Russia is one step closer to "endless" nuclear energy

Russian scientists have made a real breakthrough. The BN-800 fast neutron reactor was for the first time fully converted to MOX fuel.

Despite the fact that this news lost in the torrent of information about policy and war, it has a truly historical significance.

Let's start with what is MOX fuel. This is the same fuel for nuclear power plants, which is obtained from radioactive waste.
The thing is that the uranium ore used as a raw material for nuclear fuel contains only 0,7% of the uranium-235 isotope used in reactors. Everything else falls on uranium-238, which eventually becomes the same radioactive waste.

In turn, our scientists have come up with a method that makes it possible to obtain plutonium-238 from "unnecessary" uranium-239, which is then mixed with other isotopes and converted into MOX fuel suitable for use in fast neutron reactors.

In 2006, construction of the world's most powerful fast neutron reactor BN-800 began at the Beloyarsk NPP. In 2014, it was loaded with fuel for the first time, with the composition of which Russian scientists have been “experimenting” over the past 8 years.

And the day before, fuel was loaded into the BN-800, which contains waste processed on it. That is, our scientists managed to achieve a closed cycle, which has been repeatedly mentioned in recent years.

Of course, work in this direction is not over yet. Reactor, confirmed economic the benefits of waste recycling, on an industrial scale has not yet been created.

Nevertheless, it is Russia that can become the country that will give humanity the opportunity to extract energy from accumulated nuclear waste, and, consequently, solve the sore point with their storage. According to experts, the latter will be enough to provide electricity to the entire planet in the next 3 thousand years, which in modern realities means forever.

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  1. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 11 October 2022 10: 26
    Bullshit. all this. to all gas workers. and oilmen. chtol lather the rope. These creatures are not yet. they will pollute the entire planet and will not suck everything out of mother earth. won't calm down
    1. Dan Offline Dan
      Dan (Daniel) 11 October 2022 11: 43
      Quote: Aleksey Alekseev_2
      These creatures are not yet. they will pollute the entire planet and will not suck everything out of mother earth. won't calm down

      Are you not one of those people? The fruits of the oil and gas industry are all around you. You will live in a cave without them. Ready?
      1. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 11 October 2022 13: 17
        Yes, technologies have long existed to replace oil. and gas. But no, under various pretexts, this business is being slowed down. Patents are being bought up and put under cloth. All these Nobel-Snobel Rockefellers are greedy and stupid. directed the development of mankind in the wrong direction. Just look at the greedy physique of Miller and others like him request
        1. GIS Offline GIS
          GIS (Ildus) 11 October 2022 14: 04
          Wow! those. were you able to extract the plastic (at least) from ... from ... from dung for example!???
          Well, how does it work on an industrial scale?
          1. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 11 October 2022 15: 58
            Well, a very good example. Even the oceans have been processing it for thousands of years.
  2. GIS Offline GIS
    GIS (Ildus) 11 October 2022 14: 05
    good news. a lot of radioactive waste
  3. Peace Peace. Offline Peace Peace.
    Peace Peace. (Tumar Tumar) 14 October 2022 19: 16
    To build enough such reactors, and to push the released gasoline, gas and salary over the hill, but not for dollars at the mention of which our bureaucrats go into ecstasy, and which they will then squeeze out, but for the goods and technologies we need.
  4. Omas Bioladen Offline Omas Bioladen
    Omas Bioladen 17 November 2022 03: 15
    Ein Trick der Öligarchen (Oilygarchs) ! Damit wir an WUnder glauben anstelle das Öl zu verstaatlichen.