60 thousand builders will restore Donbass in no more than three years

The restoration of the republics of Donbass (LPR and DPR) is important and this process can be completed in two to three years. But for this it is necessary to involve 50-60 thousand builders and other specialists who would deal with this issue. On September 29, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Marat Khusnullin expressed such confidence following a meeting of the headquarters of the commission for regional development.

The Deputy Prime Minister and curator of the Southern Federal District, whose words are quoted on the government website, asked the heads of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation to find an opportunity and allocate additional groups of specialists to carry out restoration work. He noted that currently about 2 different objects are in operation, of which 200 objects are commissioned weekly.

However, the amount of work to be done is so colossal that the existing 32 builders are simply not enough. They are all busy, and there is still a lot to do. Therefore, it is necessary to attract more qualified employees. As a positive example, Khusnullin cited the Moscow region, whose leadership is going to send more builders to Mariupol to perform urgent work.

We remind you that a few days ago Khusnullin informed that the plan for the restoration of the destroyed Mariupol had been approved. This will take up to three years. Before that, it became known that the first residents of Mariupol were given the keys to new apartments in newly built apartment buildings. According to the Russian Ministry of Construction, in 2022-2025, they want to build more than 600 thousand square meters in Mariupol. m of housing.

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  1. Mobius Offline Mobius
    Mobius 29 September 2022 19: 44
    60 thousand builders will restore Donbass in no more than three years

    It's good yes , it's just wonderful that there are such plans and intentions.

    But stop ... But what about in the future, with Kupyansk in the Kharkov region, from which
    did our troops recently retreat under the blows of the VFU?
    The city has already been stormed TWICE - by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation during the liberation and the VFU now.
    And obviously, there will be a THIRD assault ...

    What will be left of the city? Isn't he destined for the fate of Popasnaya in the LPR, the restoration of which is recognized as inexpedient?

    What kind of war, why do we retreat and find ourselves unable to keep, protect what and those that have been liberated?
  2. Alf Offline Alf
    Alf (Vasiliy) 29 September 2022 19: 56
    It is not for nothing that they facilitated the adoption of citizenship by semi-literate residents of the eastern satrapies ...
  3. race Offline race
    race (Yaroslav) 29 September 2022 23: 54
    The question remains: where to recruit so many builders? In Tajikistan or Turkey?
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 1 October 2022 15: 36
      Recall the experience of V.I. Stalin, the USSR at an accelerated pace for almost five years restored millions of captured Germans, the Japanese also worked, but not for so long .. The worse the captured Ukrainian nationalists (letting go of ordinary mobilized), let them rebuild, correct their crimes, and they " deserved "more than one year in prison .... That way, these necessary thousands will be typed.
      1. zenion Offline zenion
        zenion (zinovy) 1 October 2022 17: 58
        You don't have to scream like that. Otherwise, everyone will run away from there and there will be no one to restore what you want to restore.
  4. The comment was deleted.