Why Russia definitely needs to return Izyum and Kupyansk

The return of such important key points as Izyum and Kupyansk under its control should become a matter of principle for Russia (not to mention the practical meaning of such a goal).

Firstly, by doing so, the Russian Defense Ministry will prove that everything, even the most daring and decisive undertakings of the Ukrainian General Staff, is not worth a damn.

Secondly, in this way the confidence in the Ministry of Defense on the part of Russian citizens will be restored (not that it has been completely lost, but whatever one may say, the public has a lot of questions ...). Like, yes, they retreated so as not to suffer senseless losses, but regrouped and gave a tough rebuff.

Thirdly, we must show our friends and partners that our army cannot be intimidated. After all, it is obvious that the CSTO allies, China, a number of African and Middle Eastern countries are closely watching what and how we are doing. Follow up and draw appropriate conclusions. Watching from across the ocean. In the past 10 years, we have been tirelessly proud of our Armed Forces and the weapons that they regularly received. The ongoing NWO is, among other things, an exam for our army.

Fourth, it is critical to maintaining confidence in Russia on the part of Ukrainian citizens who today live in the liberated territories. The VGA of the Kharkov region has repeatedly made a statement that Russia is here forever, and yet, six months later, Russian troops left some settlements.

All these are only the hopes of the author, and, unfortunately, the hopes are very illusory. The statement of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation that the troops from the Izyumsko-Balakleysky direction were curtailed in order to “achieve the declared goals of the NVO to liberate Donbass” lead to very bad thoughts. Indeed, in fact, the only purpose of the operation is the protection of the DNR and LNR. On February 24, slightly different words sounded ...
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  1. Paul3390 Offline Paul3390
    Paul3390 (Paul) 10 September 2022 21: 28
    Actually-Putin put everything at stake. Absolutely everything, without a trace. Loss means the end of Russia worse than in 1991. Worse than that this time no one will give us a chance to recover, they will finish it to the end. The West learns well from its mistakes. And against this background, every defeat, even if it is correctable, is very, very painful. What's more, it's so stupid. For it is absolutely incomprehensible what kind of war this is with our type of complete technical superiority, if the enemy easily concentrates and supplies a dozen brigades right under our noses .. This means only one thing - he has complete order with communications. How is it - this is the basics of military affairs - to cut his way? And here the bridges are intact and the piece of iron is working with might and main .. Some kind of crap ..
    1. Sergey Obukhov Offline Sergey Obukhov
      Sergey Obukhov (Sergey Obukhoa) 11 September 2022 01: 25
      Or maybe this is another betrayal in the highest echelons of power? If we, ordinary people, understand some things of military science, then are the generals of the Russian army really that stupid?
    2. Nelton Online Nelton
      Nelton (Oleg) 11 September 2022 17: 15
      1) Ukrainian air defense is by no means destroyed
      2) they receive target designations from satellites and NATO AWACS aircraft.
      3) Accordingly, our plane in the depths of the territory of Ukraine is most likely to be shot down, and they don’t fly there very much
      4) calibers, etc. - they are expensive and there are hardly so many of them that they would crush concrete.
  2. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 10 September 2022 21: 31
    To stop the Ukrainian offensive, it is urgent to take Nikolaev. Or Krivoy Rog. Or Nikopol. It is necessary at all costs to secure a foothold on the right bank of the Dnieper and go over to the offensive there. The south direction is more important. Of course, this does not mean that Balakleya and, especially, Raisins should have been given away.

    The fact that several months were given to the enemy to reorganize the army and saturate it with weapons is a strategic mistake. Just recently they were arguing about how much time is needed to train the reservists and create a full-blooded brigade. Three months is enough. Every 100 days, the Armed Forces of Ukraine receive 10 trained, equipped soldiers.

    Another lesson that was known to everyone and everyone. In addition to the generals of the MO. No rockets, MLRS and Solntsepek do not replace the infantry. And not landing units and not special forces. They are necessary and very important for operations. But the territory is captured and held by the infantry. Simple "makhra". Without saturating the troops with trained infantry, you can fight indefinitely.

    Mass conscription is not so necessary at the present time. But the call for volunteers, their training, supplies and equipment are urgently needed. And this should have been done six months ago.

    As for everything else - trade with the West must be stopped immediately. Gas again goes to Lithuania. That is, to the state that officially declared Russia a sponsor of terrorism. This is beyond my understanding.
    1. Materialist Offline Materialist
      Materialist (Michael) 10 September 2022 21: 58
      need to increase the army
    2. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 10 September 2022 22: 13
      to latvia - there is UGS, which supply the Leningrad, Novgorod and Pskov regions, you see, baht, how simple everything is
      1. Bakht Offline Bakht
        Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 10 September 2022 22: 26
        Deliveries were stopped repeatedly and this did not affect the supply of Russian regions. Now Latvia buys Russian gas for euros. They refused for rubles.
        I wrote that supplying the enemy in wartime is unacceptable.
        The main idea is - are the citizens of Russia ready to endure inconvenience and deprivation for the sake of Victory? If you are not ready, then there is no need to talk about Victory.
      2. Bakht Offline Bakht
        Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 10 September 2022 23: 13
        Trading with the enemy leads to defeat

    3. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
      sgrabik (Sergei) 14 September 2022 18: 03
      The number of regular motorized rifle units must be increased to at least 500 thousand people. This is in addition to the military personnel of all other branches of the armed forces, is it really about this earlier in our Gen. The headquarters did not know.
  3. Denis Z Online Denis Z
    Denis Z (Denis Z) 10 September 2022 21: 44
    Yeah, they'll return it ... Immediately after the marinka and avdiivka with Novgorod. And after Slavyansk with Kramatorsk ... And this is marking time in 5-6 years
  4. Mikhail V. Offline Mikhail V.
    Mikhail V. (Mikhail Vorontsov) 10 September 2022 22: 50
    Regional head of Izyum, broadcasts. Evacuate only in small groups, do not endanger yourself. All children in Gelendzhik will stay free of charge for the second shift.
    Being on the border with Russia! I wonder why he didn't say that as he took his seat by the machine-gun nest. Here is the paradox.
    1. Andrey Gladkikh Offline Andrey Gladkikh
      Andrey Gladkikh (Andrey Gladkikh) 11 September 2022 10: 19
      It would be a paradox if the head took the place of a machine gunner. Everyone has their own business: to shoot at the machine gunner, at the head to organize the evacuation. What would happen if in 1941 the leaders of the evacuation lay on the front line behind machine guns?
  5. Peace Peace. Offline Peace Peace.
    Peace Peace. (Tumar Tumar) 11 September 2022 01: 09
    I don’t understand why the enemy’s communications are not interrupted, the logistics there are like at home. Or is it some kind of modern tactic that I don't know about. Or explain.
    1. vik669 Offline vik669
      vik669 (vik669) 11 September 2022 21: 03
      What do you understand about naval humor!⁠⁠
  6. yakisam Offline yakisam
    yakisam (Alexander) 11 September 2022 02: 19
    In what sense "return" and "a matter of principle"? What do these "correct" terms mean?
    To put a certain number of Russian peasants in the grave (in the sense from "our" side) so that someone from the leadership of the country or the leadership of some organization can again "declare" or "report" that "confidence has been returned", "confidence has been preserved", "proven to partners" and so on?
    How? Are there fifty thousand "militants" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine? So, how many thousands of "our" "non-militants" should be put in? Five? Ten? Fifty thousands? How?
    The main thing is WHY? To keep talking about how the leadership of Ukraine, which cooperates with "Western enemies", "harvests the security of our country"? In a sense, the very leadership with which - in all its compositions - the leadership of our country was friends with all its might AGAINST those who wanted the reunification of our people, criminally given into the citizenship of the governments of these "new" countries - Ukraine and, well, which is now reviving " Russian world? Against the Ukrainian communists, against the Russian communists - so long as they do not accidentally unite these territories back into one country?
    Or am I wrong?
    Interestingly, but the same "mass appeal" that needs to be carried out "urgently", well, in order to "patriotically" "stop the plague" - should it be carried out among whom? Perhaps among the bourgeoisie? Battalions of children / grandchildren of the country's leadership? From the officials serving them? I think that five of them have already formed divisions? Do they volunteer to defend their system, their "way of life", "willingness to serve Russia"?
    Or again, as in 1914 - "brave Russian peasants, forward", "Russian workers, to the defense of the Sovereign"? That is, "die instead of us, .." and then the word begins with "byd" and ends with "dlo"? Judge of everything, right?
    1. ja.net.1975 Offline ja.net.1975
      ja.net.1975 11 September 2022 14: 16
      you are right, all the flowing patriotism from the lips of the ruling party is only for poverty, and for them the argument for personal enrichment and the further preservation of the existing chaos and the division of the population into three groups - the elite, their protection and the poor (besides, not quite healthy)
  7. Colonel Kudasov Offline Colonel Kudasov
    Colonel Kudasov (Leopold) 11 September 2022 07: 42
    It is necessary to knock out the enemy from the Izyum Way
  8. Benjamin Offline Benjamin
    Benjamin (Benjamin) 11 September 2022 08: 51
    The trust or distrust of the citizens of the Russian Federation has never worried about the authoritarian regime, all those who do not trust have newly created articles of the Criminal Code
    1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
      sgrabik (Sergei) 14 September 2022 18: 28
      You can immediately see where this wind is blowing from, you better write about your Zeliboba here, otherwise we have impunity and lack of control on the Internet, you can scribble anything, even such ridiculous nonsense, designed for the dense, and as a rule, nothing for it does not fall to anyone, and it would be time to introduce censorship on such false and provocative stuffing.
  9. zuuukoo Online zuuukoo
    zuuukoo (Sergei) 11 September 2022 12: 33
    Quote: yakisam
    Battalions of children / grandchildren of the country's leadership?

    In fairness, periodically there was news about the death of children / relatives of fairly high ranks.
    I remember exactly the news about the death of the nephew of the Deputy Minister of Defense, the son of someone from the leadership of the Nenets District. It seemed to flash something about the leaders from St. Petersburg.
    Yes, and at the beginning of the SVO, news came about the death of the generals - and they still relate to the country's leadership, whatever one may say. High command staff.
  10. Alexander Popov_2 (Alexander Popov) 11 September 2022 12: 44
    There is not a single argument from a military point of view. Some are emotional. Initially, the position of our troops in Izyum was not favorable. There, it was desirable to level the front either by an offensive (that is, an offensive against Kharkov, which is now not a priority, but a priority - Donbass), or an exit from Izyum. Well, ours didn’t go out, since the enemy doesn’t drive, why go out? And as he drove, they left. Made a disaster here, alarmists. In strategy and tactics, as in chess, it is not always correct to defend the position of a piece on the board. If the opponent does not touch the figure, then let him stand for himself, and if he is attacked, then he can withdraw.
  11. radvas Offline radvas
    radvas (Igor) 11 September 2022 15: 14
    Worrying. It is necessary to declare mobilization. This is a full-fledged war, the spillikins are over. Otherwise, Khan will come slowly and imperceptibly.
  12. Benjamin Offline Benjamin
    Benjamin (Benjamin) 11 September 2022 17: 35
    It's like the wet hopes of youths
  13. zenion Online zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 11 September 2022 18: 25
    This is not a matter of principle, it is a matter of the ability to fight. Make a plan, prepare a weapon, deceive the enemy. Great they closed up Russia. They waited in Kherson, and they went to Kharkov. So we gave them, we gave them great, and they made us for our own madness. If you don't know how to drive horses, don't get into the sleigh!
  14. Indifferent Offline Indifferent
    Indifferent 11 September 2022 20: 12
    I don't understand this war! Or betrayal at all levels, or the complete incompetence of the generals! What was the blitzkrieg at the beginning of the operation? Everyone is silent in a rag! Now "frog jumps" a kilometer a month! And then "luring the enemy" ended with the fact that they lost what they had conquered in half a year. Well, I do not understand this and that's it! One Putin with a caustic grin says that we have not started yet ... Well, when will we start? When will the enemy be in Rostov and Belgorod? I would really volunteer. But they won't take it because of age! Too big.
  15. avat741 Offline avat741
    avat741 (Sergei Kokhan) 11 September 2022 20: 51
    It seems to me that everything is folded. The alternative is a full-fledged war with mobilization and setting the economy on a war footing.
  16. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 12 September 2022 16: 33
    When will the Kremlin name who is the ENEMY of Russia? There is a NWO (more precisely, a war), but there is no enemy, the Kremlin has not named who the enemy is. What is the Kremlin afraid of? Take Kyiv.