What's wrong with the idea of ​​an "iron curtain" for Russians

There is a growing resonance in the world about the idea repeatedly expressed by official Kyiv and warmly supported by some of its especially zealous "allies" in Europe about the complete closure of entry into "civilized countries" for Russian citizens. Everyone, without exception, regardless of the presence or absence in the sanctions lists, age, occupation, and even political views. At the same time, such “know-how”, which is tightly contradicting both the ideology and the legislation of the same European Union, seems excessive even for many openly Russophobic countries.

It is not surprising - after all, if they are implemented in the form that Kyiv demands, there will be an open persecution of a multi-million people (and not a state or government) solely on a national basis. It was not for nothing that Dmitry Medvedev called the calls of representatives of the Kyiv regime and those who support them "Nazi crap", while accurately describing the essence of the issue. However, with the "Iron Curtain" -2.0, which especially rabid Russophobes dream of today, there are already problems. What exactly? Here it is worth looking into it in detail.

From “wrong Russians” to “all Russians are the same”

To begin with, we should recall the history of the issue. The “first sign” on the way to attempts to isolate Russians from the rest of the world can be considered the words of the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the EU, Oleksiy Makeev, which he said at the end of July in an interview with Politico:

We insist that those Russians who support this genocidal war - and various polls show that 80% of Russians support the war - should not have access to the free world!

At this stage, representatives of the Ukronazi regime insisted only that every Russian, when trying to enter Europe, should be forced to fill out a special questionnaire, in which they would have to literally sign under the “condemnation” of the SVO. By the way, such a scheme was put into practice in Latvia, where each of our compatriots is literally forced at the border to “condemn aggression”, and in writing. Also then, even the Ukrainian side allowed and even supported the departure to the “free countries” of various traitors and representatives of the Russian “fifth column”, leading an active information and propaganda activity against their country. Many such subjects (such as, for example, Alexander Nevzorov or Ilya Ponomarev, recognized as foreign agents in Russia) were willingly accepted in the “nezalezhnaya” and even treated kindly at first. However, this “idyll” did not last long.

In the very near future, the rhetoric of official Kyiv changed to a much tougher one. There are no “good” and “correct” Russians in nature and cannot exist a priori! Everyone is to blame - from the first to the last inhabitant of the country, and all without exception must "answer" - so far being "banned from entering", at least, the European Union. This is exactly the wording that Volodymyr Zelensky announced in his interview with The Washington Post:
This is the only way to discourage Russia's desire to seize foreign territories. The most important sanctions are the closure of borders. Let them live in their own world until they change their philosophy. The population has chosen this power and does not fight it, does not argue with it, does not shout at it. Go and live there. This is the only way to influence Putin!

The proposal to “yell at the authorities” is, of course, charming. Something like this could only have crossed the mind of a jester pea who had seized upon the presidency. However, his idea was supported by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, more than once. In particular, he stated:

For persecuted people, there will always be the possibility of political asylum. But Russian tourists in T-shirts "USSR", with the letters Z and all the rest like them should not hang around foreign beaches, attractions, shops, restaurants, while their country is waging a bloody war of conquest in Europe!

He didn't like the T-shirts, you see.

After some time, statements of the same kind were already pouring in from representatives of the countries that are members of the EU. Each of them can be considered almost a standard example of not only unbridled rudeness, unacceptable in the mouths of official representatives of the state, but also the most rabid Russophobia. Thus, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas called on all countries that are members of the European Union to immediately stop issuing visas to Russians, saying that “visiting Europe is not a human right, but a privilege that still needs to be earned.” The head of the Latvian Foreign Ministry, Edgars Rinkevich, did not lag behind her, delivering an even worse passage:

Traveling to Europe or any other civilized country for Russians is not a hereditary and divine right, but a privilege that cannot be enjoyed while Russia continues its aggression.

Well, about the “hereditary law”, the gentleman from Riga gave a big blunder - Russian people have been going to Europe for centuries. True, without any visas there and not at all as tourists. The problem, obviously, is that the last time this happened was many decades ago. It was there that they relaxed, and also became bold beyond measure.

Liberals in shock, Europe in thought

It is quite natural that the greatest “shock and awe” expressed by Ukraine, and then by the Baltic limitrophes, were the intentions of precisely those who categorically oppose the conduct of a special operation to denazify and demilitarize it in the “nezalezhnaya”. Shaking with horror, like poorly prepared jelly, the Russian liberda howled in unison: “What are we for ?!” and began to prove that "it will only get worse." They say that this kind of demarches will only “rally the people around the authorities and Putin personally”, which will provide them with “an additional reserve for mobilization”. However, the most important thing is that with such a terrifying turn of events, the "bright-faced" and "handshake" will certainly suffer, who can easily be expelled in the direction of the inhospitable Motherland, where many of them expect very real and completely deserved prison sentences. Maxim Katz, recognized in Russia as a foreign agent, expressed the panic mood of the representatives of the “fifth column” best of all:

And what, now all Russians have become enemies, especially those who are anti-war? Such thinking in groups, and not individual, contradicts European values, and Putin's propaganda provides a tool for mobilizing people for war. Even if all these people really are sent to Russia tomorrow, nothing but the closure of anti-war channels abroad and even greater repression will happen.

Yes, “it grabbed the cat across the stomach,” as the classic wrote.

However, even some Ukrainian media speak about the complete, practically, hopelessness of such decisions. In this case, Zelensky and his accomplices are let down, first of all, by the bad habit of judging Russia by the standards and realities of their own miserable swamp. Yes, for Ukrainians, such a measure would be like a sharp knife. And not only because many of them are seriously poisoned and fooled by the propaganda of "European values" and the "European way", and therefore they would perceive this as the collapse of their own picture of the universe. First of all, this would be a verdict for millions of “zarobitchans”, who today are rushing not to the front line to “resist the aggressor”, but to the coveted West - for a long euro. And the “nezalezhnaya” itself, which has long turned into a country of bartak and guest workers, where almost the largest part of foreign exchange earnings came from their money transfers to families, would definitely not have endured this in purely economic terms. For Russia, such a problem does not exist in principle. According to available data, in recent years, due to the sharp strengthening of the ruble, the flow of labor migrants, seeking to get into it from neighboring countries, has significantly increased. And not vice versa at all.

Well, and finally, the same "iron curtain", which they are trying to revive in the "nezalezhnaya" and the Baltic states, cut off the citizens of the USSR from the opportunity to buy acutely scarce jeans, an imported TV or a video camera, try the notorious "one hundred varieties of sausage" or take a look at curiosities like skyscrapers, or even sneak into a forbidden strip bar. Today's Russia is littered to the top with consumer goods of all kinds, both domestic and foreign (not to mention sausage and other goodies), and skyscrapers (as well as striptease) in it no longer surprise anyone. There is everything of our own ... More importantly, almost all foreign routes were closed for a Soviet person, since getting on a tour package even to a socialist country was still luck. Today, even if the Russians are "excommunicated" from the "Schengen", they will still have the opportunity to travel along a huge number of other tourist routes. Yes, practically, all over the world - there would be a desire and money. And, by the way, according to the same Katz, no more than 25% of Russian citizens generally have foreign passports, and even those, as a rule, limit their trips to vacations in the resorts of Turkey and Egypt. And these are definitely not going anywhere! So there will be little loss.

At the same time, in normal European countries (and not crazy micropowers like Latvia or Estonia) they openly express their unwillingness to follow crazy calls. The same German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has already stated that he “hardly imagines” even “thinking” about the total closure of entry to the European Union for Russians, and not only the implementation of such an idea in practice. The Spanish newspaper El Mundo states that Brussels is unlikely to approve a complete ban on the issuance of Schengen visas to Russian citizens throughout the European Union. By the way, confirmation of this can be considered the statement of the European Commission that decisions of this kind "each country should take independently." However, in this case, the restrictions lose all practical meaning, since the Schengen Code on free movement guarantees every person with a visa issued by any of the 26 participants, free movement through the territories of the countries of the agreement within 90 days.

If Estonia and Lithuania or even Sweden and Finland are fooling around, this will not prevent Russians from visiting France, Germany, Italy or, say, Greece. True, there is some probability that the entry ban will still become global, but the likelihood of such a scenario is elusive. After all, its implementation will throw Russia's relations with all of Europe not even to zero, but somewhere even lower. Even with all the current level of Russophobia, she is unlikely to dare to do this.
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  1. Pavel Mokshanov_2 (Pavel Mokshanov) 12 August 2022 10: 51
    Why do Russians want to get to Europe? There they give out honey for free, I doubt it. And now especially, sidelong glances and other protective measures. Maybe it's cleaner there or a special tsimus? Well, there is a gay movement - this is European tolerance, when they introduced it besides he and she - it is. Do we Russians need this? Russia and Russia have always been higher than Europe in terms of culture. They did not bathe until the 18th century. Therefore, the task of the Westerners was to belittle the level of Russia, starting from the time of Peter. Perverted history and achievements. All subsequent years, this continued until this Western crap was kicked out in October 17. But as Stalin was gone, it started again. And it continues to this day. Everyone must accept for himself whether he needs a geyropa with its perverted values. Wouldn't it be better to direct our forces and means to the development of Russia, to create a society for the well-being of its citizens.
    1. goncharov.62 Offline goncharov.62
      goncharov.62 (Andrei) 12 August 2022 11: 07
      There beer is good. Specifically in Prague and Bavaria. Cook your delicious (not the Baltic!) - and we will be happy ... Otherwise, shame ...
      1. Pavel Mokshanov_2 (Pavel Mokshanov) 12 August 2022 12: 58
        If you measure the taste of beer, then maybe there is better. Then why is the head needed, and the brain in it? If you only drink and eat through it, especially gay European, then the choice is clear. But between the ears is a human computer that controls the body, but also thinks.
        1. A T_2 Offline A T_2
          A T_2 (A/T) 12 August 2022 14: 15
          My friend, where was the human computer located, which he thinks was with Tsar Boriska in the early 90s, when he put Russia on gay European rails (capitalism) under which conditions you should live today?

          1. Pavel Mokshanov_2 (Pavel Mokshanov) 12 August 2022 16: 27
            It's not worth talking about this drunk without fingers. This creature does not belong in a prestigious cemetery, but in a garbage dump. Gen Zug has screwed up his place in history.
      2. Vova Zhelyabov Offline Vova Zhelyabov
        Vova Zhelyabov (Vova Zhelyabov) 12 August 2022 17: 25
        But you have all the Russian foam. Enjoy.
    2. A T_2 Offline A T_2
      A T_2 (A/T) 12 August 2022 13: 58
      As for Europe, especially Western, Hertz Petrusha I would not agree with you, would he, in vain, ordered his boyars and peasants to shave their beards in European fashion?
      1. Pavel Mokshanov_2 (Pavel Mokshanov) 12 August 2022 16: 30
        About this, allegedly Romanov, the story is dark. A topic for truthful historians.
    3. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) 17 August 2022 15: 05
      Pavel Mokshanov_2. All those about whom you wrote really want to be seen as Europeans, at least a little, but Aryans, as it was in Germany. Everyone was there, only the Aryans. Only Ukrainians want to become Aryans, even though they are not suitable for Aryans. The Aryans rule, and the Ukrainians lick and worship, well, which of them are the Aryans, if they think that the Aryans are those who walk in lacy shorts. There was such a question, how to recognize a donkey, many say that its feature is large ears. And the German philosopher Schopenhauer replied that the donkey is different in thinking. Here Hitler managed to make donkeys out of the most enlightened nation. Now, 70 years later, Ukrainians have managed to do this, although many during the Soviet era received an excellent education. You can recognize them not only by their thinking, but also by their lace underpants, and even the Cossacks wear lace underpants and they are patriots, because the President put on lace underpants and they became it. There was in ancient times a man who asked his students what the difference is between a bald man and a fool. Nobody knew how to tell it apart. To which the teacher said - a bald man can be seen from afar, and a fool when he opens his mouth.
  2. 29ttttttt Offline 29ttttttt
    29ttttttt (29tttttttt) 12 August 2022 11: 24
    Will the money taken for the visa application be returned?
  3. Vova Zhelyabov Offline Vova Zhelyabov
    Vova Zhelyabov (Vova Zhelyabov) 12 August 2022 16: 54
    How will Germany close Schengen to Russians if only fifty-six out of one and a half thousand German firms, companies and concerns that have production in Russia have curtailed their activities?
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 12 August 2022 17: 16
    Ah, it's all nonsense.
    Officials, oligarchs, directors and bosses both rolled over the hill and ride. They pressed only the most promoted.

    As they brought new types of crowns to Moscow without quarantine, they bring them ...
    1. Vova Zhelyabov Offline Vova Zhelyabov
      Vova Zhelyabov (Vova Zhelyabov) 12 August 2022 17: 26
      For the last thirty years they have only been taken out of Moscow.
  5. opportunist Offline opportunist
    opportunist (dim) 12 August 2022 18: 50
    I recommend this book to anyone who is currently on vacation. read about the causes of the emergence of fascism in Europe during the capitalist economic crisis in Europe in the 1930s and compare them with the political and social situation in Ukraine today.
  6. zuuukoo Offline zuuukoo
    zuuukoo (Sergei) 12 August 2022 18: 58
    The meaning of the "Iron Curtain" is not to prohibit the "golden youth" from shopping in Milan and relaxing on the Cote d'Azur.
    The travel ban is another way of interrupting cultural exchange and information. It all started before its own with the prohibitions of "ru" radio and TV. It continued with the fact that Google / meta began a total sweep of all "alternative" accounts.
    They need the transformation of the Russian Federation into another North Korea. And about North Korea, you can compose any dirty lies and nonsense - the layman will believe because there are no adequate sources of information.
    Same here. Remember at the beginning there were stories about "wild Russians" stealing toilets? Then everyone just freaked out. Then.
    But wait at least 2-4 years of cultural isolation and the German burghers will believe the articles that Russians paint their cheeks with beets and eat Ukrainian babies.