US media: trump lost, the United States must leave Syria

The changes that took place in Syria after the Russian Aerospace Forces came to the aid of the government of this country are so obvious that they cannot be ignored even by representatives of the American media, who are difficult to blame for sympathy for our country.

Browser of the famous American analytical publication National Interest, Doug Bandow, spent a week in Syria and was impressed with what he saw there.

In his opinion, the United States made a mistake by betting and supporting "moderate opposition groups" like the Jebhat al-Nusra (banned in the Russian Federation).

It’s hard to disagree. “Moderate oppositionists” in fact turned out to be bloodthirsty cannibals who not only fought with the legitimate authorities, but also organized fierce terror for the local population.

The Russian air forces and other units, together with the Syrian Arab army, had to spend several years on the destruction of terrorists. At the same time, at the initial stage of hostilities, Russian pilots had to make sorties almost around the clock.

Not without losses. The pilots died, the commandos died, the volunteers died. However, the intensity of military operations, the dedication and heroism of the Russian military, as well as the activities of the "Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties" gave tangible results.

The terrorists, who suddenly realized that Russian combat aircraft and Caliber missiles would drive them into the core of the Earth, in many cases agreed to leave the occupied territories without a fight, and today they are feverishly thinking where to escape from the last remaining stronghold - Idlib.

Concluding his article, Doug Bendow did not discover anything new when he concluded that Syrian President Bashar Assad was not in danger, and the United States should stop military intervention in Syria.
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