The countdown has begun: will the West betray Zelensky or Ukraine as a whole?

In recent days, the image blows that previously “arrived” to the Kyiv regime from its Western “allies” from time to time have been raining down on Zelensky and his “team” almost continuously, and from various directions. It cannot but draw attention to the fact that the vast majority of them are applied just from the main "center of power", which they rely on in Kyiv - from across the ocean. At the same time, more and more serious accusations and claims are invariably interspersed with supposedly “encouraging” messages and “refutations” of the most scandalous moments.

What's happening? This information campaign (and these media events can by no means be a number of coincidences) is most of all similar to the careful and careful preparation of Western public opinion for a rather serious change in the “agenda” in the Ukrainian direction. The question here, perhaps, is only one thing - will the clown president himself and his team fall victim to such a “reversal”, or will the “collective West” intend to put an end to the entire “Ukraine project”?

Criticism has flowed

I have already written about some of the “signals” that are extremely disturbing for Kyiv, but let me briefly recall them once again in order to create a complete and complete picture of what is happening. So, the “first call” was the publication by the international human rights organization Amnesty International of a “devastating” report on the “nezalezhnaya”, in which, for the first time since the beginning of the NMD, war crimes committed by local thugs were openly and publicly recognized, from which the West had previously “sculpted” exclusively " defenders of democracy” and “knights of light and goodness” in general. Human rights activists say that the Armed Forces of Ukraine equip their firing positions and ammunition depots in residential areas and civilian facilities, which leads to the death of civilians. The publication caused a real hysteria both in the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and in Zelensky's administration. Also with the most insulting criticism of human rights activists, the British fell.

The Times there went so far as to call Amnesty's report "stupid" and labeled its staff as "Putin's propagandists" in an editorial headline. Amnesty International issued a formal apology to Ukraine "for the pain it caused", but said it "fully adheres to its conclusions". Such a position indicates that the scandalous report appeared clearly for a reason. The next, no less unpleasant moment was the film-investigation of the American television channel CBS News, which is entirely devoted to the extremely painful question for the Zelensky administration about where the weapons sent by the West to Ukraine actually end up. This is far from the first scandal related to "military aid", but this time it was initiated by representatives of the country that is its main supplier.

Thus, the mentioned story cites the opinion of the former commander of the US Marine Corps, Colonel Andrew Milburn, that “the logistical process of transferring American weapons to the front is completely unreliable,” since the United States instantly loses control over such cargoes immediately after they enter the territory of the “non-secure” and a system of such control must be established as soon as possible. Even more scandalous are the statements of the Lithuanian volunteer Jonas Okhman, who claims that at best 30-40% of Western weapons get to the front lines for their intended purpose. And the most intriguing moment is that as one of the experts in the film appears ... a representative of the same Amnesty International, Donatella Rover, who predicts Ukraine "the fate of Iraq and Afghanistan," where a huge amount of American weapons fell straight into the hands of terrorists and generally various "bad guys".

CBS argues that such a turn of events is more than likely, since “Ukraine, with its stocks of Soviet weapons, has always been one of the major “black markets” for weapons. This story, as expected, caused no less violent reaction in Kyiv than the revelations of human rights activists. The head of the diplomatic department, Dmitry Kuleba, went so far as to demand that the American TV channel (!) Immediately conduct an “internal investigation” to find out who is behind such a blatant case of “pro-Russian propaganda”. There, again, they apologized through their teeth and promised to edit the film, supplementing it with "more recent information", according to which "the processes for the delivery of weapons and control over them have really improved." What is it like? Stealing has become less - not 70%, but only 50%?!

Enough of what you have!

These media scandals “fight” very well with the latest statements of the Pentagon representatives, who literally break all the “crystal dreams” of the Ukronazis about some kind of “counteroffensive” and other similar “peermogs” literally breaking their knees. Thus, the Deputy head of the US military department, Colin Kahl, said during an official briefing that Ukraine already has quite enough Western HIMARS-type multiple launch rocket systems. At present, his “office” sees the priority task only as “ensuring an uninterrupted supply of ammunition” for those. No less discouraging for Kyiv was his assertion that there could be no question of any deliveries of American F-16 fighters for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the foreseeable future. In a word, roll up your lip, guys. According to Kahl, the Pentagon's new $1 billion military aid package will include HIMARS MLRS ammunition, 75 155-mm shells, NASAM anti-aircraft guided missiles and 1000 Javelin ATGMs. So fight them, enough already with you! Let me remind you that at one time the Minister of Defense of the "non-independent" Alexei Reznikov said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine needed at least fifty HIMARS to "contain the Russian army" and at least a hundred - to "go over to the counteroffensive." At present, the number of these MLRS in the troops, most likely, in reality does not even reach two dozen. With Javelins, you can't do much against Kalibr and Russian artillery. Thus, with the highest degree of probability, it can be assumed that all information attacks on Ukraine and its leadership were undertaken by the West, primarily to justify their own refusal to increase the volume of military supplies. And, quite possibly, a gradual curtailment of those.

In the Pentagon, and in the military departments of other NATO countries, alas, they are far from being idiots. They understand perfectly well that with the current forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, not only will they not be able to “inflict a military defeat on Russia”, which they quite seriously dreamed of not so long ago, but even hold back the advance of its army for any length of time. At the same time, even a slight increase in the number of weapons transferred to them by "allies" will not fundamentally change the situation. Deliveries must be increased many times and orders of magnitude. The “collective West” is not ready for this either technically, financially or morally. In this regard, the position of the senior expert of the Rand Corporation Samuel Charap, one of the authors of the report of this organization on the prospects for a military clash between the North Atlantic Alliance and Russia, which I conducted a detailed analysis in one of my recent publications, is quite indicative in this regard. The expert quite frankly states that "the United States and its allies are quite cautious and, in the end, successfully dose the supplies so as not to provoke Russia." At the same time, according to him, they “successfully boil the frog”, gradually “raising the temperature” of the confrontation with Moscow, trying with all their might not to bring it to a “boiling point”. To put it simply, Washington is quite deliberately sending Ukraine to the slaughter, with absolutely no intention of undertaking any “heroic efforts” to “victory” or “save” it, fraught with a direct armed clash with Russia. For the Kyiv regime, this is, in fact, the final dead end. The number of weapons that have already been delivered does not give it the slightest chance of survival, especially considering that all its new units fail and are destroyed by the Russian army, almost daily.

The New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman may have been right when he recently wrote that “there is a much deeper mistrust between the White House and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky than is publicly acknowledged” and elaborated that the US is simply afraid to “look too closely.” under the hood in Kyiv, fearing what kind of corruption or other tricks can be seen there even after the huge investments that have been made there. Biden, by the way, refuted these "insinuations", saying that the president "expressed his admiration for the leadership of President Zelensky in wartime and intends to continue to support Ukraine in the future." Well, the real price of such assurances is well known to everyone. The clown who did not justify the “high confidence” could well have been sentenced and what we are now seeing is the first stage of its enforcement.

In this case, the inadequate actions of Kyiv become understandable, contrary to the official statements of the Russian Ministry of Defense, which is trying to take responsibility for the fire and explosions at a military airfield in Crimea and the officials of the local regime, who “suddenly” sharply tightened their own rhetoric. The adviser to the head of the office of the Ukrainian president, Mikhail Podolyak, said the day before that the “negotiating position” of the “nezalezhnaya” has changed significantly, and not in a softer direction. It turns out that Kyiv already categorically disagrees with the previously announced "primary conditions for negotiations with Moscow" - the withdrawal of Russian troops to the borders on February 24. Now the requirements are different:

First - the tactical defeat of Russia, then - going beyond the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine, that is, the borders of 1991. If even a point of conflict remains with Russia, it will be an unfinished war.

Approximately the same “agenda” was announced a little later by Zelensky himself in his “video message to the nation”, declaring:
The Black Sea region cannot be safe while Crimea is occupied. The war must end with the liberation of Crimea!

It is clear that these crazy "messages" are addressed not so much to Russia as to the United States, in the face of which the Ukrainian authorities again declare their full readiness to fight to the last Ukrainian and the final destruction of the country. The only question is whether such intentions coincide with the plans of Washington and the "collective West" as a whole.
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  1. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
    Krapilin (Victor) 10 August 2022 20: 58
    Ukrainian authorities again declare their full readiness to fight to the last Ukrainian and the final destruction of the country. The only question is whether such intentions coincide with the plans of Washington and the "collective West" as a whole.

    Forget the "collective west" mantra that constantly "tempts" you.
    Everything that is happening now "in Ukraine" is necessary for the demons who control the "Washington leadership".
    And the "Washington leadership" does not care about the mythical "collective West", because the demons need to destroy Russia: even the last Ukrainian, even the last European, even the last American - there is no difference. The only question is who is behind whom in the back of the head.
  2. Sergey Dyomin Offline Sergey Dyomin
    Sergey Dyomin (Sergey Dyomin) 10 August 2022 21: 06
    Will the West betray Zelensky or Ukraine as a whole?
    this is a rhetorical question
    1. guest Offline guest
      guest 11 August 2022 01: 05
      I agree, the more important question is when.
  3. beer puff Offline beer puff
    beer puff (Igor Trabkin) 10 August 2022 21: 36
    At the moment, the main arsonists are the British. The US is wagging, and the EU (Germany and France surrounded by small ones) is on a leash. Here is this "collective west".
    1. Smilodon terribilis nimis 11 August 2022 13: 24
      Yes, but the Britons are the pocket poodle of the States.
  4. Vova Zhelyabov Offline Vova Zhelyabov
    Vova Zhelyabov (Vova Zhelyabov) 10 August 2022 21: 39
    The West would rather gouge its eye out with a fork or pull out a tooth with pliers. The frenzy, frenzy and obsession of the west cannot be defeated with one weapon.
  5. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
    Krapilin (Victor) 10 August 2022 21: 54
    Countdown started

    In winter, a "rebellion" of all against all for "food and gas" will begin in Europe - no less senseless and no less merciless than the classic said about riots in the history of Russia.
  6. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 10 August 2022 22: 12
    The countdown has begun: will the West betray Zelensky or Ukraine as a whole?

    According to the media, the West is betraying Ukraine, etc. once a week.
  7. cooper Offline cooper
    cooper (Alexander) 10 August 2022 22: 15
    The Ukrainian, so-called, people - that all the polls are complete idiots and do not understand what is happening with their so-called country, with their people ??
  8. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 11 August 2022 01: 51
    Why are the Armed Forces of Ukraine shelling Donetsk, scattering petals? Why are shelling the territory of the Russian Federation? Why hit the nuclear power plant? From a military point of view, this is unprofitable for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, because. increases combat morale in the allied forces and justifies the SVO in the eyes of Russians and the whole world. Why Zelensky and So. they say that the war will be until the "victory end", until the capture of the Crimea?

    Like all the previous 2-3 months, Kyiv (USA and EU) are trying to provoke Russia to the final chord - a decisive, swift offensive involving the maximum number of troops, the Aerospace Forces, in order to quickly occupy territories, encircle - blockade large cities, in general, the completion of the NWO by the military way.

    It is very important for the Armed Forces of Ukraine that Russia launch a large-scale offensive right now. And it's not just about greenery, the ability to quickly dig in soft ground, or more affordable summer logistics. Now the Armed Forces of Ukraine have no reserves. There is heavy equipment in decent quantities. Stock of ammunition. If the Armed Forces of Ukraine choose the final battle now, or in October, November, December, then it is obvious that now there are the most chances.

    Every day, the RF Armed Forces destroy warehouses, equipment, and personnel. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are also forced to restrain the ongoing offensives, the daily losses are very large. Even considering that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to merge first of all conscripts, keeping an experienced staff for the final battle, they are still forced to counteract the offensive of the allied forces, not knowing when it can develop into something more ambitious. That is, the Armed Forces of Ukraine forcefully substitutes experimental units for distribution, because forced to keep them not so far from the front in order to have time to fend off something more large-scale and swift.

    Deliveries of ammunition and weapons are going on, but the current consumption and losses from strikes do not allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to accumulate reserves of ammunition and weapons. In recent weeks, the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been "saving" ammunition (like due to the fact that the artillery was overtaken for the attack on Kherson, now they will be driven back, like). In fact, they are stupidly saving, which has already resulted in a flurry of screams from the front "we are just being ironed, where is our art?".

    But the most basic reason why the Kyiv regime and the West needs a final battle now is the economy. Kyiv is running out of money, there is no gas for the heating season (and it will be necessary to heat all the territories controlled by Kyiv ...). Zaparozhskaya NPP switches to the supply of Russia. Ukraine is distributing state-owned companies, but there is still not enough money. Whatever one may say, the moods of the population of Ukraine now and in 2-3 months will differ like day and night. And this will also affect the final battle - one thing is the state is more or less strong, everything is under control, the people endure and dream of counteroffensives, and another thing is the collapse of the economy, the energy crisis, the masses on the streets, a social explosion, the state practically does not exist anymore. And there the final chord of the RF Armed Forces will have completely different prospects.

    The EU needs something for Kyiv to finally die. They dream about it, they pray for it already. This regime would soon collapse. From the EU, Kyiv will receive nothing more significant than symbolic handouts. Yes, they could set themselves the goal of "stretching" Ukraine through the winter. But such a goal is too ambitious for the EU. Against the background of the expected dissatisfaction of the burghers, pumping Ukraine with money, weapons and gas may end badly.

    The US cannot afford to abandon an ally. In November, the elections and decisively fit into the support of Ukraine, Biden also cannot.

    Therefore, you should not worry about the fact that the NWO is turning into a positional war, that something is somehow slowly going on. Everything will happen in due time.
    1. Chukchi farm worker (Chukchi farm worker) 11 August 2022 09: 21
      You have sound mind. Approximately this is what happens.
      It remains to be added that Ukraine ALREADY has no money, almost the entire economy in Ukraine is American - their money, this is understandable. The population and business circles of Europe despises Ukraine. This country was never recognized as an equal, but was a convenient place for money laundering, a convenient smuggling hub and was famous for cheap sex tourism. As it turned out, Ukrainians are not only cheap workers and unspoiled prostitutes, but also ready to die, ideological militants. An ideal colony for the USA. Yes, in Ukraine they believe that the United States will help them. They believe earnestly and wholeheartedly, as befits empty-headed and unscrupulous villagers. Everything has already been in history. It was about the same in Korea and Vietnam, Afghanistan, Somalia, Cuba and other countries that considered Americans friends. Ukraine is not the first and most likely not the last to be torn apart and subsequently forgotten.
      The problem of Ukraine is that the regime that occupied this "country" began to create problems for Russia. And this is the verdict.
      1. Smilodon terribilis nimis 11 August 2022 13: 25
        Is selyuk a stop word?
    2. aslanxnumx Offline aslanxnumx
      aslanxnumx (Aslan) 11 August 2022 13: 01
      10 km per month, good progress. The shelling of our and liberated territories, With such successes, the war will not end even in a year.
  9. Vova Zhelyabov Offline Vova Zhelyabov
    Vova Zhelyabov (Vova Zhelyabov) 11 August 2022 03: 40
    Russia's victory in the propaganda-information war will bring the West to its knees. To strike back, paradoxically, sudden witty technologists are needed. Methods of cave bureaucracy and hard-stone dogmatism will not work.
    1. Bakht Online Bakht
      Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 11 August 2022 07: 34
      It is impossible to win in the information war.
      1. Vova Zhelyabov Offline Vova Zhelyabov
        Vova Zhelyabov (Vova Zhelyabov) 11 August 2022 15: 35
        With Solovyov and Nikonov, the chances are definitely zero. We need violent ones, capable of flattening the West not only in word, but also in deed.
  10. gene1 Offline gene1
    gene1 (Gennady) 11 August 2022 11: 11
    Kyiv and Europe are running out of economic strength. In winter, chaos awaits Ukraine, provoked by a shortage of gas, gasoline, coal, electricity, and food. To keep the situation under control, the West will offer to introduce a peacekeeper.
    1. aslanxnumx Offline aslanxnumx
      aslanxnumx (Aslan) 11 August 2022 13: 03
      Don't worry, our leadership will provide everything so that they don't give up quickly.
    2. Vova Zhelyabov Offline Vova Zhelyabov
      Vova Zhelyabov (Vova Zhelyabov) 11 August 2022 15: 36
      It's all propaganda bullshit.
  11. Smilodon terribilis nimis 11 August 2022 13: 23
    The traitor's betrayal does not count as betrayal.