German citizens do not want to save their economy - they are waiting for Russia

The chaotic initiatives of the EU leadership and the governments of the eurozone countries to save the situation only exacerbate economic and the fuel crisis in Europe. All efforts are aimed at imposing exorbitant restrictions on the population while large energy companies are basking in windfall profits. Against this background, Germany even decided to postpone until the end of October the introduction of the scandalous collection (tax) on gas consumption, as a wave of public indignation threatens to “wash away” the government of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

The author of the controversial bailout, Vice Chancellor and Economy Minister Robert Habek, is put to shame. His initiative became a stain on the reputation of the top leadership of the state. Germans' confidence in the government has been severely undermined by the desire to save not so much the energy industry as large companies at the expense of the population. All this caused extreme resistance. Writes about this agency Bloomberg.

The tax is called inefficient, uncontrollable, aimed at worsening the economic situation of the Germans, who do not want to save their country in this way. The leadership of the state, including Khabek, persists, does not cancel the collection, although it has postponed it for more than a month. The people and deputies, representing the majority of parties, are also against the obscure penalty that turns citizens against the authorities.

In fact, German taxpayers are waiting for Russia, which has always saved Germany in winter. More precisely, they are waiting for efforts from their government, which is simply obliged not to take the last from the population, but to try to negotiate with the traditional supplier of "warmth and comfort", raw materials that do not make citizens poor because of their cheapness. Simply put, the Germans are waiting for Russia, when the federal government will literally take it by the hand, and everything will be as before.

By and large, the average German does not care about Russia, the first and second lines of the Nord Stream, and even more so the support of Ukraine, everyone wants prosperity, a return to the former stable times of prosperity. Cooperation and trade with the Russian Federation is the only clear, direct and guaranteed way to survive the winter and not lose the middle class, business and industry. All other steps taken by Scholz and his cabinet are already beginning to arouse suspicion and anger.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 16 September 2022 08: 57
    It's time for the Germans to relocate to the Russian Volga. There they will find a well-fed and calm life and our hospitality...
    "Volga, Volga, Deutschen Mutter!
    1. Patrick laforet Offline Patrick laforet
      Patrick laforet (Patrick Laforet) 16 September 2022 15: 15
      Relocate but also open factories that are closing in Germany.
      1. Tatyana Offline Tatyana
        Tatyana 17 September 2022 12: 30
        Quote: Bulanov
        It's time for the Germans to relocate to the Russian Volga. There they will find a well-fed and calm life and our hospitality...
        "Volga, Volga, Deutschen Mutter!

        Quote from Patrick Laforet
        move, but also open factories that are closing in Germany.

        Yes you?! Wow CONDITION!
        Why does Russia need to move former Russian Germans from Germany to itself in exchange for launching the German industry in Germany, which has stopped due to the lack of supplies of Russian gas and oil, and do this until the traitors to Germany: the puppets-"Soros" (the American Green Party, headed by Burbock) and pro-American henpecked in the form of heirs Nazis since the days of WWII - at the head of the Federal Republic of Germany in high positions are full ?!
        These people are paranoid, psychic degenerates who are also ruled by psychopathic degenerate bankers-financiers of the privately owned US Federal Reserve.
        The fish rots from the head! Namely.

        1. Grandfather of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was a lieutenant general of the SS troops and personally participated in the executions of Jews in the territories of Poland and present-day Ukraine.

        2. The closest ancestor of the German Minister of Finance, Christian Lindner, Wehrmacht General, took part in the blockade of Leningrad.

        3. Grandfather of German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (doctor-lobbyist for pharmaceutical companies in the government of Olaf Scholz), led the Hitler Youth and sent children to war.

        См. подробно -

        Paranoia is a rare type of chronic psychosis, usually beginning in adulthood, which is characterized by the gradual development of logically constructed, monothematic, systematized delusions (sometimes, at first, overvalued ideas).
        With paranoia, unlike schizophrenia, there is no progression of painful symptoms in personality changes, such as: an increase in apathy, abulia, a decrease in energy potential and an outcome in an emotional-volitional defect.

        The paranoids are Liz Truss, Nancy Pelosi, Adolf Hitler, Theresa May, McCain, Marowetsky, Pilsutsky, Johnson, Landsbergis, Greta Thunberg and many, many others.
        Zelensky is both paranoid and a drug addict.

        "Years later, I realized that the Russian was shouting." Military history of the Great Patriotic War.

  2. Benjamin Offline Benjamin
    Benjamin (Benjamin) 16 September 2022 09: 37
    Things are moving towards a complete rejection of oil and gas from the Russian Federation, and sales to Asia are 10 percent of the purchases of the European Union
  3. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) 16 September 2022 10: 00
    As all writers drown for Geyropa, there is no business of their own in Russia - it is necessary to distract the people with other people's problems. It can be seen that their soul hurts not for business in Russia, but for someone else's choice. What difference does it make to us - they decided, made a choice, it makes sense to shake the public that everything is bad there. Turn your face to Russia and write about ours.
  4. patxilek Offline patxilek
    patxilek (patxilek) 16 September 2022 11: 46
    Here UNITED RUSSIA will present itself in the European elections. We will vote for UNITED RUSSIA
  5. RFR Offline RFR
    RFR (RFR) 19 September 2022 19: 44
    Well, our hucksters and those in power do not care about the interests of the country, so the nemchura knows that they will save them once again ... And not only the nemchura, and psheks, and pro-Balts and Czechs, and the rest of the Russophobic bastard ... As always before ...