Why the supply of the mobilized fell on the shoulders of the Russian regions

On September 21, 2022, President Putin announced the start of partial mobilization in Russia. According to Defense Minister Shoigu, up to 300 people will be called up. It is reported that the plan for the mobilization of 200 reservists has already been fulfilled. The federal media cheerfully report on the process of retraining military personnel before they are sent to the territory of the former Ukraine. However, the overall picture is not as good as it is trying to present.


As an epigraph to this publication, one could use a fragment of text with Site defense state corporation "Rostec", dedicated to the equipment of the Russian "soldiers of the future":

Personal military equipment in the realities of modern armed conflicts continues to play an important role. Gone are the days of gigantic armies, today the focus is on compact, well-armed and equipped elite units controlled by digital systems. All the leading powers of the world are moving in this direction. Russia also did not stand aside: in the 2000s, defense companies began to develop elements of equipment for the “soldier of the future”.

The prototype of the combat equipment of a serviceman (BEV) of the "Warrior" type was officially presented in 2011 at the MAKS-2011 air show. The tests took place already in 2012, and from 2014 the "Warriors" began to enter the troops. The first to receive them were the special forces soldiers of the Central Military District, then the Pacific Marines, as well as snipers serving at the Russian military base in Armenia. According to official data, as of 2020, the RF Armed Forces received almost 300 Ratnikov sets.

The Russian BEV is a modular complex, the various components of which can be combined depending on the type of troops and the tasks assigned to them. The Ratnik helmet, made of composite materials, should protect the fighter's head from fragments and a shot from 5 meters from the PM. The bulletproof vest must hold a line of 10 shots from a Kalashnikov assault rifle from 10 meters. Elements of a combat protective kit should protect the limbs, face and eyes of a soldier from splinters, pistol bullets, thermal factors and other negative influences. There are also “chips” such as the Sagittarius communication, control and target designation system, a communicator that determines the exact geolocation of a fighter using the GLONASS satellite system. To provide energy for such gadgets, the Ratnik provides frost-resistant batteries. A day-night sighting system, a thermal imaging sight, active headphones with ballistic protection, a sleeping bag, a tent, water filters - it's all for granted.

Indeed, our soldiers are like space marines. Based on the “Warrior”, a more modern “Sotnik” complex was first developed, clearly designed for commanders, and a couple of days ago, the “Legionnaire” equipment was presented, more reminiscent of the imperial stormtroopers from Star Wars. In addition to the possibility of integrating BEV with an exoskeleton, it should integrate more tightly with artificial intelligence and “nano-pilots”, allow remote control of robotics and UAVs. However, expect this miracle equipment it will take a few more years, Rostec warned:

R & D (research work) equipment is planned for next year. This means that by the beginning of 2024 we will only get a look, then - R & D (experimental design work), tests.

And then another introduction to mass production, etc. Why do Russian soldiers have to fight, as they say, here and now?

How did you prepare?

The decision of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief to start partial mobilization completely refuted the thesis about the irrelevance of "giant armies", which was adopted by Rostec as the basis for planning the work of the domestic military-industrial complex.

It turns out that Russia's "nuclear triad" does not at all relieve it of the need to wage a large-scale war using all types of conventional weapons.

It turns out that it is impossible to win a war with Kalibr and Daggers alone, and to win you need motorized riflemen, paratroopers, tankers, artillerymen and infantrymen to advance or hold the front.

It turns out that a highly motivated army of simple mobilized who have undergone accelerated training can quite effectively resist a compact professional army, in which some contract soldiers have a very high opinion of themselves and prefer to serve only in peacetime, receiving all the benefits they deserve, and faced with a real risk of dying under in the performance of military duty, they prefer to voluntarily become "XNUMXth".

And so the summons went to hundreds of thousands of reservists, and then it suddenly became clear that there was nothing special to equip them with. In any case, Andrey Gurulev, a member of the State Duma Committee on Defense, stated this:

It is still unclear to me where the one and a half million kits that were stored at the points of reception of personnel have gone. Where are the problems with the form, with something else? No one is going to explain this!

There is no need to send General Bulgakov to another job, you need to specifically ask where, where and why it so happened that our mobilized do not receive uniforms.

Leonid Slutsky, leader of the LDPR parliamentary faction, says exactly the same thing:

It's a shame when ours on the front line... uniforms are sometimes missing, as well as weapons.

And we have been laughing at Ukraine for 8 long years?

How the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, whose immediate responsibilities include supplying military personnel with everything necessary, is now “shifting arrows” to the regions where the mobilized come from, can be judged by the recent decree of the government of the Russian Federation, voiced by Mikhail Mishustin:

Introduce as a special measure in the area economics the right of the executive bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and government agencies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, local governments and municipal government institutions to purchase goods, including dual-use goods, unmanned aerial vehicles, radio communications, electronics, night vision devices, thermal imaging binoculars and sights.

Within the framework of this scheme, the constituent entities of the Russian Federation will, at the request of the Shoigu department, purchase vehicles, uniforms, camping equipment, medicines, personal hygiene products for the needs of regions or municipalities, and then transfer them free of charge according to the act of acceptance and transfer of the army. Elegant scheme, do not say anything. At the same time, something has not yet been heard about audits and criminal cases in the Ministry of Defense for the lack of ammunition, which should have been there by definition.

Frankly, the demonstration of all sorts of "Centurants" and "Legionnaires" against the background of how the world has to collect minimal equipment for reservists, looks like some kind of mockery. Maybe, instead of these super-expensive and clearly small-scale "gadgets", buy for our "mobiles" at least ordinary combined-arms body armor and helmets, elbow and knee pads, warm clothes and normal shoes in sufficient quantities so that they do not remain in the steppes of Donbass and the Sea of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbAzov this winter with frostbitten feet?
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  1. Paul3390 Offline Paul3390
    Paul3390 (Paul) 5 October 2022 12: 02
    Strange - and the native guarantor in his last speech said that this damned West has been shamelessly robbing us for 30 years now? what
  2. asd qwe Offline asd qwe
    asd qwe (asd qwe) 5 October 2022 12: 54
    they take money from the state for sewing uniforms, they steal it, and in the documents they write that the sewn uniform is already in warehouses and is gathering dust
  3. skeptic Offline skeptic
    skeptic 5 October 2022 13: 04
    To begin with, it is necessary to confiscate the property of all those previously involved in military procurement and their relatives, until the "missing" person is fully compensated. Then the full nationalization of everything involved in the needs of the military-industrial complex. The leadership should be recruited from representatives of patriotic parties, according to the appropriate qualifications, on a competitive basis, with a strict change in responsibility for the manifestation of corruption, theft, treason in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. It's time to understand that "the economic raspberry of the thieves' godfather, according to the patterns, of Western capitalism" must disappear, or Russia itself will disappear. No matter what the Kremlin mumbles, it must be recognized by everyone, including ourselves - the Fatherland is in Danger. Not only outside, but also inside. It's time to cleanse the motherland from the thieves' godfather, If the authorities in the Kremlin do not draw conclusions, then everyone in the field will have to do it themselves, with local thieves.
  4. blackcat190463 Offline blackcat190463
    blackcat190463 (Yuri) 5 October 2022 13: 33
    I agree with everything except one thing, they were preparing, preparing ... Yes, no one was preparing, that's just the point, since the nineties the motto is "make money at any cost" which is what Rostec and others like them and the new motto "sawed, sawed, and we will nag "is also very relevant, and then with grandmas abroad, shouting about disagreement with Putin's policy of Russia and political persecution, and they will accept it with open arms, the Germans in Georgia are already promising to distribute visas to runners from mobilization am
    1. Moray Boreas Offline Moray Boreas
      Moray Boreas (Morey Borey) 5 October 2022 16: 46
      Prepared on paper ... received money and titles .. fu.
  5. Ivan Ivanych 68743684 (Sergei) 5 October 2022 15: 48
    now it’s clear who actually owns our military-industrial complex
    1. skeptic Offline skeptic
      skeptic 5 October 2022 16: 44
      Quote: Ivan Ivanovich 68743684
      now it’s clear who actually owns our military-industrial complex

      And the power of the Kremlin.
  6. Vox_Populi Offline Vox_Populi
    Vox_Populi (vox populi) 5 October 2022 17: 28
    And we have been laughing at Ukraine for 8 long years?

    Yes, turbopatriots did it and even now they continue, apparently by inertia ... winked
    And with the regions, it was immediately quite surprising: for the most part, they are subsidized and are essentially forced to patch Trishkin's caftan!
    1. Nikolaevich I Offline Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I (Vladimir) 6 October 2022 23: 57
      Quote from: Vox_Populi
      essentially forced to patch Trishkin's caftan!

      And what about the caftan? Simply put, Putin's ruling regime is forcing the regions to spend "social programs" on military needs! That is, to take money from pensioners, medicine, and so on ...! bully
  7. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 5 October 2022 19: 44
    When the paradigm of the armed forces of Russia was changed, from serving the people and the fatherland to serving for power (oligarchy) and for money. D. Medvedev is the president, A. Chubais is the ideologist of the recent reform of the RF Armed Forces, designed to destroy the last danger for the oligarchy in power - the patriotic officer corps of the RF Armed Forces. So Serdyukov's collapses and reductions of officers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation went. And what we have today is that the people do not want to die for the Motherland, when the Motherland is ruled by a cosmopolitan oligarchy ... And in terms of armament, it cannot be otherwise with a corrupt and mercenary clan of power structures ... They do not rule the state for the benefit of the people and the state, but for the benefit of individuals under power structures .. Therefore, there are no and will not be responsible for failures ...
  8. svit55 Offline svit55
    svit55 (Sergey Valentinovich) 5 October 2022 20: 25
    The Guarantor is silent, the people are worried, and the more the Guarantor is silent, the greater will be the excitement. This is his phrase "where is the money Zin" (from Vysotsky's song), so no one heard the answer. Generals are safely transferred from place to place or to an honorary pension. Ministers removed from office become "advisers" ..... So what? Again, "we don't change horses at the crossing"? To hell with them with "horses", but it's time to make changes to the MO and General Staff. Well, they can’t, the wrong people, it’s not for you to indulge in tank "biathlon" in peacetime.
  9. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 5 October 2022 23: 58
    I remember well that the concept is:

    Russia needs a compact professional army for local conflicts and nuclear forces to protect the sovereignty and security of the state

    belonged personally to Putin, and all these years was actively promoted by him. It was the task of dismantling the "superfluous" forces that was, practically openly, assigned to Serdyukov. Which he successfully did. Before the war in Ukraine, this result was considered by Putin himself, and by his ruling party, without any reservations, as a positive achievement. Parallel processes of "fatting" and "optimization" took place, and are still taking place, in all other areas.
    And now the "moment of truth" has come.
    Stupidity and betrayal often look the same in their visible consequences. I can't ascribe the first to Putin. So this is the second one.
    Being "under control" Yeltsin could transfer his power (under the same control) ONLY to someone who was able to continue this "work" of his. It is likely that even then the States formed for themselves reliable guarantees for the control of the authorities in Russia. All this means that the current situation in which Russia finds itself was the GOAL of the Anglo-Saxons from the very beginning.
    Their government in Ukraine and the power of the Russian Federation controlled by them, probably, according to the plan of the Anglo-Saxons, should have created a hotbed of war in a quiet and stable Europe, in which:
    - Ukraine was supposed to form an instrument from Russia to ignite this war
    - Russia was assigned the role of "match" and "fuel for ignition", already in conflict with Europe
    - the governments of the countries of Europe controlled by the Anglo-Saxons had to draw their countries into this war
    As a result of this war, according to the plan of the Anglo-Saxons, Russia must die, giving them its resources, and weakening Europe, just enough so that it, without resistance, becomes a manufacturing appendage of the United States.
    At stake is the complete dominance of the States over the European part of the world, its transformation into a production appendage of the Anglo-Saxons.
    The threat of mutual annihilation of the Anglo-Saxons could destroy this construction of the Anglo-Saxons, which the USSR successfully did with the Americans in 1961, however, the control of the Anglo-Saxons over our power, thereby implies their control over our strategic nuclear weapons, at least in relation to threats to them, and its application.
    Thus, in order to escape from the clutches of the Anglo-Saxons, Russia must first competently change the government
    1. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 6 October 2022 13: 21
      In vain you are so on Serdyukov. Under him, the T-! 4 S-500 and a lot of other things were taken into development. It was he who ordered the R&D of hypersonic weapons. He didn’t let Kalashnikov die.
      1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 6 October 2022 22: 48
        (Aleksey) This "stool", having served as an urgent sergeant, could only ruin and cut. All the mentioned developments have deeper roots and were developed outside the participation of the "stool" and the same "chief" Makarov. The country's defense system was collapsing, but the groundwork was still working and giving out what was needed. "Taburetkin's" main task is to defeat the patriotic officer corps, as a danger to the oligarchy in plundering Russia., Which he did together with the "brigade" reform and the defeat of schools of military specialist officers.
      2. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
        Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 7 October 2022 14: 21
        In vain you are so Serdyukov

        And I do not blame Serdyukov. He did what he was capable of in terms of his professional and moral qualities, which is why he was chosen for this role. I blame Putin, who chose him and set him the task of reducing the army and purge its command staff
        1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 9 October 2022 17: 43
          Reply. A. Chubais personally transferred GDP to Moscow and the Kremlin. So the decisions of A. Chubais were the main ones, and according to the "reform" of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the GDP could only "approved" ...
  10. Foxsvl Offline Foxsvl
    Foxsvl (Vladimir) 6 October 2022 06: 16
    No, well, of course I suspected, but so what! And this despite the fact that they themselves started SVO! And if Ukraine started first, were they already near Moscow? Not to mention a direct clash with NATO. And what's the worst thing, besides gagging, where is the deed to rectify the situation?
  11. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 6 October 2022 09: 19
    It's amazing that anyone is surprised by this. For more than 20 years, the plundering of budgets at various levels has been the main ideology of the state, for which there were almost no punishments. The tsar proclaimed himself the chief liberal. Here liberals-statesmen dragged everything they could.
  12. Semyon Sukhov Offline Semyon Sukhov
    Semyon Sukhov (Semyon Sukhov) 6 October 2022 13: 01
    Why are mobilized people called "mobilized" on TV?
    What is illiteracy? From the verb: mobilize, mobilize, only one participle can be formed: mobilized ...
  13. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 6 October 2022 13: 15
    Yes, not only to the regions. This month, I sent 2 thousand from my pension to the account of army assistance. My sister-in-law bought grubs for a couple of thousand and took them to the humanitarian aid collection point for the LDNR. And then let them decide.
  14. calligrapher Lev_Nikolaevich (Dmitriy) 6 October 2022 14: 54
    The essence is not in specific bosses, but in a system that breaking through the knee is fraught with disaster, and the president has not yet managed to change gradually, although the movement is noticeable.
    Now they will try to dump him precisely for this, taking advantage of the moment.
    Capitalism rules, but does not destroy. He can unleash small, by the standards of his own economy, wars, and preferably beyond. To skim off the increased demand for weapons and resources.
    A big war is beyond his strength, because it requires the rejection of commodity-money rules, it requires disinterestedness and sacrifice. This sacrifice can only be in the name of an idea - both true and false.
    But not the idea of ​​"making a profit".
    Therefore, the current state of affairs is natural.
    There is only one way out of this situation - to block the flow of superprofits from military operations on both sides.
    This will make it unprofitable to ensure the war for external participants, and redirect internal resources to increase production, and not into the hands of "profit-makers" inside the country.
    Why do we throw handfuls of "high-precision weapons" while soldiers on the ground do not have enough high-quality shoes, body armor, tactical gloves, nightlights, etc.? - heaps of things that need to be mass-produced, but are there enough "calibers"?
    Because "calibers" are products with high added value. It's easier to make one high-precision rocket and make a profit, like from a million pairs of shoes.
    That's why our rockets fly, and the soles fall off.
    But in a big war, the winner is the one who stands stronger on the ground, twists it with his feet under him.
    Here you can't do without sturdy shoes.
    And now they are fighting among themselves - two ideas, like 80 years ago.
    This is the idea of ​​national exclusiveness, which gives the right to violence, and the idea of ​​counteracting such violence. Confrontation of adherents of the law of the jungle, the market, the right of the strong - and supporters of the idea of ​​​​justice and equal rights to the development of all, regardless of pumped up muscles.
    Following the law of the jungle gives rise to monsters - superrats that eat each other, imprisoned for this eating.
    Following the principle "let all flowers bloom" - gives a variety of the world, from which grows a greater choice of development paths.
    We need to defeat not only the troops on the other side, but also the supporters of the law of the jungle on ours.
  15. The comment was deleted.
  16. Panzer1962 Offline Panzer1962
    Panzer1962 (Panzer1962) 6 October 2022 18: 00
    The "compact divisions" that Rostec broadcasted in the Ukro-Reich in full were done. Crap all these promises that the professionals will disperse any draft army with dirty towels.
    No one has repealed the laws of war, that a larger number gives advantages. What we are now seeing on the battlefields.
  17. Panzer1962 Offline Panzer1962
    Panzer1962 (Panzer1962) 6 October 2022 18: 09
    Everyone needs to understand. That punishment will overtake only those who begin to pose a PERSONAL political threat to the supreme person, well, or someone who takes it out of rank. Even if all the Mob stocks of the Ministry of Defense turn out to be zero, despite the "purchases" on paper, but if nice people did it, retribution will not befall ANYONE. "We don't give up ours."
  18. Azvozdam Offline Azvozdam
    Azvozdam (Azvozdam) 6 October 2022 22: 46
    I have already written repeatedly - until SMERSH works, nothing will change. If we are such compassionate pacifists, send saboteurs and negligent ones to the front. At their own expense. No other way!
    1. Azvozdam Offline Azvozdam
      Azvozdam (Azvozdam) 6 October 2022 22: 53
      I will add, if the Kremlin does not destroy the saboteurs and traitors, then they will remove the Kremlin. 100%!
  19. Muscool Offline Muscool
    Muscool (Glory) 7 October 2022 08: 40
    And what is there to be surprised. For 30 years, the authorities have been stuffing their pockets. Key positions were filled by people selected solely on the basis of loyalty (kinship, friendship), and not on professional qualities. All this undoubtedly had a negative impact in all areas of our state, from housing and communal services and healthcare to defense capability. Even if there are patriots at the top of power who want victory and prosperity, they can’t do anything with this bunch of thieves, crooks and just careless incompetent bureaucrats who literally flooded everything, from a village council deputy to the minister of economy