Battalion commander Khodakovsky on the importance of the long-term defense of Krasny Liman

Battalion commander Khodakovsky on the importance of the long-term defense of Krasny Liman

For the past two weeks, fierce battles have been observed in the area of ​​​​the NMD near the city of Krasny Liman in the DPR. The Armed Forces of Ukraine launched a counteroffensive in this direction, and Alexander Khodakovsky, commander of the Vostok battalion of the DPR, expressed his opinion about the importance of a long-term defense of this settlement.

State, political, a military and public figure, wrote on the morning of October 1 on his Telegram channel that no matter how it ends, the defenders of Krasny Liman still do not even realize what a feat they actually accomplished.

Ukraine needed pace, it was necessary to seize the moment after the Kharkov offensive and put pressure on us in all directions. They were full of courage, they had a resource, quite realistic plans, an initiative, in the end... They were going to attack in the Mariupol direction, for which they transferred forces and means near Ugledar (DPR - ed.), - but they faced resistance in Krasny Liman and got stuck

- he noted.

The battalion commander explained that in order to break the defense of the units of the RF Armed Forces, as well as the NM of the DPR and LPR, the Armed Forces of Ukraine had to abandon the planned attack on the Sea of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbAzov. Moreover, they were forced to allocate significant resources from other directions and transfer them to the Krasny Liman region. At the same time, “the shock of the retreat has already passed” and partial mobilization began in Russia.

If it were not for the Krasny Liman factor, besides the Kharkov fiasco, many more problems awaited us ... Assessing the situation, our battalion was already preparing for battles in encirclement, for which it began to form positions at the line of retreat. We doubted that the enemy would pass through us - the conditions of the terrain helped us - but on the right and on the left he could break through the defenses and go to our rear. Chaotic retreat, getting into the mess and getting lost is not an option. So, we need to take up all-round defense - so we decided. But someone had the courage to resist and fight, and the processes did not go in favor of Ukraine. Even if the Red Estuary garrison falls, it has fulfilled its most important task

Khodakovsky explained.

In the afternoon, the Ukrainian Armed Forces posted two videos on the Web. The footage of the first shows how they plant the Ukrainian flag on the western outskirts of Krasny Liman. The second video shows a destroyed bridge across the Zherebets River, connecting the villages of Zarechnoye and Torskoye to the east of Krasny Liman.

Thus, the "road of life" was cut. At the same time, Russian military correspondents informed that before that a decision had been made to withdraw Russian troops and leave Krasny Liman. Now the Armed Forces of Ukraine will focus on blocking the settlement of Kremennaya (LPR) on the Krasnaya River and establishing their control over the reservoirs on the Zherebets River. After that, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will probably start trying to break through to Svatovo (LPR) from Redkodub and Kupyansk, with the desire to encircle the Russian grouping in Borovaya (Kharkov region) near the Oskol River.

Ukrainian armed forces enter the Russian city of Krasny Lyman. To our city. In our Russian city with you. This is how it should sound now. news. And the country of Ukraine no longer has an area of ​​​​479 thousand square kilometers, but somewhat more. And Russia has a little less. Now every loss is a personal loss of the commander in chief. The demand for losses was high. Now it will be absolute. Bad news: it will all have to be returned in agony. The good ones: NATO won't come. But the supply of weapons will still increase. In Russia now everything should be different. <...> Otherwise, it was not even worth starting yesterday's holiday

– wrote the Russian politician Zakhar Prilepin.

At the same time, no comments have been received from the Russian Ministry of Defense regarding the above. Therefore, it is better to wait for the official clarification.
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  1. Mobius Offline Mobius
    Mobius 1 October 2022 17: 51
    If not for the Krasny Liman factor, besides the Kharkov fiasco, many more problems awaited us...

    There is another point of view - from the military commander A. Sladkov, who believes that the RF Armed Forces could defend the city and had all the conditions for this, citing the defense of Pervomaisky by Chechen militants as an example ...
  2. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 1 October 2022 18: 05
    Mr. Commander, the orderly reports, while we were sleeping we were surrounded at night. Commander - this is great, now we can attack in any direction. Two pale-faced people found out that for a scalp they give a lot of money. He and his friend went to the prairies and began to look for the Indians. It got dark and they decided to spend the night. They pitched a tent and went to bed. In the morning one of them wanted a little too, got out of the tent, and all around were Indians on horseback. He climbs back, wakes up his friend and tells him loudly do not rejoice, so as not to frighten anyone, we, you and I are millionaires.
  3. Moray Boreas Offline Moray Boreas
    Moray Boreas (Morey Borey) 1 October 2022 18: 42
    Kadyrov has already spoken about this. It is necessary to remove both Shoigu and Putin need to change. And use tactical nuclear weapons .... and mediocre generals need to be demoted, but who will listen to him ....? A shame. A shame. A shame.
  4. moran Offline moran
    moran (Andrei) 1 October 2022 18: 48
    Or maybe it would be better to respond adequately in time?
  5. Azvozdam Offline Azvozdam
    Azvozdam (Azvozdam) 1 October 2022 18: 53
    I don’t remember the exact date, the date of February 27-28, I told my brother: there will be nothing worthwhile, there are only mediocrities in command. I was not mistaken. among them. By the way, Zaluzhny will now yell how much he loves Gavrilov, how grateful he is to fate that he is (in the General Staff). that they surrendered as a result of a mediocre COMMAND !! AND NO reaction from the Supreme! DOES NOT UNDERSTAND ....!
    1. Azvozdam Offline Azvozdam
      Azvozdam (Azvozdam) 1 October 2022 18: 55
      PS Sorry, ochepatka. Gerasimov!
  6. Nikolay Moroz Offline Nikolay Moroz
    Nikolay Moroz (Nikolay Moroz) 1 October 2022 19: 01
    Soon we will hear news from the times of the Second World War .. having exhausted the advancing superior enemy forces .... our troops went on the offensive ..
  7. usm5 Offline usm5
    usm5 (George) 1 October 2022 20: 29
    This is not the time for friends to spit on their army. It's not we who are bad, it's just that the enemy was better. Let me remind you that the enemy is essentially reformatted Russians, they know how to fight, they were also given good weapons, and the operations are planned by NATO generals. The fight will be hard and stubborn. But nuclear strikes should not be delivered against the Ukrainian people, but against NATO. And you need to start with a satellite constellation. If fabulous means do not work, then by a simple (according to the Soviet methodology) method of nuclear explosions in space, as a result of which, under the influence of a neutron flux and an electromagnetic pulse, the satellite constellation will cease to exist. Perhaps our satellite constellation will also be disabled, but this is not much to be afraid of, since NATO weapons will go blind and deaf, and ours has always been designed on the assumption of the absence of satellites. I do not think that in this situation NATO will decide on a global suicidal war. But in Ukraine, our troops will immediately become an order of magnitude easier.
  8. Electric welder Offline Electric welder
    Electric welder 1 October 2022 20: 47
    The army needs to be poured into commanders who have been fighting for eight years.
  9. Electric welder Offline Electric welder
    Electric welder 1 October 2022 20: 51
    Quote: Electric welder
    The army needs to be poured into commanders who have been fighting for eight years.

    In general, the military should be withdrawn from the media environment, especially commanders.
  10. Moscow Offline Moscow
    Moscow 1 October 2022 21: 41
    Russia held a wonderful concert on Red Square, all the bosses - deputies, officials, military men showed off. Four regions of the former Ukraine voted for joining Russia. They were promised not to betray. Putin on all world TV channels! Hooray! And then, after a couple of hours, the new Russia lost part of the new Russia, part of the population of the new regions. Part of the population of Russia were captured by the Ukrainians. And Russia will continue to celebrate? What? In a couple of days, the deputies will celebrate the growth of Russia and immediately declare mourning for the loss of new territories? How else? No, well, lawyers rule here, but for now these regions are not Russia, because there was no meeting of the State Duma and Putin's signature has not yet been confirmed. Does that mean Russia hasn't lost anything? Zelensky, on all world channels, Ukraine has captured part of Russia. And he continues his victories.
  11. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 1 October 2022 22: 45
    in this whole situation with the SVO, one person is guilty, this is Putin, and his fault is primarily that he surrounded himself with mediocre toadies and sycophants, but it seems that he either does not want to understand this, or he can no longer do anything about it
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. bonifacius Offline bonifacius
    bonifacius (Alex) 2 October 2022 00: 41
    Gerasim is silent. All hope for Konoshenko. Here he will tell how many were struck, how many were shot down, how many were destroyed ...... So he will live up to the colonel general.
    Well, for those peasants who held Krasny Liman for a month, a deep bow and respect, but for the dead (unfortunately there are such and obviously not in small quantities) rest in peace and eternal memory.
  14. Yuri Neupokoev Offline Yuri Neupokoev
    Yuri Neupokoev (Yuri Neupokoev) 2 October 2022 01: 23
    Yes, there are many "thieves swaggering high-ranking henchmen" everywhere. Not only in the army. In any office (not only state). Clans. This "foam" has simply been snickering over the years and ossified. Khodakovsky says: many "lampas" simply do not want to listen to experienced people from the front line. Elite, ep. The main thing is loot, a career, to please the authorities. Those really smart people who cut the truth are simply pushed aside (and sometimes they are simply devoured). This fact, even in peacetime, is very annoying, and in case of serious nix it threatens with disaster. From the very beginning, the NWO was clear - there were few forces. Much time has been lost. And we are losing people. Yes, less than crests, but in percentage terms, I think, comparable. This should have taken its toll over time. The fighters drop out, get tired. This affects the overall combat readiness. Partial mobilization (official) was to begin immediately. Hit on bridges, railways, substations, etc. should have been right away. The West again "leads us by the nose" with its behind-the-scenes negotiations. Khokhols prepared reserves in six months (with the full support of NATO), and we?
    Despite the emotionality and excessive personal accusations, Kadyrov is right about one thing - no one tells the whole truth to the authorities. Hence the wrong decisions at all levels. The system "on nepotism" must be burned out. And quickly. In the meantime, the MO again does not tell us the whole truth. And what's next?
  15. AndretzAndrey Offline AndretzAndrey
    AndretzAndrey (Andrei) 2 October 2022 05: 46
    An attempt to justify the failure and mediocrity of the command of the Kharkov region. Another T-90A was thrown not destroyed. Do they want to transfer the entire T-90 line to the Ukrainians? Parquet guards. Or even worse - a complete mess is higher and indeed, the fighters fought understaffed with everything they needed (communications, intelligence, etc.) But rather all together. And there are a lot of questions for Shoigu, to put it mildly. Until we tell the truth, we will not get rid of Russian nepotism and, as a result, we will be the loser everywhere, even in production, even in the army
  16. Vox_Populi Offline Vox_Populi
    Vox_Populi (vox populi) 2 October 2022 08: 31
    At the same time, no comments have been received from the Russian Ministry of Defense regarding the above. Therefore, it is better to wait for the official clarification.

    Yes, everything is already known and the picture is mostly ugly ...
  17. depavel Offline depavel
    depavel (Pavel Pavlovich) 2 October 2022 15: 18
    As of February 24, the RF Armed Forces had 150 personnel participating in the NMD, and today the mobilized were not in the reserve, there was no talk of partial mobilization. Did the Supreme Commander refuse to rely on the laws of military operations as on a multiplication table, did he consider himself God?