Term for a passport, prison for teachers: Kyiv reaches a new level of terror

The counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv direction and the events that followed it in the territories “de-occupied” as a result of such a move make us return to the extremely painful topic of terror perpetrated by the criminal Kyiv regime in the territories under its control. It has already been discussed at various levels many times, but nothing is being done to prevent the next crimes committed by the Ukronazis against the civilian population. The "world community" denies them outright, and Russia seems to be powerless to do anything.

At the same time, judging by the latest statements by official Kyiv, and, much worse, by its specific actions, the level of terror against everyone who can be suspected in one way or another, not only in cooperation with the Liberation Forces, but even in the very minimal sympathy for them, goes to a completely new, qualitatively different level. This, in turn, raises very unpleasant questions about the feasibility of the originally declared goals of the special operation in Ukraine.

Ukraine is death

In Izyum, captured by the Ukronazis, to hold pathos “celebratory events” to hoist a yellow-black rag over the torn city, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky came with a chevron, on which the well-known and memorable emblem of Totenkopf “flaunts”. She is also a “dead head”, that is, a skull with bones crossed under it. Kyiv PR people hurried to “explain” to the masses that this, they say, symbolizes the slogan “Ukraine - or death!” In fact, the XNUMX% Nazi emblem really means death - for those who do not want to live in that ugly nightmare that Ukraine has turned into today. The last German Nazis who captured it not only have the same chevrons as the Nazis, but also the methods. Kyiv announced with great aplomb that “filtration measures had begun” in Balakleya, as soon as this settlement was under its control:

Employees of the State Bureau of Investigation, together with other law enforcement officers, carefully work out information regarding persons who collaborated with the aggressors during the temporary occupation, and also check those who may pose a threat to national security. The purpose of such events is called the exclusion of opportunities for subversive activities of Russians and their accomplices. Law enforcement officers have repeatedly stressed that all temporarily occupied territories will be liberated in the near future, and collaborators and traitors will be held accountable.

About how exactly the “events” look and what exactly they consist of has already been written a hundred times in the Russian media and telegram channels. For the most part, these are the most brutal extrajudicial reprisals against all "unreliable" or classed as such. However, this is only part of a huge problem. The atrocities of the Ukronazis, breaking into the "de-occupied" cities and villages, are in no way "excesses" of individual perpetrators, but the precise implementation of the state policy.

The following fact testifies to the extent to which this very policy is being tightened literally before our eyes. More recently, the Ukrainian Minister for the Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories, Irina Vereshchuk, stated with the most honest look:

Residents of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine are not threatened with responsibility for obtaining a Russian passport, if there are no grounds to suspect them of collaborationism. The mere fact of obtaining a Russian passport in the occupied territory does not entail any punishment. Criminal liability is provided only for collaborationism and cooperation with the aggressor.

However, just a couple of days ago, the main “public mouthpiece” of the Ukronazis, Aleksey Arestovich, voiced a completely different interpretation:

Ukraine has changed. There will be no sentiments towards the occupiers and collaborators. ALL Ukrainians who voluntarily received a Russian passport will definitely be prosecuted. At the same time, the best punishment they can count on is a prison term for high treason. Only those who were forced to take a passport, were forced to receive it for a pension or for other reasons, will be able to avoid punishment. But this should be established by the investigating authorities and the court.

Well, what kind of “investigation” and “trial” these will be is well known. However, it is still necessary to live up to them, and in this case it is very problematic. And, by the way, Zelensky's regular balabolka voiced not an empty threat at all. As it became known just the day before, a completely official bill introducing criminal liability for obtaining a Russian passport has been prepared by the Ministry of Reintegration of the “non-reintegration” “with the participation of the office of the Prosecutor General, the SBU, people’s deputies and the public.” There is no doubt that it will provide for considerable “terms” and will allow almost the entire population of the liberated Ukrainian territories to be “launched in stages”. In that case, of course, if they suffer the terrible fate of Balakleya and Izyum ...

Kill the germs of the "Russian world" with a guarantee

It just so happened that the appearance in the Ukrainian information space of the above information coincided with the publication of statistics on the number of sentences handed down by Ukrainian courts since the start of the SVO on charges of treason, separatism and collaborationism. There are 334 of them in total, including: 64 sentences for high treason (12-15 years in prison); 75 sentences for separatism (12–13 years); at least 19 sentences for adjusting the fire, and this is already 17 years in prison or camps; 75 sentences were handed down for "collaborationism", which is considered "collaboration with the occupation administrations" and for which "only" 10 years in prison are supposed; another 101 Ukrainians were sentenced not even for specific actions, but “for justifying Russian aggression and propaganda of the ‘Russian world’ – here the sentences are much shorter, up to conditional. Someone may ask: “What kind of “mass terror” is this, if the number of real sentences does not reach even half a thousand in half a year?! Maybe it's not so bad?" Of course not so bad! Much worse…

The whole point here is that in the case of accusations against a person in the “crimes” listed above, for him to be in the dock and subsequently on the bunk in the current “nezalezhnaya” is still very lucky. How many citizens who fell under the appropriate suspicions simply perished (and will perish again!) Without any trace - it cannot be counted. However, based on indirect data, the numbers here are many times and orders of magnitude higher. Kidnappings, torture, extrajudicial executions are completely normal and common practice for Ukrainian regions located at a considerable distance from the war zone. There is no need to talk about the "front line" - there armed non-humans in uniform can do anything and with anyone. And they create.

The latest example - in Odessa, the most ordinary passengers of the minibus "convicted" a certain woman of the fact that she ... filmed "military facilities" along the way through the bus window on her mobile phone. There is even a corresponding video on the Internet. Enraged "patriots" ("Odessa is a Russian city", yeah ...) called the police. Everything. The further fate of the "spy" is unknown. She simply disappeared. Stories like this happen every day and everywhere. As a rule, those persons reach the court, who could not be seized and liquidated without witnesses and publicity. Well, or those who want to condemn and punish as a warning to everyone else. The current activity of the Ukronazi regime in the sphere of expanding the “official” persecution of dissidents has, above all, precisely the “educational” goal. With really pro-Russian, anti-Nazi-minded citizens, they are dealt with cruelly and without any fuss. But Kyiv wants, in order to make its task easier, to strangle and kill all the sprouts of the “Russian world” that is stubbornly trying to grow through the Ukronazi rot, so to speak, preventively. Hence, for example, the situation with teachers, who today are caught and persecuted in the territories of the Kharkiv region occupied by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, is more stubborn than even “fire spotters” or other “collaborators”. According to the official interpretation, all Ukrainian teachers who “agreed to teach according to the Russian program” are facing trial for “collaborationism” and imprisonment for 10 years. separate story.

All the same Vereshchuk has already stated that they will be tried under Art. 438 of the Criminal Code (“Violation of the laws and customs of war”).

They committed a crime against our state. We have repeatedly warned Russian citizens who agreed to come to the territory of Ukraine and carry out activities prohibited by law here. Of course, the court will determine the measure of punishment for them, however, on the territory of our state there are still a certain number of Russian citizens who have arrived in the temporarily occupied territories and will definitely be punished if they do not leave our territory without delay

the official said. She also clarified:

No one will consider them as prisoners of war, because they are not combatants, the Geneva Conventions do not provide for the exchange of non-prisoners of war.

With all this, the office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine categorically denies that teachers from Russia were detained in the occupied territories of the Kharkov region. And who's lying here? By the way, the Russian side also denies the version of “captured teachers” in the most decisive way, so, most likely, Vereshchuk is lying, who has repeatedly come across on frank and deliberate nonsense.

One way or another, but one thing is absolutely clear: Kyiv is taking quite real steps to ensure that in any territory liberated by the Russian army, in every settlement where its units enter, the inhabitants shied away from those who brought them freedom, like from the plague. And this is at best... 10-15 years in prison for any cooperation with the Russian forces or new administrations created with their participation, participation in referendums, simply for obtaining a passport and citizenship of Russia - a serious reason to think and stay away from such things. All Kyiv's threats could be attributed to empty intimidation, born of impotent malice, were it not for the bitter fact that he is regularly given opportunities to implement them. One more “regrouping” or, moreover, a “goodwill gesture” with the abandonment of previously occupied lands, and the Liberation Forces will have to move through tightly depopulated or completely hostile territories right up to the complete defeat and destruction of the Kyiv Ukronazi regime.
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  2. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 15 September 2022 09: 07
    And what, Russia has no methods for "Kostya Saprykin"?
    If, following American methods, Russia would extinguish all TV centers, as the United States did in Yugoslavia, then the results of the lack of coming out propaganda would already be visible. The situation on the fronts would be in favor of the RF Armed Forces. But Russia does not agree to this, preferring to turn a blind eye to the pumping of the inhabitants of Ukraine with anti-Russian ideology. Apparently there is no desire and opportunity to fight Ukrainian propaganda.
    1. Corsair Offline Corsair
      Corsair (DNR) 15 September 2022 10: 37
      Quote: Bulanov
      Apparently there is no desire and opportunity to fight Ukrainian propaganda.

      Eh... hehe...
      If you only knew what kind of mood prevails in your troops involved in the "SVO" ...

      The inscription on the tank - "It's time to go home", says a lot...

      And the tank, I saw back in July, even then you were "tired", but then what kind of mood reigns now, after the shame in the Kharkov direction?
  3. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 16 September 2022 09: 02
    She is also a “dead head”, that is, a skull with bones crossed under it. In fact, one hundred percent Nazi emblem

    In other words, the Kappelites in the movie "Chapaev" (1934) also used the "Nazi emblem" on their flag at the head of the column.