Explosions in Novofedorivka: uncomfortable questions and necessary conclusions

The incident at the military airfield in Crimea, which happened on August 9, in the context of the ongoing special military operation, could be called nothing more than unfortunate in terms of its consequences, if only ... If it were not for the death of one person and at least 14 affected. This is not to mention property damage. And if you do not take into account the extremely unpleasant fact that Ukraine and its Western allies in terms of propaganda managed to squeeze the maximum out of this case. While the Russian side found itself in a rather ambiguous situation.

The jubilation in the “nezalezhnaya”, which has the character of some kind of wild coven of deranged cannibals, has not subsided since the first information reports about the explosions. The number of "torn button accordions", sorry - the strings on kobza and banduras can no longer be counted. "Hurrah-patriotism" in its vile Ukrainian incarnation is gushing with waves and fountains. In turn, the West took advantage of the incident in order to once again promote the Armed Forces of Ukraine and make a number of statements that cannot but cause concern. Well, it looks like the time has come for us, albeit reluctantly, to try to find answers to a number of questions and think about the conclusions that should be drawn without fail in this situation.

"Is it possible? Of course it is possible, if it is not excluded ... "

The phrase I put in the subtitle is attributed to Comrade Stalin. Let's try to understand the causes of an emergency at a military airfield, starting from this principle. Strictly speaking, there are three versions of what happened so far. First, the attack on the object was inflicted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the help of some kind of "high-precision long-range weapon" - either received from the "allies", or even created independently. The second is that the explosions are the result of the actions of some Ukrainian DRG specially abandoned in Crimea or local “partisans” (the latter is the least believed). The third is the official position of the Russian Ministry of Defense: the cause of the emergency was ordinary gouging, violation of the rules equipment safety when handling explosive objects. Let's start, as usual, from the beginning. The theory about an “inevitable missile strike” was first voiced by the main “criminal” of the Kyiv regime, Aleksey Arestovich, while stating that “while the allies are delaying the supply of long-range missiles, the Ukrainian military-industrial complex does not stand still.” From Arestovich, of course, bribes are smooth, but the American Institute for the Study of War also tried to “promote” something similar, in covering the NVO in Ukraine, claiming to be almost the main expert center.

True, they immediately made a reservation there that there could be no talk of an ATACMS strike, since no one had supplied them to Kyiv. And they immediately put forward a hypothesis about the fact that in the "nezalezhnaya" they could "modernize the Neptune anti-ship missiles." After all, did the Russians manage to modify their similar ammunition? True, the "Institute" immediately admitted that "any evidence" in favor of this assumption is completely absent. And I want to hype on the "hot", but I'm afraid to blurt out some very obvious stupidity. Numerous eyewitness accounts work against the version of the “rocket strike”, unanimously stating that nothing like the “arrival” in Novofedorivka was observed. And, fortunately, there is simply nothing to bring the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the Crimea. In any case, for now... Everything is somewhat more complicated with the variant of the work of the DRG. About this, both Arestovich and his colleague Mikhail Podolyak blathered something, who began to rant about the fact that “the demilitarization of Crimea” was taking place and “everything was just beginning.” Literally, he said the following:

Could it be someone from the guerrilla movement that is gaining momentum? Of course, because the people who lived in the occupation understand that the time of the occupation is ending and you need to show your position. This is because the return of the Crimea must be.

Tellingly, the version of the sabotage was very willingly supported by such significant American "mouthpieces" as The New York Times and Washington Post. The first edition did not go into much detail - they say "explosions at the airfield are the work of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, period." But the second cited the words of a certain “representative of the American government”, who claims that the terrorist attack in Novofedorivka was carried out by no “partisans”, but specifically by the Ukrainian SOF. This “message”, by the way, was immediately picked up in the “nezalezhnaya” itself and began to recall how none other than the current head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense Kirill Budanov went to Crimea with a sabotage raid back in 2016. A sickly attempt at PR for this figure - with obvious signs of debility, like all Ukrainian propaganda (because it contains a confession in a specific crime committed by a high-ranking official), but "ringing". Alas, the possibility that the state of emergency is indeed a sabotage cannot be ruled out in any case. First, there are indeed relevant precedents. Secondly, the numerous references of eyewitnesses to the fact that the explosions occurred simultaneously in several places are alarming, which is somehow not very similar to “violation of fire safety rules”. Thirdly, what happened painfully “happily coincided” with the “day of indigenous peoples” celebrated by Kyiv, the most important of which are the Crimean Tatars. Irina Vereshchuk, a quarrelsome aunt with an insane position of “Minister for the Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine”, who gloated over the explosions, was not slow to remind of this. Maybe? Alas, yes. For it is not excluded.

Jackals yelp, hyenas laugh

I deliberately leave out the third, official interpretation of events. Here, perhaps, one should wait at least for the preliminary conclusions of an authoritative commission, which was probably immediately created to investigate the incident and its causes. And even better - the final verdict of the relevant competent authorities. In any case, as mentioned above, there are questions to this version. One thing is clear - in the West they unanimously declare complete distrust of her. The same "Institute of War" claims that the Russian side in any case will categorically deny Ukraine's involvement in the explosions, "because such strikes would demonstrate the ineffectiveness of Russian air defense systems." And British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace deigned to scoff at this issue, saying that "this clearly does not happen from a thrown cigarette butt", specifying that London "definitely does not consider Russia's explanations plausible." However, he also denies the possibility that the strike was delivered by missiles “delivered from the West”. In any case, Wallace primarily used the topic of the Novofedorovka bombings as an excuse to claim that “the Russian military airbase in Crimea is a perfectly legitimate target for the Ukrainian military.” This is about the, let's say, different interpretation by Moscow and the West of the concept of delivering strikes on the territory of Russia ...

And now it's time to move on to the topic of the reaction of representatives of this very West to the event that serves as the topic of our conversation. I have already voiced the position of Britain, now it is the turn of the United States. So far, only the speaker of the White House, Karine Jean-Pierre, has clearly expressed herself there, but her statements are very eloquent. To a direct question from a journalist about whether the United States considers Crimea a legitimate target for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, to which the Pentagon provided weapons, this lady replied that “we support Ukraine’s efforts to protect its sovereignty and its territorial integrity, as we have said many times, which means we will continue support Ukraine in their fight for their freedom, in their fight for their sovereignty against the brutal attack from Russia.” It is up to you, but these ornate words can be deciphered in such a way that arms deliveries from overseas will not stop, no matter what the Ukronazis do and no matter what objects (including on Russian territory) become targets for their attacks. It is impossible to see any other meaning here, even with a strong desire. And this, of course, worries, because each such statement once again convinces the Kyiv regime of the complete connivance of the “allies” and pushes them to new crimes.

By the way, in Ukraine itself, the explosions in Novofedorivka, in addition to misanthropic enthusiasm, causing uncontrollable vomiting, also provoked a wave of extremely militant statements. An unhealthy revival has gripped everyone: various politicians - from long-term "released" to fully operational, "military experts", journalists and "media people". All of them today are screaming with one voice that in Crimea (in Russia in general) it is necessary to “beat, beat and beat”, sparing no one and nothing. The most obsessed in their appeals even reach ideas about the fact that it would be time to “hit” Belarus as well. All this infernal madness is fueled by propaganda stuffing of the most disgusting kind - like the reports of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that the enemy allegedly “lost at least 9 aircraft” on August 9th. "Reinforcing" this nonsense is a bad quality video lasting a few seconds, in which people with a very developed imagination can see the wreckage of some aircraft at some airfield. It is clear that this is presented as "the consequences of a strike on Novofedorovka." There are those who believe and expect new, even more impressive "paramogs" from "zahysnyk". It is not at all surprising that it was on this wave of general rage that Podolyak and Zelensky himself suddenly spoke sharply about the “de-occupation of Crimea” as the ultimate goal of military operations and a condition for peace negotiations.

Well, and, in fact, about the conclusions... Paradoxical as it sounds, but, by and large, it is not so important whether the cause of the emergency was a "bull" thrown in the wrong place or a Ukrainian saboteur who penetrated the most important military facility. Both that, and another is the most severe, absolutely inadmissible in present conditions (yes, actually - under any circumstances) "puncture". Those who are responsible for preventing this should shake off their slackness and finally understand that there is a war going on. Moreover, a war with an enemy who does not choose means at all and is ready for absolutely anything. Each such mistake will cost Russia more and more - in terms of both material and human losses, as well as image losses. Nothing like this should ever happen again under any circumstances. This, in fact, is the main conclusion from what happened. The rest will apply.
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  1. vdr5 Offline vdr5
    vdr5 (Elephant) 11 August 2022 09: 51
    As it is customary to broadcast, the propagandists had several claps due to the negligence of the staff)) Propagandists generally believe that they are broadcasting to a stupid herd that eats everything without question. They are not embarrassed that BDKs, cruisers, warships of ammunition and fuels and lubricants are destroyed by such cottons, the community eats, therefore they will continue to feed. 3 Su-30SMs, 5 Su-24s, 4 warehouses, DRGs, missiles, it doesn’t matter - high-class specialists do this, that’s a fact. Well, of course, this is negligence, and therefore there will be a lot of similar claps, perhaps there will be such claps that will change the course of the company.
    1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
      k7k8 (vic) 11 August 2022 10: 19
      Quote from vdr5
      3 Su-30SM, 5 Su-24, 4 depots

      Why is it so small and small? They could have squealed about a greater victory. All the same, you can’t check either you or the RF Ministry of Defense (although there will be more trust in the RF Ministry of Defense).
      1. Adler77 Offline Adler77
        Adler77 (Denis) 11 August 2022 11: 07
        There are already photos and indeed there are even more aircraft losses.
        1. syndicalist Offline syndicalist
          syndicalist (Dimon) 12 August 2022 06: 48
          Almost all commentators pretend that there are no reliable sources of information other than official ones. As if citizens cannot go to Google / Yandex maps and compare them with numerous pictures of the consequences. You look and then you wouldn’t have to supplement the official version with “clarifications” about three simultaneously “smoking” techniques.
          1. vkfriendly Offline vkfriendly
            vkfriendly (Vladimir) 12 August 2022 15: 04
            So funny - what does Google and Yandex maps provide you with in real time? Google maps are already several years old, as are Yandex maps. They are updated only in those places that were hidden by clouds or at night, and they have been updated a long time ago. I sold the bus about 8 years ago, and it still stands on Google maps near my garage.
      2. Ivan Malov Offline Ivan Malov
        Ivan Malov (Ivan Malov) 12 August 2022 09: 35
        Jews in Kyiv, Jews in Moscow, but Russians kill Russians. That's all you need to know and understand.
        1. monarchist Offline monarchist
          monarchist (Foma) 12 August 2022 17: 18
          Quote: Ivan Malov
          Jews in Kyiv, Jews in Moscow, but Russians kill Russians

          bej Abramowiczej spasaj Rossju horoszyj ukr ​​200 sotnyj ukr
    2. rotkiv04 Online rotkiv04
      rotkiv04 (Victor) 11 August 2022 14: 58
      The most shameful thing is not even this, but the fact that the Defense Ministry of the outskirts began to openly troll the Kremlin strategists and published recommendations, literally - "we recommend to respected Russian guests not to visit the Ukrainian Crimea." They survived with their co-operation and gestures of goodwill, a disgrace and certainly complete lack of will
      1. Dingo Offline Dingo
        Dingo (Victor) 11 August 2022 18: 25
        Namesake, I already said on the VO branch that the most "unsinkable" in all "Chi Fleet-Chi no" is its commander ... "Moscow", a strike on headquarters, an airfield ... What else needs to be done for him to, in at best, go to serve as a midshipman in the Arctic? Let the entire base of the "Chi Fleet" entrusted to him be bombed? Or will someone seriously take the miserable babble of the "MO commission" about the "bull" thrown by the sailor past the urn? "Parquet generals" are not only in Moscow, in the "Kremlin military district" ... There are also "admirals" in Sevastopol ...
        1. Indifferent Offline Indifferent
          Indifferent 11 August 2022 19: 26
          Since the Soviet times, only majors have served in the Black Sea Fleet. Everyone wants to go to resort towns, instead of Bechevinok and Gremikh. Here is the result! And why is Putin silent question? He always keeps the leaders to the last. This is the style of work. If I were in his place, after "Moscow" I would have dispersed the entire headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet and without a pension !!!
      2. Himalayan Offline Himalayan
        Himalayan 12 August 2022 11: 43
        A normal military man, for this, would de-energize the center of Kyiv in such heat and block the water intake.
      3. vkfriendly Offline vkfriendly
        vkfriendly (Vladimir) 12 August 2022 15: 12
        Are you suggesting that we stoop to their level and bark at everyone who is against us like a loose dog? So besides these ghouls, there are still other countries and peoples, and they understand them more, hu from hu. On the world stage, one must behave decently and with dignity, and not carry a blizzard and snap back. But it is necessary to answer with deeds, so that it would not seem a little. So that they would rush from the kuev without looking back towards the border and all these scum like the zelebobik, arrestovich and similar jackals forgot the road.
        1. monarchist Offline monarchist
          monarchist (Foma) 12 August 2022 17: 33
          mogucze RF nedostojno szczitatsa z mnenem zarubeznych SMI prawitelstw i naselenja Izrael krohotnyj on genocid palestincow delajet a na zarubeznoje mnenja i kritiku jemu naplewat natech ktoroje ich obizajut u ERETZ IZRAEL killery Mossada eto uszemlajet moje patriotyczne czustwa szto u Ewrejow bolsze faberge czem u Russkich u kotorich Sarmat i hiperzwuk eto postydno
    3. Victorio Offline Victorio
      Victorio (Victorio) 12 August 2022 10: 23
      Quote from vdr5
      change the course of the company

      secret becomes clear?
  2. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
    Krapilin (Victor) 11 August 2022 10: 11
    If "in Ukraine", apart from enthusiastic applause about the explosions in Novofedorivka, there are no awards for specific "heroes" for "manifested heroism", then it is quite possible that the "cigarette butt in the warehouse" was planted by a NATO or American DRG, which worked completely autonomously from the command vsu.
    In this case - again, it is up to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation - why don't ours "plant a cigarette butt" in a warehouse somewhere in Germany?
  3. Ion Offline Ion
    Ion (Popescu Ion) 11 August 2022 10: 16
    While the author discusses the semantics, satellite images after the attack are already available.

    1. kot711 Offline kot711
      kot711 (vov) 11 August 2022 10: 24
      Where are you being taken? What planes are in the pictures?
      1. Adler77 Offline Adler77
        Adler77 (Denis) 11 August 2022 11: 08
        Su-24 and Su-30, what are your versions?
  4. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 11 August 2022 11: 09
    I repeat. The longer the SVO continues, the more the mediocrity of the authorities will be visible. And so that now they don’t tell everyone it’s clear that they messed it up to the fullest. Any option speaks of mediocrity leadership.

    the nature of some wild coven of deranged cannibals

    Everyone knows and understands the mentality of these devils. But why does our government not use and apply these base qualities in its own interests?

    And why not use bribery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the territorial defense? I understand the Nazis, they don’t even need to be taken prisoner, but most will sell out, I’m sure. Offer the military to surrender and surrender settlements without a fight, not for $20-30 thousand per person, but for 100-200 million rubles? It will still be cheaper for us. Then, after the liberation, we still need to restore and rebuild everything that was destroyed! And it's much more expensive. And so, our rubles are in our banks and let them restore themselves. How many lives will be saved? Set a million dollar reward for the heads of the leadership, commanders, and the same Zelensky, and let them walk and look around !! I'm sure the war would have ended long ago or most of Ukraine would have been under our control. Remember how the United States acted in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya, etc.? This scheme works everywhere!
    1. rotkiv04 Online rotkiv04
      rotkiv04 (Victor) 11 August 2022 11: 19
      Well, you also said a million for Zelensky, and with whom then will Putin sign a peace treaty, Lavrov immediately said that they were not going to change power, there is a very cunning HPP
    2. Michael L. Offline Michael L.
      Michael L. 11 August 2022 11: 42
      It was A.S. Pushkin in "The Captain's Daughter" at the military council in Orenburg that followed the proposal "to fight not offensively or defensively, but move suborningly" (in relation to E. Pugachev).
      History did not know anything of the kind, but if Russia takes advantage of such an "offer", then the collective West will have much greater financial resources...
      1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
        steelmaker 11 August 2022 12: 00
        the collective West has much greater financial resources...

        So it is in Russia and works to its fullest! Or is someone going to demolish the EBN center? Or is someone going to restore mechanical engineering and machine tool building? Or is someone going to curtail liberal reforms? Or were Chubais and his ilk put on bunk beds? Or was Gorbachev's pension cancelled? Or has Russia stopped funding the fascist regime in Ukraine? Etc. Well, and where the finances of the West do not work to weaken Russia?
        1. Michael L. Offline Michael L.
          Michael L. 11 August 2022 12: 13
          According to your tendentiously selected facts: President of Russia V. Putin is an agent of the West, and at the same time "a non-commissioned officer's widow who flogged herself."
          Doesn't fit!
          1. aslanxnumx Offline aslanxnumx
            aslanxnumx (Aslan) 11 August 2022 12: 41
            You yourself answered
          2. syndicalist Offline syndicalist
            syndicalist (Dimon) 12 August 2022 06: 53
            As for the "West" will not agree very many. More plausible to them is the option with China, which so far pretends that everything that happens lies outside its main interests.
        2. monarchist Offline monarchist
          monarchist (Foma) 12 August 2022 17: 38
          gorbaczew ziw eto prestupna halatnost emu prigowor i wiselica na etom meste gde wlasowa weszali
      2. Dingo Offline Dingo
        Dingo (Victor) 11 August 2022 18: 33
        ...or already? 320 "lard" was sent by an intern-scholarship student of Yale University to her owners - and nothing ... Works ... The question is - for whom?
  5. Neville Stator Offline Neville Stator
    Neville Stator (Neville Stator) 11 August 2022 12: 00
    Bring back Stalinist methods and execute those responsible for this mess to fight incompetence and laxity.
    1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
      k7k8 (vic) 11 August 2022 13: 55
      Have you already grown the treasury?
    2. Hot Dyusha Offline Hot Dyusha
      Hot Dyusha (Dyusha) 11 August 2022 20: 20
      By the way, in the Donbass, at the age of 16, this is exactly how they fought with jambs. He screwed up, they shot him on the spot. I fell asleep on guard duty, found drunk or under something, top that one and that's it. And I will say it worked.
  6. Warehouses blown up. Simultaneously. Most likely, this was done by people from the airfield servants bribed by the enemy.
    1. art573 Offline art573
      art573 (Artyom Vladimirovich Yarovikov) 11 August 2022 19: 57
      local crests who received Russian citizenship and work in the Crimea. In general, for this, a prison on the grounds of the crime of "terrorism", up to life or 25 years in a strict zone
    2. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 12 August 2022 01: 23
      Most likely, this was done by people from the airfield servants bribed by the enemy.

      Not necessary. There are settlements around. Launch a small UAV (as in Sevastopol) and drop a small IED on ammunition prepared for installation on aircraft. It's not a problem at all and you don't need to bribe anyone.
    3. Masha Sokolova Offline Masha Sokolova
      Masha Sokolova (Masha Sokolova) 13 August 2022 15: 41
      Well, yes ... like you. You can betray and in your opinion everyone can do it?
  7. Vladimir Khrebtov (Vladimir Khrebtov) 11 August 2022 12: 29
    The airfield attendants should not be from local "patriots" The experience of the Second World War is completely lost.
    1. aslanxnumx Offline aslanxnumx
      aslanxnumx (Aslan) 11 August 2022 12: 46
      The current leadership has one experience - to cut the budget. Previously, our leadership’s eggs sagged for normal work, now the burden of family worries interferes - you won’t go abroad, real estate and accounts have been blocked, then the wife has eaten a bald spot, and he still has to work.
  8. Ingvar7 Offline Ingvar7
    Ingvar7 (Ingvar Miller) 11 August 2022 13: 04
    Such a footcloth - and completely empty!
  9. zuuukoo Offline zuuukoo
    zuuukoo (Sergei) 11 August 2022 13: 09
    In fact, there were no simultaneous explosions.
    The smoke after the first explosion and the second explosion were recorded (it is obvious that the camera was turned on after the first explosion and the second one hit it). 100% the second explosion was already a consequence of the scattering of fragments from the first.
    Rockets are bullshit. There would be air defense strikes.
    A small copter would be seen by eyewitnesses (it flies slowly, and must descend low to be hit by a grenade in a glass).
    Mortar 120 mm from the DRG or sloppiness are likely.
    It’s not easy to aim a mortar even if you know the coordinates and it’s extremely pale. Not to mention the fact that SUCH a victory of 99,9% would have been removed and posted on YouTube. By the way, I won’t be surprised if they are already urgently filming :)))
    But the possibility of DRG is.

    But for me, sloppiness / bad luck is much more likely. This is not the first "bullshit" in history for these reasons, and certainly not the last (the state of emergency due to bad luck / slovenliness has been and will be always and everywhere).

    As for Konashenkov.
    He just says what he was ordered to say. He is a lightning rod (as, by the way, Peskov).
    And for his salary, I wouldn't mind being a lightning rod either.
    1. Masha Sokolova Offline Masha Sokolova
      Masha Sokolova (Masha Sokolova) 11 August 2022 22: 18
      Well, yes .... they would have seen the copter, now. They didn’t see it at the fleet headquarters, which is in full view, but here there are trees, houses, etc. ... And they should have seen it? They promised us for eight years that we were safe ... in fact, no
    2. wladimirjankov Offline wladimirjankov
      wladimirjankov (Vladimir Yankov) 11 August 2022 23: 04
      who can see a small copter there at night.
      1. Masha Sokolova Offline Masha Sokolova
        Masha Sokolova (Masha Sokolova) 13 August 2022 15: 42
        Are you normal? What date 15,20 was the night in the Crimea????
    3. syndicalist Offline syndicalist
      syndicalist (Dimon) 12 August 2022 07: 03
      If this were the case, then the ammunition in neighboring caponiers would detonate first of all. The pictures also show that the funnels are located far from each other. Moreover, in such a way that any saboteur, planning such an action, would use just such an arrangement of points for a strike.
  10. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
    Pat Rick 11 August 2022 13: 13
    "Is it possible? Of course it is possible, if it is not excluded ... "
    The phrase I put in the subtitle is attributed to Comrade Stalin.

    A lot of things are attributed to this comrade, but the authorship of this pearl aroused a certain interest in me, generated by very big doubts.
    Karochi, postscripts.

    Regarding the topic. Another comrade, no less famous than the first, is credited with the phrase that one never lies so much as before elections, during the war and after the hunt. I believe that on the basis of what official channels report, no conclusions can be drawn at all due to insufficient information. You can only unconditionally believe or not believe the messages of official channels. However, life goes on, new interesting things happen, the old is forgotten, and what really happened there is no longer needed and of little interest to anyone.
  11. Max Inquisitive Offline Max Inquisitive
    Max Inquisitive (Max Curious) 11 August 2022 13: 24
    Quickly take pictures, taking into account the fact that they have not been able to provide pictures of the downed MH-17 for 8 years.
  12. Kade_t Offline Kade_t
    Kade_t (Igor) 11 August 2022 13: 27
    This is not a rocket or negligence, it is very similar to sabotage, they could have lifted a drone with ammunition from the trunk of a car and aimed it at the ammunition depot or fuel and lubricants, it is very similar, it cannot be detected at such a height, the penetration of living saboteurs is hard to believe, although .. ..
    1. Dingo Offline Dingo
      Dingo (Victor) 11 August 2022 18: 38
      Does the recent strike on the headquarters remind you of anything?
  13. zuuukoo Offline zuuukoo
    zuuukoo (Sergei) 11 August 2022 13: 43
    Quote: Max Curious
    Quickly take pictures, taking into account the fact that they have not been able to provide pictures of the downed MH-17 for 8 years.

    "Snapshots" are taken there constantly during each passage of the satellite. I assure you, there are "snapshots" for August 2 and June 2, etc.
    So the presence of pictures only means that all our bases are "under the hood".
    That has long been no secret to anyone.
    1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
      k7k8 (vic) 11 August 2022 14: 01
      Quote from: zuuukoo
      So the presence of pictures only means that all our bases are "under the hood".

      Does this somehow justify the lack of pictures on MH-17? For me, it rather confirms that these pictures are there, but "not about our honor"
  14. zuuukoo Offline zuuukoo
    zuuukoo (Sergei) 11 August 2022 13: 48
    Quote: Kade_t
    could lift a drone with ammunition from the trunk of a car and point it at the ammunition depot or fuel and lubricants

    Could. But the drone flies pretty low and slow. Someone would have seen it. And there would have been witnesses (at least base employees who dived "into the cellars" when they saw the drone approaching).
    Fick knows of course.
    But, IMHO, if it's a sabotage, a 120mm mortar is more likely.
    IMHO, more like sloppiness/bad luck.
    1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
      k7k8 (vic) 11 August 2022 14: 04
      Quote from: zuuukoo
      more like slovenliness/bad luck.

      You can put forward another version - a banal theft. Suffice it to recall the fact that usually warehouses with weapons burn right before the inventory.
  15. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) 11 August 2022 13: 54
    The commissar's answer to Katukov's question, how does he raise the morale of the soldiers? - I tell them the truth. We are not a country of idiots. People deserve the truth.
  16. monarchist Offline monarchist
    monarchist (Foma) 11 August 2022 14: 30
    wsech winowatych nemedlenno kaznit po mojemu krimske tatary 5 kolonna bezrazliczno na kogo rabotajut jch nado nemedlenno wyselit naprimer naTajmyr or w Werhojanskij ujezd ukrom otomstit nado zestoko
    1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
      k7k8 (vic) 11 August 2022 17: 36
      Has the treasury grown? Another monarch-executor without a penny in his pocket.
      1. Dingo Offline Dingo
        Dingo (Victor) 11 August 2022 18: 43
        and in your pocket, you see, there are a lot of pennies ... Did you collect on the porch or by "honest" theft?
        1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
          k7k8 (vic) 11 August 2022 19: 35
          Dear, you have speculation, but I have facts - this so-called. the monarchist does not even have a euroruble in his soul to buy stickers with Russian letters for the keyboard.
          And yes, you are right, I earn honest work. And besides, remind me, please, when you and I drank brotherhood?
          1. The comment was deleted.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  17. Vox Populi Offline Vox Populi
    Vox Populi (vox populi) 11 August 2022 14: 39
    By the way, in Ukraine itself, the explosions in Novofedorivka, in addition to misanthropic enthusiasm, causing uncontrollable vomiting, also provoked a wave of extremely militant statements.

    You might think that we are different in similar situations on the "other" side ...
  18. InanRom Offline InanRom
    InanRom (Ivan) 11 August 2022 16: 02
    What are the conclusions?...

    10.15 Governor of the Kursk region: Ukraine is shelling the border villages of Tetkino and Popovo-Lezhachi.


    9.50 am Three Russian border guards were wounded as a result of mortar shelling of their positions in the Glushkovsky district of the Kursk region - media.

    10.10 Russian air defense forces repelled another attack on the area of ​​the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, during which missiles and UAVs were used, enemy firing positions are suppressed - the authorities of the region. Earlier, the leadership of the Ukrainian "Energoatom" approved the shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, calling them "the right decision."

    15.00 There are no settlements of the Kursk region affected after the shelling by Ukraine, in the village of Popovo-Lezhachi, civilian objects, agricultural machinery and personal cars were damaged - governor.

    it’s somehow uncomfortable to talk about “decision centers and attacks on them”, the topic has quietly slipped from the horizon ... all the bosses of the Kyiv regime are alive and well, and the Ukronazis are hitting the Donbass, nuclear power plants and Russia ...

    meanwhile, while the Russian army and the people's militias are heroically fighting on the fronts of the NMD:

    11.30 Vessels with grain from Ukraine go not to countries in need, but to the West, which casts doubt on the sincerity of theses about the problem with food - Russian Foreign Ministry.

    what a naive Foreign Ministry ... he did not know that it would be so ....

    12.10 The Russian Foreign Ministry called the calls of a number of countries to stop issuing Schengen visas to Russians as an open manifestation of chauvinism.

    what a "pressing" problem ... the majority of the population of Russia (WHICH DOES NOT and NEVER HAD AN OPPORTUNITY AND DOES NOT GO ANYWHERE), apparently, according to the Foreign Ministry, sleeps and sees himself in Europe, among his mansions, accounts and families, and does not live maybe without boutiques and euroshopping?! Particularly touching concern in the light of the confrontation with the same West.

    and yet another wave of air:

    14.50 Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova:
    “The Saeima of Latvia has declared Russia a ‘state sponsor of terrorism’. News? No. Already commented. Considering that there is no texture, except for animal xenophobia, under this decision, it is necessary to call ideologues nothing more than neo-Nazis.”

    when the monuments to Soviet soldiers-liberators were demolished there and the SS leftovers began to march, and the veterans were imprisoned - something didn’t really twitch at all ?! How about "other"?
    and once again "Chinese times":

    May 14.05 Senator Klishas in response to the decision of the Latvian Seimas to recognize Russia as a state supporting terrorism:
    “The toughest measures must be taken, both economic and political [in relation to Latvia]

    something no measures are visible at all ... again, only words.

    in general, the number of "uncomfortable questions" is growing, and official "like answers" play into the hands of our enemies with their helplessness and uselessness at best, or at worst idiocy, loss of authority in the eyes of the population + actions aimed as if at a special creation of a "Maidan" situation in the country. Fifth column in action..

    but someone continues to "cut the branch on which he sits":

    “There is a rather alarming situation in terms of social sentiment. The formed “fork” between negative assessments of the personal situation and relatively positive assessments of the future personal situation and the situation in the country can lead to a sharp increase in social tension in the medium term in the event of unfulfilled expectations of the population, which now, in essence, provides a large credit of trust to the authorities,” — noted in a study by the Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-Term Forecasting (CMASF)

    To put it simply: people are still patient, hoping for the future, but this patience is already running out. The credit of trust that the Russian people gave the Kremlin in the spring turned into only new problems for their families, and soon the authorities will have to answer.

    “In fact, public opinion in the country has been replaced by propaganda, in which there are a lot of harsh and loud words, but little meaningful content and strategic meanings. However, the main thing is different: society does not feel like a beneficiary of geopolitical changes, even if they are triumphant, therefore, the general indifference and detachment in matters of a holy war against the West will continue to increase,” explains political scientist Dmitry Mikhailichenko.

    all the economic reforms promised in the spring have remained empty words. The officials talked about economic sovereignty and reindustrialization, encouraged the people, and calmed down on this. Meanwhile, the decline in the Russian economy does not stop, on the contrary, it is on the rise. According to the Center for Strategic Initiatives, unemployment will double in 16 regions of the country, and 53 times in XNUMX regions.

    “From year to year, against the backdrop of a weak ruble and noticeable inflation, housing and communal services continue to rise in price, and citizens' incomes do not keep pace with new utility rates. For example, the owners of a small apartment in a large Russian city spend an average of 5000 to 8000 rubles a month on utility bills. The amount is rather big, taking into account the median salary in the country of 35 thousand rubles, ”says Andrey Loboda, an economist at BitRiver.

    And this is not all. Salary cuts, transfer of employees to part-time employment, as well as other "kroilovo" are predicted. As you might guess, the population will have even less money to pay for housing and communal services. And if management companies begin to turn off heating, water, gas and electricity for people for debts, this may result in spontaneous protests that will gain momentum as the financial situation of citizens further deteriorates. And it, as you might guess, will not improve.
    There are no conditions for the opposite, business entities are placed in an extremely difficult situation, and it is clearly artificial. Financing of the industry has been completely stopped, there are no measures to support domestic producers, and there are no plans for the comprehensive development of the country either. There is a rapid extinction of still operating enterprises, and no one is going to save them.
    According to a number of forecasts, the debt of citizens of the Russian Federation for housing and communal services may reach a trillion rubles as early as late 2022 - early 2023.

    “Now the country is choking on money, there has never been such a colossal influx of export foreign exchange earnings in Russia. $158 billion is a surplus in foreign trade in goods and services. During the year, the jump occurred more than three and a half times. The same thing happens with the current account surplus. Plus, the budget surplus is more than a trillion rubles. It is clear where the money is concentrated - this is gas, coal exports, the agricultural industry, fertilizer, metallurgy. On the other hand, their situation will also worsen by the end of the year, because physical deliveries are declining, ”warns economist Vladislav Zhukovsky, a member of the Stolypin Club presidium.

    Enormous money that is again accumulating in foreign accounts and waiting for the Westerners to arrest them. Nothing is invested in industry, jobs are not created, technologies are not developed. At the same time, people have nothing to pay for heating and light, and they have to save on food. Man-made collapse scenario.

    The fifth column is in action ... and it seems that no one has drawn conclusions for so many months and is not going to? ..
    and then .. explosions .. this is "another" ..
    1. Hot Dyusha Offline Hot Dyusha
      Hot Dyusha (Dyusha) 11 August 2022 20: 28
      Oh well, lie then ... most of the population does not have the opportunity to leave. And then 80% of residents of large cities do not ride abroad on vacation. Storyteller
    2. Vox Populi Offline Vox Populi
      Vox Populi (vox populi) 12 August 2022 18: 50
      As an illustration to the dispute (RBC):

      More than half of Russians (69%) have never gone on vacation abroad, follows from the results of a survey by the Public Opinion Foundation (FOM). At the same time, only 2% of respondents reported that they were abroad less than a year ago, 6% - up to three years ago.
      At the same time, 30% of respondents never went on vacation even outside their native region, 17% visited other regions ten or more years ago.
  19. Degrin Offline Degrin
    Degrin (Alexander) 11 August 2022 16: 15
    I have mine there, it serves as a cricket. He said that the usual gouging.
  20. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 11 August 2022 16: 19
    So the Ministry of Defense stated, it seems, that the planes and people are all intact, the ammunition suffered.

    No one was injured in the explosion. Aviation equipment at the airfield was not damaged, ”the military department said in a statement.

    So we need to figure out where fake photos and information come from.

    And that ammunition from time to time explodes by itself, as in the Czech Republic for example, it is well known.
    1. Benjamin Offline Benjamin
      Benjamin (Benjamin) 15 August 2022 15: 28
      They explode, but subject to the inspection of the ancient spiers by Petrov and Boshirov
  21. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 11 August 2022 18: 06
    At the same time, it is possible to blow up and set fire to 9 aircraft and an ammunition depot, spaced into bunded cells, only by sabotage. The time difference in seconds indicates the "clock" mechanism of detonation. Search among the personnel and those with access to the airfield, but the night work of the DRG is also possible. Regime control and vigilance with mandatory video surveillance around the clock, if possible, perimeters and main storage areas will somewhat increase security. And so it is at all airfields, large ammunition depots, etc. ... There are battles, enemy DRGs will always hit the most important points, especially on tips from NATO headquarters ...
    1. wladimirjankov Offline wladimirjankov
      wladimirjankov (Vladimir Yankov) 11 August 2022 22: 49
      bosses in the system and blaming certain people need a reason

      The foundation is the result of their work. For this result, they need to be imprisoned and driven out of the army.
  22. Vova Zhelyabov Offline Vova Zhelyabov
    Vova Zhelyabov (Vova Zhelyabov) 11 August 2022 18: 20
    In 2022, the Russian army has become as pacifist as the French in 1940. Fight to die? By no means, only volunteers and PMCs!
  23. Hot Dyusha Offline Hot Dyusha
    Hot Dyusha (Dyusha) 11 August 2022 20: 13
    And what conclusions of the commission can we expect? As for the cruiser, Moscow has already been waiting, but there are no results or conclusions. Like the submarine Kursk. And so, it exploded.
    1. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
      Pat Rick 12 August 2022 07: 38
      And what conclusions of the commission to expect?

      Are you waiting for something else? - Holy simplicity!
      When I was little, I had a kaleidoscope with multi-colored glass, and turning this tube, I did not expect anything, but only looked at combinations of glass. It's exactly the same here.
  24. 1_2 Offline 1_2
    1_2 (Ducks are flying) 11 August 2022 21: 19
    there could have been sabotage (a copter, a mortar) and sloppiness of the airfield employees (xs, maybe in nature the ammunition heated up and exploded in the sun), and a sabotage of a traitor who could set it on fire ... The SBU tried to buy a VKS pilot, maybe they were lucky .. they bought someone one of the locals, or of the airport workers, who believed that he would be paid a million)) and not slapped like a puppy on the other side. Konashenkov, of course, well done - "there are no losses" and could not be
  25. sacha1960 Offline sacha1960
    sacha1960 (Sasha Anton) 11 August 2022 22: 08
    I find it incredible how you can deny such an obvious reality. Rockets arrive and cause huge explosions and leave huge craters and massive destruction all around. Of course, no accident, no sabotage or drones, no other lies and nonsense.

    That they were not detected is surprising, except that they were cruise missiles that stick to the ground precisely to avoid detection.

    military watch store:

    If Ukraine received assistance from NATO member countries, which remains a significant possibility given the ongoing revelations of its active involvement in the Russo-Ukrainian war, the possibility that the country could develop an opposing missile for strategic strikes against Russian positions, instead of a ballistic missile, as suggested by some sources, upgrading an air-launched cruise missile such as the Kh-55 or Kh-58 to a ground-launched variant may be more likely, as Ukraine has inherited both classes of high-performance missiles. launch rockets when the Soviet Union collapsed.
  26. wladimirjankov Offline wladimirjankov
    wladimirjankov (Vladimir Yankov) 11 August 2022 22: 39
    A chain of events of the same order is traced. First, the large landing craft of Saratov, then the attack on the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet, now the airfield. Most likely, at the direction of the Security Council of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, local Bandera operators of small drones with a grenade, a mine or American kamikaze drones attached to them worked. This is quite enough to commit these diversions. considering what a mess is going on in the Black Sea Fleet, the poor organization of air defense and its extremely low efficiency in the fight against small, inconspicuous ARAVs. It is high time for Putin (even after the death of the cruiser Moscow) to draw organizational conclusions on the command of the Black Sea Fleet. It is impossible to endure and put up with mediocrity and bungling in this fleet. It could cost us even more. The admirals there don't seem to be willing or able to draw any conclusions. This means that this fleet will continue to be shamed and humiliated.
  27. Alexander Shlapak (Alexander Shlapak) 12 August 2022 02: 11
    Rest in Your kingdom, in love for You, all whose earthly path has ended: ... and all those who died during the special operation to defend Russia, return the West to its borders, cleanse the mother of Russian cities and hedgehogs with her, stop the humiliation of this part of the East. Save them! Forgive them voluntary and involuntary sins. And turn their hearts to You and feel bliss. And everyone for whom there is no one to pray for, also introduce into this Kingdom of heaven! Mother of God, we hope for your prayers!

    Our Heavenly Father! Father, glory be to Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven! Give us our daily bread for every day. And forgive us our sins, because we also forgive the sins of every debtor to us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.
  28. opportunist Offline opportunist
    opportunist (dim) 12 August 2022 03: 08
    Since 2014, British and American intelligence agencies have been training Ukrainian Nazis as saboteurs. Hundreds of Ukrainian saboteurs have died during the eight-year peace in Donetsk from mines while trying to cross the border of the People's Republic. This is not the only and not the last case.
  29. Sergey Kuzmin Offline Sergey Kuzmin
    Sergey Kuzmin (Sergei) 12 August 2022 07: 10
    Those who are responsible for preventing this should shake off their slackness and finally understand that there is a war going on. Moreover, a war with an enemy who does not choose means at all and is ready for absolutely anything. Each such mistake will cost Russia more and more - in terms of both material and human losses, as well as image losses. Nothing like this should ever happen again under any circumstances. This, in fact, is the main conclusion from what happened.

    A very correct conclusion! We need to talk about it directly - THE ENEMY IS Waging A REAL WAR AGAINST US! And we must respond to this adequately and with full force! Pound mercilessly with heavy aircraft and missiles in those territories from where the same Zaporozhye nuclear power plant is being shelled. Compare all possible shelters of military equipment of the Ukronazis within a radius of 100 km from the place where the nuclear power plant was fired from. And such a measure is justified, because, in the event of damage to the nuclear power plant, the catastrophe will be of the greatest scale!
  30. Moskal 55 Offline Moskal 55
    Moskal 55 12 August 2022 13: 29
    In order to reduce the likelihood of sabotage / gouging, you need to change. Stop being a society of qualified (and unqualified) consumers. And for this it is necessary to recognize perestroika, the collapse of the USSR and the social camp as an unforgivable mistake for some and a crime for others. And with this we have very big problems. Everyone has. It is very difficult to admit oneself a criminal, but it is not easier to admit oneself a fool and a sucker.
  31. monarchist Offline monarchist
    monarchist (Foma) 12 August 2022 17: 44
    Quote: Himalayan
    A normal military man, for this, would de-energize the center of Kyiv in such heat and block the water intake

    soglasen w dobawku kowrowa bombardirowka unicztozenje wsej ZD seti i betonobojnyj Kindzal porownenskoj AES pri wostocznym wetre wsja polsza pod radioaktywnnym opadom
  32. monarchist Offline monarchist
    monarchist (Foma) 12 August 2022 17: 52
    Quote: Alexander Shlapak
    And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one."

    nemedlenno w banderostan odpawit was wdolznosti missionera nadejus kakoj to rezultat poluczitsa ne znajupowezet wam w missji ili was kak muczennika kanonizujut Sana Swjatogo RPC wam iskrenno zelaju ja dla was lestnyj tak szto bolszenieispolnimo
  33. monarchist Offline monarchist
    monarchist (Foma) 12 August 2022 18: 02
    Quote: art573
    local crests

    akakij idjot ili wreditel ich za kolymu ne pereselil s uma soszli ili net iz czego
    sojti gde posmotrit 5 kolonnu widno 37-38 god horoszij primer eto neobhodimo
  34. monarchist Offline monarchist
    monarchist (Foma) 12 August 2022 18: 09
    Quote: Moskal 55
    Everyone has.

    dla menja net dlamenja katastrofoj i weliczajszym prestuplenem rewolucja 1917 i rozpad Ruskoj Imperrii rozpad ZSSR eto rozgrommne dokazatelstwo tego szto socjalisticznyj stroj neziznesposobnyja a komunizm ne ideologia a bredowa k utopia pokotinyalny=j Leninry
  35. Peace Peace. Offline Peace Peace.
    Peace Peace. (Tumar Tumar) 12 August 2022 20: 33
    Quote: Ivan Malov
    Jews in Kyiv, Jews in Moscow, but Russians kill Russians. That's all you need to know and understand.

    The only correct answer so far on this site.
  36. monarchist Offline monarchist
    monarchist (Foma) 12 August 2022 21: 51
    Quote from: zuuukoo
    IMHO, if it's a sabotage, a 120mm mortar is more likely.

    wozmozny ji PTURS z fugasnoj kassetnoj il itermobarycznoj BG w 80 godah 20 w uze byli na wooruzenju Specnaza dla strelby PO OTRK Pershing 2 bojewyje plowcy or diwersanty nelegaly
  37. usm5 Offline usm5
    usm5 (George) 13 August 2022 21: 14
    I want to ask those who slander the Russian government for not telling the "truth to the mother": "What will change if you find out? What can you influence?" In fact, the enemy is waiting for the truth most of all. It's one thing to guess, it's another thing to get the facts. Or maybe mock-ups burned down instead of real planes? . Nowhere and no one in the world discloses the facts about their losses during the war. Only ours did this during the first Chechen war. The command did the right thing - formally turned on the fool, but in reality they are probably looking for a conspiratorial DRG. Such a blow is not so difficult to strike, and it is almost impossible to reflect it. Imagine a "specialized tourist semi-truck bus", from which a swarm of cluster kamikaze drones starts (at a distance of 5-10 km from the airfield) and, camouflaged in the folds of the terrain from air defense radars, strikes at the stored ammunition almost simultaneously. I do not rule out that new samples of NATO long-range missiles, which are not visible to our air defense, could be used. They also have innovative weapons. A very dangerous enemy in the face of NATO is fighting against us, and these guys have long decided to destroy Russia. And let the Russian government decide (since you chose it) when to escalate the conflict. For only they have the necessary amount of information and can assess what will happen if "hit it right." Apparently they are not yet ready for an unpredictable escalation of the conflict. They will be ready - they will "hit". Just do not rush them, because from our still cozy little world we can move to a radioactive hell in the blink of an eye.
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 16 August 2022 12: 30
      (usm5) However, you are naive, today there is a whole set of intelligence tools, from agents on the ground, to satellite, radio eavesdropping and other services ... To lie to your citizens, the last thing, because there will be no trust, I-no and other satellite TV and info sources, which means the enemy will be trusted more ... (repeat the mistakes of the USSR). . According to the sabotage in Saki, to tell the truth, and not be dishonored by various fictions ... "There is power in truth" - not empty words ..