The Foreign Ministry admitted that the traces of the terrorist attack against Dugin could lead to Ukraine

On the evening of August 20, 29-year-old Daria Dugina (Platonova) died as a result of a car explosion on Mozhayskoye Highway near the village of Bolshiye Vyazemy in the Moscow region. She was driving a Toyota Land Cruiser and was heading to Moscow from the village of Zakharovo, where one of the festivals was held. In connection with the murder, the ICR opened a criminal case and began an investigation under Part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

It should be noted that Daria Dugina was a political scientist, the daughter of the Russian public figure Alexander Dugin, who defended the ideology of Eurasianism. 60-year-old Alexander Dugin himself does not drive a car and was supposed to go with his daughter, but he was delayed at the event and went by other means of transport. The functionaries in Kyiv did not like the activities of the Dugin family. Therefore, the Russian Foreign Ministry admits the possibility that the traces of the mentioned terrorist attack may lead to Ukraine.

If the Ukrainian trace is confirmed - and this version was voiced by the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin, and it must be verified by the competent authorities - then we should talk about policy state terrorism implemented by the Kyiv regime

- wrote on August 21 in her Telegram channel the speaker of the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova.

She clarified that over the past years, a large number of various facts have been collected, ranging from calls for violence to the organization and implementation of crimes by state bodies of Ukraine. But we need to wait for the final results of the investigation.

In turn, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mikhail Podolyak said that Kyiv had nothing to do with blowing up the car with the daughter of Alexander Dugin.

At the same time, the ICR informed that an explosive device in the car was planted under the bottom on the driver's side and the murder of Darya Dugina was ordered.

In connection with the incident, we express our condolences to the family and friends of Daria Dugina.
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  1. Colonel Kudasov Offline Colonel Kudasov
    Colonel Kudasov (Leopold) 21 August 2022 16: 12
    There is a feeling that Russia is simply flooded with agents of the SBU. Something has to be done about it
    1. Corsair Offline Corsair
      Corsair (DNR) 21 August 2022 16: 23
      Quote: Colonel Kudasov
      There is a feeling that Russia is simply flooded with agents of the SBU. Something has to be done about it

      Do the Russian authorities know the answer to this age-old Russian question - "What to do?"
      I'm afraid they don't know, otherwise, their inaction is inexplicable and criminal.
      1. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
        Observer2014 21 August 2022 16: 53
        Do you know? Especially the answer to our Russian and well-known question? So you couldn’t stand it and started talking in riddles. And we weren’t born much and live in Russia. for example, think. Sometimes I get tired of playing chess. But I really want to play "Chapai" too. But with a chess bias. I'm talking about the chess board in the final in the face.................
        1. Corsair Offline Corsair
          Corsair (DNR) 22 August 2022 09: 10
          Observator2014 And we were born a little and live in Russia. We also have to unravel the intricacies for years.

          Who is this - "was born and lives in Russia"?
          A native of Lisichansk, the former Voroshilovgrad / Luhansk / region of the Ukrainian SSR-Ukraine, who emigrated from there right before the Maidan - a coup d'etat ???

          Straight - refined, "personnel" Russian lol laughing
    2. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 21 August 2022 16: 38
      You just need to trust the media less. Old advice, but still relevant.
    3. passing by Offline passing by
      passing by (passing by) 21 August 2022 17: 42
      Russia is flooded with Ukrainians, and their "windiness" is well known to everyone ...
  2. Art Pilot Offline Art Pilot
    Art Pilot (pilot) 21 August 2022 16: 51
    This could have been planned by the CIA with MI6
    Anyway, pod 404 is under suspicion.
    1. passing by Offline passing by
      passing by (passing by) 21 August 2022 18: 03
      it is doubtful... it is beneficial for the West that as many Ukrainians as possible receive Russian passports. the West refused to invest in a black hole called Ukraine with its smart and hardworking Ukrainians (according to the Ukrainians themselves) and turn this sewer in the center of Europe into a second Singapore. this "honor" is allotted to Russia ... more parasites of all kinds and different ... if suspicion falls on baboons, everything will fail.
  3. Michael L. Offline Michael L.
    Michael L. 21 August 2022 17: 36
    Daria Dugina is far from being a journalist ... of the French Charlie Hebdo - whose employees were shot by terrorists.
    If the target of the terrorist attack was ... Alexander Dugin, who defended the ideology of Eurasianism - this is a perverted recognition of the realism of his philosophical concept!
    1. Michael L. Offline Michael L.
      Michael L. 21 August 2022 17: 47
      The reaction of the Ukrainian side:

      Army General, head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine (2005-2010) Mykola Malomuzh believes that the explosion of a car belonging to the head of the "International Eurasian Movement", one of the main ideologists of rashism and the armed invasion of Ukraine Alexander Dugin, in which his daughter died, consolidates Russians against Ukraine to wage war
      He said this on the air of the Espreso TV channel.
      "We see that before August 24, the Russian Federation is gaining motivation against Ukraine, accusing us of shelling the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. And now they are trying to show that Ukraine takes the position of destroying opponents through terrorist acts and sabotage. This operation qualifies as a prepared provocation by the Russian special services which is aimed against Ukraine," Malomuzh stressed.
      1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 21 August 2022 18: 15
        So, the SBU must admit to terror against the citizens of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Russian Federation. Of course, they will confuse the tracks - remember the terror against the leaders and well-known commanders of the DPR and LPR, there the SBU in all its glory. The answer of the SBU was not carried out in such a way for those terrorist murders, they again wiped themselves with their snot, we must take the example of the Mossad - the murder does not remain without revenge, both those who planned and those who executed) ...
  4. opportunist Offline opportunist
    opportunist (dim) 21 August 2022 19: 01
    The CIA has absolute control over the movements of the Ukrainian regime both on the battlefields and in such actions, any terrorist attack carried out by Ukrainians on the territory of Russia is directly directed by the CIA. Alexander Dugin has long been under the gun of the British and American intelligence services, they consider him the main ideological father of the current regime .unfortunately, I am very afraid that what I have been writing about since the first days of this war will happen, that cases of corruption and killings by Western intelligence services will increase and reach political assassinations at a high level. An Italian journalist working for NATO told the Italian radio that US and British intelligence agencies are even considering regime change in Russia amid political assassinations.
  5. Pilot Offline Pilot
    Pilot (Pilot) 22 August 2022 00: 25
    Belgorodka was bombarded with petals .... Our army men buy drones for their own money, they bang around the Crimea. Dugin the poor fellow was blown up.. iiiii tiiiishina. Looks like we have our own Biden.
  6. Eduard Aplombov Offline Eduard Aplombov
    Eduard Aplombov (Eduard Aplombov) 23 August 2022 11: 17
    red lines shrink around the kremlin