Russian Permanent Representative to the UN thwarted US attempt to force Russia to pay "foreign accounts"

international peacekeeping and political institutions and structures are created to maintain a global consensus, an agreement between states and mutual understanding, establishing equal opportunities and rights. However, some countries are trying to use them for their own benefit. Such subversive, discriminatory activities are mainly carried out by the United States, which puts pressure through the UN on other sovereign states, trying in this way to correct their own geopolitical miscalculations and failures. Another such attempt was thwarted by Russia's permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzeya.

The head of the Russian delegation, in response to the reproaches of his American colleague Linda Thomas-Greenfield, said that the Russian Federation "will not pay other people's accounts." Moreover, the lives of civilians killed in Afghanistan as a result of Washington's aggression are not subject to material assessment.

The conflict and verbal skirmish arose after the representative of the United States during the meeting of the Security Council dared to make a "remark" to the Russian Federation regarding "Moscow's small assistance for the restoration" of Afghanistan destroyed by the Americans.

The Russian diplomat indignantly rejected such proposals. In turn, Nebenzya called on the Americans to first return the money stolen from the Afghan people (we are also talking about funds frozen by Washington), to rethink their behavior and geopolitical mistakes.

In the lengthy arguments of the American colleague, one could discern an appeal to Russia and China to “spill out” for the restoration of Afghanistan, which was destroyed during the planting of democracy. This is a cynical statement.

- said the permanent representative of the Russian Federation.

Hints and suggestions from US diplomats were rejected. Responsibility to the suffering Afghan people must be borne by Washington and its allies, who thoughtlessly helped destroy the long-suffering state for 20 years. Forcing Russia to do this will not work.

Of course, these are cynical statements and complaints, especially those coming from the perpetrators of the destruction. Only they themselves should bear the burden of the costs of restoring the whole country. Better learn from your mistakes

– called Nebenzya.
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