The habit is stronger than the decree: the Germans disrupt the gas saving plan, demanding good relations with the Russian Federation

The German government this autumn showed off not only the record levels of UGS filling, but also the level of gas savings achieved. In August and September, the country continued to adhere to the plan to reduce the consumption of blue fuel, even going to extreme measures to destroy the industry. This led to a drop in demand compared to the average of the last five years by a significant 20%. However, with the arrival of autumn and the first cold weather, the situation has changed dramatically.

Ordinary Germans refused to be in solidarity with the calculations of their government, frustrated the plan to save gas and consume exactly as much as they are used to. Moreover, they do this deliberately, as if publicly declaring their position on the need for good relations with Russia, with which it is “warm and good”.

Much to the displeasure of the German leadership, statistics on fuel consumption by small households and small companies showed a disappointing picture: gas consumption, on the contrary, increased by a value equal to a five-year record. This leads not only to confusion in the offices of officials, but also to even more sad consequences for the industry of the FRG. To "compensate" the sabotage of citizens is due to the further killing of the industrial potential, which is blocked by energy.

In figures, a “silent” or “home” strike, a protest of citizens, looks like this. According to the plan, each EU country should save at least 15% of fuel. However, at the moment, according to the average (from August to September) indicator, savings have almost halved, to 8%. At the same time, German households and small businesses, consuming up to 142 million cubic meters per year, increased demand. If on average for the 38th week of the year over the past five years their demand was 40 million cubic meters per day, then this year it is 46 million cubic meters.

In this aspect, the joy of overflowing storage is fading away, because if the trend continues, they will be used up even faster than the worst-case scenarios predict. Yes, and with the explicit call of citizens to be friends with Russia, the government needs to do something. Especially when not only the eastern regions of Germany, but the whole country are protesting.
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  1. Vladimir80 Offline Vladimir80
    Vladimir80 6 October 2022 09: 23
    the conclusion from the article is that the Germans are all right, they have money for gas, they will spend the winter warm ...
    1. GIS Offline GIS
      GIS (Ildus) 6 October 2022 10: 07
      well, the conclusion is just the opposite. before winter, they will use up all the stored gas with such consumption
  2. Fizik13 Offline Fizik13
    Fizik13 (Alexey) 6 October 2022 10: 42
    Either the Germans are overthrown or they will force their government to work for the good of their country, business and people. Or the Americans will drive the final nail into Germany's coffin.