Poddubny: It was impossible to avoid mobilization

Russia would not start a special operation in Ukraine and there would be no need to declare partial mobilization if the Western countries took a constructive position towards the Russian Federation. This point of view was expressed by the war correspondent of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company Evgeny Poddubny.

According to the military correspondent, NATO is using Ukraine as a battering ram against Russia. Kyiv receives Western weapons, ammunition and financial resources to fight the allied forces in order to weaken the Russian Federation. The "civilized world" wants to see the Russian Federation weak and fragmented.

At the beginning of the NMD, Russia fought with a peacetime army and hoped that the collective West would come to its senses and seat its Kyiv “partners” at the negotiating table with Moscow. Meanwhile, the United States and NATO countries are only raising the stakes by sending mercenaries to Ukraine who are fighting in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine against the Russian Armed Forces.

So, when trying to break through Ukrainian militants in the Kharkiv region, Western "soldiers of fortune" happily tore down Russian flags in a number of settlements.

Overkill in every sense. Then the bear could not help but wake up ... We could not avoid this war, it would have happened anyway. They also could not avoid mobilization. Our enemy is not the Kyiv regime, it is the North Atlantic Alliance

- Poddubny noted in his telegram channel.
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  1. ont65 Offline ont65
    ont65 (Oleg) 21 September 2022 13: 17
    The escalation of the conflict requires retaliatory measures, which the Russian Federation has a wagon and a cart behind an armored train. The issue of red lines required clarification.
    1. Mobius Offline Mobius
      Mobius 21 September 2022 15: 38
      Poddubny: It was impossible to avoid mobilization

      And what a howl, what a wave the TsIPSO workers from Hohlobanderia raised in connection with the announcement partial mobilization.
      Under the guise and on behalf of the Russians, they are "indignant" to the fullest ...
      1. Tanais Offline Tanais
        Tanais 21 September 2022 17: 13
        Quote: Möbius
        And what a howl, what a wave raised TsIPSOshniki from Hohlobanderia in connection with the announcement of partial mobilization.

        Excerpt. Completely - here: https://t.me/rt_russian/128523

        No sooner had Russian President Vladimir Putin's statement about partial mobilization been made than the Ukrainian units of information and psychological operations (IPSO) through controlled resources and online accounts began to sow panic in the Russian segment of the global Internet (see screenshots below).

        Insider resources, such as "Joker DPR" and "Beregini", have long been leaked to the network internal documents of the Ukrainian divisions of the IPOC with their structure and ongoing psychological operations. During all the years of its existence, Ukrainian IPSOs acted mainly against the inhabitants of Russia, manipulating the consciousness of social groups and inciting illegal actions, etc. "," Fakel-2 "and others.

        Military expert Daniil Bezsonov @neoficialniybezsonov
  2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 21 September 2022 15: 48
    - If a partial mobilization is announced in order to prepare and carry out a general mobilization, then this is very good and prudent for all of Russia !!!
    - And if everything is really limited to only partial mobilization, then this will clearly not be enough !!!
    - Russia needs general mobilization - and many units, subunits and types of troops of the Russian Federation - simply need to be rearmed and retrained - this requires huge funds and a fairly long time - at least at least - 1,5-2 years of very accelerated emergency retraining and rearmament !! ! - Everything is quite serious and requires a very global approach !!!
    - I think that in emergency cases - in some regions of Russia even temporary martial law will have to be introduced !!!
    - Everything is very serious and "adult" - and requires a very careful approach !!!