Ukraine finally turned into a terrorist state

Following the artillery shelling of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ukraine transferred its terrorist activities to Russian territory. First, sabotage began at military facilities in the Crimea. Now explosions are thundering in the border Kursk region, disabling the infrastructure of the power lines of the Kursk nuclear power plant. How can Russia secure its territory from Ukrainian DRGs, and how many more “red lines” will Kyiv cross before the Kremlin finally decides to destroy the criminal Nazi regime that has adopted terrorist methods?

The terror is rising

The dramatic situation that has developed around the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, which is regularly fired upon by Ukrainian artillerymen from the opposite bank of the Kakhovka reservoir, we disassembled previously. In Crimea, everything is no less sad.

Even a clear sabotage at the military airfield of the Naval Aviation of the Black Sea Fleet in Novofederovka, which led to the destruction of several combat aircraft, was not worth the chase to the commander of the Black Sea Fleet, who sat in his chair, and the death of the flagship of the Moskva missile cruiser, and the destruction of the Saratov large landing ship right in port of Berdyansk, and the sinking of the tug "Vasily Bekh" near the island of Zmeiny. Then explosions thundered on the territory of the Russian military unit in the Dzhankoy district, near the village of Mayskoye, where ammunition detonated and railway tracks were damaged. Thousands of local residents had to be evacuated from the surrounding settlements and train traffic was suspended.

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky personally made it clear that this is only the beginning:

And I ask all our people in Crimea and other regions in southern Ukraine to be very careful and not to approach various military facilities, as well as ammunition depots and headquarters.

But this was not enough for Kyiv and its Western curators, and the Ukrainian special forces, trained according to NATO manuals, began to operate on the territory of the Russian Federation, whose ownership, in principle, no one disputes. On August 4, 9 and 12, Ukrainian DRGs carried out sabotage in the Kurchatov district of the Kursk region in the vicinity of the Kursk nuclear power plant. Their goal was high-voltage power lines, which were blown up by explosives.

The Kursk Nuclear Power Plant is located on the banks of the Seim River, 40 kilometers from the city of Kursk. The distance between this Russian city and the still Ukrainian Kharkov in a straight line is only 191 kilometers. Of the four power units, only three are currently active with a total capacity of 3 GW. To replace in the future its drop-out generation as the resource is depleted in the Makarovka village, the Kursk NPP-2 is currently being built. However, the Ukrainian DRGs were able to interrupt the operation of the nuclear power plant already now, the press service of the Russian FSB reported:

The actions of the saboteurs led to a disruption in the technological process of the operation of the nuclear power plant.

The fact is that power lines were blown up, which supply industrial enterprises, life support systems and transport in the Kursk region and neighboring regions. If the main and backup power lines are destroyed at the same time, the nuclear power plant will have nowhere to put the generated current due to a break in communication with consumers. This means that the operation of the power plant will have to be suspended: to stop the operation of the turbine, to “cool down” the nuclear reactor and bleed the steam. This is a technically complex and lengthy procedure, after which the reactors cannot be promptly returned to service. In other words, this is a painful blow to the energy system of an entire region of Russia.

And all this is the result of the actions of several small DRGs! And what will happen if the Armed Forces of Ukraine use long-range missile systems that will allow you to calmly fire at the Kursk NPP directly from the city blocks of Kharkov, fortunately, the distance allows?

Who is to blame and what to do

As we have celebrated earlier, the Zaporizhzhya NPP was fired upon with cannon and rocket artillery from the opposite bank of the Kakhovka reservoir. The distances are simply ridiculous - there are some 8 kilometers between the ZNPP and the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which, in theory, should not pose any problem for Russian artillery and aviation. Apparently, Ukrainian DRGs enter Crimea from Ochakov, where the base of the Ukrainian naval special forces is located. Saboteurs covertly approach in boats at night, jump into the water in wetsuits and swim to the shore, where accomplices are already waiting for them, helping to hide and get to the site of the terrorist attack. Ukrainian special forces can easily get into the Kursk region from the Sumy region simply by walking through the forest, since no real border has yet been created there.

Obviously, the situation with the border Kursk, Bryansk and Belgorod regions is a direct consequence of the short-sighted solutions withdraw all our troops from the North of Ukraine. It was necessary at one time to take Sumy and Chernihiv, turning them into Russian bastions, against which the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard would break the teeth. It's like the maximum. At a minimum, it was necessary to create a security belt on the territory of the Chernihiv, Sumy and Kharkiv regions, which would exclude free walks of Ukrainian DRGs to Russian nuclear power plants. Now we need to quickly finish with the liberation of Donbass and take control of Kharkov, and then Sumy. Otherwise, rocket attacks will soon go not only at the ZNPP, but also at the Kursk NPP.

The same is true for the Sea of ​​\u300b\uXNUMXbAzov with the Crimea. The security of this region simply requires that the special operation be extended to the Right Bank of the Dnieper. The enemy will need to be moved at least XNUMX kilometers northwest of Energodar. It is also necessary to take Nikolaev and Ochakov, which have now become a source of a permanent threat to Kherson and the entire Crimea. This is a minimum program, without the implementation of which it is basically impossible to talk about any security.

It is clear that even these are half-measures, and the problem with the neighboring quasi-state of Ukraine, which has finally turned into a terrorist one, can be solved only with its complete liquidation and the withdrawal of Russian troops to the Polish border. Otherwise, we will definitely wait for the second Chernobyl.
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  1. InanRom Offline InanRom
    InanRom (Ivan) 18 August 2022 21: 48
    The impotence and headlessness of those in power create favorable conditions for attacks on Russia, and during this time this has already been confirmed hundreds of times. And again:

    Ammunition depot on fire in Belgorod region
    An ammunition depot caught fire in the Belgorod region, all operational services are working at the scene, the cause of the fire is being established
    An ammunition depot is on fire near the village of Timonovo, Valuysky urban district, Belgorod region.
    As RIA Novosti reports with reference to the head of the region Vyacheslav Gladkov, after a fire people are taken out immediately from two villages located nearby.
    According to the official, there were no injuries or casualties. The head of the district takes the residents of the villages of Timonovo and Soloti to a safe distance.
    Currently, all operational services are working at the scene of the emergency, the cause of the fire is being established.
    Earlier it was reported that according to the governor of the Kursk region Roman Starovoit, on August 12, the Ukrainian military carried out an attack on the border settlements of the region. In particular, the village of Sverdlikovo was under fire from the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

    and always - just a fire, etc. ... just a shine, taking into account the ongoing CBO?


    About "Moscow": ... back in October 2018, during this longest, longest repair, the specialized Russian naval portal Mil. Press FLOT wrote: “There is no money for the modernization of the ship, only for maintenance repairs. The Northern Design Bureau is not involved in the relevant project due to lack of funding. Thus, there is no talk yet about equipping Moskva with a modern fire alarm system. After returning to service, the ship can continue service, in fact, without a fire detection system.
    If everything remained the same until the release of "Moscow" in a fatal campaign for her - someone should answer for this? Moreover, perhaps it should not even be only Admiral Osipov. Which, in fairness, led the Black Sea Fleet only when the repair of its flagship had already begun. And its volumes and amounts of funding were determined by that Moscow, which is not a lost ship, but the capital of Russia. Sergey Ishchenko "SP"

    That's right, the security of the country and the population is not cutting the budget and court games ...

    The Russian army, which heroically fights the enemy, is a hostage of politicians and officials, which clearly does not benefit the NMD:

    The commander of the Vostok battalion of the armed forces of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), Alexander Khodakovsky, called the main trouble of the Russian army.
    According to him, we are talking about panic before negative reports. As the battalion commander noted, at present one can observe personnel changes in the army, which are designed to increase the efficiency of units and speed up the decision-making process, but the old trends are not going anywhere yet.
    At the same time, he also noted that one of the problems of the new nominees is the lack of influence, the Public News Service reports.
    “It is surprising to hear, when it comes to this or that promising general, whose new position sounds solid, that he decides little,” Khodakovsky said.
    He also stressed that the military is often afraid to give negative reports for fear of being demoted.
    “Honestly recognizing certain problems in a narrow circle, another significant general asked the question, why don’t you report? - replies: they’ll take it off, ”summed up the battalion commander.
    1. InanRom Offline InanRom
      InanRom (Ivan) 18 August 2022 22: 38
      same way:

      Air defense systems worked in Kerch
      Air defense systems went off in Kerch, Crimean authorities report
      Air defense systems (air defense) worked in Kerch.
      According to RIA Novosti, this was announced by Oleg Kryuchkov, adviser to the head of the Crimea, Sergey Aksenov, on information policy.
      According to him, according to preliminary information, there is no danger now.
      “Preliminarily. Air defense systems worked in Kerch. There is no danger to the city and the bridge," Kryuchkov emphasized.

      And as always - "there is no danger" ...
      1. InanRom Offline InanRom
        InanRom (Ivan) 19 August 2022 00: 30
        and again "she is not there", for one evening it's already too much:

        Air defense systems went off in the area of ​​Belbek airport in Sevastopol
        In the area of ​​Belbek airport, air defense systems, according to preliminary data, shot down a drone, Mikhail Razvozhaev said
        In the area of ​​​​the Belbek airport, located in the north-west of Sevastopol, air defense systems (air defense) worked. According to preliminary data, an unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down.
        According to RIA Novosti, this was announced by the governor of the city Mikhail Razvozhaev.
        “Recently, according to preliminary data, an unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down near the Belbek airport by means of air defense. There are no injuries,” the official said.
        According to him, no one was hurt. At the same time, the governor urged local residents and guests of the city to remain calm and receive information only from trusted sources.
    2. Gennady1959 Offline Gennady1959
      Gennady1959 (Gennady) 20 August 2022 21: 04
      In the first half of 2022, thanks to the war with Ukraine and sanctions, Gazprom made record profits. Maybe this is the answer to the questions why the military operation is going so slowly. Chepm people will die longer (Ukrainians, Russians), the greater the income of the energy mafia in Russia and Europe.
  2. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 18 August 2022 21: 50
    judging by the reaction of the Kremlin (rather about its absence), the red lines have not yet been crossed and you don’t have to worry
    1. Gennady1959 Offline Gennady1959
      Gennady1959 (Gennady) 20 August 2022 21: 18
      In war as in war. Russia bombs, Ukraine sends saboteurs. Everyone destroys their enemies as best they can.
      The contest of these articles is surprise and the question "What are we for?" Because the war.
      Who is guilty? FSB. The current situation speaks of the complete incompetence of the "chekists". Catching terrorists and saboteurs is difficult, you need to run through the forests and fields. They can also kill. It's easier and safer to concoct a case against a journalist for an incorrect article about the Russian army.
      What to do? You don't need to invent anything. During the Second World War, this issue was worked out. There should be a rear guard service (border guards) that cuts off the combat zone from the rest of the country. military counterintelligence, anti-terror units (SMERSH). This system should not be confused with the Russian Guard (internal troops) created to fight hooligans, criminals, demonstrators, picketers, etc.
  3. Griffith Offline Griffith
    Griffith (Oleg) 18 August 2022 21: 53
    The attacks will only increase. The only way to nullify this phenomenon is to destroy the communication and payment system. Those. it is necessary to destroy the data centers of international IT corporations and the SWIFT system. Idiots have always been a dime a dozen. And the opportunity to get "light money" only increases the number of idiots. Therefore, it is useless to catch them. In place of one caught moron, there are ten new ones. Therefore, the only way is to cut off the very possibility of receiving grandmas and instructions for sabotage. Even the destruction of Dill will not remove this problem. Everything is simple here. Previously, an idiot could only think of quietly doing something in a barn. And now for them full expanse to show their idiocy. Internet to help. Therefore, reading the news about what is happening in the world, you quietly go nuts. I have long doubted that we are Homo sapiens. Someone had a great sense of humor to call our species that.
  4. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 18 August 2022 21: 57
    The enemy will need to be moved at least 300 kilometers northwest of Energodar. It is also necessary to take Nikolaev and Ochakov, which have now become a source of a permanent threat to Kherson and the entire Crimea.

    Back in March, they wrote that Nikolaev and Odessa were more important than Kharkov or even Kyiv.
  5. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 18 August 2022 22: 27
    When the SVO had just begun, Strelkov not only warned about terror on the territory of Russia, but also offered to lead the Russian theoretic defense. Yes, now only the most stubborn do not see the mediocrity of the authorities. It is not enough for complete disgrace to conclude some kind of agreement on the Zaporizhzhya NPP.
    But I want to be wrong and I hope for a cunning plan of attack in the next day or two.
    1. Degrin Offline Degrin
      Degrin (Alexander) 19 August 2022 06: 12
      Who is Strelkov/GirkinD? A simple reenactor that has been actively spewing bile for the past three years. The people are tired of him, of his dirt
  6. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 18 August 2022 23: 52
    Ukraine finally turned into a terrorist state

    and how they deal with terrorists - they are traded or destroyed.
    Destroy, i.e. it is impossible to deprive Ukraine of statehood, this explains the persistent desire of the Russian Federation to complete the NWO with a separate agreement and the bargaining is on the conditions.
    The Russian Federation is seeking recognition of the Crimea, the DER-LPR, and Ukraine is seeking the complete withdrawal of Russian troops from its territory, including the DPR-LPR. The positions are diametrically opposed, but there is an opportunity to reach an agreement, otherwise there would be no contacts and mediators.
  7. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 19 August 2022 00: 28
    And, apparently, with the "terrorist state" scarecrow, everyone began to throw around like a volleyball.
    Moreover, if you look at the definition, it is clear that all this is an owl on the globe ...
  8. cooper Offline cooper
    cooper (Alexander) 19 August 2022 06: 12
    In full growth, the question arises for the Russian leadership - why this Ukraine has not yet been declared a terrorist state, with all the consequences ..
  9. Degrin Offline Degrin
    Degrin (Alexander) 19 August 2022 06: 14
    Already from the first words of the article, the pessimism of the ex-lawyer Marzhetsky is felt. One would like to ask, why don’t you fight yourself?
  10. Yuri Bryanskiy Offline Yuri Bryanskiy
    Yuri Bryanskiy (Yuri Bryansky) 19 August 2022 06: 52
    We haven't really started yet.

    Well, when do we start?
  11. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
    sgrabik (Sergei) 19 August 2022 10: 29
    For the hundredth time, I would like to raise the issue of the extremely insufficient and ineffective fight against Ukrainian saboteurs, it has already become clearly visible that our power structures are not fully coping with the sharply increased terrorist activity of the enemy, it is necessary to take the most urgent and most stringent measures, there is no question of half measures decide whether to act proactively, if necessary, then it is necessary to revive SMERSH and give it emergency powers up to arrests and executions, one cannot show weakness and uncertainty in such situations, this is fraught with very sad consequences, the situation requires immediate adoption of the most stringent and decisive measures.
  12. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 19 August 2022 16: 48
    What Ukrainians are bastards, they are still shooting back. Many people imagine themselves as if they were allowed to.
  13. Vox_Populi Offline Vox_Populi
    Vox_Populi (vox populi) 20 August 2022 13: 05
    Obviously, the situation with the border regions of Kursk, Bryansk and Belgorod is a direct consequence of the short-sighted decision to withdraw all our troops from the North of Ukraine. It was necessary at one time to take Sumy and Chernihiv, turning them into Russian bastions, against which the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard would break the teeth.

    This decision could not have been different under those conditions and was due to gross errors in the organization and conduct of the SVO ...
  14. The comment was deleted.