processing plants, at least naively. Moreover, China needs to employ and feed a huge population. In the end, countries that competently manage their resources will benefit.
  9. lukewarm Offline lukewarm
    lukewarm (Paul) 17 October 2018 10: 38
    Good gesture in the photo. Shows where to go.
  10. master3 Offline master3
    master3 (Vitali) 17 October 2018 11: 18
    Which was worth proving! China has never been an ally of Russia and never will be.
    1. zoill Offline zoill
      zoill (Alexander Oleshkevich) 29 October 2018 17: 33
      You are wrong: under Stalin he was very much! But the bald one ruined everything!
  11. av58 Offline av58
    av58 (Andrei) 17 October 2018 12: 05
    China was not our friend, it is not, and will not be a friend in the future. Never. The words about "friendship" are nothing more than a protocol smile. We do not need to ask or offer any settlements in rubles or yuan, nor bonds in yuan. You just have to force them to accept rubles and pay in rubles, at least for goods that they will definitely buy. Accordingly, in relation to Chinese producers it is necessary to introduce additional measures of influence in the form of increased customs duties, or even to deny them access to the Russian market altogether. It is absolutely time to stop the criminal practice of allowing the Chinese to access advanced Russian technologies, primarily in aviation and space exploration.
  12. vikganz Offline vikganz
    vikganz (Vik Ganz) 17 October 2018 14: 51
    How to make the Chinese buy for rubles? Do they need gas? Need oil? Need a forest? Yes and much more.
    Here is the answer. Let them buy rubles on the stock exchange and pay them for the above products.
    And how and why else differently?
    I have already heard for thirty years how hard and almost impossible to give up trading for dollars. The terms of 15-20 years of transition to other currencies were called. Well, now how?
    And the fact that the economy of the United States and countries trading in dollars will fall apart - let it fall apart. Lived, let others live!
    And no collapse will happen. The collapse is said by those who are not profitable to give up the dollar.
    So, go ahead Russia!
  13. Camille Offline Camille
    Camille (Kamille) 17 October 2018 21: 29
    This publication and related reviews are like honey for Americans and our "Westerners". For them, Russian-Chinese relations are very important: mutual understanding is a sledgehammer in the balls, and tension adds strength.
  14. Anchonsha Offline Anchonsha
    Anchonsha (Anchonsha) 18 October 2018 00: 33
    Well, the extreme pragmatism of China towards us will ever come back to them. We need a breakthrough in the economy, in the technologies in our industry, to reach the level of 3-4 world economies, to show the Chinese their pragmatism.
  15. Alexander Melnikov (Alexander Melnikov) 20 October 2018 09: 05
    The Russian economy is not clear where is moving ?!
    Well, I don’t know, in my opinion, it is moving towards self-sufficiency ... The Chinese allegedly spank fifth-generation aircraft, but still do not know how to make engines for them. They fly into space on copies of the Unions, the ships copy the same ... They have big problems with technology - they just copy, they cannot invent anything.
    Even for food we sell more than we buy from them!
    Roughly speaking, Russia as a last resort can live without the rest of the world, but China does not.
  16. sergejivan Offline sergejivan
    sergejivan (Sergei) 20 October 2018 10: 53
    In fact, the Soviet, and then the Russian economy was destroyed and continues to be destroyed by cheap China. Well, our enterprises cannot compete with the Chinese! Especially when the WTO has reset all duties ...
  17. Vyacheslav Nor Offline Vyacheslav Nor
    Vyacheslav Nor (Vyacheslav Nor) 24 October 2018 11: 00
    In economics, a priori, there can be no friends. All countries know this, understand and act on the basis of their own interests. Except our country. In principle, we do not have a production sphere. But the resources are pumping for 30 years on the rise. I read the comments, I was surprised at how many urapatriots who pitied poor Russia. But it’s too late to regret, one must either change the political and economic system, or die on the sly. Immediately make a reservation, I'm not a liberal at all, but rather red. Our aunt Nabiulina takes instructions from the IMF and acts according to them. we are self-sufficient, the Chinese are self-sufficient, and we will not and will not, unless we change the political economic system and remove the offshore from us to launder the dough and send the oligarchs abroad, with the redistribution (and for this nationalization) of their wealth in advance. The Chinese pragmatists and internationalists in the good sense of how they pull out our economy, they understand that everything that is invested in Russia can suddenly disappear, burn, drown, and our official guilty of this will say that he tried, but a little it almost happened, after going to a raise in another sphere. We have no less corruption than in Ukraine and no one will cancel it. Any sensible economist in our country will consider either the government of that country that wants to invest in Russia to be very abnormal or too rich.
    1. Vladimir Sergeev (Vladimir Sergeev) 29 October 2018 16: 13
      In order for investments to go to the Country, it is necessary to create conditions for this ... which, unfortunately, we do not have as such ... What the Chinese quietly and mock at ....
  18. zoill Offline zoill
    zoill (Alexander Oleshkevich) 29 October 2018 17: 21
    Glory to Putin’s wise policy! HURRAH!!!
  19. Radimir Hugengeimer (Radimir) 30 October 2018 17: 00
    Now our country, however, as always, has three faithful allies who never betray, these are the Army, Navy and Strategic Missile Forces! Everyone else will always use Russian Vanya, and if successful, they will step aside, taking on his merits! China is Asia, and so ancient that nothing can be assumed completely. You can definitely think that nothing good can be expected from anyone. We must be tolerant and smiling until the neighbors cross the border of our country, after which it is already the Enemy.
  20. Mikhail Tverskoy (Mikhail Weinstein) 1 November 2018 11: 17
    Again, you are engaged in the search for enemies, gentlemen ... and they, by the way, are sitting in the cozy offices of the golden-headed capital, or am I wrong?
    Then why the agreement on the construction of a bridge across the Amur River, which plans to connect Russia and China, was fulfilled only by China, having built 17 spans, but Russia has not completed its part of the work?
    So much for pragmatism! It is good, of course, to declare friendship and cooperation, but it is better when words are confirmed by deeds. IMHO
  21. Astronaut Offline Astronaut
    Astronaut (San Sanych) 6 November 2018 18: 11
    We must adhere to the principle put forward by Alexander III: Russia has only two allies - the army and navy! Given the time, you can add another Air Force ally.
    1. Misha Kvakina Offline Misha Kvakina
      Misha Kvakina (Misha) 23 November 2018 13: 12
      Well yes!!! Everyone took it and got scared .... But what about trust ?? Losing it is easy, but recovering is very difficult !!!
  22. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 8 November 2018 14: 21
    If you do not want to buy China Russian raw materials for Russian money, then offer these raw materials to Korea and India! One has to agree how other buyers will follow him.
    1. Taras46 Offline Taras46
      Taras46 (Taras) 22 December 2018 16: 46
      Government will make it easier. Will sell deposits to China!
  23. Valery Ryumin Offline Valery Ryumin
    Valery Ryumin (Valery Ryumin) 25 November 2018 04: 39
    No one doubted that!
  24. Vladimir0001 Offline Vladimir0001
    Vladimir0001 (Vladimir) 5 December 2018 14: 44
    China is not a country, but an Absolute Protoplasm, constantly digesting all countries, peoples and their cultures existing on Earth until they are completely destroyed or encircled. But people are those who think only by past problems, therefore they absolutely do not understand the real ones. They will probably wake up only in the jaws of the Chinese dragon, when there will be 3 (!!) billion of them, and not 1.5, as today. But even today all the Chinese, day and night chopping the Siberian taiga, directly say that "this is their territory and everything here belongs to them!" Those who saw what China did to Siberia curse Putin and wish him an early death ...
    1. Tania Offline Tania
      Tania 12 December 2018 15: 48
      ... shoot down the forests of urban trees!
  25. Tania Offline Tania
    Tania 12 December 2018 15: 47
    ... oh, my poor poor Russia! Tear anyone for her.
    1. Taras46 Offline Taras46
      Taras46 (Taras) 22 December 2018 16: 47
      Tear it up. If they don’t buy everything before!
  26. Taras46 Offline Taras46
    Taras46 (Taras) 22 December 2018 15: 41
    China did the right thing. Western lackeys must know their place!
  27. Import substitution must be accelerated! Here is the real way out!
  28. We will not wait for favors from anyone, we will restore the washing ourselves, and everyone who is against it will be sent to the concentration camps.
  29. Potapov Offline Potapov
    Potapov (Valery) 22 March 2020 21: 40
    And what would you like, sirs ... The PRC has risen / like many other countries / on US trade, technology and production. Its trade with the United States, despite the difficulties - 540 billion in 19, with the Russian Federation - 110 billion. Feel the difference ...