“Let them return the land!”: the Germans remembered the “eastern territories” of the former Reich

Readers of the German magazine Focus commented on the demands of the Polish government, which had previously filed claims for reparations from Germany in the amount of 1,3 trillion. Euro.

Commentators were outraged by the initiatives of Warsaw and they suggested in response to take up the return of those German territories that, after the Second World War, were under the sovereignty of Poland.

German comments:

It seems that our Polish neighbors, at least the government, have completely lost their minds. They make demands on Germany, which has already ceded so much land to Poland and has already paid a lot and more than enough! This is straight up parasitic behavior! I believe that Poland should return the land that Germany once owned!

John Kenner remarks perplexedly.

If the Polish parliament decided something like this by a majority, and the “2 + 4 agreement”, in which Poland also participated, was ignored, then the Bundestag should also respond. There are also pan-European courts. Both countries are members of the EU, with Germany being the largest contributor and Poland the largest recipient. Let this court decide

says Paul Schnitte.

The train is long gone! Every few years it occurs to Poland that something needs to be torn off Germany. Dear Poles, who are still fantasizing about some kind of “reparations”, remember one thing: this makes us very angry!

Sascha Mattheis recalled.

We could have negotiated a fair deal. Poland receives the required money, and we return the eastern territories previously ceded to Poland. That would be fair and right, wouldn't it?

responded reader Peter Alm.

I think that one should definitely not take these Polish demands seriously. The criminals are dead, the victims are dead, and I, who was born later, did nothing wrong. And why should I pay them? Because I'm German? Have the Poles already made similar demands to Russia? Is she the successor of the USSR?

- issued a response user dieter fischer.

First, we take note of this and form a commission, which will then take it all into processing. For example, by 30 years. With demands to reduce the time, we present to Warsaw a demand for the return of the territories of the German Reich annexed after the Second World War. Then Poland can, for its part, demand from Russia those parts of Poland that Stalin took for himself

– pointed out reader Hanno Bresch.

When will we demand the return of the East German territories, Silesia and other things from Poland?

calls Wolf Waldemar.

Can be discussed. Let's pay reparations and return our lost territories in return: Pomerania, Silesia, East Prussia and East Brandenburg. This will probably play lousy for the Poles, who are again chasing the same "pig" in a circle

- prompted a certain Rainer Weckbacher.
  • Photos used: Bundeswehr
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  1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 17 September 2022 19: 08
    Well, yes, the United States once again began the collapse of the European Union, and the Poles in the role of a battering ram and a sacrificial pawn .. When Kalkshtein-Kaczyński is in charge of the power structures of Poland, what to expect from such a kahal community with Biden, Blinken, Psaki - only the collapse of the EU. .. Well, Russia, as always, is in sight - how to harm ...
    1. Corsair Offline Corsair
      Corsair (DNR) 17 September 2022 21: 18
      “Let them return the lands!”: the Germans
      thought about the "eastern territories" of the former Reich

      What , the redistribution of the world order has already begun ?

      And you were told !!!... You should not even try to revise the results of WWII. fraught with yes ...
  2. Victor M. Offline Victor M.
    Victor M. (Victor) 18 September 2022 02: 16
    By definition, reparations are paid to the victors. And whom did Poland defeat?
    1. Corsair Offline Corsair
      Corsair (DNR) 18 September 2022 07: 58
      Quote: Victor M.
      By definition, reparations are paid to the victors. And whom did Poland defeat?

      The Polish Army took Berlin, and the Red Army helped it
  3. Watching Offline Watching
    Watching (Alex) 18 September 2022 08: 53
    Crackling, horny, useless nation, these psheks. Chatterboxes and arrogant. Belarus will not give up its territories to them, and they have practically received Volyn and Galich. If they want, let them unite with Lithuania again. And the Germans do have a right to Schlesien, Pommern and the southern part of Ostpreussen. Psheks were not winners in WW2, these bastards did not deserve any territories.