US pushes Russia to accelerate import substitution of gas turbines

The US Department of Commerce has revised the list of controlled exports to Russia to strengthen restrictions on four technological items. This measure was taken as part of an agreement on control over the supply of arms and dual-use goods. In fact, this resulted in tightening the conditions for the sale of finished semiconductors and of technologies for gas pumping engines (turbines). This is directly stated in the official statement of the American department.

Special restrictions and tight controls now apply to ultra-wideband conductors, software for computer-aided chip design and turbine technologies. This left the legal basis for hostile actions on the part of overseas contractors of Russian facilities. To comply with the orders, Baker Hughes is terminating all Russian LNG projects, including Arctic LNG-2.

For Novatek, this is a severe blow, since it is impossible to complete the construction of the project without foreign technologies. At the moment, Russia does not have its own technologies for plants operating with liquefied fuel. In this sense, the actions of the United States are seriously pushing the government to accelerate import substitution in the field of gas turbine engines used in the industry.

There is no doubt that literally forcing Russia to develop domestic technologies will succeed, and that analogues of Western models will be created. However, this will take years, which private international projects, such as Arctic LNG, simply do not have. Investors will not wait years for R&D to be completed and efficient infrastructure and locally produced equipment to be installed.

The efforts of the American industry regulator intensified after the emergence of a real epic with Siemens gas turbines for the Nord Stream gas pipeline. The widely known story clearly showed the dependence of the Russian Federation on foreign technologies in an extremely important for economics areas of extraction and export of energy resources. Feeling vulnerable, the Americans tried to immediately strike at the painful point. In some way, they succeeded. Now the answer to the United States must be given by Russian engineers.
  • Used photographs: JSC "Gazprom"
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  1. Fizik13 Offline Fizik13
    Fizik13 (Alexey) 14 August 2022 10: 10
    Everything is gone boss, guard!
    We have been living with these sanctions since 1917. Either the bourgeois nostrils will inflate, or the cold war. under Leonid Ilyich, the Americans introduced some kind of amendment by some D. VENIK, in the 2000s they canceled it, BUT they immediately introduced another one. And what happened in 2014! The Americans were constantly spoiling us. crap and will crap! We will buy software through third parties or hack it, but it would be better to have something of our own. Same thing with irons. In general, as Vladimir Ilyich said - import substitution, import substitution and once again import substitution!
    1. Tatyana Offline Tatyana
      Tatyana 18 August 2022 15: 13
      Now the answer to the United States must be given by Russian engineers.

      And young people in Russia have not been going to study engineering for a long time!
      In the country, the older generation of workers in industry still remember the closure of Russian industrial facilities under Yeltsin and the shitty salaries of engineering and technical workers since the 1970s compared to workers.

      Studying as an engineer is long, difficult, but what about the salary of an engineer? It's best not to mention her. Only to support himself for at least 3-odd years after high school - without a wife and without children.
      And under Yeltsin, until today, this new generation of engineers working in the specialty, in general, everything seems to have "died out"! The gap in the lack of engineers at best is between 27-year-old and 64-year-old working engineers!

      I can’t even imagine how today’s Russia will get out of this situation of personnel engineering hunger in the country! Moreover, the United States again, as in the 1990s, again engaged in a policy of "brain drain" from Russia among engineering graduates, offering them to make their engineering careers abroad.
  2. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 14 August 2022 10: 12
    Yes, gas turbines were produced in the USSR for a long time. Foreign shareholders of Gazprom managed to buy turbines in the west.
    1. Fizik13 Offline Fizik13
      Fizik13 (Alexey) 14 August 2022 11: 10
      Gas turbines were both produced in the USSR and are now being produced in Russia.
      But the devil is in the details. We buy more powerful turbines. After the collapse of the USSR, the MEMBERS of the seven bankers, the attacks of Chubais, Gaidar and others, destroyed science and industry. And in the West at that time they continued to develop technologies and the range of produced turbines. Gas turbines are used both for generating electricity and for pumping gas. Gas turbines are of 2 types - designed from scratch or developed on the basis of a turbofan engine. Russia already has a PD-14 and a gas turbine based on it. PD-8 and PD-35 are on the way.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  3. dimi Offline dimi
    dimi (Dmitriy) 14 August 2022 10: 21
    I wish you the best in your developments!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Pavel Mokshanov_2 (Pavel Mokshanov) 14 August 2022 11: 18
    Well lived Gazprom and others like him. The equipment is imported, the money for gas is imported, which can be hidden offshore. And there was an opportunity with sanctions and the good life ended. Now how to get LNG? Simple gas pumping without turbines will not work either. And there is no equipment. It was once in the Union, but now we are bourgeois and our partners were from the bourgeoisie. Yes, they only put it on us for our arrogance and we remained on the hilt, our legs dangling. Because the "efficient" managers had all their thoughts about the bubble, and not about their own equipment.
    1. Dima Offline Dima
      Dima (Dmitriy) 16 August 2022 18: 35
      They have their own turbines, for example, NK-36ST, GPA-25.
      For example, domestic ones are on SP-2.
  5. Patrick laforet Offline Patrick laforet
    Patrick laforet (Patrick Laforet) 14 August 2022 15: 12
    There will be no successful import substitution until the pro-Western-liberal 5th column in power and state institutions is completely neutralized or at least greatly weakened.
  6. Edward Vasilenko (Edward Vasilenko) 14 August 2022 17: 04
    Putin said that we have everything so that by these he meant, I don’t know, one thing can be said that we have all the technologies for plundering the state and banditry above average, there are no new Russian oligarchs in the world Why do we need technology, we will live without them
  7. (Vladimir Schmidt) 14 August 2022 18: 07
    Maybe it's time to move on to real actions, and not just make excuses. The whole world is watching how they chew in the Kremlin, so there is no reaction.
  8. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 15 August 2022 20: 04
    Wah! As it is written.
    Another ban is a real plus.
    No turbines - "push Russia to accelerate import substitution of gas turbines"
    No electronics - "push Russia to accelerate import substitution of electronics"
    No medical equipment - "push Russia to accelerate import substitution of medical equipment"

    And the "effective irremovable managers" then simply declare that import substitution has failed ....
  9. Dima Offline Dima
    Dima (Dmitriy) 16 August 2022 18: 40
    There are GTAs, for example, NK-36ST, GPA-25. They are used on SP-2. Another thing is that Gazprom worked in the global world and had to take into account the interests of foreign partners, EU certification bodies, etc., so it bought Canadian Rolls-Royces, now known as Siemens.
    They will also solve the issue for NOVATEK.
  10. ont65 Offline ont65
    ont65 (Oleg) 17 August 2022 10: 31
    For 30 years they have been saying that their technologies are nonsense and there is no need to spend money on it, we will pump up oil and buy ready-made from the West. Sorry, developments in the field of technology require a plus scientific, instrumental, technological and industrial base, and in that order. Science, instruments, technology and production are located abroad, in the Russian Federation there are only scraps and even science (the head of the chain) is not so much science as education under the Ministry of Education. That part of science, which was just engaged in technology in the interests of industry, branch, gave oak in the early 90s. From the general nomenclature of analytical instruments in the Russian Federation, units are produced for individual methods. Everything else without service will rise like air travel, but it is essentially gone. It is not enough to hope here, as in the case of the aviation industry, urgent and capital-intensive measures are needed, but they are not visible, they are not even talked about publicly.
    1. skeptic Offline skeptic
      skeptic 19 August 2022 20: 22
      Quote: ont65
      It is not enough to hope here, as in the case of the aviation industry, urgent and capital-intensive measures are needed, but they are not visible, they are not even talked about publicly.

      There are things that are better not to talk about at all. Extra chatter, makes it possible for the enemy, at the right time, and in the right place, to insert "spokes in the wheels." It is better to find out how in the USSR, when serial samples are already in operation.