The attacking units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine fell into a trap in the southern direction

On Sunday, October 2, the Ukrainian armed forces launched an offensive in the northern part of the Kherson region, moving along the road in the direction of Berislav. About a hundred units of armored vehicles participated in the breakthrough.

Russian planes and artillery worked hard against the enemy, but the rain that began did not allow the RF Armed Forces to launch airstrikes. At the same time, the precipitation severely damaged the roads along which the Ukrainian formations moved, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine fell into a trap. Artillery installations of the allied forces on Monday delivered new effective strikes, which led to disastrous consequences for the attacking units of the Ukrainian troops.

As journalist and blogger Yury Podolyaka writes in his telegram channel, the roads of the Kherson region in the battlefields are covered with a large amount of broken military equipment APU and the bodies of killed and wounded Ukrainian soldiers. In such a situation, in order to save personnel, commanders will be forced to withdraw troops.

Thus, the enemy lost room for maneuver. At the same time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to try to attack even in such unfavorable conditions, but this does not bring proper success to Kyiv in the Kherson direction.
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  1. Corsair Offline Corsair
    Corsair (DNR) 3 October 2022 15: 09
    So many times we have been fed bullshit about "overcomes", after which, in fact, we had to "level the front line" by abandoning everything and everyone, that I would believe in real success only after a cauldron akin to Stalingrad ...

    But ... For the development and implementation of plans, the General Staff is needed, and not a bunch of menagers.
    1. GOR_XVII Offline GOR_XVII
      GOR_XVII (GOR) 4 October 2022 10: 06
      And this is the situation as of 04.10.2022

      Having accumulated large forces 2 days ago, the Armed Forces of Ukraine went on the offensive in the direction of Berislav.
      “Ours met them with artillery and aviation fire, burning equipment and trying to stop the pressure.
      - During the first day of heavy fighting, ours burned down 15-20 infantry fighting vehicles and up to 10 tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
      - Our tanks did not come to the aid of the 126th brigade for a long time and the guys were forced to roll back to new lines of defense.
      - They were covered by the 80th brigade and the 98th airborne brigade.
      - The enemy was advancing in several directions, occupying a dozen n. p. (half in the gray zone - conditionally draw):
      Lyubimovka, Oskorovka, Zolotaya Balka, Kreshchenovka, Arkhangelsk, Mirolyubovka, Mikhailovka, Gavrilovka, Novoaleksandrovka, Shevchenkovka.
      - Having broken through the defense, the Armed Forces of Ukraine stupidly moved along the road along the right bank of the Dnieper and reached Dudchan.
      - Having broken through the front for 30 km, they ran into the defense of the 126th brigade.
      - In Dudchany yesterday, ours blew up the bridge to stop the advance of the enemy.
      - Fierce battles ensued here and at Grigorovka.
      - Ours also fortified at Mylovy.
      - All 3 days our army aviation has been helping us, especially helicopter pilots.
      - For 3 days of heavy fighting, ours "burned about 20-25 tanks along with aircraft, the infantry fighting vehicles cannot be counted, as well as the rest of the equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine."
      All 3 days needed reinforcements.
      There was a threat of an enemy breakthrough to Kakhovka, then our grouping would be cut off, as well as a threat of flank our forces in the Krivoy Rog sector.

      It looks like there is a threat to lose, in addition to everything else, the entire north of Kherson, already the Russian region.
  2. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 3 October 2022 15: 14
    Where did the Armed Forces of Ukraine get hundreds of tanks and other armored vehicles in different directions. According to the reports of I.Konashenkov, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have almost doubly destroyed all available reserves and reserves with reinforcements from the West. The state of the fronts is terrible, if there are offensives in many directions, and ours are only fighting back. There are not even sufficient attempts to at least selectively hit the deep flanks of the attackers and defeat (alphabet), which means "sailed".
    1. Corsair Offline Corsair
      Corsair (DNR) 3 October 2022 15: 33
      Quote: Vladimir Tuzakov
      means "reached".

      It is called - " They swam, swam, and on the shore they managed "
    2. Corsair Offline Corsair
      Corsair (DNR) 3 October 2022 15: 54
      Quote: Vladimir Tuzakov
      The state of the fronts is terrible, if there are offensives in many directions, and ours are only fighting back.

      The situation threatens to change from the state - "All Quiet on the Western Front", to - "For Whom the Bell Tolls" ...
    3. kot711 Offline kot711
      kot711 (vov) 3 October 2022 17: 49
      You are not asking the right question. We must ask why NATO equipment continues to receive UVF? There is a site, military chronicle, there are a lot of videos from both sides. So there, almost all the equipment of Nata, on which they attack and move, Bandera. Many Western mercenaries (or maybe just a NATO soldier).
      1. Mobius Offline Mobius
        Mobius 3 October 2022 17: 52
        Quote: kot711
        There is a site, military chronicle, there are a lot of videos from both sides.

        There is also their TG channel -
    4. Ulan.1812 Offline Ulan.1812
      Ulan.1812 (Boris Gerasimov) 4 October 2022 10: 23
      It seems that this alphabet was not studied at the General Staff of the Moscow Region.
  3. Irek Offline Irek
    Irek (Paparazzi Kazan) 3 October 2022 16: 48
    So there is nothing to shlyndit on the territory of Russia.
  4. Vladimir Vitalin (Vladimir Vitalin) 4 October 2022 02: 20
    creating a numerical advantage ... more than 100 armored vehicles ...

    Question - where is our armored vehicles ??? What's over???
    We had an advantage in everything, in planes, tanks, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles - where did it all go ???
    And again - "the enemy fell into a trap, artillery and aviation are working ..."
    But nothing that they are 20 km away. passed almost without resistance, what could be the boiler if successful
    this blow and blow to Davydov Ford ???
    The fathers-commanders again missed everything and were just lucky that they didn’t miss...
    I can’t understand what is happening at all, where is the logic ... And therefore Konashenkov’s talking head
    I don’t believe with his statements about our next successes ...
  5. Muscool Offline Muscool
    Muscool (Glory) 4 October 2022 08: 24
    In such a trap that the Dudchans captured half of the village, from where it is 50 km to the new Kakhovka.
    It hurts too many of us pre-stupid "arrestovichs" divorced that they are trying to suck victory out of any failure
  6. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 4 October 2022 10: 25
    the obviousness of the strategic mistake of strikes against the fascists from the east became obvious, immediately launch an offensive through Belarus to Lutsk lions, vinnitsa, and an offensive against odessa and nikolaev, do not engage in urban battles, occupy only villages, obviously turn off the gas to the fascists and Europe, you need to realize what this is war! waiting for snow for too long already, putting combat units into battle, than conscripts are better (worse) than storekeepers, not up to games already
  7. Ulan.1812 Offline Ulan.1812
    Ulan.1812 (Boris Gerasimov) 4 October 2022 10: 41
    They are coming, are we? Are we on the defensive? It turns out that they have a strategic initiative, not ours.
    Is it that 150 million Russia turns out, loses to 30 million Ukraine? And now, after the loss of territories, they are unlikely to have more than 25 million.
    And why won't anyone answer for this? For all these failures and defeats, for all the decisions that were not taken on time ... the same recruitment of contract volunteers that should have been done 3-4 months ago.
    For an incorrect assessment of the enemy's forces, for an incorrect calculation of the forces and means required for conducting a military defense, and for much more. For Mary of the greatness of our lampas, who were sure that shchazzz all with one left, and so on. Why do we have untouchables who can mow as much as they want and they will get nothing for it?
    Stalin changed the beginning four times during the war. General Staff. Why is a separate question.
    He took pictures of Zhukov and Konev, Gordov, Timoshenko, Voroshilov, Budyonny ... and why did we have a caste of untouchables?
  8. Ulan.1812 Offline Ulan.1812
    Ulan.1812 (Boris Gerasimov) 4 October 2022 11: 06
    Quote: kot711
    You are not asking the right question. We must ask why NATO equipment continues to receive UVF? There is a site, military chronicle, there are a lot of videos from both sides. So there, almost all the equipment of Nata, on which they attack and move, Bandera. Many Western mercenaries (or maybe just a NATO soldier).

    NATO equipment comes in because we allow it. All heavy equipment arrives TOTAL! through four railway crossings on the western border of Ukraine. There, the railway bogies of the rolling stock are changed from the European gauge to ours.
    This is a rather lengthy process to change the entire composition.
    Raise the car on a jack, roll out the carts, roll up others, etc. If you destroy these railway crossings, you can interrupt the railway transportation for a long time. But why this is not being done, this question is already being asked by the whole country. In response, silence like that of a partisan during interrogation.
    By the way, all these Western political tourists, Josonyuks, tracks, borrelis, also travel through these railway crossings.
  9. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk 4 October 2022 18: 08
    This war is strange.
    1. Gas goes through the territory of the enemy without stopping
    2. Ships leaving ports
    3. Strategic infrastructure is not destroyed
    4. Beginners talk about negotiation
    I don't understand anything. If to choke, then it is necessary to choke, and not to please the masochist.
  10. Vladimir Vitalin (Vladimir Vitalin) 4 October 2022 22: 55
    Today's news infuriated ... Again, the same thing - "the enemy advanced 2 km. And, falling under the crossfire of artillery and under the blows of the Russian Aerospace Forces in the conditions of slush after the rains, suffered losses and stopped the offensive ... enemy forces methodically are being destroyed"... This is news from outright cretins or those who consider us cretins ... In fact, the enemy advances by 20 !!! km. on Dudchany led to the fall of Davydov Brod and our troops retreated behind the Dudchany-Davydov Brod line ... Our troops could not resist (for various reasons) - only artillery and airborne forces struck.
    Enemy artillery is actively shelling our positions and hindering the construction of defensive lines... General Konashenkov is a brainless talking head, where are our tanks, where are infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, where is artillery, where are combat-ready units... The contractors are leaving because they are tired of this idiocy and of constant struggle at the limit of strength and capabilities ... who will fight ...
    When, in the end, high-ranking mediocrity and scoundrels will simply respect our heroic soldiers????? When will this pack and the old ones finally retire and young and energetic military leaders with REAL combat experience will come to lead the army ???
    When we finally start fighting as expected - with strikes to the entire depth of the territory, with strikes against infrastructure, supply routes ... And there are a HUGE number of questions, but one thing is clear - there will be no specific ones to blame for the failures ...
    If I offended anyone - I'm sorry, but it hurt ...
    My friends are calling me from Germany and Greece - the whole of Europe is just laughing at us ... Nobody is afraid of us, because we can’t even defeat Ukraine ... Isn’t it insulting, such words don’t cut the soul, don’t hurt the very heart? ??
  11. Vladimir Vitalin (Vladimir Vitalin) 4 October 2022 23: 06
    Sorry - I forgot. About 6-7 days ago, one of the Chechen fighters sent me an audio recording from the scene near Dudchany ... I can’t post this recording here, but when I listened at home, I gnashed my teeth from anger and impotence ... Our soldiers even BEFORE THE ATTACK Ukrainians KNEW HOW EVERYTHING WILL END... I can't forget the words of this fighter and my friend -

    intelligence tells us that there is so much equipment unloaded at the stations, so many of their soldiers were brought in, probably 50 thousand, many on armor ... ours are starting to be afraid ... no - not to die, THEY ARE AFRAID THAT THEY WILL NOT RESIST and then there may be a breakthrough in the LPR. ..

    And our strategist generals substitute such soldiers for the enemy, who has an advantage of 10-15 times !!!