The object air defense of the enemy turned out to be untenable before the massive use of the Geran-2 UAV

After the appearance of the first evidence use of Iranian drones in Ukraine in the first half of September, the situation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine really worsened. The RF Armed Forces use long-range kamikaze UAVs (loitering ammunition) Shahed-136 (M214 "Geran-2"), destroying machinery and structures on the line of contact and deep behind enemy lines.

Ukrainian information resources began to sound the alarm about the hunt arranged by the aforementioned drones for the M142 HIMARS and M270 MLRS mobile systems. But the activity of UAV-kamikaze is not limited to this.

A few days ago, one such drone hit a port tugboat in Ochakiv, Mykolaiv region, which was used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and another hit a military facility in Krivoy Rog. At the same time, Ukrainian air defense could not prevent this, although Shahed-136 is clearly audible during flight.

September 23 RF Armed Forces done a whole "swarm" of Shahed-136 to Odessa, which were accompanied by other Iranian UAVs - Mohajer-6, designed for reconnaissance, surveillance, adjustment and strike missions. Moreover, this was the first evidence of the presence of Mohajer-6 in the service of the RF Armed Forces.

The object air defense of the enemy turned out to be untenable in the face of the massive use of drones. In Odessa, the "disposition" of the Ukrainian military was destroyed - part of the Ukrainian Navy on Primorskaya Street near the port.

The situation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine has deteriorated so much in a few weeks that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky instructed the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry to "deal" with Iran. After that, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry deprived the Iranian ambassador in Kyiv of accreditation, and also significantly reduced the number of Iranian diplomatic personnel.
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  1. Paul3390 Offline Paul3390
    Paul3390 (Paul) 24 September 2022 10: 38
    There is only one question - the Shahed-136 is a rather simple device, which does not represent anything particularly complicated .. Why didn't we have something like this from the very beginning ?? So, like the Su-57, or can we make a Dagger there, but can't we make a tin with an engine from Ali? Why so? And who is to blame for this? Who answered for this? Again no one, as always? With such forgiveness, you can go very far ..
    1. Mobius Offline Mobius
      Mobius 24 September 2022 17: 57
      Quote from Paul3390
      Why so? And who is to blame for this? Who answered for this? Again no one, as always?

      So not again, but again fellow laughing
      1. bobba94 Offline bobba94
        bobba94 (Vladimir) 25 September 2022 16: 39
        It's nobody's fault
  2. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk 24 September 2022 11: 52
    Zelensky instructed Ukrainian Foreign Ministry to "deal" with Iran

    the descendants of the protoukrov decided to "deal" with one of the most ancient civilizations?
    1. Mobius Offline Mobius
      Mobius 24 September 2022 17: 59
      Quote: zzdimk
      the descendants of the protoukrov decided to "deal" with one of the most ancient civilizations?

      So they considered themselves among the ancient Sumerians yes
      So... It's almost family laughing disassembly lol
  3. zuuukoo Offline zuuukoo
    zuuukoo (Sergei) 25 September 2022 01: 04
    Quote from Paul3390
    Shahed-136 is a rather simple device, nothing particularly complicated ... So, like the Su-57 or there we can make a Dagger, but not a tin with an engine from Ali?

    There is an opinion that the dagger is just an Iskander whose upper stage was cut off and instead of being launched from the ground, they began to launch from a well-accelerated MIG-31, in a rarefied atmosphere.
    As for the su-57. So far, as many as 4 pieces have been built, which suggests either that it is not so good, or that the possibilities of industry are extremely limited. I believe both assumptions are correct.

    As for Shashid. Who knows him.
    Maybe it's so simple that in peacetime, the Ministry of Defense turned up its nose at such projects and demanded something more sophisticated.
    Or maybe the REAL (not ostentatiously armature) state of our industry is such that it is not able to ensure the MASS production of even such simple things. This, by the way, is more than likely.
    1. Yuri V.A Offline Yuri V.A
      Yuri V.A (Yuri) 25 September 2022 04: 29
      It is more likely that there was no personal interest among the decision makers, because it is much better to develop funds for the production of a single copy of the unparalleled Hunter than cheap mass-produced drones
    2. Bobik012 Offline Bobik012
      Bobik012 (Vladimir) 25 September 2022 08: 33
      Maybe it's that simple

      Apparently, it was assumed that this tin really would not fly anywhere. The air defense capabilities (Ukraine, in this case, were overestimated) The Bayraktar bummer against real air defense, as it were, confirmed this. But it turned out that everything is much simpler.
      It takes time to develop our own production, so we bought it in bulk from friends. The effect is just achieved by mass application. As soon as they finish, you see, their production will arrive in time.
      By the way, why is it necessary to make just such a drone. A guided solid-propellant short-range cruise missile will be no more expensive and no less effective
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 25 September 2022 20: 34
    Acted surprise.
    How can the previously announced destroyed air defense of Ukraine resist something there?
    Moreover, most likely, modern air defense is simply much more expensive than penny UAVs on motors with ALI.
    Let's say they fired 15, 5 fell .5 shot down with expensive missiles, 5 still went somewhere.
    the benefit is there. There would be capacity for production.

    By the way, the Iranian ones are very reminiscent of Kalashnikov's public relations concerns a few years ago. But the Iranian ones are in the media, but there is somehow little about the Kalashnikovs ...
  5. Peace Peace. Offline Peace Peace.
    Peace Peace. (Tumar Tumar) 25 September 2022 21: 49
    "Shaheeds" are so good and useful that America began to "intervene" in the affairs of Iran. Again, I think lards of bucks are thrown in.