Save America: navigation systems recorded the departure of a tanker from Russia to the USA

The US authorities not only impose sanctions and demand to join them, but also zealously punish those who try to get around them, not allowing exceptions. At the same time, Washington has a very flexible approach to the question of how it can implement anti-Russian initiatives. Something that doesn't really matter to economics States, is prohibited, other critical goods, whether it be, for example, aluminum, suddenly become “essential items” and, as it were, are subject to automatic exclusion from restrictions.

The United States produces oil and gas in huge quantities, so it is safe to stop importing this raw material from the Russian Federation, which was done with great pomp. But other goods and products from the Russian Federation are gradually returning to the North American market. In this sense, against the background of the complete cessation of cargo communications between Russia and America, the flights of merchant ships from our ports to American ones look very indicative. Although it would seem that after the United States became the initiator of the anti-Russian campaign, this phenomenon should not exist in principle. However, practice shows the opposite: strategic goods from time to time get from the Russian Federation to the United States, saving the latter from collapse.

For example, navigation systems that track merchant ship routes recorded that on September 3, the Liberian-flagged petrochemical tanker Johnny Ranger sailed from the St. Petersburg Oil Terminal bound for the US port of Corpus Christi with a fixed arrival date of September 27. At least that's what the data from the Marinetraffic portal says. Now the ship is in the Baltic Sea and is moving under its own power to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Johnny Ranger is believed to be carrying a large cargo of fertilizer, as the tanker has previously been used to deliver 40 tons of saltpeter solution to New Orleans, used to make fertilizer. It is very likely that a similar cargo is being carried on this flight.

Russia is one of the key players in the global fertilizer market. Sanctions that have destroyed logistics globally and in various industries have brought a lot of problems to US farmers, which is why the management went back and lifted some restrictions on the import of agricultural chemicals to help local farmers. Now flights from Russia to the United States, most likely, will resume without too much publicity and become regular.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 6 September 2022 10: 24
    The stump is clear, everyone is doing this, there is nothing to be surprised in an anonymous article.
    Our media recently rejoiced endlessly: the Russian Federation and the oligarchs sold Omerika to NATO a record amount of oil. Etc.
    1. Pivander Offline Pivander
      Pivander (Alex) 6 September 2022 11: 16
      Omerika pays for Russian contractors who are hammering the APU.
  2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 6 September 2022 10: 51
    Although it would seem that after the United States became the initiator of the anti-Russian campaign, this phenomenon should not exist in principle. However, practice shows the opposite: strategic goods from time to time get from the Russian Federation to the United States, saving the latter from collapse.

    - And Russia is glad to try - "what else do you want; what else can you give ???"
    - "Oh, you are now -" not in the spirit ""! - "Well, that's nothing = we'll wait until you're "hungry" and" change your anger to mercy" - and "we're already here - if you please, eat"! give -c" ! - "You only whistle to us - and we will do our best" !!! - Crap !!!
    1. Saffron Offline Saffron
      Saffron (Igor) 6 September 2022 12: 47
      And what do you wish? Eat too? And if Putin doesn't feed you, what will you say?
  3. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 6 September 2022 10: 54
    Our main enemy, organizer and beneficiary of the war of the West against us is the United States. Only the blind can fail to see this.
    At the same time, in the mental space of our government there lives a strong attitude towards the United States as a "partner" and partner. This definition is given to them by our president, and it corresponds to the real state of affairs. This is so wild that, like many actions of the authorities, it deprives the citizens of Russia of the reliance on common sense, which is necessary in the life of every person.
    The only way out for Russia from the disastrous prospect of the United States drawing us into a war with NATO is to exert forceful pressure on the United States by the threat of a nuclear war on their territory, but the actions of the authorities are directly opposite. Why?
    There isn't even room for mystery. Obviously, the existing power is dependent on the States - on who is now preparing to kill us. Physically
  4. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 6 September 2022 11: 41
    Bring a tanker with 40 tons of saltpeter to the berth and start welding, having released the crew ashore in advance ...
    1. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 6 September 2022 12: 12
      The tanker carries an aqueous solution of saltpeter. It won't explode.
      Here in Estonia, 20 tons of (approximately) ammonium nitrate are lying around in two places. Owner - Russia. But the farmers have squeezed it and are thinking how to tear it apart.
      The sad thing is that one of these places is Sillamäe. Despite the name, almost only Russians live there. About half are simply citizens of the Russian Federation.
      Let me remind you that in Beirut there were a miserable 2 tons of old saltpeter that had lain for years.
      Sillamäe town quite small and that worries me a lot.
  5. Shamil Rasmukhambetov (Shamil Rasmukhambetov) 6 September 2022 16: 10
    In general, this amazes me, we are at war here trading. How to be a simple layman from every iron they say that America is our enemy, wants to destroy us and trades right there. Where the hell is common sense, one duplicity.
  6. (Vladimir Schmidt) 7 September 2022 09: 33
    As always, some fight, and earn money.
  7. Konstantin_5 Offline Konstantin_5
    Konstantin_5 (Konstantin) 7 September 2022 12: 27
    To whom is war, and to whom is mother dear! Personally, I would do this: Do you need fertilizer? And no, we don't have enough. Do you need inert gases? So for so many gases, you will give us so many semiconductors. Well, etc.
  8. Alex D Online Alex D
    Alex D (Alex D) 7 September 2022 23: 42
    Specially the prices were preliminarily lowered, I suppose, so that at a discount, so take covertly. They will say later that all Russians lie.