Reported mass exodus of Russians from the United States

The American media are reporting a mass exodus of Russian citizens from the United States. A number of insider sources say that for the third day the staff of diplomatic missions, business structures and individuals from the Russian Federation hastily left the country.

Along with this, a large number of closed offices of Russian structures are recorded in New York, and the Consulate General of the Russian Federation has practically stopped work. At the same time, it is noteworthy that Russians do not leave for holidays, for weekends or on the eve of a holiday.

Information is also circulating that Vladimir Putin allegedly gave an unspoken order to Russian citizens to leave the United States in anticipation of a nuclear strike on that country.

At the same time, some insider publications note that Moscow will soon officially announce the need for Russian citizens to leave the United States. One source claims that it will soon be dangerous to be in the United States, as the Kremlin plans to enter into a nuclear battle with the White House. This will be a response to Vladimir Zelensky’s provocation of a third world war – the Ukrainian president the day before called on NATO countries to launch a preventive nuclear strike on Russia.
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  1. LeftPers Offline LeftPers
    LeftPers (Anton) 7 October 2022 15: 59
    And rightly so, don’t do it in this filthy pin.d.osii, let it burn in fiery hell.
  2. In passing Offline In passing
    In passing (Galina Rožkova) 7 October 2022 16: 05
    Decision making center.
    1. Alexander_F_77 Offline Alexander_F_77
      Alexander_F_77 (Alexander Fomichev) 13 October 2022 10: 21
      Without China we will not pull. Seattle and the Pacific "frontier" would create the effect of a war in North America. the continent, however, the United States will not be able to react without an avalanche, which means that they cannot be warned. It's a pity, in our area, we are dying, and they have no signs of death.
  3. Human_79 Offline Human_79
    Human_79 (Andrei) 7 October 2022 16: 19
    Fed up with these nuclear strikes. The US is hysterical.
  4. Valera75 Offline Valera75
    Valera75 (Valery) 7 October 2022 16: 47
    4 weeks left before the elections, and that's the nightmare of the people, distracting from real problems.
    1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 9 October 2022 07: 56
      They leave not because of a "nuclear strike", but because American visas are massively canceled and it has become impossible for Russian citizens to do business in the USA.
      1. DV tam 25 Offline DV tam 25
        DV tam 25 (DV tam 25) 13 October 2022 06: 33
        A very good point from you. Probably the only one.
  5. Ladislav Sedlak Offline Ladislav Sedlak
    Ladislav Sedlak (Ladislav Sedlak) 7 October 2022 17: 19
    The center of the Jewish lobby is located in this city. The figure of Zelensky is a JEW. So revenge can be expected, logically, let them be afraid am
  6. nov_tech.vrn Offline nov_tech.vrn
    nov_tech.vrn (Michael) 7 October 2022 20: 42
    The rougher the lie, the easier it is to believe in it, the German classic of this genre said that a lie should be primitive, like a drawing of a savage. His followers seem to have surpassed him.
  7. alex-cn Offline alex-cn
    alex-cn (alexey bakharev) 8 October 2022 06: 33
    Well, well, they scare us with nuclear weapons, why don't they arrange a small hemorrhoid?
  8. Pavel N Offline Pavel N
    Pavel N (Paul) 8 October 2022 08: 14
    Or maybe it's a newspaper "duck"?
  9. zuuukoo Online zuuukoo
    zuuukoo (Sergei) 8 October 2022 09: 00
    Quote: Valera75
    4 weeks left before the elections, and that's the nightmare of the people, distracting from real problems.

    Fick knows that there is a "mass departure" - so far he has only been observed from the Russian Federation, as part of mobilization.
    But in 2020-2021, the Americans kept talking about the beginning of the NWO.
    And, in the end, they were right.
    1. Avarron Offline Avarron
      Avarron (Sergei) 9 October 2022 01: 10
      It was difficult for them to turn out to be wrong, given that they themselves pushed for this with all their might.
    2. DV tam 25 Offline DV tam 25
      DV tam 25 (DV tam 25) 13 October 2022 06: 32
      No one leaves Russia en masse. Of course, representatives of the LGBT and some run away, but this cannot be called a mass exodus. Basically, people who fall and can fall under the call collect packets, prepare things, in short, everything is in the training camp. So don't lie mister non-man.
  10. Foxsvl Offline Foxsvl
    Foxsvl (Vladimir) 8 October 2022 09: 01
    Well, in principle, if we are to deliver nuclear strikes, then we must start from the United States. There is no point in hitting Ukraine. There is no goal to destroy the Slavic population.
    1. special correspondent (oleg) 13 October 2022 11: 27
      And to withdraw from the agreement (temporarily suspend) on the ban on testing of nuclear weapons in 5 environments? And to conduct a demonstrative underwater test in the North Atlantic (at quite a decent -1000 -1500 km) distance from the US coast? To start...
  11. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 8 October 2022 19: 01
    Unfortunately, the reason for all this most likely has nothing to do with our threats. As previously reported, the Pentagon has announced the alert level DEFCON 2 for Europe and DEFCON 3 for the US. Most likely, this is a routine preemptive step by the Americans before the start of the NATO war against Russia, for which they, apparently, have everything ready. It is also possible that by doing this they want to make it technically easier for themselves to use sabotage at nuclear power plants as a pretext for war.
    So far, there is no reason to flatter ourselves with a radical change in the approach of our leadership.
  12. svit55 Offline svit55
    svit55 (Sergey Valentinovich) 8 October 2022 21: 33
    Well, yes, Putin wrote just like that - "we are starting a bomb here, dump it")))))) back in February, the Americans "recommended" their citizens to leave the Russian Federation.
  13. AC130 Gunship Offline AC130 Gunship
    AC130 Gunship (Gennady) 9 October 2022 04: 37
    What kind of stupid thread is that? Several million Russians live in the USA. There are more than 2 million of them in New York alone. If 50 diplomats left, this is not a "mass departure" of Russians ...
    1. smart fellow Offline smart fellow
      smart fellow (smart fellow) 9 October 2022 08: 46
      on the mass exodus from the territory of the United States of Russian citizens

      "Millions of Russians" have American citizenship.
      1. Luenkov Offline Luenkov
        Luenkov (Arkady) 12 October 2022 03: 06
        Citizens? It won't protect you from radiation.
        1. DV tam 25 Offline DV tam 25
          DV tam 25 (DV tam 25) 13 October 2022 06: 33
          If everything is on fire.
        2. AC130 Gunship Offline AC130 Gunship
          AC130 Gunship (Gennady) 18 October 2022 04: 17
          It will save you if you live between Chita and Zeya.
  14. Luenkov Offline Luenkov
    Luenkov (Arkady) 12 October 2022 03: 05
    There was a command to leave VShu.