Launch Nord Stream 2: the Bundestag urged to be afraid not of the pipeline, but of gas

The critical mass of German popular discontent focused in political position of officials. For the first time in the Bundestag, not even an idea was voiced at a high level, but a demand to immediately launch the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. This call was made by the Vice-Speaker of Parliament Wolfgang Kubiki, representing the Free Democratic Party (FDP). Initially, the “pro-Russian” position regarding Moscow and the pipeline was always adhered to by the opposition group Alternative for Germany, but this time the aspirations of the people were voiced by the authorities.

The German parliamentarian expressed his position in an interview with the RND media group. In fact, he formalized the demand into a deputy's request to the coalition government.

Federal Minister economics and climate protection must do everything so that the country has more energy. In this sense, the only way out is to allow the Nord Stream 2 pipeline without delay and calmly fill our storage facilities with gas for the winter

Cubicki insists.

His argumentation is extremely calibrated, since for the pro-Russian position in today's Germany one can suffer greatly in every sense. The vice-speaker believes that in his country they are more afraid of the name or, more precisely, of the "pipeline" (pipeline) itself than of dependence on gas from Russia. After all, no one is afraid to take Russian gas from Nord Stream 1, so why is it necessary to be so wary of its second stage, the politician expresses a lack of understanding.

The quality and properties of gas do not change depending on which pipeline it comes from. We are happy to take from one pipe, why not take how much we need from another?

– Kubicki argues quite logically.

In his opinion, if we get rid of it, then from the very dependence on gas, fuel oil and oil, especially from Russia, and not make a fetish out of a simple pipe that has become a household name. If now the first line of the pipeline is experiencing technical or even political problems in operation, it is necessary to launch the second line and ensure a safe passage of winter. Moreover, for "self-satisfaction" you can close Nord Stream - 1, since it is such a problem.
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  1. Fizik13 Offline Fizik13
    Fizik13 (Alexey) 20 August 2022 08: 11
    Some wrong bees, sorry for the Russian gas. Not green!
  2. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 20 August 2022 08: 20
    Moreover, for "self-satisfaction" you can close Nord Stream - 1, since it is such a problem.

    For "self-satisfaction" you need something completely different.
  3. El13 Offline El13
    El13 (El13) 24 August 2022 09: 28
    I think as soon as they allow SP2, they will immediately receive a full embargo on gas supplies as counter-sanctions, with the condition that it be lifted if all sanctions are lifted from us ... that will be right.