New gas strategy of the Russian Federation: LNG is produced at the starting point of Nord Stream

The Portovaya compressor station has recently attracted a lot of attention in connection with the epic around the Nord Stream and the repair of its turbines. Now this infrastructure area near the station, located near the initial point of entry into the pipeline along the bottom of the Baltic Sea, has received even more attention.

From now on, journalists and experts are no longer concerned about the flickering torch of wasted gas that is not supplied to Europe, but is more interested in the production of liquefied natural fuel organized by Gazprom near the Portovaya CS.

Now the Russian Federation has a new gas strategy: the export pipeline is stopped, LNG is produced, and the excess gas is burned instead of being supplied to the EU

- writes the resource OilPrice.

The start of production of LNG, which is in demand in the world, was officially confirmed by Vitaly Markelov, Deputy General Director of Gazprom. According to him, 30 tons of this type of fuel have already been produced, and there is also a gas carrier to deliver it to customers anywhere in the world. Demand for the goods is guaranteed, Gazprom believes. The first batch is ready to ship.

A tanker will soon be delivered to deliver LNG to our customers. Given the state of world markets, our products will definitely be in demand

- said the top manager of the holding.

According to OilPrice, the LNG produced at the plant will first go to Kaliningrad. Then it will be reloaded onto a gas carrier and sent to the customer. The Russian government is betting on a new type of fuel that is different from the pipeline. Firstly, its routes can be easily changed depending not only on economic, but also from political market conditions, and, secondly, it can be supplied even to unfriendly states, since the country's leadership has allowed this type of fuel to be sold for dollars, not rubles.
  • Used photographs: JSC "Gazprom"
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  1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 7 September 2022 12: 40
    New gas strategy of the Russian Federation: LNG is produced at the starting point of Nord Stream

    - Once (1,5-2 years ago) - I personally wrote a lot about Nord Stream and LNG and Gazprom's stupidity, etc. - I can post my comments on this topic - there are a great many of them!
    - Well, today I can once again present my "Manilov plans" - very briefly (unfortunately - no longer feasible - although they could come true!):
    - For Russia, it is not very profitable that in the place where Russian gas is produced, on this permafrost, there are also LNG plants to be built! - It only at first glance seems cost-effective! - Actually - how to "deliver" this LNG later ??? - Along the Northern Way with icebreakers - in front of the icebreaker, and behind a special container ship that can sail between the ice floes broken by the icebreaker ??? - So such a container ship must then reload LNG containers in another port to another container ship, which will already go to the place of delivery of the cargo (to different places-countries)! - Big trouble and expensive to carry along the Northern Way !!! - I already wrote that there are no railway roads from that place, from those northern LNG plants! - And it was necessary - either to build railways to carry containers with LNG along it to our loading ports - or to build LNG plants near the ports and lay gas pipelines to them from the north !!!
    - Here, for example - to Kaliningrad it was necessary to start a branch from SP-1 (and then a second one - from SP-2) and build a giant gas hub and LNG plants there! - And already from Kaliningrad to carry LNG to Europe !!! - Russia could itself shut off the gas in SP-1 (SP-2) - at its discretion - and sell LNG - come and buy! - And Kaliningrad would be now
    "on a horse" and "sneeze" he could have at all enemies (and he would provide himself, in extreme cases, in abundance)! - These are my fantasies - and could become right now - quite real!
    1. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
      rotkiv04 (Victor) 8 September 2022 21: 42
      Irina, in 10-15 years they will do just that, it will turn out like with flows, at first they drowned 10 billion instead of building LNG plants right away, and now these efficient managers are looking for how to master tens of billions again.