“And I just added a zero”: Arestovich revealed how the losses of the Russian army are “calculated”

Former adviser to the head of the office of the Ukrainian president, Aleksey Arestovich, admitted in an interview how the fake propaganda machine actually works in the service of Kyiv.

In a conversation with a journalist, Arestovich spoke about one of the episodes of the battle and announced an addition in the number of victims from the Russian troops.

There was a reason, they really cut out the Russian battery, but not in such numbers - 6 people died there, 12 people were injured. And I just added a zero

Alexei Arestovich blurted out.

During his “service”, the propagandist repeatedly made provocative statements and gave out false information about what was happening in Ukraine, while hushing up the real state of affairs.

Meanwhile, the Russian defense department does not allow such "mistakes" and provides truthful information about what is happening on the fronts of the special operation. Thus, according to the Ministry of Defense on August 31, an attempt by Ukrainian troops to launch a counteroffensive in the Nikolaev-Krivoy Rog and other directions failed.

At the same time, over the past two days, the Ukrainian side has lost two Su-25 attack aircraft, one Su-24 bomber and one MiG-29 fighter. The Russian Aerospace Forces also shot down three Mi-8 helicopters of the Ukrainian Air Force in the air. During the clashes, many other military equipment, as well as 1700 military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
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  1. Pavel Mokshanov_2 (Pavel Mokshanov) 31 August 2022 18: 32
    This is some kind of perverted political performance: stoned shniks rule the country and even with tolerant geyropy and other Janko-Saxons shake loot and weapons. At the same time, the people are getting big problems, which will only increase if all this does not end soon.
  2. Benjamin Offline Benjamin
    Benjamin (Benjamin) 1 September 2022 09: 04
    You look at Colonel General Konashenkov, you understand, the more he blurts out, the higher the rank. Calculate the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from his words, the army of Ukraine should not be.
  3. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk 2 September 2022 14: 27
    It turned out that the gay community of the world has a very significant weight. I won’t be surprised if Biden is declared an honorary gay posthumously, although during his lifetime he turned out to be a pretty bugger.