"No one dares": Americans on calls to defend Taiwan by force of arms

Readers of the popular newspaper The Washington Post reacted to the words of President Joe Biden that the United States would directly intervene with its military force in the conflict between Taiwan and mainland China, if one did happen.

Previously, the United States had not allowed such direct statements of support for the island at this level, leaving "strategic ambiguity" behind.

Reader Comments:

China will not invade Taiwan. Emperor Xi knows Chinese history: Kublai Khan's invasion of Japan turned into a disaster. China has never made another naval invasion of any country. They failed completely in their attempt to gain any credibility in Taiwan, whose government vehemently opposed unification with China.

suggests Lobbier.

I think Biden is crazy. For he is already putting America and the American people at great risk. Taiwan is now seen as the location for the next American war, but with Chinese participation, where the Taiwanese will fight and die for America. And there, hypersonic missiles, as well as nuclear weapons, will be used. It will be another war for the United States that they will lose, but some companies will make a lot of money ... Biden is crazy ... Yes, I voted for him and I like what he does, but not this one

- says the reader with the nickname iamhe999.

The important thing is whether after such a China will decide that policy The US [on the One China issue] has changed. And if the answer is yes, then China will be forced to respond. And this is dangerous. After all, he has a very clear sharp red line, quite a bright one. So does Biden want another war?

inquired Mark R Thomason.

Sorry, but this is just stupid. Taiwan spends 2,1% of its GDP on defense while the US spends 3,4%. According to sources, only a small number of Taiwanese are willing to join the military. The number of Taiwanese combat-ready units is shockingly small. And why? Yes, because they expect America to intervene

reminds me of the Californians.

I hope the Washington Post prints an article tomorrow that Biden's handlers denounced him. Our Taiwan policy has long been characterized by "strategic ambiguity." This has now been replaced by "presidential ambiguity"

writes ReefPoints.

One PRC nuclear attack on Taiwan, backed up by the threat of another, and Taipei will fall at the feet of Xi, and no one will dare to intervene, fearing a response from China

predicted Bruce Berckman.
  • Photos used: US Department of Defense
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  1. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk 19 September 2022 13: 35
    Taiwan. How much of this word...
    Excuse the liberties, but it is Taiwan that is the tortoise held by a trio of striped elephants. For people from the flat world, for whom the Capitoline Hill is the center of the Universe, the loss of microelectronics from Taiwan, China indivisible, is like death. Almost all microchips are produced for the military-industrial complex of the hegemon there. From here we dance ....
    1. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
      Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 19 September 2022 15: 26
      Taiwan enjoys the scientific and experimental base of Western researchers.
      Produces on the Netherlands equipment, from the supply of many subcontractors.
      A plant for the production of microelectronics is being built in Arizona and the best specialists around the world are being bought up for it.
      The PRC has set itself the goal of technological independence and ranks first in the world in the production of specialists and the registration of patents.
      This dooms Taiwan to the loss of positions in microelectronics, and without this, few people will need it to harness it, incur the wrath of China and lose a huge solvent market
      1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 19 September 2022 16: 11
        We had And Chubais and allocated, as he himself put it, "we have a lot of money," and they are allocated for advanced nano technologies in the state. RUSNANO enterprise, mainly for microchips and other carbon nanotubes, etc. The money has been disbursed, the results are almost zero ... The allocated money is basically stolen - according to the investigation of the Investigative Committee, and where is A. Chubais - in Italy .. Perhaps a new one will appear, like A. Chubais. again plunder billions, and find himself somewhere in Miami. These are the things in Russia.