US wants to punish Turkey and cut off Armenia from Russia at the same time

On September 17-18, Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi visited Armenia. The visit, as is usual for the "Taiwanese grandmother", is ambiguous, pursuing several goals at once and worth at least to understand it more closely.

We are here to say that the US will support democracy in Armenia. In difficult times, we stand next to Armenia. When there is a struggle between democracy and autocracy, Armenia is the place where we can clearly see these contradictions.

Pelosi said during a speech in Yerevan.

All Armenians consider you a true friend of Armenia. (...) We see the willingness of the US government to support the democratic agenda of our country. I would like to express our commitment to the democratic reform agenda, despite the fact that, as you can see, this is not such an easy path

- Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan answered her.

At first glance, everything looks like another attempt by the United States to expand its influence in the post-Soviet space in the course of the rise of the part of the elite oriented towards America. Nevertheless, there are at least two true goals of such an open demonstration of US support for the current Armenian leadership. And none of them has anything to do with the well-being of Armenia. First, it is the desire to tear off an ally from Russia and strengthen American positions in the Transcaucasus. Secondly, the desire to punish Turkey for cooperation with our country.

Cut off Armenia from Russia

Armenia is one of Russia's key allies in the Transcaucasus. It has been a member of the CSTO and the EAEU since their foundation and after the collapse of the USSR remains one of the CIS countries most friendly to the Russian Federation. This went on for decades. In principle, this is how it is now, if not for the alarming trends that have begun to emerge in recent years. It all started with the fact that the democratically elected government of Serzh Sargsyan was overthrown in 2018 by Nikol Pashinyan and his supporters. Who usually helps to carry out coup d'état in the post-Soviet space is not difficult to guess.

Obviously, the coup d'état in Armenia was part of policy United States to reduce the influence of Russia in the post-Soviet space. However, that was four years ago. Today, when the struggle between the West and our country has escalated to the point of a hybrid war, Washington no longer hides the fact that the main goal is the complete isolation of our country. It is clear that it is impossible in principle to cut off the largest country on the planet from the outside world, but the Americans will certainly attempt to remove a number of post-Soviet republics from under the Russian orbit. And in the forefront of all these efforts, as of mid-September of this year, was Pashinyan's Armenia.

It is significant that on the day of Pelosi's arrival in Yerevan, a rally was organized by representatives of the European Party of Armenia, headed by its chairman Tigran Khzmalyan. A rally during which extremely provocative slogans were heard.

If we leave the CSTO and the EAEU, join NATO and the EU, then we will return our lost, our lands

- Khzmalyan said, dispelling all doubts about who organized the rally and what goals were set for him.

Although, according to an Interfax correspondent, only a few hundred people took part in this mass event. However, the lack of real support has never stopped Western agents of influence, the main thing is to show a beautiful picture from the right angle and it will already be possible to form the right impression. The impression the West needs.

At the same time, we must not forget that the prime minister approaching the United States enjoys such broad support at home that tens of thousands of people come out to regular protests against him, and the softest censorship characteristic that he is awarded there is “traitor”. But this is so, by the way. There will not be a single line about this in the Western propaganda media. What they will talk about is that the leadership of Armenia is ready to embark on the only correct path of “true democracy”. And the fact that the West is preparing a plan for the country to move away from Russia is undoubtedly a side effect. The State Department manual has not changed from the word “completely” since the Maidan. But this is only one side of Washington's multifaceted plan. The second part concerns Turkey.

Punish Turkey

The United States wants to punish Turkey for its independent position on the Ukrainian crisis and unwillingness to impose sanctions against Russia. This is the second factor that prompted Pelosi to fly to Armenia and start singing old songs about supporting democracy. At the same time, it is important to note that when Azerbaijan launched an offensive operation on the territory of Karabakh in 2020, the United States reacted in almost no way. They did not take any sanctions, any clear condemnation, any real measures to stop the war and bring the parties to dialogue.
Today, when the policy of Azerbaijan's key military ally, Turkey, began to irritate Washington with its willfulness, it decides to play the "Armenian card." But not in order to somehow help Armenia, no. Purely in order to find a reason to impose sanctions against Ankara, thereby putting pressure on Erdogan and forcing him to refuse cooperation with Russia.

Of course, a reasonable question arises: why can't the States impose secondary sanctions on Turkey now? Why complicate things so much? The answer is simple: they are afraid in Washington. They are afraid that Turkey's disobedience to direct punishment "for ties with Russia" may lead to a wave of anti-American demarches around the world. That is why the United States so needs an indirect mechanism of influence, which is not formally connected with Russian-Turkish relations, but unequivocally makes it clear to all players that the United States is still ready to bend countries to its will. Even such large ones as Turkey.

What would you like to say in conclusion. Ultimately, Russia needs to understand several aspects about Armenia. First, no matter how the West and its agents of influence try to distort the situation, the Armenian population sees its most important ally in Russia. So it was in the days of the Russian Empire, so it remains now. That is why it will be extremely difficult for the United States, if not impossible, to make an anti-Russian enclave out of the republic, following the example of the same Baltic countries. Secondly, the fact that the current leadership of Armenia is trying to build relations with the United States does not mean that such aspirations will lead to anything real. Now political landscapes are changing so quickly that even a year ahead is an extremely thankless task. And thirdly, we should not forget that the crisis situation that has been created around Armenia in recent years is primarily the work of the United States. They and only they are the main root cause of what is happening.

After all, despite the fact that the United States is now led by a president with clear signs of dementia, it would be an unacceptable mistake to write them off. They may experience difficulties in domestic politics and show weakness in foreign policy (exodus from Afghanistan, inability to strangle Russia with sanctions), but there are things that Washington has always managed to do better than others. Such as organizing revolutions, fomenting wars and then taking advantage of the current situation.

Actually, on the example of modern Armenia, we can observe the whole cycle. In 2018, a revolution was organized in the republic, in 2020 - a war (in Karabakh), in 2022 - it's time to collect political dividends. And the key question here is whether all the inhabitants of Armenia itself understand this. Something tells me yes. Another issue is that fatigue from a lost war and unwillingness to send husbands and sons to a new conflict led Pashinyan, who very subtly captures these sentiments, to organize early elections in 2021, as a result of which he was successfully re-elected to the post of prime minister. And no matter how they call it in the kitchens, at the moment when it was time to vote, people chose a bad peace, despite all the anti-Pashinyan protests. So yes, everything is complicated in Armenian politics now. And is it any wonder that the Americans decided to take advantage of this?
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 20 September 2022 08: 53
    And what prevents Russia from having its own "Soros", who, in addition to the Russian state, but following its interests, could influence the post-Soviet space? What, there are no rich people in Russia? Then you can create a shadow fund and secretly appoint such a person as a showcase of Russian influence on the minds of former compatriots.
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 20 September 2022 13: 28
      Russia has become a place of enrichment by plundering its national wealth by persons with two or three citizenships, and they will not protect either the Russian Federation or the citizens of the Russian Federation, their greedy personal interests are above and do not link fate with Russia (real estate, families, accounts outside the Russian Federation) .. As they saw at the beginning of the NWO, they left en masse for Israel and other Italy. We do not need "Soros", we need a clear pro-Russian and pro-Russian policy of the government, which is nothing to expect from the current inmates in the government, they are accomplices in the plunder of the Russian Federation. Therefore, the solution to most of the problems of the Russian State is hidden in this.
  2. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 20 September 2022 11: 20
    And then they wrote - the war was organized by Turkey, its divents ...
    They write that the war is organized by the United States, its dividends, punish Turkey ...
    Where will the weather vane turn ....

    But in real life, politicians are also looking for benefits everywhere ..
    No one will say - "In difficult times, we DO NOT stand by ..... We are fighting democracy and supporting autocracy and tyranny, we don't care about your country ...", everyone will be in white and white ...
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 20 September 2022 19: 10
    Again. Russia's lost victory in the Caucasus.
    The war is over, temporarily, the Armenians will arm themselves and wait, and then there will again be a war between them, their enmity is fixed forever, with blood. Let Armenia and Azerbaijan sort things out without the Russian Federation. Armenia, under the leadership of Pashinyan, is squeezing out the Russian Federation, replacing the Russian Federation with NATO (USA). Russia does not need such an ally for Pashinyan. The Russian Federation needs to use its military-political resource in order to bring to power pro-Russian, without looking back to the West, sanctions already so much that they can be ignored.
    The results of the Azerbaijan-NKR (Armenia) war showed that the Russian Federation suffered a crushing defeat in the Caucasus. Turkey (NATO) is the winner. Turkey through Azerbaijan entered the territory of the Caspian Sea, Central Asia, to the borders of the Russian Federation. Turkey has shown how and with what to fight in the XNUMXst century. Turkey has strengthened its policy, economy, reduced oil and gas dependence on the Russian Federation to zero. The defeat of the Russian Federation was to be expected. All former Soviet republics of the USSR (excluding Belarus) are striving to join NATO, including Armenia. Today, Armenia for the Russian Federation is not a partner or an ally, but rather a potential enemy, and there is no need to spend money, resources, and even less the lives of citizens of the Russian Federation on it.
    On the first day of the Azerbaijan-NKR (Armenia) war, the Kremlin would have to sign a quadrilateral agreement with the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and the NKR that the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR) voluntarily, through a referendum, is part of the Russian Federation. The accession of the NKR to the Russian Federation, this would be a victory for Russia. The war between Azerbaijan and Armenia would be over forever. The NKR, as the territory of the Russian Federation, would be a stabilizing factor in the Caucasus. Armenians and Azerbaijanis through the NKR would be tied to Russia. There are no obstacles for the NKR to join the Russian Federation, since the Russian Federation is the successor - the legal successor of the Russian Empire (1917) and the USSR (1991).
    Now Turkey and Azerbaijan claim the Syunik region of Armenia. In the future, the enclave of Nakhichevan will be connected to Baku. Both Azerbaijan and Turkey want this. Baku will have a 20% increase in area and will have direct access to Turkey. The Russian Federation will not provide military assistance to Armenia. Georgia (NATO) will not allow Russian troops to enter Armenia. Iran is silent. The Russian Federation will not fight NATO because of Armenia. Turkey (NATO) has fulfilled its immediate task in the Caucasus and has shown the whole world the weakness of the Kremlin.
    1. Dima Offline Dima
      Dima (Dmitriy) 20 September 2022 23: 47
      Oops. Rather, the leadership of the Russian Federation realized that Yeltsin made a mistake by choosing Armenia as an ally. For us, Azerbaijan is economically and politically more profitable than Armenia, which is under French and American influence. Therefore, such a dual policy of Putin, like the Armenians are allies, but in fact - hell knows.
      1. Rubens Offline Rubens
        Rubens (Rubens I) 21 September 2022 07: 16
        Perhaps Azerbaijan is beneficial to Russia, but is Russia beneficial to Azerbaijan? 92% of its income is oil and gas, it is not Russia that buys them, which itself now has nowhere to put hydrocarbons. Maybe militarily Azerbaijan is beneficial as an ally? Like in a war against NATO Turkey (in 9 months, elections in Turkey and pro-Western parties will come to power, Turkey will again become an obedient dog of NATO) There are doubts that, faced with a choice between Turkey and Russia, Azerbaijan will choose its brothers Turkey? In the name of what should Azerbaijan choose Russia? Without carrying out the denazification of Azerbaijan and the change of power to the loyal Russian "foot soldier Putin" in Baku, this is not possible and this will not happen, Azerbaijan and Turkey cleverly used the naivety of Russian diplomacy and now Baku is practically Turkey, friend Erdogan will leave, and NATO Turkey will remain in the Caspian , and across the sea / lake the Caspian is already Kazakhstan with aspirations for an alliance with Azerbaijan and Turkey. And Kazakhstan in the Turkish NATO association is NATO in the deep rear of Russia, near Orenburg, Chelyabinsk, Altai Territory
        1. Dima Offline Dima
          Dima (Dmitriy) 21 September 2022 15: 51
          You are simplifying everything, since when did Shiite Azerbaijan become the brother of Sunni Turkey. Azerbaijan is a historical part of the Persian Empire, not the Turkish one. As for the benefits, everything is again not so clear. Aliyev needs independence in the Russia-Turkey-Iran triangle, not to become a Turkish or American protectorate.
          As for Kazakhstan, everything is even more complicated there, Kazakhstan exists as long as it is the will of China and Russia, otherwise it will be torn apart by local clans. What flirting with NATO leads to, to the detriment of Russia, is very intelligibly shown by the example of Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine and Armenia.
  5. Colonel Kudasov Offline Colonel Kudasov
    Colonel Kudasov (Leopold) 20 September 2022 20: 31
    Russia apparently needs to be inclined to support Azerbaijan, and Armenia should be pushed away by the United States. Little sense from her
  6. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 20 September 2022 20: 37
    US wants to punish Turkey and cut off Armenia from Russia at the same time

    - Yes, it’s not Turkey that the United States wants to punish - but they want (which they are doing quite successfully) - they want - not to interfere with Russia endlessly punishing itself, showing its long-term Russian sincere and disinterested caring wasteful guardianship in relation to Turkey! - This long-term guardianship of Russia in relation to Turkey allows the United States to kill several birds with one stone, such as, for example:
    - Russia assumes the costs of maintaining and ensuring the welfare of Turkey, which the United States would have to take on if it were not for Russia's disinterested guardianship over Turkey;
    - Turkey constantly creates problems and headaches for Russia, while simultaneously using all the benefits provided to it by Russia;
    - The United States can always be sure that Turkey is always and in everything ready to oppose and harm Russia very strongly and weightily - both in the range of "a lot of any very small political and economic nuances" - and in the aspect of quite weighty and major international political and economic problems
    - So - why is the USA punishing Turkey - Turkey is very useful for the USA!
    - Turkey solves so many "American problems" (moreover, Russia itself pays a significant part of Turkey's maintenance) - that one can only dream of this !!!
    1. Smilodon terribilis nimis 21 September 2022 05: 36
      Dumb bullshit. It’s just that at the moment the Americans cannot put much pressure on the Turks.
  7. HattinGokbori87 Offline HattinGokbori87
    HattinGokbori87 21 September 2022 14: 01
    Here it is necessary to praise the game of the USA. Russia is busy, so Azerbaijan and Turkey thought that now they can easily force Armenia to comply with the agreement and get this corridor. Only they discovered that the US has also noticed the gap and is sitting in the old Russian seat. Azerbaijan has repeatedly gotten away with attacking a Christian country because the West is accustomed to viewing Armenia as a Russian thug and because Azerbaijan is secular and has a deep relationship with Israel. Otherwise, NATO would have given Armenia enough weapons to burn Baku to the ground for the crime of being a friend of an Islamist country.