Construction of a new OPCW laboratory in Belgium planned

During a meeting of the Council on Foreign Affairs of the European Union, held in Luxembourg, it became known about plans to build a new OPCW laboratory in Belgium. A significant investment in the project will be made by Belgium. According to Foreign Minister Didier Renders, the authorities of this country are ready to contribute 2 million euros.

The task of the laboratory will be to identify facts of the use of chemical weapons. Its discovery will increase the number of such studies.

In addition, the foreign ministers of the European Union participating in the meeting discussed and approved the mechanism for adopting sanctions for the distribution and use of chemical weapons. According to the adopted regulation, the EU will have the opportunity to apply sanctions against developers of chemical weapons, those who are convicted of its use, as well as all who provided them with financial, material or technical help. The provision applies to both organizations and individuals.

Now the sanctions mechanism is of a framework nature. The decision to impose sanctions against specific individuals and organizations will be taken separately in accordance with established procedures.

These questions were raised in connection with the "increasing incidence of chemical attacks."
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