Hope dawned for Nord Stream 2: bankruptcy of gas pipeline operator postponed

Germany does not want to make things worse for itself, so it will not completely abandon Russian gas, at least in the short term. These words of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz were said before it became known that Nord Stream would not be launched in the near future. But there are no other ways to obtain raw materials from the Russian Federation, except for the first or second, new, not yet launched branch of the gas pipeline. In this aspect, there is hope for Nord Stream 2, since the winter cold and the difficult situation with direct gas supplies can make the EU (and German) leadership more accommodating and less paying attention to political moments and saving face.

This conclusion is supported by one circumstance. The official website of the Swiss Trade Bulletin reports that the bankruptcy of the Nord Stream 2 operator, at his request, has been suspended for four months, until the first ten days of January 2023.

A court in Zug, Switzerland, at the request of Nord Stream 2 AG, extended the moratorium on loan repayments. The previous deadline, which was September 10, has been moved to January 10 next year.

In this case, the classic expectation of a “miracle” occurs, and, based on the critical situation in the gas industry, it can happen, since rational grounds have appeared. The first suspension of the bankruptcy proceedings of Nord Stream 2 AG in May was purely technical nature and with the first line of the gas pipeline running, it did not even have a ghostly chance of launching the second line. The September postponement is already clearly aimed at expecting a positive result from the authorities, if not all of Europe, then at least Germany.

In fact, from the point of view of “morality” and sanctions, there is no special significance from which pipeline to receive gas. It is equivalent to pumping raw materials from the technically faulty Nord Stream or its second line, which will replace the first one that has been retired for a long time or forever. Essentially, nothing changes. It is the circumstance of simply replacing one pipe with another that allows us to hope for a positive decision to launch NS-2 at the height of the crisis in winter.
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  1. andrey ivanov_2 Offline andrey ivanov_2
    andrey ivanov_2 (Andrey Ivanov) 8 September 2022 07: 46
    I'm fooling with Russian experts, politicians and people in power and other civil servants. At the forefront of the action of each of them (starting with the most important and ending with the cleaner in the village council) is not action, but hope (not counting the thirst for a monetary offering among 90 percent). on something or someone. The only difference is the level of hope. The most important hopes for the prudence of the so-called. partners and among crooks makes honest eyes, despite the fact that in dealing with enemies in 99% of cases, the truth is a sign of weakness (whatever lovers of mentioning sofas start yelling there). And the cleaner hopes she won't get fired. But they (the most important and the cleaner) are united by only one thing (not even nationality), the unwillingness to act, and not to dream, and hopes
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 8 September 2022 09: 54
    Complete nonsense.
    Even before Z, Europe tried to "substitute imports in a multi-vector way."
    And now it’s even more so, it just takes time to run the logistics.

    For some reason, specialized specialists give a completely different picture of the industry in commercials and programs.
    No "everyone will freeze, dry up, starve, launch SP2, go bankrupt", etc.
    Just golden boys warm their hands...
  3. Vox_Populi Offline Vox_Populi
    Vox_Populi (vox populi) 8 September 2022 20: 17
    It is the circumstance of simply replacing one pipe with another that allows us to hope for a positive decision to launch NS-2 at the height of the crisis in winter.

    Maybe, maybe not. For now:

    BERLIN, September 8 - RIA Novosti. There is no gas from the Russian Federation for a week, storage facilities are filling up, prices are high, but not explosive, said Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck, head of the German Ministry of Economy, speaking at the German Bundestag on Thursday.
    "There has been no gas from Russia for a week, storage facilities continue to fill up, after a short rise in the stock exchange, prices are still high and very high, but not explosive. We have been independent of Russian gas for a week thanks to the consistent and prudent ability to act on the part of this government" , the minister said.
    "Until we manage to lower prices, which will take a little more time, we will provide companies with any support. We will establish a massive support program so that small enterprises first of all get into it ... We will make it industry-wide, adhering, of course, to the criteria... We will protect German businesses and the middle class," the minister said.
  4. Gromoboy716 Offline Gromoboy716
    Gromoboy716 (Pyotr Gromov) 9 September 2022 04: 01
    Hopes of young men nourish ..
  5. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 9 September 2022 09: 18
    There will be a gap if the Russian Federation accepts the price cap imposed by the EU, and if it refuses, then our friendly state formations will buy up all energy resources at dumping prices and resell the EU with a small margin.