Regrouping: Russian Defense Ministry explained the withdrawal of troops from Balakliya and Izyum

On the evening of September 10, the Russian Ministry of Defense issued a statement regarding the operational situation in the Kharkiv region in particular and the further conduct of the military defense on the territory of Ukraine as a whole. It says that Russian troops have regrouped to build up their efforts in another direction.

The agency explained that over the past three days, measures were taken to organize the transfer of units of the RF Armed Forces from the right bank of the Oskol River to the territory of the DPR. As a result, the RF Armed Forces left Balakleya, Izyum and a number of other settlements in the indicated area after carrying out a series of distracting maneuvers and demonstration events with the designation of their real actions.

The communiqué clarified that in order to prevent damage to the Russian army, Ukrainian troops were subjected to a powerful fire attack during the regrouping process using all types of conventional weapons. During the three days mentioned, more than 2 Ukrainian servicemen, nationalists and foreign mercenaries, as well as more than 100 units of various vehicles and armored vehicles, artillery and other enemy weapons, were destroyed.

The above was done in order to achieve the goals of the NWO in Ukraine previously declared by the Russian leadership, namely, the liberation of Donbass, i.e. LNR and DNR. Now the efforts of the RF Armed Forces will be focused on the Donetsk direction. This clarification should remove all questions that have arisen during this time.

According to incoming unofficial data, at present, the line of contact between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the Kharkiv region runs along the Oskol River, from its confluence with the Seversky Donets River to the southern suburbs of the village of Dvurechnaya, Veliky Burlyk and the left bank of the Pechenezh reservoir near Stary Saltov. In addition, battles are now underway for Yampol, Zarechnoye, Liman (Krasny Liman), Drobishevo, Yarovaya and Svyatogorsk in the north of the DPR, where the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to attack.
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  1. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 10 September 2022 20: 58
    and the accumulated and abandoned warehouses with fuel and lubricants and ammunition should be understood as a gesture of goodwill for the Ukrainians, but it was possible to dedicate at least the CAA of the Kharkov region in advance about this planned group, I'm not talking about the civilian population who supported Russia, they will simply be cut out , the authorities and Putin himself considers his people to be idiots once they allow themselves to carry such nonsense
  2. Khaimar Offline Khaimar
    Khaimar (Haimarsky) 10 September 2022 21: 23
    Yeah ... That is a "goodwill gesture", now it's a "regrouping" ...
    Konashenkov, I'm your fan!)
  3. Paul3390 Offline Paul3390
    Paul3390 (Paul) 10 September 2022 21: 31
    It certainly didn't disappear. This is just an episode of the war, albeit an extremely unpleasant one. But! For some reason, no one wants to assess the moral and political aspect of what happened ...

    To begin with, the entire West was convinced that with its military support, even the ukrovermacht is capable of very sensitively screwing up the RF Armed Forces. And this, you know, is fraught. For it will certainly give rise to various bad fantasies among the rest of our enemies. An example is the failure of the first period of the war with Finland in the winter of 1940 .. Yes - in the end we won, but - if there had not been an epic failure at the beginning, perhaps Aloizevich would have received a slightly different idea of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbthe capabilities of the Red Army, and was more wary to "Barbarossa" .. So it is here - the same Poland and others like her, for sure, will now have various dangerous things at the expense of ours and, most importantly, their capabilities ..

    Then - Western military assistance will be multiplied without options, even if in a week we will be able to win back everything by pulling up reserves. It doesn't really look like anything at all. For the success of the levelermacht is and it is undoubted - it means that the West is on the right track and we must continue. With all the consequences for us..

    Well, cherry - all possible allies are very closely watching our actions. For their position will depend on their success or not. Weak allies - no one needs. And now - we have given them a very strong reason for doubts .. What you will agree is also not ice ..

    Well, and about the fact that it is extremely difficult, such as to denazify and demilitarize a country capable of inflicting a serious military defeat on us, I’m generally silent .. As well as about the mood of the people in those territories that are now under us. Obviously, what happened here is not a fig contributes to his loyalty. Because the option of unexpectedly being under Svidomo again will undoubtedly plunge the local people into thoughts that are rather unpleasant for us ..
    1. Vox_Populi Offline Vox_Populi
      Vox_Populi (vox populi) 11 September 2022 10: 11
      You write everything correctly, but if you look at the situation realistically (for example, available videos), then it should be recognized that some part of the local population happily greeted the Armed Forces of Ukraine ...
      1. Paul3390 Offline Paul3390
        Paul3390 (Paul) 11 September 2022 10: 30
        And you put yourself in their place - here you were under the Russians, and suddenly - the ukrovermacht returned. With the obvious intention to totally purge everyone who has shown at least some loyalty to Russia. And how they know how to do it - has long been known .. And? Your actions? Would they come out with a poster "Ukrainians get out of the house" and "Long live Putin" ?? How long would you live? Alas - everyone is forced to survive as best they can ..
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. usm5 Offline usm5
    usm5 (George) 10 September 2022 22: 20
    If, as a result, the ukrams are not satisfied with another boiler, then the leadership of Russia has no excuses whatsoever - they have simply pissed themselves off. It's time to stop flirting like "we haven't started yet" and start. And it is necessary to start with mobilization in order to create a warring group of 1,5-2 million.
    1. Danila Ivanov Offline Danila Ivanov
      Danila Ivanov (Danila Ivanov) 11 September 2022 07: 33
      But what about the promises to prevent mobilization? Or are our 700k soldiers not enough now?
      1. Avarron Offline Avarron
        Avarron (Sergei) 11 September 2022 08: 27
        700 thousand is for the whole of huge Russia, so and so. Do you propose to bare the rest of the territory?
        1. Alexfly Offline Alexfly
          Alexfly (Alexander) 14 September 2022 15: 22
          That's the difference with the USA, where I can call up reservists in one day. And you don’t need to arm them, and they know how to handle weapons by 5 ... In our country, even shitty partisanship has sunk into oblivion from the fear of the ELITE ...
      2. Offline 11 September 2022 14: 23
        one promise more or less to our leader does not cost anything to neglect..........
    2. Sasha Veter Offline Sasha Veter
      Sasha Veter (Alexander the First) 11 September 2022 20: 28
      Quote from usm5
      And it is necessary to start with mobilization in order to create a warring group of 1,5-2 million.

      I would ask if you are ready to go to war, personally? Yes, I already foresee the answer that they are really ready.
      But I'm not ready, for ideological reasons. More precisely, inconsistencies. I look at all this, at these numerous statements, informational noise, and the feeling that things are not at all the way they tell us does not leave. "Deed" in its most global and fundamental sense.

      Of course, it is possible to start mobilization from remote villages, to drive ordinary boys to slaughter, from dysfunctional families, far from politics and some kind of semantic analysis.
      Plus, when they begin to return in coffins, society in megacities will not shake so much, because who are these provincials there at all interested in ?! Nobody will know. So you want?

      I have an opinion that everything that happens happens for someone's financial interests. And who the hell is going to convince me.
      And therefore, go as far as you can, with your mobilization.

      Let them give worthy grandmas, form a contract army. There are no attendants - let them tear apart "Abramovich" or someone else. Conditionally. No legal option? Well, sorry. We will continue to regroup to the border.
  6. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) 10 September 2022 23: 07
    Some in the Far East watched a tank ballet - others were preparing ....
  7. Oleg Dudko Offline Oleg Dudko
    Oleg Dudko (Oleg Dudko) 10 September 2022 23: 26
    Brilliant. I propose to start collecting signatures for conferring the military rank of Marshal to Lieutenant General Konashenkov.
    1. Offline 11 September 2022 14: 26
      this is our fawning, you shouldn’t disturb the boss with your suggestions ...
  8. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 10 September 2022 23: 42
    Front line alignment. It is a pity that Stalin's line of defense remained in Ukraine. They could be pressed there. Although they left weapons for them, like the British did for the Germans, they might be offended, or maybe there was nothing to leave there?
  9. Dust Offline Dust
    Dust (Sergei) 10 September 2022 23: 44
    Russian troops regrouped to build up their efforts in another direction.

    Kanashenkov, why lie so brazenly ... or does it depend on the rank? Goebbels grabbed his head and shouted - "What, is it really possible"
    1. Stigh Offline Stigh
      Stigh (Yuri) 11 September 2022 00: 14
      The electorate is elderly people watching TV. For them, Konashenkov broadcasts. They do not use the Internet and believe everything. And about the rest, the method is proven: just wait for time, they will go crazy, passions will subside, they will start discussing something else
  10. Moscow Offline Moscow
    Moscow 11 September 2022 01: 55
    Everyone understands that Konashenkov does not "give birth" to the interpretation of bad news, he is usually agreed upon from above. But something had to be said urgently. And up there, today is Saturday - the Day of the City of Moscow, elections, the Day of Military Glory of Russia (!) ... We are waiting for Monday, when everyone will go to work. And they will tell us (the whole) truth.
    1. Vyacheslav 64 Offline Vyacheslav 64
      Vyacheslav 64 (Vyacheslav) 11 September 2022 03: 20
      Do not wait ...
  11. bratchanin3 Offline bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 (Gennady) 11 September 2022 08: 30
    As far as I understand, in order to regroup, you need to go on the defensive in the occupied territories, and not give them away. Maybe the author had in mind the withdrawal from the occupied positions in order to form the "Fire Sack", according to Academician Sivkov?
  12. Alexander Popov Offline Alexander Popov
    Alexander Popov (Alexander Popov) 11 September 2022 08: 33
    Regrouping: Russian Defense Ministry explained the withdrawal of troops from Balakliya and Izyum

    The situation that was near Kyiv is repeated.
    1. Offline 11 September 2022 14: 28
      minsk 14 years old
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. Evdokimov Sergey Yurievich 11 September 2022 13: 00
    Why is our propaganda better than Western? Ears curl up. With so many troops, we can only fight Estonia. Our army is five times smaller than the army of the DPRK!!!