Away from the dollar: Russia is ready to trade with Britain in national currencies

Boris Abramov, trade representative of the Russian Federation in the UK, expressed an interesting idea that companies of the two countries can at any time exclude the American dollar from their calculations and switch to trading in national currencies. And no matter for what reasons this will be done (policy и economy always nearby), the main thing is that everything necessary for this is already there.

He clarified that the British pound is the same freely convertible currency as the dollar and the euro. And Russian companies will not cost anything (and no one bothers) to open accounts in pounds. After all, the pound is freely sold and bought on the Moscow Exchange.

The situation with the Russian ruble is more complicated. British companies and banks are simply not accustomed to "communicate" with him. They have no relevant experience and cannot assess risks. That is why conservative views prevail there. But this is fixable.

The thing is that Russian exporters for the supply of their goods to the UK have every right to demand payment in rubles. After all, they use the dollar because it is a habit that has been established for years. But before, at least the risks of its use were understandable, but now the risks become completely unpredictable.

Therefore, British buyers just have to look for rubles. They won’t go anywhere. But you can demand payment in pounds, it will be easier for them and they will be more willing to agree. And Russia will be happy with any option, even in euros, the main thing is that the dollar is not present in the calculations. Since the US administration itself arranges political obstacles to the use of the dollar, sawing the branch on which it sits, with the firm conviction that there will be nothing for them.
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