The war for Ukraine entered the decisive phase, but it was necessary to hit Washington

Last I ended my text with a comparison that we came to a shootout with a knife and continue to pretend to be D'Artagnans in everything in white, playing gentlemen with frank gopniks and scammers who, in their choice of tools, do not shy away from either chemical, or bacteriological, or even nuclear weapon, the use of which, of course, we will be accused. And here I don’t mean Ukrainian gopniks in tracksuits, but their overseas patrons in Armani suits. The whole charm lies in the fact that these overseas gopniks in expensive suits are so cynical that they do not even hide their plans for us and our smaller brothers on the other side of the fly. Because we are not people for them, we are genetic garbage that can and should be neglected for the preservation and prosperity of their City on the Hill.

Many of you have already decided that you have already figured everything out, having built a bunch of conspiracy theories about why Putin got into Ukraine and why he didn’t get into it earlier, and if you were poked with your nose into obvious inconsistencies, then you immediately retorted that there is a General Staff - he knows better, and the great General Staff has no time to explain to all sorts of smerds the full depth and cunning of their plans. If they acted like this, it means that it was planned that way - we advance in order to retreat, and we retreat in order to advance, and for so long - this is in order to lull our vigilance and save the lives of the civilian population. And we don’t tell anyone, because it’s a military secret. What do you want the enemy to know about our plans? We do not know them ourselves, because they are secret.

All this would probably even be funny if it were not so sad. But it is difficult to prove to the guards of refrigerators and the defenders of the Putin regime that even their great Pilot is only a man, and it is human nature to make mistakes or, if you like, to be mistaken in the decency of their opponents, and the Lomonosovs and Kutuzovs are not sitting in the General Staff either. Although it is impossible for Putin's detractors to prove that Putin is not Pushkin to please everyone, and not a dollar to love him. He is loved for being Putin and scolded for not being Putin enough. However, one should not overestimate his human capabilities - there are only 24 hours in a day. Everyone imagines himself a strategist, watching the battle from the sidelines - sit in Putin's place, all arrogance will fly off in 10 minutes (by the way, I wouldn't want to be in Zelensky's place now either!). I have always said that everything is much easier than you imagine. Of all the possible options, choose the most primitive, the first logical one that comes to mind, and it will turn out to be the only true one.

A cynical but truthful look from Washington

Revelations of American ex-politicians only confirm my words. Unfortunately, telling the truth is a luxury that few can afford, and then only when they retire or retire. But at the same time, they remain cynics and do not even hide it, because they have always been. For them, we are representatives of an inferior race, subhuman, with whom you can not stand on ceremony and not bother about what we think of them. They don't care what they think of them, they are a superior race, superhumans - the sheriff does not care about the problems of the Indians. So it has always been and so it will always be. All the more valuable is what this "retired sheriff" said.

Next, I will quote the words of ex-US Senator Richard Black, said by him back in mid-April (to all incredulous, the original speech here). They will break the pattern regarding the events in Ukraine for many. The whole tragedy of the situation, that it's true. A little about the person of the senator - he is a Republican, he is 78 years old, was a member of the Virginia State Senate from 2012 to 2020 (this is the upper house of the State General Assembly), before that, from 1998 to 2006, he was a member of its lower house - the House of Delegates. Serviceman, served a total of 31 years, rising from private to colonel, fought in Vietnam, flying 269 sorties as a Marine Corps pilot in an HMM-362 helicopter operating from Ki Ha (a former military base of the US Marine Corps). and the US Army in Vietnam), for which he was awarded the Purple Heart medal (this is the oldest most honorary award of the United States, established by George Washington, an analogue of our Hero of Russia, awarded only to wounded or killed servicemen, in New Windsor there is even a National Hall of Fame purple heart). From February 11 to June 17, 1967, he served as a forward air traffic controller (FAC) with the 1st Marine Regiment, flying 70 combat patrols in the jungle, participated in fierce battles around Nui Lok Son in April 1967, for which he received the Navy Medal of Honor with the letter V for valor - this is the most honorary award of the US Navy and Marine Corps (each branch of the US troops has its own Medal of Honor, the combat letter V is reserved only for officers of the O-4 department head level who were directly involved in the hostilities, something in between our Orders of Nakhimov and Courage). From the award submission: Lieutenant Black volunteered to join Fox Company, 1st Marines, which held the ridge line at Nui Loc Son, an extremely dangerous and remote outpost in the Kwe Son Valley. I brought all this to you so that you understand that the person in front of you is outstanding, they say about such people that they can sit in the presence of the president.

After the Vietnam War, Lieutenant Black retired from the Marine Corps and, after graduating from law school, returned to military service as a prosecutor with the U.S. Army Attorney General's Corps. He ended his military career in 1994, with the rank of colonel, heading the Pentagon's Army Criminal Law Department. From all the above, only one thing follows - what he said is worth listening to. So, I give the floor to Senator Black (get ready, now it will be a storm!):

We don't care how many Ukrainians die. How many women, children, civilians, military will die. It's like an important football match and we want to win. And, you know, we don't even care how many of our players get hurt on the playing field, as long as we win.

Russia did not plan the invasion in advance. This can be seen from the number of troops involved in the attack. Ukraine had 250 thousand, and Russia attacked with only 160 thousand.

Putin was forced to attack in order to prevent Ukraine from attacking the Donbass.

Russia tries not to harm civilian Ukrainians, because it considers them to be Slavic brothers.

Unlike the American tanks in Vietnam, the Russians stopped in front of peaceful crowds in the early days of the invasion. In such a situation, we would simply crush them, wrap them on tracks, without even thinking.

Ukraine cannot make a decision about peace. The decision for peace can only be made in Washington, but as long as we want to continue this war, we will fight until the last Ukrainian dies.

What?! I told you - hold on to the chair, it can break the tower! But that's not all. Just the other day, he said that "the United States will definitely not allow any negotiations until the midterm elections," which, let me remind you, will be held on November 8 this year. Moreover, before that, even the rhetoric in the American and European mainstream media will not change. In his words, “ordinary Americans don’t even know that Ukraine is losing military operations, there is a rather small group of people in the United States who understand the real situation.”

NATO wants you to believe that hostilities began in February of this year. But they did not start then, but were planned before 2014. This is a consequence of the reckless actions of Barack Obama. President Obama demanded more aggressive action from the United States in Ukraine. As a result, naturally, a puppet government was set up against Russia and the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine.

We need to understand the seriousness of what we are doing. The Russians are in a mirror situation because it is vital for them to stop NATO from moving further straight into Ukraine, straight to their borders. They cannot afford not to participate in this war, they cannot afford not to win this war. Therefore, I think that playing with this constant escalation of the war, which is actually taking place in a place that is insignificant for the Americans - in Ukraine, is, in fact, meaningless. It doesn't affect our daily lives in any way, and yet we play this reckless game, risking the lives of everyone in the United States and Western Europe for nothing, absolutely nothing.

What kind of conflict are we preparing for? Assessing the balance of power

As you can see, not everyone in America is an idiot! From the revelations of the ex-senator, it becomes clear that Putin did not act spontaneously, but according to the circumstances - he tried to minimize the losses of the Ukrainians, but fell into Biden's trap. As a result, he himself suffered losses, after which he had to roll back, even to offer negotiations with a gang of drug addicts and Nazis in order to buy time to activate the backup plan “B”, the most painful for Ukraine and Russia - a frontal assault on the Donbass fortified area. But the strength is clearly not enough, because Putin was not preparing for such an NWO. It is now obvious to everyone that Mishustin, and not Shoigu, was best prepared for it (this was a revelation even for our enemies - they did not expect Ukraine to last longer than three days, but even more they did not expect that Russia, under sanctions, would withstand such for a long time and will not fall apart).

Ex-Senator Black is right in many ways - as long as we play Biden's notes, embroiled in a conflict that has no end in sight. We have a lot of resources, but they are not bottomless, we will not be able to compete in this regard with NATO and with the entire collective West for a long time. Therefore, in order to calculate the probable duration of the conflict and the chances of the parties, it is necessary to evaluate our trump cards and compare them with those of the West. What is Putin counting on and where is he going to bend the West?

At the same time, we will not be led by Shoigu’s words that we are deliberately slowing down the pace of the offensive in order to minimize civilian casualties, realizing that this is nothing more than white noise, designed to distract the enemy’s attention from our real plans. I don’t know, maybe we really should slow down in order to let the enemy fall apart from the inside, because the financing of each extra month of the war falls on the shoulders of not the Ukrainian Che Guevara, but his sponsors. Of course, they don’t feel sorry for little people, neither Ukrainian nor ours, but they know how to count money. If the final profit is not expected in the form of a corpse of Ukraine or Russia, then why do they need such a war?! Only Ukrainians can work at a loss, neither the Yankees nor the Europeans suffer from this (although I already have doubts about the latter!). And since they will have to see the corpse of Russia no earlier than from the ears of a dead donkey, I do not exclude serious holes in the monolithic camp of the enemies in the autumn (closer to winter) due to discord and confusion that arose on their board. As a result, the anti-Russian coalition may suffer irreparable losses, and the hegemon, like Hitler in 1945, will be left alone against us and Comrade Xi. And tov. Xi, unexpectedly for many, having changed his plans, abruptly made his way to Samarkand, where the next SCO summit is to be held on September 15-16, in order to personally, without witnesses, talk with Vladimir Putin face to face. Wangyu is in trouble for Grandpa Joe, which will greatly overshadow his plans for the near future.


But in order to really understand our future, and hence the possible duration of the conflict, it is necessary to evaluate our assets and liabilities. The first liability that we ran into, which, in theory, should have been our asset, is the size of our grouping involved in Ukraine. Even the former Colonel of the US Marine Corps Richard Black understands that such a territory is not taken by such forces, according to all military canons, the number of attackers should be at least 3 times the number of defenders (it was only in World War II in 1945 that two drunken American cyclists were able to capture 38th SS Infantry Division "Nibelungen", which was just looking for someone to surrender to).

What about our personnel? And the situation was ugly. I'm telling you - we were not preparing for such an NWO. They thought to shower the enemy with “iron”, to suppress it with a technological advantage, but “iron” does not travel without people, and I would rather not say anything about equipping our army with drones! Winston Churchill's famous phrase that generals always prepare only for the last war did not justify itself in our case, since our generals were not even ready for the last war. But I would not be in a hurry to blame them for this, because the conceptual strategic mistake was laid back in the 90s, when we were preparing for a confrontation with the United States, which could only be nuclear, and a big war in Europe, if considered, was only a war with NATO, and it would inevitably have to develop into a nuclear one, and then why do we need conventional weapons? No one then could even imagine that in the 21st century we would have to repeat the classic European war of the 20th century, especially with Ukraine as an adversary. Hence the reduction in the full-time personnel of the Armed Forces to 1 million people, and cuts in funding for officers, and the transition to a contract army, and many other reforms that the army called “stools” after the nickname of the then Minister of Defense Serdyukov-Taburetkin (this husband before the Moscow Region is very successfully traded stools and other furniture). Who would have thought then that in 2022 in Ukraine we would really lack not even tanks and planes, but people, and Putin would have to urgently begin to form a volunteer contract army in order to plug holes at the front.

I spoke in detail about the volunteer army earlier, and now I would like to give some data from the teletype tape of one of the state media:

Vladimir Putin signed a decree to increase the staffing of the Russian Armed Forces by 137 servicemen. The relevant document is posted on the portal of legal information.

Establish the staff strength of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the amount of 2 units, including 039 military personnel, the new decree says.

Help: In accordance with the previous decree of November 17, 2017, Russian troops numbered 1 soldiers and officers, including 902 military personnel.

What follows from this? And a rather banal thing follows from this - the respite at the front is over, Putin has taken into account the mistakes of the previous stages of the operation and is stupidly increasing the number of the group involved in Ukraine. So far, 137 thousand people. The increase in the strength of the RF Armed Forces occurred due to the inclusion in them of two corps of the LDNR, the 1st and 2nd, already fighting in Ukraine, as well as due to the creation of the 3rd army corps from among contract volunteers, the recruitment of which took place in all regions of the Russian Federation (and this process is only gaining momentum, the 4th, 5th, and 6th corps will also be created). How the formation took place and under what conditions, I already wrote earlier, I will not repeat myself (come in - read). Something else struck me about this question.

A number of sources, friendly and not very friendly, as well as Western intelligence have recorded that in the settlement of Mulino (Nizhny Novgorod region) the 3rd Army Corps of the RF Armed Forces, recruited from volunteers and not only, has completed its staffing and combat coordination. At the moment, the corps is being relocated through the railway station Neklinovka (Rostov region) to the regions of the Donetsk People's Republic. In the future, it can reinforce both the southern and central military groups of the RF Armed Forces in Novorossia (i.e., the direction of the main strike, either Nikolaev - Odessa with access to Transnistria, or Zaporozhye - Nikopol - Krivoy Rog with the unblocking of the ZNPP and its withdrawal from zones of fire destruction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine).

It is worth noting that, according to various sources, the size of the corps can vary between 20-40-60 thousand personnel (such a large discrepancy in numbers, because no one knows the real picture). But according to open sources, it has already been noticed that the corps is literally flooded with a new military technique: tanks T-90M and T-80BVM, BMP-3 of 2015 with additional hinged protection, armored "Urals" "Tornado-U", armored vehicles of the KamAZ "Typhoon-K" family, air defense systems "Buk-M2", etc. The fighters are armed with AK-12 assault rifles of the 2020 model and are equipped with new 6B45 body armor.

To understand the situation, I will say that 66 of our battalion tactical groups, totaling approximately 50 thousand people, are already concentrated in the southern direction in anticipation of an enemy offensive. Therefore, such an increase suggests an imminent serious offensive by the RF Armed Forces in the directions indicated above.

It is difficult for me to judge whether the newly formed in many regions of the Russian Federation volunteer battalions of the territorial formation, about which I wrote earlier, but some of them, having gone through combat coordination, have already managed to light up in the Donbass, where, as our military correspondents write, they showed miracles of courage and military ingenuity (this is what motivated personnel means, both materially and ideologically!). I will only list some of them: Nizhny Novgorod region. - tank volunteer battalion. Kuzma Minin, Orenburg region - motorized rifle volunteer battalion "Yaik", Tatarstan - two volunteer battalions "Alga" and "Temir", Perm Territory - also two battalions "Parma" and "Hammer", Bashkiria - motorized rifle volunteer battalion named after. Minigali Shaymuratova, Kirov region - Dobrobat "Vyatka", Primorsky Krai - Volunteer battalion "Tiger" on the basis of the 155th Marine Brigade, in Grozny from all over the North Caucasus, four battalions were formed at once - "North-Akhmat", "South-Akhmat", "West-Akhmat "and" Vostok-Akhmat ", equipped with artillery and tanks.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are also completed at the expense of the mobilization reserve (and they have it practically bottomless - up to 2 million people), but it is not necessary to compare the degree of its combat capability with our reservists. Yuri Podolyaka also spoke about this - due to the high density of fire of the RF Armed Forces and fire damage, the loss of personnel in units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at zero exceeds 70%, and it is precisely there that their commanders throw newly recruited "mobiles", plugging holes at the front with this cannon fodder . The life of this newly recruited resource is a maximum of a month, due to the high fire damage, he does not have time to gain much-needed combat experience in the war, replenishing the ranks of irreparable losses, to replace which the Bloody Clown throws more and more batches of recruits doomed to death (I will give the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine below , they go wild!). Our reservists manage to acquire the very necessary combat experience, after which they become fully combat-ready units that can solve any tasks, up to shock assault ones.

Zelensky is the butcher of the Ukrainian people

I will consider our other assets and liabilities that affect the duration of our operation in Ukraine next time, and there, probably, I will already sum up the results that do not follow at all from what you have already read in this and previous texts (the situation is still sad, and all commentators promise us problems, but, believe me, not everything is as bad as it seems at first glance). And now I would like to close the issue of Ukrainian losses.

On August 16, a scan of a document appeared on the Web, where the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny reports to the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Danilov about the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of July 1. There are some very interesting numbers. According to this document, which also has its own outgoing number, over the past period, during the hostilities, Ukrainian troops lost 76 people dead, 640 wounded, 42 were captured, 704 servicemen were missing and there are still 7244 non-combat losses. And these are only losses in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which do not include either the National Guard, or the border troops, or the police, or the defense.

How reliable are these numbers? Doubt immediately creeps in, because the number of 300s does not beat the number of 200s. After all, with such an intensity of hostilities, the ratio of the wounded and killed should be at least 3: 1, i.e. if 200 x 76, then 640 x should be at least 300 thousand. Total in total with the missing, prisoners and non-combat losses, the figure of irreplaceable losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on July 230 should have been at least 1 thousand, which is equal in number to the composition of the entire Armed Forces of Ukraine at the time of the start of the NMD. I can assume that the number of the wounded takes into account only irretrievable losses, 320 people brought by Zaluzhny are amputees and other cripples who will not return to the front under any circumstances, Zaluzhny still counts on the remaining 42 thousand wounded, hoping to return them to system, using the services of the best Ukrainian medicine in the world (at least in the next year or two, which the database, according to military experts, will still last).

The figures cited by Zaluzhny, in principle, also correlate with the secret data of the Pentagon (oddly enough, he is better aware of the losses of the Russian Armed Forces than of the losses of Ukraine, but nevertheless he has his own statistics). I only have information as of 06.06.2022/50/127. Thus, according to the data of the American side, only confirmed irreplaceable losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the beginning of June amounted to 61 people killed. With those missing, that figure rises to 451. With a forecast for the lack of data due to an interrupted connection of their exchange, plus another 5-7 thousand. Total: about 66-69 thousand (deserters, I think, are in the last figure - loss of communication access). If we add to this figure the wounded, who, based on the ratio of 3: 1, should be at least 150-180 thousand, then the total irreparable losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of 06.06.2022/220/250 we have XNUMX-XNUMX thousand people.

If we compare them with the data of Zaluzhny, then the number of those killed is embarrassing, which increased by July 1, in 25 days, by 26 thousand people relative to American data as of June 6. It turns out that in June the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered losses of 1 per day, only killed. With all the horror of this figure, it is she who looks like the truth. As early as June 1, Zelensky himself, in an interview for Newsmax, stated that “60-100 Ukrainian soldiers are killed at the front every day and another 500 are injured.” The same figures were confirmed by Defense Minister Nezalezhnoy Aleksey Reznikov 8 days later on his Facebook page (a resource banned in the Russian Federation). On the same day, Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the OPU, doubled this figure in a commentary for the BBC, and a week later, during a visit to America, the head of the Zelensky faction in the Verkhovna Rada, David Arakhamia, in an interview for Axios, brought it to 500 people, saying that “the loss of the Ukrainian the parties are from 200 to 500 people killed "with total irreparable losses of up to 1000 people a day. As you can see, Arakhamia confirmed our calculations - in June, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost only 1 servicemen killed per day. Given that both in July and August, the intensity of the database did not decrease, but only increased, then another 77 as of September 1 can be safely added to Zaluzhny’s figure of 60 thousand killed on July 1. And I count only the 200s.

If we extrapolate these data, then on September 1 we have irreparable losses in the Armed Forces of Ukraine: 137 thousand killed, 410 thousand wounded, 8 thousand captured, 3 thousand missing plus 2 thousand non-combat losses (all figures I count at a minimum, without increasing, according to Zaluzhny, neither prisoners nor missing, nor non-combat losses, extrapolating only the 200s and 300s). In total, as of September 01.09.2022, 560, we have 24 thousand irretrievable losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is the result of the work of world president Zelensky for six months of the NWO. At the same time, on Independence Day, August XNUMX, he also took on increased obligations - the continuation of the war to a victorious end, read - to the last Ukrainian. The Bloody Clown promised his overseas master to continue the bloody harvest. Half a million irretrievable losses are not enough for him!

This bloody insanity, as Senator Black noted, can only be stopped in Washington, Kyiv is not a subject of negotiations and is absolutely incapable of negotiating. This cocaine-addicted monkey will carry out all the orders that are sent down to her from above, until her owners bang her, replacing her with another, when she absorbs all the possible negativity accumulated by Ukrainian society during this time. They put another in her place - for us, in fact, nothing will change. We have been sitting since February 24, dangling our paws, in this armored train, rushing downhill. Is it part of our plans to dispose of the entire male population of Ukraine? I'm sure not. What then to do? The question is certainly interesting. There is no choice, we will have to continue what we started, trying to minimize casualties on both sides (I mean the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the civilian population of Ukraine), if possible, without delaying the events, because our resources are not unlimited, and the results of sanctions, albeit with a temporary lag, but still soon we will feel everything (Mishustin and Nabiullina, of course, well done, but they are still not magicians!). The conceptual mistake, I think, was laid at the very beginning, when we decided to hack in Ukraine, at a time when it was necessary to hack in America. Because it is necessary to fight not with the consequence, but with the cause. While we are smashing our fists against Ukraine, the United States is only smiling and counting the profits. If smart people are sitting in the Kremlin, then they should think about how to cut off the financing of this war. As soon as funding disappears, the war will end the next day! Therefore, the best blow is not a blow to the White House or the Capitol, but to the dollar. How to do this - the question, as they say, is not about wages, but I have very high hopes for the upcoming meeting between Vladimir Putin and comrade. Xi September 15-16 in Samarkand. Maybe the slowdown in the pace of our offensive is connected precisely with it. Let's see.

This concludes, but I do not say goodbye. To be continued. Your Mr X.
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  1. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
    Pat Rick 30 August 2022 09: 57
    but it was necessary to hit Washington ...

    If in Washington, then this would entail a retaliatory strike, after which the Earth would turn into the Moon.
    It is a pity that the local staff instigators and non-scientific dreamers do not understand this. They have been wedged in this Ukraine, and they are simply not able to say anything worthwhile at all.
    1. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
      rotkiv04 (Victor) 30 August 2022 12: 15
      I understand that the author meant to hit the dollar, economically
      1. Indifferent Offline Indifferent
        Indifferent 31 August 2022 04: 35
        Are we not hitting the dollar? We are doing everything we can, given our modest economic capabilities. The author himself does not know what he wants! What a naughty child!
    2. Boris Yurievich Podgorsky (Boris Yurievich Podgorsky) 31 August 2022 11: 40
      It is necessary to beat on Poland. I warned her in advance. Will America enter the war is a big question
  2. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 30 August 2022 10: 22
    in order to buy time to activate the spare most painful plan "B" for Ukraine and Russia - a frontal assault on the Donbass fortified area. But the strength is clearly not enough, because Putin was not preparing for such an NWO.

    At one time, the Germans took France in 40 days, bypassing the Maginot Line and going into the rear of the French army. Why the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation did not do this, having bypassed the fortifications in the Donbass, history textbooks will be sorted out for a long time to come. But the victory was so close. Only if the Russian Federation does not need a quick victory with taking control of an embittered Ukraine? And after the loss of hundreds of thousands of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ukraine will be less embittered?
    Is it possible that by cutting off Ukraine from the Black Sea, the Russian Federation will extinguish such a persistent interest of the West in Ukraine? This is the only chance to quickly end this war with minimal losses for both sides of the conflict.
    1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
      k7k8 (vic) 30 August 2022 10: 38
      Quote: Bulanov
      Why the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation did not do this, bypassing the fortifications in the Donbass

      Because in the Great Patriotic War, Ukraine was liberated for 19 months.
      1. Yuri V.A Offline Yuri V.A
        Yuri V.A (Yuri) 30 August 2022 12: 26
        How many months did the Germans take over Ukraine?
    2. Ingvar7 Offline Ingvar7
      Ingvar7 (Ingvar Miller) 30 August 2022 11: 55
      Another expert)))
  3. Zenn Offline Zenn
    Zenn (Andrei) 30 August 2022 10: 57
    NATO wants you to believe that hostilities began in February of this year. But they did not start then, but were planned before 2014. This is a consequence of the reckless actions of Barack Obama.

    Somewhere in these words of yours lies the truth - if the Americans have reckless actions, then on the part of our leadership there is reasonable inaction.
    1. Dingo Offline Dingo
      Dingo (Victor) 31 August 2022 11: 35
      then on the part of our leadership reasonable inaction.

      What do you want from them? They have wives, children, mistresses, children of mistresses, accounts, real estate and movable property .... There, the "order bearer" A. Mordashov managed to overtake his yacht to Vladivostok. Korefan, an accomplice of Tolya-Red, apparently, prompted before dumping ... He also "gave" him the Cherepovets Combine ... How much did Aven and Friedman "donate" to the "aid to Ukraine" fund? 150 "green lemons" each? It didn’t help - they still “sanded” ... They even reproached for greed ...
      In a word - "... And they have no number .. Their name is legion ...".
      And Comrade Xi ... Then my grandmother said in two ... If the old hag did not arrange a provocation with a visit to Taipei, shying back and forth (knocked down, not knocked down) - so "the wise monkey would have been sitting on a tree, watching the fight of tigers below" ... Although ... Who knows how things will turn out in September ...
  4. viktor goblin Offline viktor goblin
    viktor goblin (viktor goblin) 30 August 2022 11: 04
    The standard answer is no political will / and there wasn't / . Let the Slavs die - but don't touch the Americans? Whose idea is this?
  5. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 30 August 2022 11: 46
    The main super-strategic plan of the United States follows from what is happening, it is to create conditions for more numerous losses and victims of the confrontation between Ukraine and Russia, and these victims will divide the Slavic peoples for a very long time... and these hundreds of thousands of unnecessary victims are proof of that. Where are our strategists, why are they led to other people's plans and do not oppose these monstrous intentions of the Anglo-Saxons. Such plans have been started and put into practice for decades .... It seems that the fifth column in Russia is operating and no one is rebuffing it ... The key to victory lies in the Russian Federation itself ...
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. Akula Kharkiv 2 Offline Akula Kharkiv 2
    Akula Kharkiv 2 (Alik) 30 August 2022 12: 10
    the author seemed to start sensibly, but then went into crap with numbers.

    not the point. but the bottom line is that Russia's losses are no less than the losses of Ukraine. the attacker always loses more. Ukraine has less artillery, but it is of better quality. in addition, Russia attacked Avdiivka head-on and, in my opinion, is still attacking. there so many people died that kapets.

    in general, a wish to the author to stop looking at the picture through rose-colored glasses and orders from the Putin administration, and start writing the real situation.
    1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
      k7k8 (vic) 30 August 2022 14: 00
      Quote: Kharkov Shark 2
      Ukraine has less artillery, but it is of better quality

      Who sang this to you?
    2. Dart2027 Offline Dart2027
      Dart2027 30 August 2022 22: 28
      Quote: Kharkov Shark 2
      not the point. but the bottom line is that Russia's losses are no less than Ukraine's losses

      OBS source? Like the rest?
  8. Akula Kharkiv 2 Offline Akula Kharkiv 2
    Akula Kharkiv 2 (Alik) 30 August 2022 12: 12
    I remember the author before, he wrote texts about the genius of Putin, his darkness and so on and so forth and so on
  9. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 30 August 2022 12: 26
    my personal opinion as a couch iksperd who does not pretend to any truth has remained unchanged from the very beginning of the NWO, it was necessary to remove the entire Ukronazi top, and in the very first days, now this is of course more difficult and the West has already prepared for such a course of events, but, as they say, it's good to be smart like my Sarah - then. And on the whole I agree with the author, he put everything on the shelves
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. gene1 Offline gene1
    gene1 (Gennady) 30 August 2022 13: 09
    1. We beat financially for a reason (USA). But we won't be able to do it alone, we need the support of China and India.
    2. We are hitting Europe economically. But we need the support of the Arabs, China, India.
    3. We destroy fascism with a military operation.

    Victory in any of the components will bring victory in general over the West, over their worldview, philosophy,...
    1. Boris Yurievich Podgorsky (Boris Yurievich Podgorsky) 31 August 2022 11: 44
      Unfortunately Russia has no allies
  12. Vlad Petrov Offline Vlad Petrov
    Vlad Petrov (Vladimir) 30 August 2022 13: 46
    There always comes a moment in the course of a war when one army loses faith in victory and its spirit breaks and it crumbles. In Dill, two million mobilization reserves, one million are already at the front. 560 thousand crests are already irretrievable losses .. Another six months there will be a million in another six months there will be one and a half million. Thus, in a year, Ukraine will lose the opportunity to replenish losses and capitulation.
  13. Moray Boreas Offline Moray Boreas
    Moray Boreas (Morey Borey) 30 August 2022 14: 27
    1. Not everyone is in the USA. But everyone in the US is in power;
    2. US dollars don't give much to Ukraine for the war. Gives a lot of weapons, which are valued in dollars;
    3. In the United States, the internal situation is now such that if a nuclear bomb explodes somewhere in Langley, then crowds of marauder-thugs will go to all the remaining United States to enrich themselves through robberies. There will begin a bloody civil bath and anarchy.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. The comment was deleted.
    2. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 31 August 2022 21: 18
      In the US, not everyone is an idiot. But all the idiots in the USA are in power

      good phrase - must be remembered!
  14. Spasatel Offline Spasatel
    Spasatel 30 August 2022 15: 17
    ...Putin did not act spontaneously, but according to the circumstances - he tried to minimize the losses of the Ukrainians, but fell into Biden's trap.

    And what, Putin in 2000 did not see what Ukraine was turning into? Or did no one tell him anything about this trap? Has anything changed in 2014? Why didn't he do anything? But in 2022 he "hit first", in accordance with his miserable concept from the gateway ...
    As for Zelensky, we can agree that he will answer for all this blood, however, on a par with Putin. But there were also pigs, and tyagniboks, and yaytsenyuks, and kravchuks - their share in this bloody drama is even more significant !! It was they who prepared and created what has now happened, and it is not known when and how it will end. And after all for this, too, need to answer!! Okay, Kravchuk is already in the next world, but it is Putin who should take care of the further fate of the rest of those involved in this bloodshed in Ukraine. And the sooner the better. So to speak, under the war, under this mute ...
    Well, about the NWO itself - in hindsight, as they say, we are all strong. Started - gotta finish. And the faster the better. Another thing is that it was necessary to start in a different way. Who, for example, prevented planning the operation in such a way as to first cut off Ukraine from the sea, taking Odessa and Nikolaev at once, breaking through to Western Ukraine, and blocking the entire western border, together with Poland? Bold? Maybe. But by then it would all be over.
    Now all sorts of thoughts come into my head, like "maybe someone needs it like that ...?"
    But now, it seems that the mister with the letter "x" began to slowly begin to see clearly. It's not even that he carefully calculated the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it could have been summarized briefly, and cited for comparison of the losses of the Russian Federation with people, tanks, planes and helicopters. Secret? Well, for this, there are professionals to whom such secrets are available.
    We will wait for the continuation.
    But in principle, this is already a step forward, towards the truth.
    Like and approve for the article.
  15. Nikolay Volkov Offline Nikolay Volkov
    Nikolay Volkov (Nikolai Volkov) 30 August 2022 15: 23
    the Lomonosovs are also not sitting in the General Staff ... well, thanks, we only lacked Lomonosov there. as well as Mendeleev and Tsiolkovsky. we have and so there ... ... ... collected
  16. Retvizan1974 Offline Retvizan1974
    Retvizan1974 (Alexander) 30 August 2022 15: 43
    And now, we have a terrible shortage of mother infantry, but at the same time, with all the hooves we rest against the help of Comrade Kim in 100.000 trained bayonets! God forbid help from the outside to accept - for what will our overseas partners say ???
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 30 August 2022 17: 36
      yes it's fake - no such offer
  17. Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 30 August 2022 16: 36
    It is already clear to everyone that Ukraine all this time was not a goal for the United States, but an instrument created by them.
    However, the task of destroying Russia and appropriating its resources with the help of this tool alone cannot be solved.
    This leads to the conclusion that the US plan initially had a different, larger-scale task - the destruction of Russia in the course of its war with NATO, without involving the US itself in the war.
    This war, in which NATO countries are used by the States as “expendable material”, really gives the US a lot of benefits, for which it is worth “breaking spears”.
    It allows:
    - avert the danger of using Russia's strategic nuclear weapons on its territory when it is defeated by proxy
    - weaken the blood of Russia and completely subjugate (enslave) the European members of NATO, tk. The United States is having problems returning production from China, while Europe has kept them on its own territory and has a decisive competitive advantage in the new world
    - deprive China of potential allies in the face of Russia and Europe
    - with minimal forces and without risk, if necessary, finish off Russia and take possession of its resources
    - to deprive Europe of the opportunity to claim a fair share of Russia's resources
    - remove possible obstacles before the fight with China
    - earn on the supply of weapons to all
    - earn on the restoration of Europe
    etc. etc.
    To do this, the United States needed a "ignition machine" for a fire in Europe.
    With the help of the coups of 1991 in Moscow and 2014 in Kyiv, the States installed subordinate governments in them, and built a "mutually destroying" combination of these countries. The task was to create a socio-political situation in these two countries, and in the countries of the NATO bloc, when Russia would start a war against NATO on the territory of Ukraine, and NATO would join it with all its might. To do this, the governments of all these countries, not excluding Russia, are processing public opinion in the spirit of the inevitability of a European war, creating images of enemies from the countries of the opposite camp.
    A curious "marker" of the essence of this operation is the diligent removal by everyone "out of brackets" of the United States itself - the beneficiary of the war and the "master" of the whole combination.
    Perhaps - only Putin himself is the bearer of obligations to the States - the rest are used by him in the "dark". Then the huge money that "above" is dispersed from hand to hand is probably designed to close everyone's eyes and shut their mouths, to make even curiosity unprofitable. All that is required of them is to skillfully capture his desires and fulfill them, taking care of the impeccability of the facade of the "Potemkin village".
    It would be much easier for me if someone offered another explanation, more favorable for us, of everything that we have been observing for the last 30 years.
    The Americans had the opportunity to take full advantage of 30 years of our indifference and fatigue from the actions of the authorities. However, we have nowhere to go from this “submarine” of ours, and the time has long come to fight for its survival.
    1. Spasatel Offline Spasatel
      Spasatel 30 August 2022 21: 48
      And this may well be. There is a huge hole in our "submarine" called "Russia", it just goes to the bottom with the whole crew. And most importantly, we know the answer to the question why this happened - with a disgusting smile and spread arms, it will be said: "She drowned ..."
  18. gene1 Offline gene1
    gene1 (Gennady) 30 August 2022 16: 38
    Quote: Retvizan1974
    And now, we have a terrible shortage of mother infantry, but at the same time, with all the hooves we rest against the help of Comrade Kim in 100.000 trained bayonets! God forbid help from the outside to accept - for what will our overseas partners say ???

    The point, probably, is that on earth we have to deal with Ukraine in a family way, this is somehow ours. But if Kim shot down US reconnaissance satellites over the Russian Federation, this help can be accepted.
  19. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk 30 August 2022 17: 12
    Hit the dollar? And how to do it so that C does not get sick? China holds a lot of bonds. It's purple for Japan.
  20. InanRom Offline InanRom
    InanRom (Ivan) 30 August 2022 18: 06
    How, after all, the desires of the people of Russia, and the heroic actions of its army differ from the impotence and turbidity of the actions of politicians and officials.

    “We continue to finance the fascist regime of Ukraine by pumping gas. Russia also provides the West with raw materials. Western countries see this and become more impudent. Back in March, they were afraid to supply weapons to Ukraine, then they were afraid to send lethal weapons. Now they are not afraid of anything,” State Duma Deputy, Doctor of Economics Mikhail Delyagin…

    another example:

    “Due to the pronounced anti-Russian policy of Estonia, we need to completely cut off the supply of electricity to Tallinn. It is necessary to cut Estonia out of the energy partnership with Russia and Belarus and completely stop the supply of electricity to it, ”says State Duma deputy Oleg Morozov.
    It's hard not to agree, however, apparently, there are few like him. The Chukhons continue to use Russian electricity and in its light compose regular nasty things. And the Kremlin is silent. Somehow it's all wrong...

    but for now:

    12.40 Briefing by Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation: — The Russian Federation remains ready to fulfill its obligations on gas supplies;

    deliveries to enemies (supplying weapons and mercenaries to the Nazis) with payment for the transit of territory 404 ...
    1. InanRom Offline InanRom
      InanRom (Ivan) 30 August 2022 18: 30

      In the Kursk region on the eve of the UAV was attacked by the border post of the FSB in the area of ​​the settlement. Anatolyevka. Earlier, an explosive device was dropped in the area of ​​the settlement. Popovka. Also, the Belgorod region was fired twice during the day. N. p. Sereda and Spodoryushino.

      and some people do not want to miss the chance to "warm their hands" under the guise of a proven "topic":

      15.30 Political scientist Marat Bashirov:
      “SVO greatly hinders the pharma lobby from tightening the mask regime again, introducing telecommuting and mass vaccination. For the most part, the authorities understand that going too far with restrictions is working for a Western strategy to increase opposition sentiment. But, in fact, we must admit that in some places pharmaceutical lobbyists are pushing through their decisions.”
      1. InanRom Offline InanRom
        InanRom (Ivan) 30 August 2022 21: 01
        18.40 Governor of the Kursk region Roman Starovoit:
        “Two border villages in the Kursk region — Alekseevka and Yelizavetovka — came under mortar fire from Ukraine. In Alekseevka, the enemy, apparently, again tried to destroy the cell tower. Vegetation caught fire in its vicinity, and a stack of straw on the farm also caught fire. <...> A livestock breeding complex, which contains cattle of an elite Dutch breed, came under shelling in Elizavetovka. More than 20 animals, unfortunately, died.”

        just wonderful"?
    2. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
      rotkiv04 (Victor) 30 August 2022 22: 35
      what you described is the essence of Putin's policy, the main thing is the loot, and the rest for a beautiful picture about the Russian world
    3. gene1 Offline gene1
      gene1 (Gennady) 31 August 2022 08: 56
      Trade in national currencies.
  21. Vox_Populi Offline Vox_Populi
    Vox_Populi (vox populi) 30 August 2022 18: 08
    Some strange mixture of common sense and infernal agitprop... winked
  22. Pacer Online Pacer
    Pacer (Pacer) 30 August 2022 19: 05
    We do not know them ourselves, because they are secret.

    Auto RU,
    Indeed, when the Great Patriotic War began, from the first hours the Soviet people knew where and how the war would end: the capture of Berlin and the defeat of Nazi Germany!

    What and where Wait - no one knows.
    There is an assumption that the Dark One is waiting for the hour - "A". Those. Armageddon... or the Catastrophe of the Zapsystem.
    When this happens, the eyes will be opened and the Revelation or the Apocalypse will come - where and how: on the west coast of the Atlantic, by taking Paris, Berlin, London ... or anywhere closer.
    That's why it hesitates, pauses, grinding the "pot-bellied trifle".
    It's too early to hit right now, but it will be impossible to delay when the time comes!

    According to all reports, the Apocalypse is near, the Gayropians will not survive this winter...
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 30 August 2022 19: 23
      By the way, they will survive, more on that in the next text
      1. Pacer Online Pacer
        Pacer (Pacer) 30 August 2022 19: 46

        The thread is definitely interesting... laughing

        Here such a thing intervenes -
        - you can’t finish off (a comma must be inserted)
        Potamushta, some of our "seers" say: it will be difficult for us to live with the Khans without geyrop.

        Therefore, Terran will probably put a comma in second place. Well, the Gayropians themselves will have to decide where they will go: to hell or else to suffer ...
  23. The comment was deleted.
  24. cooper Offline cooper
    cooper (Alexander) 31 August 2022 02: 16
    The author's point of view is very interesting, as always.
  25. LeeSeeTsin Offline LeeSeeTsin
    LeeSeeTsin (Stas) 31 August 2022 06: 05
    The war for Ukraine entered the decisive phase, but it was necessary to hit Washington.

    Not in Washington, but in Kyiv. We fought to the point that crests are holding their own football championship. Like, it's there in the South-East safari, Makhnovshchina, airsoft. And touch Kyiv - no, no. As S. Mardan said on 30.08.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX in the morning report, the NWO is like a "circus with horses".
  26. gene1 Offline gene1
    gene1 (Gennady) 31 August 2022 08: 52
    Quote: Alexey Davydov
    A curious "marker" of the essence of this operation is the diligent removal by everyone "out of brackets" of the United States itself - the beneficiary of the war and the "master" of the whole combination.
    Perhaps - only Putin himself is the bearer of obligations to the States - the rest are used by him in the "dark". Then the huge money that "above" is dispersed from hand to hand is probably designed to close everyone's eyes and shut their mouths, to make even curiosity unprofitable. All that is required of them is to skillfully capture his desires and fulfill them, taking care of the impeccability of the facade of the "Potemkin village".

    This "marker" is only yours: it is not clear why you ignore the information from all the information slots about the United States (Anglo-Saxons) as the main beneficiaries of the war. This quote only speaks of your dislike for the leadership of the Russian Federation and, in particular, for Putin.
    1. Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 31 August 2022 14: 49
      it is not clear why you are ignoring the information from all the information slots about the United States (Anglo-Saxons) as the main beneficiaries of the war.

      In the media you can find any "intel" for every taste. The question is what "infa" is reflected in the actions of the leadership, and what is not.
      Now the role of the United States as our main adversary is the most important issue of mobilizing the country and choosing its actions. However, the States are not even named as such by our leadership. Instead of threatening the United States (as "the main beneficiaries of the war") with our only unbeatable argument, we shower them with our money and assure them on all platforms that we will not allow a nuclear war. The rest of our theatrical hints to them are the buzzing of a mosquito compared to the prize they expect to receive from Russia's war with Europe. We now need not even to threaten, but to actually achieve their retreat. This is a matter of our life and death - if you have not understood yet.
      As for personal affection - it usually appears in normal people for someone who does for them, and their future, something useful, and not vice versa
  27. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 31 August 2022 09: 49
    The senator seems to be honest.
    Well, why does someone feel sorry for strangers under imperialism? Someone at least counted the children who died in Chechnya or Afghanistan and created an alley of angels there? Nifiga. Aliens. Grozny was demolished not like the LDNR, there are plenty of photos to compare on the internet, and ... nothing. in the order of things.

    And yusa enjoy the gift. Under the treaty on nuclear weapons of Ukraine, they are the guarantor of indivisibility, like England. like it or not, you have to act.
    And here is such a gift - to weaken Europe, strengthen its economy, political positions, shake off old weapons, pour golden rain into the military-industrial complex and renew its armed forces, overcoming tight-fisted parliaments ...
    Yes, they will hold on to the operation with both hands. Fortunately, they are far away, and all the troubles can be attributed to Z (just like we write off price increases to the State Department, with the dollar cheaper)