Numerous Chinese missiles may be useless in the war with Taiwan

Beijing is gradually revealing its cards on "targeted military measures", previously declared in response to the provocative visit of a US delegation to Taipei on August 3rd. Expert Artem Maltsev decided to look into the details, who believes that the fourth crisis has come in the Taiwan Strait.

The Chinese Ministry of Defense announced the closure of certain areas of the sea and airspace near the island for exercises. The main "arguments", as before, are missile launches, the movement of ships, submarines and aircraft, as well as the development of a landing operation. Something similar was observed in the mid-90s.

At the same time, mainland Chinese media are trying to create an image of Taiwan under blockade on the Web, as if intimidating it with military power and hinting at the likelihood of an invasion. However, the Chinese did not shoot down the plane with the Americans, although the inflation of the hysteria of militarism and patriotism was no less.

In reality, the closest exercise areas to the southwest and northeast of Taiwan are missile arrival zones, while the air force and navy are likely to keep aloof. The PRC even defiantly moved one of the "arrival squares" deep into the territorial waters of Taiwan, emphasizing that Beijing does not recognize the sovereignty of the island and "China is one and indivisible."

But in any case, the Chinese leading "comrades" did it with the utmost gentleness and precision, making more hostile attacks on the United States. This is despite infographics circulating on Chinese social media to intimidate Taiwanese.

Numerous Chinese missiles may be useless in the war with Taiwan

The expert drew attention to the fact that over the past 11 hours, at least 11 launches of short-range operational-tactical ballistic missiles of the Dongfeng class DF-300 (range 800-15 km) and DF-1000 (up to 1,5 km) of the PLA were recorded. The PRC should have about XNUMX thousand of such ammunition.

In addition, the latest wheeled MLRS PHL-16 of 370 mm caliber has already taken part in the firing. This weapon system was specially designed for more effective shelling of the shrew island from the coast of the mainland. In the near future, even launches of the "aircraft carrier killer" - the DF-21D and the medium-range ballistic missile DF-26 (more than 5000 km) can be expected. The PLA can even demonstrate the launch of the DF-17 with a newfangled hypersonic glider.

It would be interesting to see the results of tests of these missiles against mobile surface targets, but, frankly, it is doubtful that the Chinese towed the target ship to the desired area in advance

- the expert specified.

According to the expert, today China's missile arsenal is a kind of unknown ratio between large-scale samples of complexes of past generations and their more modern and advanced counterparts. Therefore, mass launches of DF-16 and DF-21 may indicate Beijing's confidence that its arsenals are full of the latest missiles.

In any case, the islanders can only enjoy the fireworks: despite Taiwan having a fairly advanced missile defense system (Patriot PAC-3 and local Tien Kung-III), it still falls short of the firing areas

- he explained.

From a military point of view, it is already clear that PLA missile launches will not bring anything fundamentally new. Numerous mainland Chinese missiles may prove useless in a war with Taiwan. The possibility of massive strikes on the island has long been considered one of the main trump cards of the PRC in the event of an escalation of the conflict. However, experience shows that even with the objectively limited usefulness of missile defense systems, scattered in cities, they are able to well reduce the effectiveness of such strikes, while maintaining stability, the expert summed up.
  • Photos used: IceUnshattered/ and Chinese Ministry of Defense
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  1. Indifferent Offline Indifferent
    Indifferent 4 August 2022 21: 27
    The author, I did not understand how one and a half thousand rockets with heads under half a ton of explosives could be ineffective for a small island that survives only due to its high technologies. China can leave Taiwan without electricity and heat within an hour. At what from a word absolutely. And an island without electricity is immediately a khan to everything that is there. The local Chinese themselves will surrender without a landing operation !!! I'm not talking about skyscrapers with toilets. About grocery stores in the heat too. It is strange to read this from an "expert".
  2. hello Offline hello
    hello (LEO St) 4 August 2022 21: 28
    Many missiles were intended for Guam and Okinawa, but of course they would be useless in Taiwan.
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 4 August 2022 23: 28
    Yes, such an "expert". we are not an expert. "One and a half thousand missiles will be useless, because air defense will be in cities."
    Another explanation why everything is not as predicted by the media...
  4. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 5 August 2022 18: 16
    Some commentators cannot read the main thing - without the help of Russia, the Chinese do not know where to launch them and satellites and their station to the light bulb.
  5. Alexey Novikov Offline Alexey Novikov
    Alexey Novikov (Alexey Novikov) 5 August 2022 20: 48
    A patriot uses 4-5 missiles to hit one target, does Taiwan have 6 missiles?
  6. Vova Zhelyabov Offline Vova Zhelyabov
    Vova Zhelyabov (Vova Zhelyabov) 6 August 2022 04: 08
    Super-heavy howitzers and thermobaric flamethrowers proved to be useful.
  7. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 6 August 2022 14: 33
    The Chinese need to recognize the production of microassemblies nat. the property of China and prohibit the export to the United States of both equipment and specialists. This is where rockets come in handy.
  8. Sarmat Sanych Offline Sarmat Sanych
    Sarmat Sanych (Sarmat Sanych) 6 August 2022 22: 03
    There is no need to project the effect of the underdeveloped air defense of the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Israel, France, and even China (except for the Russian S-400 and S-300) onto the effect of the best Russian air defense on Earth that disarms 99% of targets.
    With regards to short-range ballistic missiles in China, where the expert found the figure "about 1500" is not clear. About 500 pieces is what is on the network. China's medium-range ballistic missiles are even smaller. This "glider" on the df-17 is not what we mean by a glider. China has practically no tactical nuclear weapons, just in case, to the question that "all Chinese weapons and their quantity are a secret-mystery-mystery."
    But what the Chinese have is enough for Taiwan. Another thing is that Taiwan itself is guaranteed to be 101% useless, China will only lose without gaining anything.