Dead End Turns: Can the right-wing forces save Europe from total collapse?

On September 26, the results of the parliamentary elections in Italy were summed up, which quite expectedly ended in the victory of the far-right coalition of three parties. In Brussels, and in Washington as well, a real hysteria arose about this: the leader of the Brothers of Italy party and candidate for prime minister George Meloni were branded by the Western media as a “fascist” and generally poured over with such expressions as if she was already personally supervising the laying of gas cameras for Greenpeace and transgender people. The de facto power in Rome had not yet had time to change, and the head of the European Commission, von der Leyen, had already begun to threaten Italy in advance with freezing subsidies from the EU. And this despite the fact that Meloni has repeatedly stated that, as prime minister, she will continue to support the anti-Russian course and material support for Ukraine.

It was funny to watch the reaction to the Italian "case" of other national governments. Macron and Scholz did not bring surprises, showing their disappointment, but the main American henchmen on the continent, Polish President Duda and Prime Minister Morawiecki and the bad boy of the entire European Union, the “pro-Russian” Hungarian Prime Minister Orban, also congratulated Meloni’s coalition. This, in general, is also not surprising, since both Poland and Hungary are on the pencil of Brussels for evading the general line of planting sexual perversions.

And the funniest thing of all is that exactly on the day of the victory of the right-wingers in Italy, gas unexpectedly flowed through the idle Nord Stream - but not to Germany, but directly to the Baltic Sea, destroying the fragile ecosystem. Are these events directly related? There is an opinion that both yes and no at the same time: that is, the Americans planned to blow up the pipes in any case, but the victory of the Italian nationalists could well serve as a trigger - “well, how will the German burghers rise up on such an occasion, demanding to step on the gas?” Considering far from calm throughout Europe and a statistically recorded increase in the popularity of right-wing parties, the option is quite real.

Eighth body bag

In fact, September 26 is the date of death not only of the Nord Stream project (in the current realities, no one will undertake to restore these pipes), but also project "United Europe". The root mare, which pulled the entire EU, Germany, was left without most of the "feed" for its industry - and, accordingly, will certainly die in the foreseeable future. Without German economics (from whose income, by the way, the lion's share of EU subsidies to the South and East European limits was provided) the entire economic structure of the continent will go haywire, and behind it the structures politicalboth European and national.

This is the main argument why the SP-1/2 was the first to be destroyed - their loss is completely irreplaceable. Undermining the same "Turkish Stream", of course, would lead to sharp zeroing of the presumptuous Erdogan - but would also raise a panic in Germany, which would complicate the preparation and conduct of the operation against the northern pipes. Actually, panic arose over the leaks, the Bundesmarine hastily increased the protection of territorial waters and LNG terminals - but now panic, don’t panic, and everything acquired by overwork died.

This, of course, does not mean that the rest of the energy supply routes are safe - on the contrary, now they can be finished off almost openly, under the arguments of propagandists like "Putin has decided, the barn burned down - burn and hut." The Hungarian Foreign Ministry rightly tensed up about the vulnerability of the Turkish Stream, however, Budapest itself cannot do anything with it, and Ankara also has little to do.

But personally, I would not relax in the place of the Poles and Norwegians, who are quite stroking their Baltic Pipe, and even in the place of the Kyiv fascists, who hugged the hated communist transit pipe even tighter with their legs. With the latter, everything is simple: it technical the state raises many questions, no matter how strong the Soviet power was, but the legacy is still finite. Well, BP, most likely, will still stand for some time as a “hostage”, but exactly until the moment when it is necessary to draw Poland into the war with Russia. The energy infrastructure of the EU is already officially wrapped in the notorious "red lines", and, of course, only Putin can attack them, "even if this has not yet been proven."

However, it is possible that the "Baltic Pipe" will die very soon, because the bad bells about this very "EU energy infrastructure" do not stop. So, on October 3, the 3rd power unit of the Belgian nuclear power plant Tiange stopped abnormally - although the station is being decommissioned (which in itself seems nonsense against the backdrop of a raging energy crisis), the jamming occurred due to a spontaneous pressure drop in the steam generator ... Or " "spontaneous" drop in pressure? On October 4, Danish police reported that unidentified UAVs were observed near the Halfdan-B and Roar gas fields. I think that after some time we will learn from the non-polite Western media that the switch on the Tianzhe was pulled by Petrov, and the copters were launched by Bashirov.

In the meantime, the main saboteur of the European energy system and the economy in general remains the European Parliament, which ratified the eighth package of anti-Russian sanctions. This includes the introduction of a “price ceiling” on Russian oil (that is, a de facto indirect embargo, since Russia has once again confirmed its refusal to supply oil at reduced prices) and a ban on the import of a number of goods, including metal (against the backdrop of the practically risen European metallurgy , Yes).

What can I say - perhaps only wish you good luck and good mood. For the EU, this package is no longer even the second control shot in the head, but immediately self-dismemberment into parts and self-ejection piece by piece into the trash. Problems with liquid fuel in Europe have been observed for more than a month, and it has already reached the formation of “gasoline borders” (when the cars of neighbors from country Y, where fuel is more expensive, are not refueled in the border cities of country X), and now the availability will become even less, and the prices are much higher. Moreover, Russian diplomacy (for once) fussed in time and agreed within the framework of OPEC + an additional reduction in oil production.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out how "positively" the EU population will react to the notorious package. Personally, I would not be surprised if the "indestructible union" is covered with a copper basin by the end of this year, and begins to crumble - before the end of this month.

So what does this mean for the European right? A historic chance to return to power and prevent their countries from falling into the abyss?

Europe ce Ukraine

In fact, in power in Europe, the right is already in power, even the ultra-right, but identifying themselves as left. Look at these so-called politicians for yourself, starting with von der Leyen: they work in the interests of big transnational capital, pursue a policy of apartheid and the domination of a minority over the working majority, use aggressive populist rhetoric (environmental, gender, Russophobic) and political censorship ... Of course analogies arise not with something, but immediately with Hitler's NSDAP, the red banner and the very name of which were precisely the bait for the silly electorate of the real left of that time - the communists (and partly the social democrats).

Now there are simply no leftists, even conditionally (like the Communist Party of the Russian Federation), in Europe. Those “leftists” who brought the European Union to such a state of affairs would be more accurately called “non-rightists”, or “post-rightists”, or even “hyper-rightists”. In turn, those right-wingers who are called right-wingers (Meloni, Orban, etc.) should be called something more specifically - right-wing conservatives, national-rights, and so on.

However, this semantics is not so important now: it is already obvious that the “post-right” ones have done their job (draining Europe in favor of the Americans) and will cease to exist as a political force along with the collapse of the European Union. The demand for right-wing conservative forces (as well as for the real left, which is not in the local ecosystem) is objectively growing ... Objectively, it is too late.

As mentioned above, the economic foundations for the existence of European countries have been seriously undermined with the prospect of further destruction, and nothing will be achieved by changing the political superstructure alone. When the rails are destroyed, it does not matter who drowns the locomotive, orbans or scholz, anyway, no one will go anywhere. In a sense, Europe is now in the same situation as Russia was a century ago: everything old has been “destroyed to the ground”, and the prospects are frankly illusory. It was not the very fact of the Bolsheviks coming to power that led Russia out of the crisis, but how competently they took advantage of the “miracle” that turned up - the Great Depression that covered the capitalist world.

Such "miracles" do not shine for Europe, despite the approaching global depression, on the contrary, Europe will be (or rather, already is) in its very epicenter. And it’s not a fact that against the background of the general collapse, right-wing conservatives will generally want to take power - read, solve the most difficult problems created by others with minimal chances of success.

Characteristic in this are the "manoeuvres" of the notorious "Alternative for Germany". In the early to mid-summer, when one could still think that a certain “point of no return” had not been passed, the AfD was very actively promoted against the backdrop of frank freaks from the Scholz government, portraying “concern for the people”. A few truly radical deputies even planned to visit Donetsk to find out what the mood really is there. However, after a flurry of criticism, this initiative was quickly canceled, and Christian Bleks, who went to the Donbass on his own, was quickly expelled from the party.

That is, there is ordinary populism in order to sell its face at a higher price: to create the image of “moderate nationalists” in front of the public, and in fact to gain a foothold in the status of the “systemic opposition” (now the AfD is still marginals), sit comfortably in the Bundestag and never reply. In principle, Le Pen's "National Rally" in France is doing the same. True, there is an opinion that soon the electorate of these parties will be severely disappointed.

The situation is slightly different in countries where right-wing conservatives are already in power, primarily in Poland (and to a lesser extent in Hungary and Italy). Other if only because the right-wingers will inevitably have to do something to save their voters from the crisis. Orban is more or less successfully trying to provide Hungary with at least some energy security - not to fat, to be alive (fortunately, Russia is a generous soul). The Poles, on the other hand, look predatorily at dying Germany: it is likely that in a couple of years (and in the case of serious civil unrest, even earlier), the issue of “reparations” will be transferred from the diplomatic plane to the military one ... Unless, of course, civil unrest begins earlier in Poland itself, where the energy crisis is accompanied by growing anti-Ukrainian sentiment and a split in the elites.

In general, the European right-wing conservatives are somewhat late - recently they have no prospects left. The only one who can actually (at least theoretically) “save Europe” is the “bloody dictator” Putin, and I hope that he will not do this at the expense of Russia.
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  1. South North Offline South North
    South North (don ost) 6 October 2022 14: 36
    together with the SVR will help our BROTHERS
    the brothers of the GDR still need help there
  2. Colonel Kudasov Offline Colonel Kudasov
    Colonel Kudasov (Leopold) 6 October 2022 15: 05
    The main threat to the Turkish Stream is the Bulgarian onshore section. The little brothers will certainly not interfere with the ukrosaboteurs, otherwise they themselves will show and tell them everything
  3. Watching Offline Watching
    Watching (Alex) 6 October 2022 21: 17
    The author called Viktor Orban an American henchman. This is on what basis? Does the author not know that Hungary has rather strained relations with the US, especially with the "democrats" who gave a huge amount of money to the Hungarian left opposition for the elections? Psheks and Hungarians are no longer the same minded as they were before 24/2/2022. And yes, psheks, henchmen and ass lickers.
  4. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 7 October 2022 08: 51
    Economic problems and dissatisfaction with Europe will lead the right to unite against Russia.
    And there it is not far to the new Hitler, and to the new Barbarossa plan .... America is leading Europe precisely along this path.
    In order not to defend Moscow tomorrow, it is necessary to “wet” them all today, and America in the first place.
  5. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 7 October 2022 21: 17
    There are many letters and several statements in the article, the statement of facts corresponds, the forecasts are not quite. In all respects, we have a third hybrid world war conceived and already being executed to maintain the world hegemony of the world's financial clans based in the United States. (previously there was WWI, WWII, now it's time for TMV) The plan is extensive, to bring down Russia immediately, after the EU, and fasten the rest to the union, inflating the threat of the PRC, twisted by intrigues around Taiwan ..... Everything is laid out on shelves and branches, - " every vershok know your pole." The EU, the Russian Federation in crisis and war, the PRC is losing markets and purchasing power, so the United States remains the main one, both the buyer and the beneficiaries for its own with increased demand (in relation to the euro, etc.) on these political somersaults, candy wrappers .. What to do, and who is guilty. It is understandable that those who have been at the helm of states for 20 years are to blame, what to do, by joint efforts to bring down the US dollar, like the death of a koshchei in a needle, a joint (BRIGS, EU, SCO ...) onslaught on the US dollar, then the strength of the US financial world clans will disappear like smoke...
  6. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 14 October 2022 10: 26
    There is no main thing in Europe - independent politicians who stand up for their country. And it doesn't matter whether it's right or left. The difference is only in the degree of servility, and of demagoguery.