Kyiv noticed the build-up of air force forces on the borders of Ukraine

The Ukrainian authorities are concerned about the build-up of Russian Aerospace Forces near the border of the two states. Thus, according to Yuri Ignat, spokesman for the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, about 430 combat aircraft and 360 helicopters were deployed to the Russian-Ukrainian border. Ignat spoke about the fact that aviation equipment comes to the border areas from the interior regions of Russia.

Along with this, Kyiv notes a greater intensity of shelling of Ukrainian positions by Russian units. As Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny noted earlier, the Russian Armed Forces attack Ukrainian troops 700-800 times a day, releasing from 40 to 60 thousand units of ammunition.

In addition, Zaluzhny mentions the location of missile systems in Belarus at the Zyabrovka airfield, located in close proximity to the border with Ukraine.

Meanwhile, according to State Duma deputy from Crimea Mikhail Sheremet, Russia has broken the combat potential of the Ukrainian armed forces, and now Moscow is confronted by the forces of the collective West. In an interview with RIA News The parliamentarian noted that the United States is doing everything to continue to dictate its will to the Russian Federation and other countries of the world. The efforts of the West to influence the situation are expressed, in particular, in a large number of mercenaries from Great Britain and Poland, who are fighting in Ukraine for the interests of Kyiv.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 17 August 2022 14: 28
    Will they take Kharkov, surround Kyiv and bomb Lvov?
  2. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 17 August 2022 18: 49
    By and large, today Ukraine is Mazepovskaya, soon there will be Khmelnitsky, history puts everything in its place.
  3. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 17 August 2022 19: 53
    The beginning of a large-scale sabotage war of the Armed Forces of Ukraine marked the decision to use the Aerospace Forces on a larger scale. The decision is correct, although belated ...
  4. Patrick laforet Offline Patrick laforet
    Patrick laforet (Patrick Laforet) 18 August 2022 13: 18
    If Russia had destroyed all the railway stations and bridges of fascist Ukraine connecting it with the West, Russia would have already won the war. There is no point in waiting for Western weapons to reach the front before Russia tries to destroy them.
    1. guest Offline guest
      guest 18 August 2022 15: 17
      You can not destroy the business because it is sacred.
    2. EMMM Offline EMMM
      EMMM 19 August 2022 18: 58
      And at the same time Warsaw, Danzig (Have you forgotten the name of this city?)
      And then the first stage of the denazification operation would have been completed. By the way, I forgot Livno, Yuryev, etc.
      Well, if you turn the Gulf of Finland into the inner waters of NATO, then Helsingfors (if anyone forgot).