Podolyaka: Undermining Russian gas pipelines is the US response to referendums

By launching referendums in the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, Russia raises the stakes and begins a “re-collection of Ukraine”, as a result of which nothing will remain of the latter. So says journalist and blogger Yuri Podolyaka.

The expert is sure that over time, a significant territory of Ukraine will become part of Russia, part of it will be taken by Poland, Romania, Hungary and, possibly, Slovakia. This will be the most important tectonic movement in the world policy since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Moreover, the ongoing events are not developing in favor of the West, so the United States and Great Britain had to respond to the Eastern Ukrainian referendums. According to Washington's plans, the main "victim" in this conflict will be the EU, which should lose its status as a competitor to the United States in the areas of finance and of technologies. Judging by the outflow of capital from Europe to the United States, this plan of the Americans is being successfully implemented.

However, any conflict ends, and Europe can again restore its economic opportunities and negotiate with Russia. To avoid this, the United States must remove the basis for such agreements, which are, in particular, the Baltic gas pipelines.

If we ensure that the European continent is deprived of cheap Russian resources as a result of the war, then it will be possible to put a big and bold cross on Europe. It is best to cut such threads during a military conflict, which the Americans took advantage of today. For this reason, Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 were blown up.

– said Podolyaka in a video on his channel in Rutube.

The journalist also does not rule out the repetition of similar provocations on other Russian gas routes, since this is in the geostrategic interests of the United States.

This move by the United States opens a new chapter in the history of global warfare in the 21st century - a major infrastructure war against critical infrastructure assets... Pandora's box is open and it will be very difficult to close

- the blogger is sure.

The United States did this during the referendums in eastern Ukraine, so Washington's actions can be considered Moscow's response to raising rates.
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  1. calligrapher Lev_Nikolaevich (Dmitriy) 28 September 2022 15: 34
    The closest competitor to the blown up gas pipelines is the British BBL, except for the newly opened Norwegian one.
    The conclusions are obvious.
    We are waiting for the undermining of the Norwegian, it will be blamed on us, calling it an act of revenge.
    And the British in chocolate. It is no coincidence that less than a day after the explosion, their chief of the General Staff spoke with our military attache in London, with a desire to reduce "misunderstanding".
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 28 September 2022 15: 56
      "To hit the decision centers" is to hit the interests of the United States, from LNG plants, main refineries, shipping terminals, and so on. The most effective strike on transatlantic cables on the United States, then a clean knockout for a long time. They don’t take us into account and act against the Russian Federation openly, so it’s more difficult for us to act covertly and more painfully - no one knows who does it., as in the case of undermining the joint venture of gas pipelines ...
  2. moran Offline moran
    moran (Andrei) 28 September 2022 15: 54
    the response to the referendums was obvious and clearly prepared in advance. ours will fade again. maybe a few more tons of gold will be sent to England. and then how it goes.
  3. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 28 September 2022 16: 17
    Here the Yankees got their bearings perfectly - they messed up the whole of Europe, and they annoyed us hard, but that’s okay, Europe lived for some 1000 years without gas, and didn’t die out, and they will suffer for another 200 years, but here’s how to answer this trick, although we ourselves we are to blame for this, we didn’t have enough brains to analyze everything, because already at the initial stage of this construction we were constantly put spokes in the wheels of literally all the countries through which this pipe passed, and which simply needed this gas, but ..... we first we cut it off, and then we count .... Yes, even if the Yankees openly say that this is their work, we, as usual, will die and fade away.
    1. isofat Offline isofat
      isofat (isofat) 28 September 2022 18: 15
      Valentine, everything is fine up to the point where you complain about the lack of brains. laughing
  4. Colonel Kudasov Offline Colonel Kudasov
    Colonel Kudasov (Leopold) 28 September 2022 16: 20
    It is possible that explosive devices on the Turkish Stream are ALREADY fixed and are waiting for a signal
  5. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 28 September 2022 16: 27
    Although the can is an old senile, he keeps his word or keeps it (it’s as convenient for anyone), he said at the beginning of the year that there would be no SP1, 2 and did, the Pindos have no red lines, they just have actions, unlike some in the Kremlin
  6. Alex D Offline Alex D
    Alex D (Alex D) 28 September 2022 17: 44
    The terrorist states of America have committed another terrorist attack.
  7. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 28 September 2022 18: 05
    It's good that Podolyaka wrote what they would do and what had already been done.

    The hall is full of people, boxers are in the ring, and the commentator is commenting on the fight. Suddenly the boxers stopped. People screaming, what happened, why stop? The chief referee explains the situation to the people - the boxers do not keep up with the commentator.
  8. isofat Offline isofat
    isofat (isofat) 28 September 2022 18: 30
    Podolia is wrong. They are at war with our gas pipelines much earlier.
  9. Balin Offline Balin
    Balin 28 September 2022 22: 21
    About a week ago, there was an explosion of US oil rigs in Syria - this should not be forgotten either
  10. Aleks33 Offline Aleks33
    Aleks33 (Alex33) 3 October 2022 01: 34
    Set a decent reward, and there will be well-wishers-witnesses of this terrorist attack. The main thing is not to be stingy. Everything will return with a plus.