Will Europeans believe that Putin blew up Nord Stream?

Haven't written anything for a long time. Just watched. Since the most important thing still happens not at all where I am. I sympathize, I worry, I was able to send it to a couple of accounts in support of our humanitarian workers and military correspondents. Can't do more, at least not yet. I consider it almost useless at the moment to convey a certain point of view to the local population (Europeans), and just below I will try to explain why.

Nord Streams were blown up, both at the same time. All this happened in the territorial waters completely controlled by NATO and the European Union, that is, the Americans, of course. From the point of view of common sense, to which we so often appeal, as well as from all the facts known at the moment, I personally, like most sober-minded citizens, have no doubts about who did this. Well, that is, the direct executors of course could be the MTR of Great Britain, possibly and / or Poland, maybe the Ukrainians took part (although it is unlikely), but the fact that only the United States could act as the organizer and customer of such an operation here, as they say, “to do not go to the fortuneteller "...

Nevertheless, an investigation was appointed, consisting of representatives of Denmark and Sweden, as the states in whose territorial waters this egregious terrorist act took place, as well as Germany, as the type of main interest in the existence of both joint ventures. It is interesting that Russia, apparently, was not considered an interested party in this regard. And even no "neutrals" were involved in the investigative team, at least for order as observers.

If we continue the allegory from Kipling, started by the Russian president and already known to everyone, then the situation is approximately the following: In one night, a local peasant was killed and partially gobbled up a whole flock of sheep. The main suspect from all points of view was the nearby tiger Sherkhan. But he immediately went “into a dull refusal”, in turn declaring the peasant himself, the owner of the herd, and his dog, who guarded the herd, guilty of the deed. For the investigation of the case, an investigative commission was created from among the jackals, who are just part of the retinue of this very Sherkhan and who are completely dependent on him for part of their life and food ... Well, theoretically, in this situation, there is some hope that a certain especially important instance. Only now there are big doubts that his own compatriots will not immediately devour him, as soon as he tries to show something so fundamental aloud.

In short, this investigation is unlikely to be anything different from the case of the downed Boeing MH-17, the chemical attacks in Syria, the “poisoning” of the Skripals and Navalny, the explosions of military depots in the Czech Republic, the notorious Bucha, the shelling of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, etc. etc. And the culprit was already, in principle, also initially appointed - the Russian Federation and almost personally V.V. Putin. He, they say, plunged on a bathyscaphe, even to a similar depth - that's the "iron" proof. This time I did not trust Petrov and Boshirov, he took it upon himself. And then they didn’t poison it, they didn’t blow it up here ...

Well, this is all, of course, and again the lyrics. But seriously - who will believe in the honesty and impartiality of such an investigation? And then I will return to the very beginning and the topic of the article - the problem is that they will believe, or at least pretend to believe that they believe, in this very West, almost everyone. That is the vast majority. Moreover, the overwhelming Western majority of this overwhelming Western majority is completely sincere and will believe it, and not pretend to do it. No matter how strange it may seem to us at first glance.

Yes, of course, one can say “what, they say, is this just the notorious “golden billion”, the world is much larger and wider, that we are all trying to prove something to this West?...”. It's like that. But the problem is that it is precisely this “golden billion”, to which, by the way, we ourselves, for some reason, not so long ago, also ranked ourselves, can just create existential threats for Russia, and at the same time the remaining seven put billions of inhabitants of the planet Earth in a certain position, so that they do not particularly speak. With all due respect, but Africa, South America and even all of Asia with India and China together at the moment are not able to directly threaten the existence of the Russian Federation, even if they really wanted to. And the “consolidated West”, which includes some geographically non-Western states such as Japan and Australia, has all the forces and abilities to create such threats. Moreover, in all spheres of activity - in the military, economic, technological and medialpolitical. That is why we are trying to convey some of our truth precisely (although not only) to the Western audience, or at least to part of it, in the hope that through some democratic mechanisms in these states, a conscious part of the population there will still be able to change something in a beneficial way for Russia, and for them, by and large, the direction.

But, returning again to the beginning of this text, I must note that these hopes, at least for the moment, are absolutely unfounded. And that's why.

I do not presume to say if the ongoing and exponentially accelerating process of global brainwashing of the population of our entire planet is a kind of natural historical act in the course of development or the malicious intent of a certain group from among this same population. But this process is in full swing and, to my personal regret, with resounding success. A huge number of people in what we call today "developed states" no longer see anything special in the existence of 68 (or already more?...) genders, previously translated into all languages ​​from English as "gender" in the sense of male or female , and not in the constructional sense of the word, but suddenly turned into a concept completely separate from the physical state of a person. At the Olympics in a live broadcast to the whole world, a fat man comes out with all his, I'm sorry, personal belongings in shorts and plays for the women's team of his country (New Zealand, who doesn't know ...), as he "feels like a woman." And they all swallowed it too.

A couple of decades ago, for the mere appearance on the street in the form in which the whole world now massively sees participants in various prides, one could simply go to jail even in this very West. I'm not talking about behavior. And today it is not something that freely marches through the streets, it has already moved into state educational programs starting with preschoolers. In culture, in daily communication. It has become the norm. Both in life and legally. There's a lot to be said for success. Technology “Overton windows” or manipulative propaganda, but for the vast majority of the still law-abiding Western society, the meaning of legislative confirmation of something is a much more important aspect than it seems to us at first glance. It's like a multiplication table, a given that does not require proof. And as paradoxical as it may seem, but the belief of the population in what is, as it were, spoken on behalf of the state and / or the law, and in our modern world permeated with information, is huge no matter what. Therefore, if in state or, as it is believed, near-state media sources, or even in direct appeals of officials, they say, for example, that the Russians are sitting at a nuclear power plant and shelling themselves there, then the vast majority of the public perceives this as a given, without thinking about the presence in this common sense, etc. Did the Russians themselves blow up their own gas pipeline, for the existence of which they fought for so long? And why not, if a fat man with personal belongings at the Olympics, this type is actually a woman and this is how “her” needs to be perceived. Officially, I will. At the global level.

It is often said in Russia that people in the West do not seem to understand us, that we live in different worlds. Yes and no. We have one world, but what they do not understand is true, just like we do them. I personally cannot remember a historical period earlier than in the USSR, but, as far as we know from history and literature, a strong spirit of freethinking has always existed in Russia. Therefore, we do not understand how it is so, if absolute nonsense is broadcast on TV and it is also shown, can we take it and believe it? But this is not the case in the West. Almost no one among ordinary citizens there even asks this question. And it has always been like this - even if you look at various free-thinking works of old Western classics, then we won’t find any freedom in the Russian content of this word there, it’s more like arbitrariness and permissiveness in our understanding.

And so with almost all concepts - freedom, human rights, people's rights, democracy, values ​​- we understand it all in different ways. And we have different values. But not because we are so different, but because it has been presented to us differently for a very, very long time. Thirty years is also a long time, so that in Mother Russia, while she did not particularly resist, this same presentation of certain concepts in a certain way also leaked in many ways. And in general, it cannot be said that it all began with the collapse of the USSR, this collapse itself is partly a consequence of the planting in our country of a scale of these very values ​​that is alien to us. Hence the whole layer of our modern society, which is essentially not ours ... They perceive as an axiom not what the official bodies of the Russian Federation tell them, even if this is confirmed by sound logic and the proposed facts, but what is said “from there”, this most sound logic in direct contradiction. Therefore, it is useless here to show anyone the children's cemetery in Donetsk, to prove the lack of logic in the shelling of nuclear power plants by the Russian army or our non-involvement in the explosion of our own gas pipelines in the Baltic, as well as the legitimacy and legitimacy of referendums in the Crimea, Donbass, Zaporizhia, Kherson and etc.

And if we now see mass demonstrations somewhere in Germany, France or the Czech Republic, then we should not think that these are some kind of enlightened citizens. Of course, there are also such people, but they are an absolute minority. All the rest simply suddenly ceased to have enough corny funds for the usual measured and comfortable lifestyle. In principle, they don’t give a damn about the Horlivka Madonna, the genocide of the population of the south-east of Ukraine and the complete absence of not only logic, but even elementary wire-likeness in almost everything that Russia is accused of today. As well as Ukrainian refugees, both real and pure opportunists, they all feel sorry for exactly until the moment they start taking school places, their own jobs and / or social benefits from their children. And despite any, even the strongest anti-Russian sentiments of some citizens, none of them is ready to sacrifice anything of their own for the sake of someone or something somewhere. All this is stated only and exclusively by the top of these states, whose personal standard of living, at least so far, does not suffer much from everything that is happening. And the same Germans are actually not very worried about the immorality of the very fact of the appearance of German tanks with German crosses in Ukraine. Of these, it has long been etched.

The only thing that is still holding back the Europeans from real mass anti-government protests is that they have been firmly convinced of the temporality of everything that is happening. Moreover, there is even a designated horizon - one and a half to two years. Gas, they say, the world is full of oil, too. We will build new pipelines and LNG terminals. Having refused Russian supplies, we will find new partners in the United States, Arab countries and Africa, and then we will live even better than before and without dependence on Putin. And Russia during this time will just fall apart under the influence of sanctions. This is officially declared to people by their governments, how can one not believe it? That's what they believe. At what price all these expected energy sources will appear from new and, of course, more trustworthy partners than the Russian Federation, and also what will happen to European industry and the economy as a whole during this time, the local elites modestly keep silent.

I agree that it is of course necessary to convey or try to convey the truth to people, but for now it’s like throwing seeds on dry clay cracked from the heat somewhere in the desert, hoping that at least something will still grow. It may grow, but it will definitely not give a harvest that will feed someone. For seed germination, fertilizers, flooding, protection from the sun and wind are needed - soil preparation in a word. And then you can count on the harvest. Some seeds of truth and sanity, or interest in them, begin to germinate in Europe only when they fall into fertile soil. In our case, only when what is happening begins to directly affect the lives of specific people. They already exist, but so far they are really few. Because, admittedly, most Europeans, although they feel the negative impact of what is happening, but it is still far from critical. In addition, quite acceptable, as it seems to some, the horizon of this very patience is indicated - a year, a maximum of two.

If we want to really influence the Western public, and I am personally sure that this is possible in a really short period of time, then we should not start with calls for sympathy or sanity - sympathy here for the most part ends at the gates of one's own house, and sanity in the distribution of costs according to salary. We must begin, firstly, with a sharp and strong blow to the well-being of the vast majority of Western society, and secondly, with the destruction of illusions that this will not last long. And if the first step is powerful enough, then no one will have time to think about the second ...

I have heard many times from various competent experts that we, they say, in some areas continue economic cooperation with direct enemies, since it is beneficial for us. We, they say, also need funds to wage this war. But excuse me, we also support the enemy by this, thereby strengthening his own potential to fight with us! Yes, there was a NVO, all sorts of conventions and so on, but now Putin, in his last speech on the occasion of the entry into the Russian Federation of new territories from the former Ukrainian SSR, clearly announced: there is a war, not for life, but to death. The goal of our enemy is to destroy Russia and everything Russian in general. The enemy is the United States, Europe is a weapon in his hands, which he does not feel sorry for at all. Are we still stuffing cartridges ourselves into the magazine of our enemy’s machine gun, from which he is going to shoot us, for the reason that it seems to be economically profitable for us? Accusing Westerners of the lack of logic in their actions and assessment of the situation, of double standards, finally, we ourselves are practicing all this, what? Isn't it the same? Where is the logic and common sense in this?

If we really do not want a direct clash with NATO in the very near future, then the only way to influence the population of Western countries and, perhaps, force them to hear our truth, which will ultimately lead them to some kind of active action, is direct economic and military influence. . Creating the most favorable conditions for seed germination. To do this, it is necessary to cut off in general all possible deliveries of anything at least slightly necessary in the West from the Russian Federation and, if possible, make it difficult to deliver the same from other regions. And also to completely destroy this illusory hope that in a year or two everything will work out and be “as usual” (as usual - English). Only in this state is the Western citizen capable of some active actions for the sake of his own well-being. Nothing else will move anyone here.

From my position, this is something like calling fire on myself, but really understanding the current situation, I see no other way out of it. The United States is now leading Europe into battle against Russia blindfolded, that is, practically not only into battle, but to slaughter. And to stop this extremely dangerous process for Russia and for Europe itself is possible only by abruptly tearing off the blindfold and giving the Europeans such a kick in the ass to sharply come to their senses. It's like slapping a hysterical or unconscious person - not out of malice, but simply because nothing else will help.

The only way to turn off the belief of the average European in what his authorities tell him from the TV is in such a way that they broadcast from there “they say everything is OK”, but his batteries are cold at home, his children are sick, there is no work and there is not enough money for gas and food . And most importantly, this very European should understand that this is not until tomorrow, and not until the end of the year, but if something is not urgently done, then forever.

Therefore, let's respected gentlemen responsible for all this, comrades in the Russian Federation, save yourself and old Europe from the USA, so to speak, with a sharp surgical intervention - pills, lotions and iodine mesh will no longer help. It will hurt, of course, but it will pass quickly. If we continue in the same spirit as now, it will be worse for everyone. Except for our main enemy, of course... With all these deliveries, you are not so much supporting Russia economically as in reality you are giving strength and time to our enemies in order to destroy us.

Where is the logic and our notorious common sense in all this, to which we ourselves always appeal to everyone except ourselves, as it seems?...
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  1. voland_1 Offline voland_1
    voland_1 (Vladimir) 3 October 2022 19: 32
    I am for. Let them scratch and we - SUFFER
  2. 1_2 Offline 1_2
    1_2 (Ducks are flying) 3 October 2022 20: 02
    it is necessary to block the transit, then even the euro cripples will come out to drive the US puppets and the Yankees out of the EU
  3. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 3 October 2022 20: 04
    The author is right in many ways, only in 30 years the mold of the West has grown in Russia, and especially at the top of bureaucracy and business, they began to despise the people, considering themselves elected with big bills and real estate in London, Nitsah and other Spain. Everything was paid for by "unbearably acquired means" by robbing Russia's wealth and budget. Therefore, the Russian Federation is also weak, because there is an extensive fifth column that clearly contributes to the weakening of Russia. That is why they will sell any of the wealth of the state to the enemy, having a second and third passport and a "golden airfield" in the west. It’s just that the last few years have tightened the reins on these collaborators a little, because the opportunity to rob them has become very attractive to yesterday’s Western smiling friends. Difficult times for Russia, who and why brought them into such a jungle and outcasts, are they really patriots of Russia - but there are no such people in power, they call true patriots of Russia scoundrels. That is why times are approaching for changes in Russia, God forbid, as always, senseless and merciless ...
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 3 October 2022 20: 35
      ... I've been talking about people outside the borders of the Russian Federation. The fact that inside is of course a matter of no less importance, there are no words.
      I know that many will probably condemn me for the following phrase, but nevertheless:
      in the current situation, I seem to be better able to understand what and why happened in the USSR in 1937 and subsequent years. Then, after all, there was also their own "elite" with their own sweet life, with their departmental dachas, maids, hearty rations and ... some even with children abroad. With such a "background" the war, in the approach of which Stalin definitely had no doubts, would definitely be more difficult to win even than it happened in reality. Of course, a huge number of innocent people also suffered, no words. But, nevertheless, this is also an experience that you should probably learn from, avoiding the mistakes made ...
      1. Russ71 Offline Russ71
        Russ71 (Russ) 4 October 2022 11: 58
        1937 year ...
        What are you talking about ... the army was completely beheaded ... left alone ass-lickers and scammers!
        They came to their senses and in the summer of 1941 they began to return the command staff from the camps!
        Remember the sharashkas ... in which convicted scientists, engineers and technicians worked - alas, not everyone lived to see their education !!!
        1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
          Pishenkov (Alexey) 4 October 2022 16: 04
          ... yes, there were excesses, but about the decapitation of the army, you are in vain. The ranks of different brigade commanders, commanders, etc. then do not mean at all that they all served in the army. just quite the opposite. And if there are only lickers and scammers left, do you think they won the war ??? And with educated people, everything didn’t turn out so bad at all, although, I repeat, there were mistakes, but many of them were also corrected in time. Otherwise, the USSR would not have had either first-class aviation, or missiles, or tanks, or small arms. And after the Sputnik war, the atomic bomb, etc.
          By the way, I do not at all rule out the possibility that if we now take all this liberalism and imprison / shoot the so-called compradors, then in 50 years our grandchildren will also be told about repressions and the destroyed color of the nation ...
          Both of my grandfathers are career officers who went through the Second World War and not only. I didn’t hear a bad word from them about Stalin, but about repressions - well, yes, they say, they cut down the forest - chips fly, but many, they say, were knitted for the cause ... and this was said by people who then lived in all this.
      2. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 4 October 2022 21: 04
        What is strong I. Stalin - the idea of ​​socialism and communism, for her and sacrificed opponents and enemies. But today Russia is without an idea, it was taken away by Westerners through collaborators Gaidars and Chubais (most of Jewish blood has long been alien to Russia), The same A. Chubais said -

        if 30 million Russians die., who do not fit into the market, this is normal.

        Such contempt for the Russians was expressed by the reformers of Russia, so who benefited from these reforms, but not ordinary citizens of the Russian Federation .. Problems stretch from the foundations of the Russian Federation, it will be difficult and probably bloody to solve, because you can’t just tear them off the umbilical cord of the country ...
    2. GIS Offline GIS
      GIS (Ildus) 4 October 2022 09: 22
      That is why times are approaching for changes in Russia, God forbid, as always, senseless and merciless ...

      God forbid, don't let this.
      I think at least part of the lesson has already been learned from the past ... I hope so
  4. Pavel Mokshanov_2 (Pavel Mokshanov) 3 October 2022 20: 24
    The author is right. We need a good cudgel for the West in the form of a complete cessation of energy supplies. But! The question then rests on the political decision of the supreme, and he acts with an eye on those who benefit from these supplies. Here you have a vicious circle, with all the consequences presented by the author of the article.
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 3 October 2022 20: 39
      I agree - see the answer to a colleague above so as not to repeat - this circle can be broken if such a goal is set. Yes, and it is necessary to stop not only with energy carriers ...
    2. GIS Offline GIS
      GIS (Ildus) 4 October 2022 09: 20
      and he acts with an eye on those who benefit from these supplies

      and how Stalin did without foreign investment I can’t imagine (sarcasm)
  5. Spasatel Offline Spasatel
    Spasatel 3 October 2022 20: 41
    Are you surprised that the world believes everything that the media in the West carry?
    They simply have nothing else to believe in, there is simply no other!
    And there is absolutely no need to grieve about this.
    It's just that Putin and his Muller will become a little poorer, that's all.
    Nothing will change for the people!!!
    1. GIS Offline GIS
      GIS (Ildus) 4 October 2022 09: 18
      for us people has already changed. no matter how much you don’t want to spit on GDP, you’re not in his place ... not you
  6. Evdokimov Sergey Yurievich 3 October 2022 22: 26
    They will believe only in a madhouse. They are not what we think they are.
  7. GIS Offline GIS
    GIS (Ildus) 4 October 2022 09: 16
    well said. therefore, it is necessary to aggravate the existence of the inhabitants of Europe to the point of impossibility in order to

    sharply tearing off the blindfold and giving the Europeans such a kick in the ass to sharply come to their senses
  8. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 4 October 2022 09: 40
    There will NEVER be any sense in capitalist oligarchic Russia.
    I have no desire to work for the well-being of the courtiers, nor to die for them.
    1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 4 October 2022 16: 27
      I explain on my fingers what is the reason for the misunderstanding of Russians in the West. The fact is that they call us "forever yesterday." Not different fascists, namely Russians. Why? Because, in their opinion, Russians do not develop in accordance with the requirements of the time, but stand still, clinging to the past. That is why they say Russians are shaking for their monuments abroad and their traditions. In the West, they believe that clinging to the past slows down and does not allow development. They believe that in the West people have stepped over the past and are looking forward, while the Russians are marking time, clinging to their past, which, like weights, hangs on their feet and does not make it clear that the world has long since changed, and it is time to change along with him.
  9. Azvozdam Offline Azvozdam
    Azvozdam (Azvozdam) 6 October 2022 22: 24
    What difference does it make whether they believe it or not! Let them even guess or see, help, participate. Then what? that, i.e. it is not. From the word - ALL!
  10. Potapov Offline Potapov
    Potapov (Valery) 10 October 2022 08: 55
    And then ... Atlantic solidarity with the owner who is destroying Europe, for her own money ... It seems like in the order of the destruction of the Russian Federation.