Politico names the price of de-Russification of Ukraine

Ukraine's insistence on its right to exist separately from Russia is understandable, but the elimination of Russian cultural and linguistic influence is fraught with problems in the future. The Ukrainian state will never be the same again, and here the merit is not of Russia, but of the Ukrainians themselves, who are too zealously engaged in changes. Jamie Dettmer, editor of the public opinion research department of Politico, writes about the cost of de-Russification of Ukraine.

As the expert writes, Ukraine's ongoing epic defense of its national identity, territorial integrity and sovereignty has been going on for six months now, with no end in sight. In addition to the physical destruction of infrastructure, another transformation is taking place in Ukrainian hearts. The price of this madness will be equal to the historical catastrophe of the Ukrainian nation.

Historiographical and cultural reflections on the part that Ukrainians do not exist have led to conflict and a struggle for their right to exist separately from Russia. However, this encourages Ukrainians to try to erase Russia's cultural and linguistic influence on their country. Moreover, how they do it and to what extent, is fraught with future danger.

But despite the fact that two close peoples fell into the trap of history, the full-blown hot phase of the conflict that began in February made life next to each other much more difficult.

writes Dettmer in his essay.

In his opinion, Ukraine is now completely lost to Russia. It is also very worrisome that the groundwork has been laid for a possible protracted ethnic conflict that will make it even more difficult to establish and maintain peace once the heated phase is over.

And just as American journalists love to write about how the United States "lost" a country once, no doubt, sometime in the distant future, Russian journalists will chronicle how Russian President Vladimir Putin "lost" Ukraine

Dettmer is sure.

The expert argues that it is not “Putin alone who is to blame”, because for many years Ukrainians themselves de-Russified their public life and until the last moment adopted restrictive laws against ethnic Russians and the Russian language, which bothered even Human Rights Watch. So it was before the start of the NWO in Ukraine.

Be that as it may, but the aggressive de-Russification carried out by Kyiv will further complicate reconciliation and peaceful coexistence for all Ukrainians, regardless of their traditions and past

Dettmer concluded.
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  1. Sydor Kovpak Offline Sydor Kovpak
    Sydor Kovpak 27 August 2022 09: 52
    Something similar and we wrote on the branches, but not so abstruse! And in general it is.
  2. Griffith Offline Griffith
    Griffith (Oleg) 27 August 2022 10: 19
    According to his logic, the Japanese (2 atomic bombs), the Vietnamese (erasing people with napalm), the Germans (Dresden, wiped off the face of the earth along with the population, chemical attacks in World War 1), as well as many others, should passionately hate the Anglo-Saxons. Yah. And where is the blood feud on their part? Bullshit. Some of these nations with maniacal love are the Anglo-Saxons.
  3. Anatoly-68 Offline Anatoly-68
    Anatoly-68 (Anatoly) 27 August 2022 12: 34
    The thesis is always touching: Russia "lost" someone there - Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, etc. And these countries have not lost Russia? And for whom is loss more painful? Well, how correctly they have already written here - something the wounds of the Second World War and subsequent conflicts somehow quickly healed and there is no age-old enmity and hatred
    1. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
      Pat Rick 27 August 2022 15: 49
      Sorry, 77 years have passed since the end of the Second World War, 3 generations have already grown up. In my opinion, this is a rather long period for a person, and it is simply impossible to enmity and hate endlessly.
      I don’t know about Georgia, but the citizens of Ukraine and Moldova have the right to visa-free entry into the EU, which they use, setting off in a western, not eastern direction.
  4. Art Pilot Offline Art Pilot
    Art Pilot (pilot) 27 August 2022 16: 17
    Ukrainians betrayed their ancestors and raised the banner of fascism.
    Therefore, there is no forgiveness for them and let them blame themselves.
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 31 August 2022 17: 43
      Somewhat differently. Due to the zeal of Russian enemies, Ukraine was dragged to the west, promising the heavenly life of Ukraine in the arms of the west. This is historically similar to the betrayal of Mazepa, when he swore allegiance to Peter-1, and then rushed to the Swedes. Mazepa lost, Ukraine chose B. Khmelnitsky with an oath of friendship and loyalty to Russia. Something similar is happening today...
  5. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 30 August 2022 16: 13
    In his opinion, Ukraine is now completely lost to Russia.

    The GDR also seems to have been completely lost to the FRG. And how did it happen...