With guns, but no pants: how the Armed Forces of Ukraine are going to fight in the winter

As you know, to ensure the ability of the army to successfully conduct combat operations, it is necessary not only to saturate its units and subunits with a sufficient number of weapons of all types and ammunition for such combat technique, also in need of spare parts, repair kit and fuel and lubricants. There is also an important component, which is called "material support of personnel." A soldier in tattered clothes and thin shoes, frozen and always catching a cold, is not a warrior. Many historians tend to consider one of the reasons for the defeats of the Wehrmacht in the winter campaign of 1941 was its absolute unpreparedness for war in the climatic conditions that the "Aryans" had to face. It also applies to the “Great Army of Napoleon”, who scrambled from Russia in horse blankets ...

And what about the preparations for the impending winter (which will definitely not be calm and peaceful) for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other formations of the Kyiv regime? After all, the entire “collective West” provides them with support and material assistance, so everything is probably all right with warm clothes and shoes for the season for ukrovoyak? No, this issue is far from being as simple and unambiguous as one might expect. In any case, such a conclusion can be drawn based on the statements of certain officials of the "nezalezhnaya" and the publications of the local media.

Something began to get colder, but the winter form could not be seen ...

It would seem that warm hats and jackets, underwear and other items of clothing, without which there is nowhere on the front line in winter, are these not long-range MLRS or fourth-generation fighters? In the sense that their production could well be mastered in Ukraine, with the beginning of the SVO, increasing it several times in accordance with the increasing needs. Wherever there ... When there are allegations that over the three decades of its own "independence" the country has managed to ruin almost all of its own production, believe me, there is not a drop of exaggeration in them. Enterprises of the most ordinary light industry are no exception. What is being sewn at almost a handicraft level now (and such attempts are being made) does not stand up to criticism. According to the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, this “uniform” is of such low quality that it is unsuitable even for wearing in peacetime. It will burst and tear already during some chores. And for the conduct of hostilities, uniforms of Ukrainian production are suitable in much the same way as a ballet "tutu". Trousers bursting at the seams at the first attempt to sit down, and when moving in a plastunsky manner, they instantly turn into elegant shorts, completely unheated jackets and pea coats, again spreading and torn, berets that can turn a cripple into a lame on both legs after a day of wearing ... Yes And all this is also critically lacking!

So, the Deputy Minister of Defense of the “non-independent” Anna Malyar not so long ago issued a version that is amazing in its depth to explain the fact that the Ukrainian soldiers, very likely, will have to “hero” with NATO guns this winter, but, sorry, without pants. It turns out that the whole trouble is that before the start of the NMD, “the professional army of Ukraine amounted to 215 fighters,” and after February 24, “hundreds of thousands of people were mobilized to provide for them.”

Not a single manufacturer - neither Ukrainian nor Western - has such a quantity of clothes in stock that they can simply buy and bring them... The contracts that are necessary to provide winter clothes have been concluded in full. Logistics and sewing of this uniform are currently underway.

Maller said.

Yeah ... Actually, such a question should have been taken care of immediately after the start of hostilities. And according to the mind - to create the appropriate stocks and reserves long before them. Well, it seems that you have been “reflecting aggression” since 2014. But no. According to the same Malyar, "until recently, there were insignificant supplies of uniforms and ammunition." What were you waiting for?! In fairness, it should be noted that the head of this talkative lady, Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov, at the end of July even wrote an official letter to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg himself, in which he urged “urgently (!) Deliver winter clothes and winter tents for 200 soldiers of the Ukrainian army ". Well, he gave the order. After that, according to representatives of the alliance, they "for a long time searched for affordable things in their warehouses so that Ukrainians could fight the Russian occupiers, despite the harsh winter." How and what were you looking for? Well, that's a completely different question.

Let's get dressed and dressed! Every tenth?

Let's start with the fact that the need for 200 thousand voiced by Reznikov somewhat does not coincide with his own words that almost a million people are now "under arms" in the "nezalezhnaya" now. Well, at least 700 thousand. Okay, let's say that the NATO "nishtyaks" will go only and exclusively "to the front". However, they still need to be received. Initially, even according to the most optimistic forecasts, the countries of the alliance with the richest stocks of winter equipment (USA and Canada), as well as northern Finland and Sweden, promised to cover no more than 50% of the requested volumes. Where to get the rest is not clear. According to the frank confessions of Western military "rear guards", winter uniforms in NATO armies are reserved and stored for their own soldiers. And in general, warm clothes on the world market are now a running commodity, in demand and expensive. So - you understand ... Some idea of ​​the actual volumes of supplies of this kind for the Armed Forces of Ukraine can be given by the recent statement of the head of the military department of Lithuania, Arvydas Anushauskas, who recently vowed the following:

In the coming months, winter uniforms worth a couple of million euros will be purchased from Lithuanian enterprises and transferred to the Ukrainian military, that is, about 25 thousand Ukrainian military will be provided with winter equipment ...

Particularly impressive are the words about the "next months" (by January, or what?) And the figure voiced by the minister of "warmed up" by his department ukrovoyak. However, this uniform (if it is purchased and delivered) must still reach them.

The fact that the total plunder of military supplies is a huge problem for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is constantly being said and written - and even in the Ukrainian media. And how not to write, if the local social networks and telegram channels are literally full of angry and indignant posts of those who were forced to buy uniforms for mobilized relatives (thermal underwear, shoes, whatever) for their own money and, having received the ordered goods, found it tightly a pinned tag with the inscription: “Property of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Not for sale!" Well, this is if the things were from a “domestic manufacturer”. It is not possible to calculate what part of the imported “equipment” that is massively sold on the Internet sites of the corresponding profile, which have multiplied to complete obscenity after the start of the NWO, is stolen from deliveries from the “allies”. According to some estimates, more than 90%, or even all 100. According to numerous confessions of servicemen, completely openly published in the Ukrainian media, the vast majority of them dress and equip themselves exclusively at their own expense. Not least due to the fact that it is unrealistic to “knock out” new uniforms from those who in the Armed Forces of Ukraine are in charge of clothing allowances. The funny thing is that in this “army that is moving to NATO standards”, the rear men say: “It’s not allowed!”, Referring to ... the standards for the wearing time established by the USSR Ministry of Defense in ancient times! And this despite the fact that the Ukrainian form with the Soviet one in terms of quality and durability is incomparable even close.

Some of the ukrovoyaks will be able to solve the problem - if they have money, someone (and there will definitely be a majority of those) - no. The Ministry of Defense of the “nezalezhnaya” continues to pour inconsistent statements - either they say that “the first batches of winter uniforms are about to begin to arrive”, then they suddenly begin to repeat that the personnel are already provided to them “in full”. A sure sign that the seams are in reality. However, the approaching winter brings enormous problems to the entire population of the country, which is completely unprepared for it. What is especially touching is that they are trying to “warm up” Ukrainians with yet another empty promises. For this, even the country's Hydrometeorological Center was involved, which not so long ago made the following optimistic forecast:

Winter in Ukraine will not be severe. The average temperature of the winter period for the period December-February is expected to be 1-2 degrees above the norm calculated for the period 1991-2020. The probability of prolonged cold weather in winter is minimal, only short-term significant cold snaps lasting 1-5 days are likely. The transfer of the beginning of the heating period to a later date and its end to an earlier date are justified and confirmed by meteorological calculations ...

By the way, such calculations are completely refuted by numerous signs and very disturbing signs, according to which this winter will be very difficult, and possibly even fierce. This definitely won’t add to the combat effectiveness of the pantsless APU - well, that’s wonderful.
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  1. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 29 September 2022 09: 51
    Many historians tend to consider one of the reasons for the defeats of the Wehrmacht in the winter campaign of 1941 was its absolute unpreparedness for war in the climatic conditions that the "Aryans" had to face. It also applies to the “Great Army of Napoleon”, who scrambled from Russia in horse blankets ...

    Climatic conditions were normal. The Germans counted on a blitzkrieg, when everything would be finished before winter.
    The French did not calculate distances and climate.
    In both cases, several things were not taken into account - distances, climate, which caused insurmountable problems with logistics.
  2. Hiker Offline Hiker
    Hiker (Dmitriy) 29 September 2022 10: 31
    All evening yesterday at Solovyov's, EVERYONE was saying that the Russian army does not have helmets, uniforms, additional equipment, any equipment, not to mention copters, etc. There are not even bulletproof vests. And here Ukraine in general, if they themselves with a bare bottom.
    1. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 29 September 2022 11: 04
      This cannot be because it can never be.

      ... The West has absolutely nothing to oppose to Putin, who can put 5 million people under arms in a short time, arming and equipping them according to the full state of wartime (once again, many thanks to the Soviet Union, which created this reserve in case of such actions) ...
      Your Mr. Z
      1. Vasya_3 Offline Vasya_3
        Vasya_3 (Vasya) 29 September 2022 11: 08
        has already ...
    2. akropin Offline akropin
      akropin (Alexey) 29 September 2022 12: 02
      We have always been like this.

      Ион Деген https://dzen.ru/media/grunes_buch/moi-tovarisc-v-smertelnoi-agonii-ne-zovi-ponaprasnu-druzei-ob-avtore-pravdivogo-stihotvoreniia-o-voine-60316b5d2dc57956365948e8

      My friend, in deadly agony
      Do not call friends in vain.
      Let me warm my palms better. I
      Over your steaming blood.
      Do not cry, do not groan, you're not small,
      You're not hurt, you're just killed.
      Let me take off your felt boots.
      We still have to attack.
    3. Nelton Offline Nelton
      Nelton (Oleg) 29 September 2022 14: 59
      Write (Russian media) that the Russians rushed to buy military equipment.
      from min. defenses do not expect anything but a moldy uniform from the times of the USSR.
      But there is reason to believe that everything good bought with one's own will either be stolen or taken away.
  3. Vasya_3 Offline Vasya_3
    Vasya_3 (Vasya) 29 September 2022 11: 00
     how the Armed Forces of Ukraine are going to fight in the winter

    ...and with guns and pants.
    Zaluzhe to help them ... at the very least, the locals will help with down jackets and dutiks, in general, you can fight and there would be a motivation in civilian life, but they have it in the western regions, be healthy.
    at the evening, Solovyov (and not only him) said: stop deceiving yourself. and now I'm listening to him on FM news, - I'm catching up ...
    full of pictures of how civilians (almost children) are twisting ,, cocktails ,, ...

    author, have you heard anything about guerrilla warfare?
    underestimation of the enemy ...
    sorry, I didn't read the article.
  4. Vasya_3 Offline Vasya_3
    Vasya_3 (Vasya) 29 September 2022 11: 04
    you have to survive until the cold weather ...
    Zaluzha urged its citizens to leave the Russian Federation
  5. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 29 September 2022 12: 21
    without pants - it was already 2 days ago.
    And it looks like the usual coming out news.
    Without fat, without black earth, without gas, without weapons (they won’t let them), they will freeze, die out, scatter, etc.

    IMHO, "you need to rejoice" (GDP)
  6. Grits Offline Grits
    Grits (Alexander) 29 September 2022 14: 38
    I will not be surprised that something similar awaits us closer to winter. After the snow falls, our warriors will suddenly find that there is not enough winter clothing. And our General Staff, instead of starting to sew it en masse, began to laugh at the sluggishness of crests in this matter.
    Looking in someone else's eye is always much more fun...
    1. Mobius Offline Mobius
      Mobius 29 September 2022 21: 54
      Quote: Gritsa
      our General Staff, instead of starting to sew it en masse, began to laugh at the crests' sluggishness in this matter.

      For war, you need to be ready in everything before it starts.
      "Sew" or do something else that has not been done, catching up with what has been lost - this is the path to defeat.
  7. Rust1981 Offline Rust1981
    Rust1981 (R) 30 September 2022 17: 08
    A fried rooster has already pecked at that place, and only now we find out that Russia is a big country and a lot of capacities are located somewhere in the east, and that now there would be, for example, a good highway to Vladivostok, or another railway line. It was possible not to spend money for the 2014 Olympics and the 2018 World Cup, but to build really necessary things.
  8. Rust1981 Offline Rust1981
    Rust1981 (R) 30 September 2022 17: 11
    And in general, waiting for them to freeze is the way of a fairy-tale fool, waiting for the buckets to go home by themselves. Well, is it cool? Without doing anything, lying on the stove, our main task is to combat the winter weather.
  9. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) 5 October 2022 09: 47
    It's such a creepy scene that it makes me want to cry. Only now our army is on the provision of volunteers. Such a shame somehow does not fit with the endless articles about the uniform kits being developed and supplied and unparalleled drones. Well, statements in some regions that private equipment will also be withdrawn for needs - this generally speaks of the problems of our supply. hi I think the author does not need to worry so excitedly about the frostbitten ears of Bandera. It is necessary to turn to face your Army and highlight your problems, so that everything that should move at the level of chiefs moves. There is a lot of pathos, but socks, underpants, uniforms, armor, unloading, drones, food are dragged by volunteers, and some crazy ones pass it off as an achievement. It's not an achievement - it's a disaster.
    Or does our homegrown tsipso and instructions from above not allow us to write about our own?