Russian artillery covered the armored column of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson direction

Over the past few months, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been trying to oust the RF Armed Forces from a large bridgehead on the Right Bank in the Kherson region, which is supported by crossings across the Dnieper River. The presence of this bridgehead allows Russian troops in the foreseeable future to go on the offensive on Krivoy Rog, Nikolaev and Odessa. The Ukrainian army is trying to prevent such a development of events in the future, therefore it regularly attacks the positions of the Russians in different sectors of the front in this direction.

On October 1, the Armed Forces of Ukraine made another offensive attempt. So, from the side of Novovorontsovka towards Khreschenovka and Lyubimovka, one tank battalion advanced under the cover of an infantry battalion. The movements of the enemy were timely noticed from a reconnaissance UAV.

Russian cannon and rocket artillery began to hit the advancing enemy forces. The reserves of the RF Armed Forces pulled up to the site of the clash. Having come under heavy fire, the enemy began to maneuver, trying to hide and disguise himself in the nearest forest belts, destroying the attacking group's own battle formations.

Footage appeared on the Web showing the combat work of Russian artillery, covering a Ukrainian armored column in the Kherson direction. The incident was recorded by an impartial drone that was in the area.

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  1. Hiker Offline Hiker
    Hiker (Dmitriy) 2 October 2022 13: 41
    Tryndets ..... Dozens or hundreds of tanks and armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and apparently one barrel is firing into an open field ...... And where is Russian aviation? This is just the most embarrassing video ever. And this is the Russian army? It would be better not to put this video from a drone. Even during World War II, there was no such shame. It is not surprising that the cities are left ... This is either sabotage or bullshit.
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 2 October 2022 15: 10
      Where is Russian aviation

      - so the air defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is not suppressed, and new arrivals of weapons do not allow flying in for an attack. Such art. shooting indicates no real-time adjustments, -. they gave out a square, so they hit it, but how, there is no adjustment, there is no network-centric connection, this is all for the RF Ministry of Defense and its structures. What the RF Ministry of Defense has been doing for decades, probably the main achievements in tank biathlon, like firefighters ..., Parquet generals have dominated since the time of Serdyukov, when D. Medvedev disbanded personnel divisions in the presidency, closed military schools, assuring that there would be no big warriors and brigades were needed ... So we have Serdyukov's strategy and the same generals ...
      1. guest Offline guest
        guest 2 October 2022 18: 18
        Quote: Vladimir Tuzakov
        so the air defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is not suppressed

        What kind of air defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is on our territory?
    2. Grits Offline Grits
      Grits (Alexander) 2 October 2022 16: 06
      For attack helicopters, such a cluster of equipment is the most delicious meat. But what do we see? Some kind of howitzer strikes into the white light, without frightening this crowd of armored vehicles in any way. But here a couple, another "Crocodiles" (not to mention more modern helicopters) and we would see a very beautiful picture from a drone. From which the Khokhlovoins would have lost the desire to ride such rides. But it turns out that we don’t only have soldiers, UAVs, missiles, but we also don’t have helicopters. Everyone flew away to shoot commercials about the "second army of the world" pontorez Shoigu
  2. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 2 October 2022 15: 15
    In the first photo: hundreds of craters and not a single piece of damaged military equipment.
    Here is an example of the rational use of ammunition.
    And Kyiv is intact ......
    1. Alexey Lan Offline Alexey Lan
      Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) 2 October 2022 15: 53
      It has been known since World War II that tanks are only hit by direct hits, not shrapnel. Mounted fire can hit only in rare cases. IFVs are hit more often because the armor is thin. Exit, only in corrected shells.
  3. Irek Offline Irek
    Irek (Paparazzi Kazan) 2 October 2022 16: 00
    Great shots
  4. Nicu Offline Nicu
    Nicu (Nicu) 2 October 2022 16: 31
    What else can you believe? fields with many craters, explosions that seem more like smoke than real explosions, enemy military equipment is circling without a target!
    Reports with soldiers who, after heavy fighting, appear in front of the camera at a glance without a trace of a scratch and without a dirty face, even laughing in front of the camera! perhaps all presented simply directing!
  5. Evdokimov Sergey Yurievich 2 October 2022 18: 52
    Dear friends, I personally understand that the ship is Putin, a simple army, we, that is, the people (who have not yet escaped), there is an anchor on the ship, it is lowered to the bottom. The anchor is the generals, officials, oligarchs, and just an elderly contingent (at least take Tereshkova for example). And this anchor sits, picking his nose, and thinks how to quickly push Putin away, destroy the army, disperse the people into holes, then maybe the West will return at least part of the bills, villas, yachts , will allow you to visit your children abroad. Moreover, this sinker not only just sits, but also makes a lot of efforts to solve this problem. The poor ship, like a dog on a chain, spins but cannot deliver real damage to the enemy. This thought came to me when I watched live the signing of an agreement on the entry of four new regions, but I did not look at Putin, but at the contingent present in the hall. I didn’t see such a biomorphic mass even at meetings of the CPSU congresses. Shoigu holds a rally of supergenerals, Zhukov We don’t see Shaposhnikovs. Maybe I’m wrong? Then why is it the way it is now? , appoint Ramzan Kadyrov as supreme commander? What do you think?
  6. calligrapher Lev_Nikolaevich (Dmitriy) 2 October 2022 19: 27
    It seems that the material is laid out for the sake of the title.
    But after all, people are watching the video, since it's already posted.
    And there is none of what was said.
    Do not do it this way..
    I fully admit that the column was covered, but this does not follow from the video.
    From the video, it looks like the armored vehicles left to "check the territory" - whether there are people there or not.
    We made sure not. Then they will decide whether to occupy this forest belt or not.
    Now, if they had met them with ATGMs, and not with shells from behind a hillock, they would not have allowed themselves such a carousel. It is possible that they were convinced of the reach of this strip for our artillery, and they fell down.
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 3 October 2022 00: 44
      (Dmitry) There are too many columns of equipment for reconnaissance, there is a concentration for the offensive, then they spotted an UAV and randomly spent ammunition in empty squares. Therefore, 60 tons of shots art. ammunition per day and the results are minimal, even zero in this video .. What can I say, generals and headquarters are hundreds of kilometers away, information becomes outdated in hours, the organization of combat interaction is unsatisfactory, for that the reports to the top are, as always, in openwork ...
  7. viktor goblin Offline viktor goblin
    viktor goblin (viktor goblin) 3 October 2022 08: 09
    Bang - bang and past
  8. Breard Offline Breard
    Breard (Serg) 3 October 2022 17: 18
    Sad shots ... there are targets, but there is NO target designation. Well, there is no loss.