After Kherson and Balakleya, AFU may strike at Transnistria

The large-scale counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, promised long ago for August, has been going on for the second week. It happens in two directions at once - in the Kherson and Kharkov regions. Despite huge losses in personnel and technology, the Ukrainian military were able to achieve some success. What will happen if a third one is added to these two directions?

The counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Kherson, the prospects of which the Russian jingoists made fun of so much, is taking place as it is happening, with gigantic losses in the style of propaganda clichés “throwing corpses”, for purely objective reasons. Well, Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny has neither a sufficient number of attack and bomber aircraft, nor a hundred or two extra HIMARS MLRS. But there is an order from the country's leadership to launch a counteroffensive on the Southern Front, as well as fully trained and highly motivated cannon fodder.

The attack went simultaneously in several directions, reinforcements are brought into battle in waves. It has already been estimated that as many as five have been prepared. Despite extremely high losses in personnel and armored vehicles, the Armed Forces of Ukraine in certain sectors of the front were able to move forward, forcing the allied forces to leave several small settlements in the north of the Kherson region, moving south to the steppe. There is no doubt that Kyiv is now furiously rejoicing, squeezing the maximum "media victory" out of these rather modest tactical achievements. Ukrainian soldiers are photographed in the villages they occupy, propaganda beats the drums of war.

Perhaps, much more serious results of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can boast in the Kharkov direction. Having accumulated a shock fist in the form of two mechanized brigades with fifty tanks, the enemy made a swift rush towards Balakleya, recapturing a couple of small settlements in its suburbs. In fact, Balakleya is currently in an operational environment. In the event of further development of success, the Ukrainian General Staff will be able to create a threat to the Russian grouping in Izyum, seriously changing the balance of power in the Kharkiv region.

If you call a spade a spade, six months after the start of the special operation, the RF Armed Forces, together with the allied NM LDNR, were forced to switch from offensive to defensive defense in two strategically important directions at once. The Ukrainian army has demonstrated that it is capable of not only defending itself in fortified areas prepared in advance, but also successfully counterattacking. This should now be remembered by all domestic geopoliticians, who, perhaps, still dream of limiting themselves to the liberation of the Donbass and the Sea of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbAzov, signing some kind of intermediate peace agreement with Kyiv. You can see how this will eventually end, you can see right now: the Armed Forces of Ukraine will accumulate powerful shock fists and strike in several directions at once along the gigantic length of the front line from Kharkov to Nikolaev, breaking through it. The enemy has proven that he is dangerous and capable of learning, underestimating him later will cost even more blood than now.

But let's get back to the Kherson and Kharkiv regions. Thinking is a thankless task, but I would like to hope that the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces has a plan for this case too: grind the attackers, let the offensive fizzle out and then go on the counteroffensive, bringing reserves into battle. They say that the 3rd Army Corps, equipped with the most modern armored vehicles and the heaviest artillery available, is already in the East of Ukraine. I would like to see how he drives the APU away and quickly moves on his shoulders further to the Dnieper.

Let's ask ourselves the question, what will the enemy do if, after the RF Armed Forces reserves are brought into battle, all the achievements of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, paid for with such blood, are reset to zero? Does it just roll back?

Hardly. Recall our own recent forecasts that as the situation worsens on the Eastern and Southern fronts, the Kyiv regime will look for an easy victory somewhere else, and Transnistria seems to be such a direction. The reason to talk about this again was given by the former commander of the US Army, Ben Hodges, who publicly published an appeal as follows:

Perhaps the time has come for Ukraine and Moldova to resolve the Transnistrian issue. The Kremlin really cannot stop this at this stage. Do the inhabitants of Transnistria really want to be chained to a corpse, which is the Russian Federation today? Do they have hope for a brighter future?

Indeed, a preventive strike by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Transnistria, located in the rear of the Odessa group, seems more and more likely. Sandwiched between Moldova and Ukraine, this pro-Russian enclave is nearly impossible to defend. A narrow strip of land along the Dniester is easily shot through by conventional artillery. In the absence of effective air defense systems among the Russian military and peacekeepers, as well as the PMR Armed Forces, they can be easily suppressed from the air by the remnants of Ukrainian aviation. Powerful blows of the mechanized units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will easily cut Pridnestrovie into several parts. Kyiv will be able to sneerly show the captured Russians to the whole world and its own internal audience, and subsequently exchange them for some Nazis from the Mariupol garrison. Military warehouses with Soviet weapons and shells will be a valuable trophy for the Ukrainian army, which is noticeably suffering from shell hunger.

There is nothing unrealistic in such a special operation. It will be quite enough for some anti-Ukrainian "provocation" on the part of the PMR and the consent of official Chisinau to Kyiv's request to protect its rear by military means, followed by the withdrawal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the transfer of Pridnestrovie to Moldova.

It must be said that Kyiv has all the possibilities for the implementation of this adventure. For the battle for Kherson, the so-called reserve army, created according to NATO standards and equipped with Western weapons, was transferred from Western Ukraine to the Southern Front. She has not yet participated in the offensive, acting as an "ambush regiment", which should play at a decisive moment. So why not assume that instead of dying aimlessly in the steppes of the Kherson region, this shock fist will be used against Transnistria?

What to stop them? No amphibious landing near Odessa today is already possible, they will be met on the way by "Neptunes" and "Harpoons". Aviation reinforcements cannot be transferred to the PMR, since the airspace over Moldova will be closed with a 100% probability. It is unrealistic to throw assault troops overland to Odessa, because there is simply no one, all our forces are now stuck in a dead defense. And even if we had 30-40 thousand free personnel, then going on the offensive, having the Nikolaev group behind us, would be a real adventure.
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  1. timeslot Offline timeslot
    timeslot (time slot) 7 September 2022 16: 42
    Repeat negative
  2. VladZ Offline VladZ
    VladZ (Vladimir) 7 September 2022 16: 56
    Yes, not so much about Transnistria now we need to think, but in general about further prospects in this war, which the author mentioned a little in the middle of the text. But he left unanswered the most important and important question "What to do next?"
    1. Corsair Offline Corsair
      Corsair (DNR) 7 September 2022 17: 57
      Quote from VladZ
      Yes, not so much about Transnistria now we need to think, but in general about further prospects in this war

      Yes, it seems that the "tops" of the Russian Federation are in some prostration, against the background of the "successes" of the NWO.
      Who will blame the failures? On a simple infantry Vanka, or will the enemy’s capabilities be praised to the skies?

      "SVBO" - Special Paramilitary Business Operation ...

      So defile the holy plan ... Fucking menagers am negative ...
    2. syndicalist Offline syndicalist
      syndicalist (Dimon) 8 September 2022 07: 03
      Yes, the author develops his fantasies in case the Ukrainian offensive near Kherson and Kharkov fails. But this failure is by no means obvious. Wouldn't it be more useful to think about what to do in the event that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will develop their success?
  3. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 7 September 2022 17: 02
    And there was no need to leave Kyiv when Zelensky was sitting in the Lvov basement and was afraid to stick his head out. But now he walks like a gogol around Kyiv with foreign tourists under his arm. If you don't beat you, they will beat you. This is the law of war.
    And the Armed Forces of Ukraine can easily attack Transnistria. If they are hitting both guns and missiles at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, without embarrassing anyone, then what is Pridnestrovie for them?
    Perhaps the whole point is that Russia does not dare to close the delivery of NATO weapons to Ukraine. But why it is not solved, is unknown.
    1. VladZ Offline VladZ
      VladZ (Vladimir) 7 September 2022 17: 20
      It was necessary to think even earlier before Kyiv and before February 24th. Why is it not resolved? Do you want World War 3? And I do not want to. That's why it's unresolved...
    2. Corsair Offline Corsair
      Corsair (DNR) 7 September 2022 18: 01
      Quote: Bulanov
      But it was not necessary to leave Kyiv

      And there was no need to go near Kyiv at all, dispersing forces.
      Looks like someone was close friends with Paul
      Grachev, and gained from that experience in conducting such operations ...
      1. Nelton Offline Nelton
        Nelton (Oleg) 8 September 2022 15: 47
        Someone strongly believed their agents, who conveyed what the customer wanted to hear.
        What they say "APU will scatter and surrender, as soon as they see the tricolor, the population will meet with flowers and bread and salt."
        And they met with stubborn resistance, ambushes and shelling of all supply routes stretching for 300 km.
        "Stay near Kyiv" without the supply of ammunition?.
  4. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 7 September 2022 17: 26
    After Kherson and Balakleya, AFU may strike at Transnistria

    - Yes, who needs it now - this is Transnistria (besides - most likely all military arsenals-warehouses there have long been prepared for destruction (in order to blow them up - it’s not for the APU to give them away)!
    - Our Armed Forces of the Russian Federation today should localize military operations and move on to positional battles in the Donbass - the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not be able to attack there! - Will they continue to shell Donetsk and other civilian objects? But they can't get there! - Part of our troops - to transfer (from there) to the Kharkov direction; and part (most) - to the Kharkov direction!
    - And urgently - again strike-offensive from Belarus on Kyiv - at least - let this offensive be more imitation-distracting! - But it works well! - Probably, our headquarters will already be able to put up some significant reserves for military operations! - The inertia and unprofessional actions of our General Staff are simply amazing!
    - Meanwhile - it can still be reduced to quite successful actions of our Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and change everything in a cardinal way - only strong-willed competent actions are needed; unless our state leadership is going to reduce everything to peace negotiations !!! - And now it will be - a real disaster !!!
    1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
      gorenina91 (Irina) 7 September 2022 18: 25
      - Part of our troops - to transfer (from there) to the Kharkov direction; and part (most) - to the Kharkov direction!

      - Well, of course - it should be understood like this (a purely technical error):
      - Part of our troops - to transfer (from there) to the Kharkov direction; and part (most) - to the Kherson direction!
      - My apologies !
    2. Panzer1962 Offline Panzer1962
      Panzer1962 (Panzer1962) 8 September 2022 15: 52
      And it seems to me that even the unsuccessful "offensives" of the Wehrmacht's coming out caused a panic in the Kremlin. And soon we will hear that "Russia is open for negotiations" and we will see "gestures of good will" akin to retreat from Kyiv and Chernigov.
  5. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 7 September 2022 17: 38
    Yes, there were already 8 “mozhilok” strikes on Transnistria.
    Every 1-2 weeks....

    The parable about the shepherdess and the wolves has long been modestly thrown into the well ....
    1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
      k7k8 (vic) 8 September 2022 13: 11
      Quote: Sergey Latyshev
      The parable about the shepherdess and the wolves has long been modestly thrown into the well

      Quite the opposite. Kyiv played well on this.
  6. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 7 September 2022 17: 57
    it’s very good that it decided to advance on Kherson and Balakleya, those parts that could attack Pridnestrovie have already been ground, there is an army in Pridnestrovie too and the Nazis will not be able to enter the same without loss ... although we needed to start off
  7. Vox_Populi Offline Vox_Populi
    Vox_Populi (vox populi) 7 September 2022 19: 28
    The counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Kherson, over the prospects of which Russian jingoistic patriots made fun of so much, is happening as it happens, with huge losses in the style of propaganda cliches "throwing corpses", for purely objective reasons.

    Everything is so, except for a trifle: how do we know for sure about the "giant" losses of the enemy and their ratio among the opposing sides ?!
  8. Victor 17 Offline Victor 17
    Victor 17 7 September 2022 19: 47
    The West approves of any actions of Ukraine, as long as it harms Russia, and a blow to the Dniester region suggests itself
  9. Lev Rudey Offline Lev Rudey
    Lev Rudey (Lev Rudey) 7 September 2022 20: 11
    And you don't think so. that all the generals from the Arbat military district were simply stupidly bought, like the Iraqi ones in 2003? Then the whole idea of ​​​​this very CBO and its execution becomes completely clear. There was a card blanche for 3-4 months. And now eat - both NATO weapons and general mobilization in Ukraine (and they will skip to wet the damned Muscovites), a huge burden on the economy, the collapse of a number of industries due to lack of imports, and other pleasant little things - such as controlling world prices for energy resources from Russia etc. etc.
  10. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 7 September 2022 23: 22
    To win in Ukraine, the Kremlin will have to: Mobilize the entire economy of the Russian Federation; Transfer of industry to war footing; Start purchasing weapons in friendly countries; Introduction of martial law in the regions adjacent to Ukraine; Mobilization conscription into the army of one million conscripts; Increase in the term of service in the army - 1,5 - 2 years. There is a proxy war between the Russian Federation and the NATO military-political bloc. The military budget of NATO is 25 times larger than the military budget of the Russian Federation. The defeat of the Russian Federation in Ukraine in any form, including the "treaty-gesture of good will" will lead to sad unpredictable events in the Russian Federation, up to the disappearance of the state itself. NATO has a good example, there was the USSR and there is none.
    1. syndicalist Offline syndicalist
      syndicalist (Dimon) 8 September 2022 07: 07
      Do we have friendly countries?
  11. lemeshkin Offline lemeshkin
    lemeshkin (lemeshkin) 8 September 2022 13: 04
    Do we have friendly countries?

    Sounds like you're talking about North Korea etc.
  12. k7k8 Offline k7k8
    k7k8 (vic) 8 September 2022 13: 13
    Russian troops repelled an attempt by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to encircle Balakleya
  13. Panzer1962 Offline Panzer1962
    Panzer1962 (Panzer1962) 8 September 2022 15: 56
    In general, one thing is clear: a small victorious war did not work out. The Kremlin has fallen into the same story as the Winter Palace in 1904.
    The only good thing is that, unlike the army of Nikolashka, we don’t rake people on the land front.
    The fleet of its lyuli raked.
  14. Ladislav Sedlak Offline Ladislav Sedlak
    Ladislav Sedlak (Ladislav Sedlak) 8 September 2022 20: 42
    YES a Jew is a failure of the commander is not an ordinary soldier. If there is no new defense and counterattack, General Shoyga must leave, take defeat at his own expense. This direction was so predictable that the Russian General Staff could not cope with it. am
  15. Kon1916 Offline Kon1916
    Kon1916 (Harry) 8 September 2022 23: 21
    When did you start what were you thinking?