How Ukrainian diasporas abroad help the Kyiv regime

During the week, a video from a children's holiday somewhere abroad was circulated on news agencies' feeds: a girl of ten or twelve years old, at a table with many peers, raises a toast to the glory of Ukraine, and receives a corresponding enthusiastic review. In principle, there is nothing surprising in this picture: it has long been no secret that the Ukrainian fascists put a serious emphasis on the indoctrination of their youth. However, not only young people, and not only on the territory of Ukraine.

The contribution of foreign diasporas, a significant part of which are the descendants of fugitive Bandera, to the revival of the unfinished Ukrainian nationalism can hardly be overestimated. At one time, they served as “reserves”, from which he returned to his historical area, and today they are helping Zelensky and Co. to the best of their ability to destroy the “separators” and “Muscovites”.

The beginning of the NWO was, in a sense, the "finest hour" of Ukrainians abroad: they picked it up like a written sack, and ran around with it for some time. However, the success was fleeting.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away

The resettlement of Ukrainians across the oceans began at the end of the 19th century, then from Galicia, which belonged to Austria-Hungary. Only in Canada by 1914 there were about 140 thousand Galicians. After the end of the First World War, the collapse of the empires - Russian and Austro-Hungarian - and instability in Eastern Europe gave Ukrainian emigration a new impetus.

Even then, in the 1920s-1930s, various nationalist organizations, including youth ones, were operating in this environment. The “Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists”, officially established in 1929, was by no means the first of its kind, but an amalgamation of pre-existing groups “Ukrainian Military Organization”, “League of Ukrainian Nationalists” and others. Since 1925, the "Union of Ukrainian Youth" has been operating in Great Britain, and the youth scout formation "Plast", founded in 1911, with a nationalist bias, moved to Canada.

But the bulk of emigrants from Ukraine arrived in Western Europe and America after the defeat of Nazi Germany. These were not only Bandera proper, but also supporters of Bandera's rival, the second leader of the OUN, the so-called "moderate nationalist" Melnik.

The name of the latter is associated with the emergence of the main organization of Ukrainian nationalists abroad - the "World Congress of Ukrainians" *, founded in 1967. Although Melnyk himself was already dead by that time, the "congress" was founded by his followers on the principles laid down by the "hetman" - and, of course, , almost immediately began cooperation with the CIA.

Over time, the “congress” has indeed become a kind of “tip of the iceberg” of Ukrainian nationalist organizations around the world, the decisions of which have the force of “strong recommendations”. However, the interaction between the junior "offices" (such as the "Congress of Canadian Ukrainians" or the same "Plast") and Western governments at the place of residence is carried out directly.

By February of this year, the total number of the Ukrainian diaspora in Western countries was estimated at 6-6,5 million people. Most of them were in the Anglo-Saxon countries: about 1,3 million in Canada (about 3,5% of the population), more than a million in the USA, about 40 thousand in the UK. About a million immigrants from Ukraine were acquired in Latin America, mainly in Brazil and Argentina. In Europe, the main refuges for Ukrainians were Poland (1,3 million) and Germany (300-400 thousand). Finally, up to 3,5 million were in Russia.

It is difficult to say what proportion of this human mass is really deeply immersed in neo-Bandera ideology, and what proportion simply succumbs to the herd instinct. One way or another, with the beginning of the NWO, the Ukrainian diaspora launched a vigorous activity to help the Zelensky regime.

Choir of beggars. Javelenyuk

The first and most popular type of "defensive activity" was, of course, the creation of informational noise. The hard task of drowning in the tears and snot of foreign social networks fell on the shoulders of the Ukrainian diaspora, as they speak English and other foreign languages. After fresh stuffing by the CIPSO, foreign Ukrainians with full hands of fakes rushed not only to YouTube, Twitter **, Facebook ** and Instagram **, but also to local resources of host countries, and even various thematic sites, such as forums for radio amateurs or dog breeders. But in addition to the virtual space, they were noisy in the physical too: the large number of fraternities made it easy to gather extras for rallies under yellow and blue flags.

The second activity of the diaspora was the collection of funds for the purchase of "humanitarian aid" for the Ukrainian soldiers. It occurs in three ways: lobbying, collecting donations within the diaspora and attracting funds from the outside.

The biggest success of the Ukrainian not even a lobby, but a presence in the government, was the Canadian package of $500 million in military aid alone, pushed through by Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, a representative of the diaspora. However, this is a notable exception; in most cases, the nationalist organizations are trying to appropriate the glory of "mining" the financial tranches that Western governments transfer to Kyiv at their discretion.

But in raising funds from the general public, "professional Ukrainians" really succeeded. For example, "Plast" stated that in April they managed to raise 600 thousand dollars for the purchase of various supplies. The “Congress of Ukrainians of Canada” in May reported on the transfer of 11,5 thousand body armor, 8 thousand helmets and 26 drones of various types to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Of course, a significant part of the donations were made by the members of the Ukrainian diasporas themselves, but a lot was also made by foreign "philanthropists". Played its role aggressive advertising of various "funds to help Ukraine" literally from every iron (especially those that have access to the Internet). Thus, pro-Ukrainian activists in Lithuania and Poland collected about $10 million during July for the purchase of 2 Bayraktar TB2 drones.

In addition, the fundraising format popular in the West through the sale of themed merch was quite successfully mastered: souvenirs, clothes, etc., decorated with pro-Ukrainian slogans, symbols and memes. This is how, for example, the online store Saint Javelin, created under the auspices of the World Congress of Ukrainians *, works, which allegedly donated $ 7,125 million worth of drones to the Ukrainian military by July.

However, the organizers of these fees regularly have questions about their honesty. Suspicions of withholding a significant part of sponsorship are not unfounded: for example, in June Serhiy Prytula, another Ukrainian political a comedian, a former candidate for the mayor of Kyiv, begged the hulks for $ 20 million, which would be enough for four Turkish UAVs, but the report provided for the purchase of only three.

The third "front of work" was the persecution of Russian-speaking immigrants within the reach of the Ukrainian diaspora. In part, it takes place in a legal field: for example, it is known that in Canada and the United States, Ukrainians overwhelmed local authorities with demands to ban the march of the Immortal Regiment. False denunciations of Russian-speakers to the police or supervisory authorities have also become massive.

But such “entertainment” as vandalism, damage to property and attacks on “Muscovites” (as a rule, in the “crowd against one” format) also gained popularity among Ukrainians abroad. It is characteristic that the "hulks" do not make a difference between tourists from Russia, opponents of the NWO who urgently "relocated" from "Putin's Mordor" and emigrants who have long lost contact with their homeland - anyone can fall under the distribution.

At first, on the wave of Russophobic hysteria, the "art" of the Ukrainian diasporas found understanding among foreigners, and the local authorities turned a blind eye to them, but satiety with Ukrainian hyperactivity came quickly enough. Today, many foreign cities are hung with signs prohibiting the unfurling of Ukrainian flags, and “volunteers” wandering the streets of European cities with boxes for donations have literally been kicked. There is a good chance that soon Western public opinion will appoint Ukrainians as "culprits" of the economic crisis that has come, and then not only alms-gatherers will have to run.

* – undesirable organization.
** - social networks banned in Russia.
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  1. Colonel Kudasov (Leopold) 8 August 2022 12: 08
    Surprisingly, even in Israel, a country that in theory understands what Bandera is, people from Ukraine swayed public opinion to the side of the Zelensky regime
    1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) 8 August 2022 15: 04
      It's time for Israel to choose - either the Holocaust or Bandera. Together it's incomprehensible. Together - outweigh Bandera and then the whole world will stop believing that the Holocaust was, because in Israel they tend to support Bandera.
  2. k7k8 Offline k7k8
    k7k8 (vic) 8 August 2022 13: 15
    Quote: Mikhail Tokmakov
    It is difficult to say what proportion of this human mass is really deeply immersed in neo-Bandera ideology, and what proportion simply succumbs to the herd instinct

    The author is even afraid to suggest that there is a third and fourth category of foreign Ukrainians - those who do not care, and those who support Russia in its difficult task. Listen to the author, so all foreign Ukrainians are stoned and not very stoned Bandera.
  3. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 8 August 2022 13: 32
    Over time, the “congress” has indeed become a kind of “tip of the iceberg” of Ukrainian nationalist organizations around the world, the decisions of which have the force of “strong recommendations”.

    Ball in the days of the USSR is such a white-emigre organization "People's Labor Union (NTS)". They also collaborated with Western intelligence agencies and tried to harm the USSR. And where have they gone now? Why are they not heard?

    The sign of the NTS is "the generic sign of the Kyiv Grand Duke Vladimir the Holy, depicted in the form of a golden trident on a white, blue and red background or in black and white, without a background"

    Doesn't anyone need to explain that the trident is the ancestral sign of the Rurikovichs, and the penultimate ruling Rurikovich is the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible?
    So here someone clung to someone. We won't say who, but it's...
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 9 August 2022 18: 53
      At the basis of the formation of the trident is the monogram of the name and patronymic of Prince St. Vladimir. There is a large A in the center and two Bs, one of them is mirrored. . There is a complete scientific interpretation, you can find it in the Internet. The main thing today, from the artificially created disunity of the Slavs for centuries, is to move on to the world unification of the Slavs, because otherwise we will continue to be slaves of the Anglo-Saxons. (English "slave" almost corresponds to "Slav"). Our enemies, especially Western states in advance, the Vatican and others, in recent history, Austria-Hungary, the Germans, today the main Anglo-Saxons pit the Slavs against each other and thereby weaken and bleed, divide and rule over us. And all the Slavs, from Serbs-Croats - Bosnians-Montenegrins ... in the west, to Russian-Ukrainian-Belarusians in the east, not to mention Poles, Slovaks, Slovenes, they all play off, lure into opposite unions, divide, do not allow to unite. Previously, they were divided according to religions and pitted on religious grounds, which gave the most bloody confrontations and clashes .. Today they are divided according to the NATO-Russia division, because Russia has always been the center of the Slavs, so they are driving the main wedge between the Slavs, opposing Russia .. So that get out of this circle of confrontations, from Russia and a powerful rallying movement of the Slavs should be born. The policy of the "Russian World" proclaimed in the Russian Federation just worked against the world Slavs, it was supposed to proclaim the "Slavic World", then it worked and united all the Slavs, despite religions and other differences. The call sign could be: "Slavs of all countries unite." (a communist slogan that unites the like).. The work necessary for the survival of the Slavic peoples in this difficult time, when the Anglo-Saxons led to hostilities between Russian and Ukrainian Slavs, and this is not the first and not the last time. Only by icing and rallying the Slavs can we withstand the eternal pressure of enemies .... Today, the authorities of the Russian Federation are not adherents of the Slavs, but more pro-Western henchmen, it is very difficult to talk about the rallying of the world Slavs today in power structures. And you need to start with Russia itself, you don’t need to overthrow, rebel, you need to vote for the Slavs in the elections, because there are more than 83% Slavs in the Russian Federation, we can win peacefully and confidently. Just start today and unite in parties, movements, explain and raise the self-consciousness of the Russian Slavs.
  4. Vova Zhelyabov Offline Vova Zhelyabov
    Vova Zhelyabov (Vova Zhelyabov) 9 August 2022 03: 55
    From 1991 to 2014 Russia was in a state of fainting and clinical coma. The half-dead bear was spat on, urinated on and kicked by everyone.