Military expert explained what prevented the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in three months

The Russian special operation in Ukraine has acquired the features of an all-European conflict, which in scale can be compared with the fighting on the Korean Peninsula in the 50s of the last century. So says military expert Vladislav Shurygin.

According to the analyst, the Ukrainian army, if necessary, can reach a strength of 2 million people, and the total front of the conflict is about 1600 km.

This is the Third World Proxy War, during which half of NATO is now fighting for Ukraine in the form of all kinds of “volunteer” formations, and most importantly, a full militarytechnical Support

Shurygin said in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda.

At the same time, the expert draws attention to miscalculations in the initial timing and course of the special operation. Thus, the advance of the troops in reality was not at all rapid, and in the liberated cities and villages of the east of Ukraine, no popular uprisings broke out in support of the RF Armed Forces. In some political circles, three months were allotted for the special operation.

In the West, many also believed that the Russian army would take Kyiv during the first ten days of hostilities. However, the situation has changed due to the active support of the Kyiv regime from outside.

Oddly enough, this three-month plan had its own logic. And today I am convinced that if the West and the United States had not turned on so powerfully, then by the end of May we would certainly have crushed the military machine of Ukraine

- the expert is sure.
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  1. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 26 August 2022 14: 02
    it is strange that the calculation was that the west would not turn on, the iksperds told us that there is a CPP for all cases, but here the most likely one was not taken into account, in addition, it turns out that the withdrawal of troops on the outskirts of Kyiv is not a gesture of goodwill at all, but a miscalculation of the military-political guides
    1. GIS Offline GIS
      GIS (Ildus) 26 August 2022 14: 06
      there is always a plan B and C
      you can count whatever you want. I also thought that two months and that's it ... but life is like that - it makes its own adjustments
      1. Corsair Offline Corsair
        Corsair (DNR) 26 August 2022 16: 26
        Quote: GIS
        there is always a plan B and C

        And in the Great and Mighty Russian alphabet, fortunately for the military-political leadership -
        thirty-one letters and 2 signs ...
      2. zenion Offline zenion
        zenion (zinovy) 27 August 2022 16: 04
        GIS (Ildus). Schweik also talked about a man who was going to be punched in the face in a pub. We have already agreed that, when, how they will beat. And then this bastard confused all the cards - he did not come.
    2. Corsair Offline Corsair
      Corsair (DNR) 26 August 2022 16: 09
      Quote: rotkiv04
      it turns out that the withdrawal of troops on the outskirts of Kyiv is not a gesture of goodwill at all, but miscalculation of the military-political leadership

      And not the only one, and alas, not the first, since 2014, the period of the "Russian Spring", a time when the nascent Nazi power could be crushed elementarily, and without much effort.

      Therefore, this opinion is not unreasonable:

      So says military expert Vladislav Shurygin.
      1. passing by Offline passing by
        passing by (passing by) 27 August 2022 05: 27
        so why didn't they crush it? they didn’t give money, a kick or just a hut on the edge ... now wait until Russia decides the issue as it likes it, and not you.
    3. Panzer1962 Offline Panzer1962
      Panzer1962 (Panzer1962) 29 August 2022 14: 58
      You are absolutely right, and the HPP is actually as real as Munchausen's flight on a cannonball.
      1. Amper Offline Amper
        Amper (Vlad) 30 August 2022 14: 59
        Notice! Everyone is talking about the cunning plan of P. Not about the wise, not about the thoughtful, not about the brilliant, not about the far-reaching ... About the cunning! .. fellow
  2. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) 26 August 2022 14: 30
    General Staff officer? Active military? Choose your experts carefully.
  3. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 26 August 2022 14: 46
    What a blush ... Did the Kremlin not expect such support for Ukraine by the West? Hoping that NATO will support us with troops???
    1. Corsair Offline Corsair
      Corsair (DNR) 26 August 2022 16: 28
      Quote: kriten
      Hoping that NATO will support us with troops???

      laughing good
  4. Benjamin Offline Benjamin
    Benjamin (Benjamin) 26 August 2022 15: 08
    The West turned on or supported with weapons a month later, and resisted the Armed Forces of Ukraine and ordinary citizens with the independence that they had
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 26 August 2022 15: 47
      The West prepared the Armed Forces of Ukraine for an attack on the Donbass in advance, but with the plans of the Northern Military District of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, it prepared counteractions and reflections. That is why the beginning of the NMD is such a failure, because the United States, with many hundreds of instructors, prepared the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the NMD and the offensive of the RF Armed Forces, and knowing exactly the offensive plans, they took specific operational countermeasures. Therefore, the beginning of the NWO failed and failed in the main directions. It is not the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces that is the main culprit, but the SVR and the GRU, did not determine the influence of the United States and other NATO members on the Armed Forces of Ukraine, allowed the NVO strategy to leak to the enemy, did not take into account the propaganda impact on the citizens of Ukraine, who were already greeted by the RF Armed Forces by no means with flowers, etc ... Here is the first stage, now the protracted second stage, it's time to approach the third, preferably the final one, but the strength is definitely not enough ....
      1. Alexey Lan Offline Alexey Lan
        Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) 26 August 2022 15: 57
        Actually, it would be nice to blow up a nuclear charge over Kyiv in the stratosphere. An electromagnetic pulse would cause good damage to electronics and electrical facilities in the Kyiv area. At the same time, the "collective west" would know that we are ready for anything for the sake of victory.
        1. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
          Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 27 August 2022 09: 00
          better to do it in lviv
    2. Corsair Offline Corsair
      Corsair (DNR) 27 August 2022 12: 08
      Quote: Benjamin
      resisted the Armed Forces of Ukraine and ordinary citizens of the square by those that had

      Well, yes ... By chance, "Bayraktars" with "Javelins" somehow "looked around" ...
    3. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
      rotkiv04 (Victor) 27 August 2022 16: 24
      don’t you know that NATO has been preparing the Ukroreich for all 8 years
  5. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 26 August 2022 15: 09
    "the expert explained" once again that Nava is to blame for everything ... the West, in general.
    So it’s already been said for 8 years how they shifted the focus from their Maidan oligarchs to the “collective West”
    1. aslanxnumx Offline aslanxnumx
      aslanxnumx (Aslan) 26 August 2022 15: 23
      The eggs turned out to be large, it skids in turns.
  6. Alexey Lan Offline Alexey Lan
    Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) 26 August 2022 15: 37
    In this whole operation, the bad thing is that if the troops that were around Kyiv had initially gone to Kharkov and further south, then Kharkov would already be ours and the Donbass would be liberated. But our politicians decided to negotiate with the Kyiv ones and eventually crap. A simple soldier pays.
  7. Xavier Ponor Offline Xavier Ponor
    Xavier Ponor (Xavier Ponor) 26 August 2022 16: 11
    Known to hinder a bad dancer. So, our dancer thought of throwing eggs at Ukraine, but it also ended up with eggs, and the West ended up with eggs. Now our dancer will be squeezed testicles slowly but very surely. Brace yourself.
    1. Corsair Offline Corsair
      Corsair (DNR) 26 August 2022 20: 12
      Quote from Xavier Ponor
      Now our dancer will be squeezed testicles slowly but very surely. Brace yourself.

      The crows are already harnessed yes
  8. Irek Offline Irek
    Irek (Paparazzi Kazan) 26 August 2022 18: 10
    There is no need to hurry, during the winter the svidomnya itself will die out or run away.
    1. aslanxnumx Offline aslanxnumx
      aslanxnumx (Aslan) 27 August 2022 11: 49
      You are sure
    2. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 28 August 2022 11: 31
      For 8 years we were convinced of this every winter. And they are like cockroaches. Don't die
      1. GIS Offline GIS
        GIS (Ildus) 1 September 2022 07: 37
        so there was no such situation that the Germans would cut off gas, and they would cut off their own oil and coal. now it’s the turn for the Ukrainians - the nuclear power plant has already been cut off from themselves, it remains in September to cut off the gas to Europe and the scribe to them ... Ukrainians and Europeans
  9. doc8673 Offline doc8673
    doc8673 (Vyacheslav) 26 August 2022 18: 39
    Slowing down the pace of the military operation in Ukraine was a conscious decision, this is necessary to minimize civilian casualties, said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, speaking at a meeting of defense ministers of the SCO member states, TASS reports.

    “At the same time, everything is being done to avoid casualties among civilians. Of course, this slows down the pace of the offensive, but we are doing it consciously," Shoigu said.

    He stressed that the Russian military in the liberated territories is systematically engaged in establishing a peaceful life - providing humanitarian assistance, restoring infrastructure and life support systems.

    If not for all this, then the APU would have disappeared from the face of the Earth in a matter of minutes ..........
    1. Corsair Offline Corsair
      Corsair (DNR) 27 August 2022 12: 13
      Quote: doc8673
      If not for all this, then the APU would have disappeared from the face of the Earth in a matter of minutes ..........

      Just like in Nezalezhnitsky "She hasn't died yet":
      - "To die our little witches like dew on the sun"
  10. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 27 August 2022 08: 58
    at the very beginning, I thought that from the very beginning it was necessary to beat Odessa and the lions of Chernivtsi, and if they had started from this, the Nazis would not have received support from the West ....
  11. assault 2019 Offline assault 2019
    assault 2019 (assault 2019) 27 August 2022 10: 34
    Where was the SVR "the best intelligence in the world" as its leader Naryshkin called it?
    After such a miscalculation, decent people shoot themselves, not very decent people write a letter of resignation, and not at all decent people continue to pretend that nothing happened ....
    1. Unfaithful Offline Unfaithful
      Unfaithful (Anton) 27 August 2022 10: 52
      The chief intelligence officer built the same vertical. Everyone says only what the authorities need and only worry about how to cover their ass, if anything.
    2. aslanxnumx Offline aslanxnumx
      aslanxnumx (Aslan) 27 August 2022 11: 51
      Where are the good people in management?
      1. Yo mine and not mine (Yo mine) 27 August 2022 20: 59
        In Chechnya, mostly lol
    3. soloist2424 Offline soloist2424
      soloist2424 (Oleg) 27 August 2022 12: 47
      And who said that intelligence miscalculated? It is quite possible that everything was determined exactly - yes, the war will be serious. The trouble is that the Americans wanted to fight at any cost and Russia had to take the fight in unfavorable conditions. They only managed to strike first.
      1. Spasatel Offline Spasatel
        Spasatel 27 August 2022 21: 19
        Oleg, sorry for the indiscreet question, but what place do you think?
  12. Ingvar7 Offline Ingvar7
    Ingvar7 (Ingvar Miller) 27 August 2022 11: 59
    The West, of course, has contributed to the delay, but not to the extent that it is blamed. In the last year or two, unpleasant facts about the activities of counterintelligence, up to banditry, have surfaced in the media. Just like in other departments of the department. So whose contribution is greater in the absence of planning? But it is she who should convey the true situation and prospects ... When any service does not have a field of activity, it degrades.
    1. soloist2424 Offline soloist2424
      soloist2424 (Oleg) 27 August 2022 12: 49
      The media is, of course, a storehouse of truth. When does counterintelligence manage to catch spies? Or is it all homeless people in disguise?
    2. Victorio Offline Victorio
      Victorio (Victorio) 30 August 2022 16: 29
      Quote: Ingvar7
      But it is she who should convey the true situation and Prospects.

      which intelligence unit deals with prospects?
  13. Dmitry Volkov Offline Dmitry Volkov
    Dmitry Volkov (Dmitry Volkov) 27 August 2022 12: 49
    But they suddenly remembered how to fight, and no matter what the Westerners say and write, this will be the last winter on the Outskirts, see the number in the controlled Ze-territories remained about 20 ml. people, "mobiks" are knocked out every day by the thousands, by the spring there will be no one left and there will be no one to fight, the mercenaries will not solve this issue, they are not motivated.
  14. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 28 August 2022 16: 22
    What prevented the APU from breaking in three months

    CBO has been going on for 7 months. The first three months, a mistake in making a decision, retreated, it happens. The next three months, what is it? Search what to do? How to return to the golden times of the oligarchs and hucksters. They climbed in so that the NATO side does not let these oligarchs go, the huckster was seized by the fear that they are ready to give everything back, including Crimea. They would have surrendered, only fearfully, the Russian people can put them on a pitchfork. So they are rushing about, there is NATO, and here is the Russian pitchfork.
  15. komandir8 Offline komandir8
    komandir8 (Alexander) 29 August 2022 00: 26
    It seems that the plan of the operation was not sufficiently prepared and corrected literally from the beginning of the operation, because intelligence information about the readiness and capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, about the mood in Ukrainian society was not objective enough, and this is putting it mildly. The director of the SVR should be a completely different person, and there are many questions for the GU (GRU) of the General Staff. At the initial stage, especially in the Kharkov and Kiev directions, the actions of the troops were of some kind of chaotic character with frequent changes in the direction of concentration of the main efforts, the organization of interaction with various branches of the military and the control of units and formations was not stable and timely. Now all these shortcomings and errors have been largely corrected, but it must also be taken into account that the enemy is numerous and practically does not conduct offensive and oncoming battles, but stubbornly defends using buildings in settlements
  16. Panzer1962 Offline Panzer1962
    Panzer1962 (Panzer1962) 29 August 2022 15: 27
    It should be noted how competently, through various channels, the leadership of the Russian Federation was pumped up with misinformation, which it joyfully swallowed like a pike. Firstly, Medvedchuk was used "in the dark", who sent rosy forecasts of how our troops would be met with bread and salt up to the governors.
    Secondly, the skillfully organized "Lament of Yaroslavna" in the foreign and Ukrainian media, how bad things are in the Wehrmacht's coming out with weapons, ammunition, equipment and military equipment, what an untrained and disheveled personnel. And they frankly bought into this "Lament of Yaroslavna", because "respectable Western media" cannot lie so openly.
    Thirdly, apparently, both foreign intelligence and the GRU were able to sell "misinformation" that the level of training of the Wehrmacht's coming out is below the plinth, and all exercises led by Western instructors are a waste of time.
    Fourthly, they sold misinformation that only Galicia is permeated with Nazi ideology, and all other territories are sleeping and see themselves in the Russian world. And the population only pretends to accept the Nazi and Bandera ideologies.
    Fifthly, they were able to disinfluence the level of impregnation of the personnel of the Wehrmacht by the Nazi ideology.
    You can cite sixth and seventh, but these are just additional strokes.
    The bottom line is that they started the NWO with absolutely no idea what a trained, equipped and ideologically motivated enemy they would have to deal with. And for some reason, being confident that the West will get away with only the duty assurances of moral support and there will be no arms deliveries. We are also lucky that the military-industrial complex of the West has become so relaxed that it was not able to sharply increase the production of weapons. And this deprived the Wehrmacht of the opportunity to re-form and qualitatively equip a large group of troops on NATO territory. If the Wehrmacht had such an opportunity, the appearance of 8-10 new motorized infantry brigades at the front would be a huge hemorrhoids.
    Therefore, we had to feverishly change plans, or rather, improvise, since there were no other plans. And now we are ramming the fortified areas of the Wehrmacht's coming out in the forehead in the style of the "Winter War" of 1939-1940. or Rzhev meat grinder.
    1. Amper Offline Amper
      Amper (Vlad) 30 August 2022 15: 09
      THEN. the government of the country and the law enforcement agencies are not capable, well, the logical result of the country's transformations over 30 years is obvious. recourse
  17. Kazimir Prutikoff (Kazimir Prutikoff) 31 August 2022 04: 38
    The capture of Kyiv failed due to the fact that our troops, both at the beginning of the Second World War, as during the 8-day war with Georgia, did not have a reliable connection. Because of this, logistics collapsed, because it was not clear where it was necessary to carry cartridges, deliver fuel. About 1000 pieces of equipment were simply thrown on the roads. Probably and now with syavzyu the same problems. Therefore, we cannot go to great depths. No coverage, no boilers, just squeezing the enemy out of well-fortified positions.