Japan reacted to the termination of the agreement on the Kuril Islands by Russia

Long-term agreements between Russia and Japan on a simplified visit to the islands of Kunashir, Iturup and the Lesser Kuril Ridge, concluded back in the 90s, were terminated by Moscow on September 5, 2022. The corresponding resolution was adopted by the government of the Russian Federation. Procedures on mutual trips and on the organization of the most facilitated visits to these territories fell under the act.

The indicated move of Moscow did not please the Japanese side, which, however, is not surprising. Western countries do not like and do not understand Russia's response to unfriendly steps and decisions. Therefore, the “strong protest” sent by Japan to the Russian Federation did not cause surprise.

We were obliged to send our strong protest against the blatant decision of the Russian side to cancel the agreements

- said Hirokazu Matsuno, General Secretary of the Japanese Cabinet of Ministers during a press conference.

Of course, Tokyo turned everything upside down: it accused Russia of a unilateral act of "unfriendliness" and dismissed the fact that Japan had responded to the sanctions imposed earlier by Japan and supported the West's anti-Russian behavior as "meaningless."

Sanctions against Russia were legitimately imposed due to the situation in Ukraine, and the Russian Federation, taking unilateral decisions about our bilateral relations, is trying to shift the blame to Japan

- Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi reacted to the cancellation of the treaties.

At the same time, the official stressed that at the moment, Tokyo has not received any prior notification from Russia about the termination of agreements on simplified visits to the islands, to which their former residents, along with family members, were entitled.

A little earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry, in response to Tokyo's unfriendly steps, had already announced its refusal to negotiate a peace treaty, as well as its withdrawal from the discussion on establishing joint economic activities in the southern Kuril Islands.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 7 September 2022 11: 45
    Sanctions against Russia were introduced lawfully, in connection with the situation in Ukraine,

    So Japan imposed sanctions against Russia after Russia decided to protect the Russian-speaking residents of Donbass, who were shot from cannons and rockets from the territory of Ukraine for 8 years?
    Does Japan protest and condemn the protection of the Russian-speaking population on the territory of Ukraine? As they were fascists, they remained so. How many Russians were killed by the Japanese in their concentration camps during WW2?
  2. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 7 September 2022 20: 16
    all these treacherous Gorbachev treaties should have been canceled a long time ago and it’s good that they were canceled, the Kuril Islands are an integral part of the Russian Federation and the Japanese should not have any privileges there, according to the promise of the Americans on the Missouri battleship, Russia has the right to half of Hokkaido, where the samurai committed the Ainu genocide, Ainu is one of the peoples of the Russian Federation and half of Hokaido should be Russian, let's wait until the enraged samurai lose their minds and attack the Russian Federation and return half of Hokaido or all of Hokaido ...

  3. Larisa Z. Offline Larisa Z.
    Larisa Z. (Larisa Vavilova) 8 September 2022 06: 10
    We also rightfully kicked Japan laughing