Moldova will turn to Romania for help in case of a threat from the Russian Federation

On July 29, Moldovan President Maia Sandu, during a press conference with her Romanian counterpart Klaus Iohannis, expressed her concern about the Ukrainian events and what has recently been happening in Transnistria.

At the same time, Sandu drew attention to the fact that, if necessary, Chisinau could ask Bucharest for military assistance to protect its interests.

We are concerned and allow different scenarios for the development of events, including the most pessimistic ones. In a situation where Russia tries to attack the Republic of Moldova, it is natural that we will ask for Romanian help

- said the Moldovan President.

She also reminded Sanda of the turbulent events in Transnistria this spring, when several terrorist acts were committed in the unrecognized republic. Then the armed people fired at the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs from a grenade launcher, attacked military facilities and Russian peacekeepers with the help of drones, and blew up several antennas of the radio and television center.

Earlier, Maia Sandu spoke about the need to increase the combat capability of the Moldovan armed forces at the expense of the West.

On the eve of the former President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, called for the dismissal of the country's cabinet of ministers and, if the government crisis continues, to hold snap elections.
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  1. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
    Pat Rick 29 July 2022 15: 25
    The "Risipenskaya maiden" travels on visits to all Europe and not only, there Poles and various Lithuanians wind her up, after which (as a mentally unbalanced person) she falls into the paranoid state of "elusive Joe". The main thing is that there is no one to tell her (in her environment there are selected and loyal people of a similar formation), that in the event of the de-Romanization of Moldova, no Romania will help her, and no matter how you arm the Moldovan army, it will still scatter through the vineyards and corn fields at the first shots .
    1. Ion Offline Ion
      Ion (Popescu Ion) 29 July 2022 17: 31
      Maybe at the beginning of the conflict there were many countries that were afraid of the Russian army.
      Now even the Republic of Moldova is not afraid.
      1. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
        Pat Rick 29 July 2022 18: 51
        Ion, you refute the words of your president.
        If you are so brave, why did you extend the State of Emergency in Moldova for 2 months? You are not warriors, but pussies. You can sing dir diri dira and dance well, but war is not yours.
  2. Teacher Offline Teacher
    Teacher (Wise) 29 July 2022 15: 35
    M. Sandu continues to pull the tiger's whiskers. Still, it will return in the form of gas and electricity prices. So 32 years have passed. Quiet peacefully. The PMR does not ask Moldova for money, there is no need to feed them. They live themselves. All these preferences from the EU for trade, Pridnestrovie, if independent, would have received it, but no, it would have traded with the EAEU. And they are ready to pay for gas themselves. Smart people (RM) would arrange everything for the benefit of Moldova through calm and businesslike relations with the PMR. These are gas and electricity and the EAEU market. But no - blockade, strangulation, the demand for complete submission.
    The best times for Moldova are the years within the Soviet Union. Everything that is (with the exception of flimsy new buildings) was built then. People were provided with work, received apartments for free, rested at the expense of trade unions at sea. Yes, what can I say...
    Thirty Years of Independence. Only representatives of the titular nationality are at the helm (there are no Russians even among house managers). Ruin! Complete! The picture of decline is blurred only at the expense of guest workers' money. Well, they are not capable of governing the state and that's all. Romanians, too, by the way, the German steers there. Look at Transnistria, where people are not sorted by nationality. Everything is much better. Even in those blockade conditions for the economy.
    It will never be in Moldova as in Europe. There are no state-forming traditions, only theft. Let smart people into power (even if they are not Moldovans). Feel the difference. It will be much better.
    1. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
      Pat Rick 29 July 2022 16: 02
      Look at Transnistria, where people are not sorted by nationality. Everything is much better.

      Yes, yes, it's better laughing You fly there as if in a time machine - 1979. Clean, poor, asphalt and repairs were last at the same time. Half the population fled in different directions. "The people and the party are united" and so on.
  3. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 29 July 2022 16: 09
    Moldova will turn to Romania for help in case of a threat from the Russian Federation

    laughing The news from the rubric is purely neighing. Well, if you think about the essence of course this news.
  4. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 29 July 2022 16: 52
    In a situation where Russia tries to attack the Republic of Moldova,

    Hypothetically, Russia will be able to attack Moldova only if it takes the Odessa region. So Sandu is so sure of the surrender of Odessa by Ukraine? Maybe she knows something there that we do not know?
  5. Teacher Offline Teacher
    Teacher (Wise) 29 July 2022 17: 33
    I understood what she calls Russia's attack on Moldova - the disappearance of the border between the PMR and the Odessa region, if it is liberated from the Nazis. But for the rulers of the Republic of Moldova, this is the de jure border of Moldova and Ukraine. That's what! And when the inhabitants of Transnistria meet Russia with flowers on the notorious border, this will be considered an attack on the Russian Federation (the version from Kostyuzhen is a mental hospital near Chisinau).
    This is where the subtle game of the Russian Foreign Ministry begins. Undoubtedly, recognition of the TMR will follow. Russian tanks may not come to Tiraspol, but become a military base near Odessa on the coast. Next is the Defense Treaty. Continuation of the Russian peacekeeping operation. Pridnestrovie, breathing deeply, after 32 years of blockade, will flourish without any doubt. It would be nice to return to the borders of the MASSR (1940) and get access to the sea (at least to one port).
    Moldova will simply fall apart. The south (Gagauzia) and the north (Balti) will revolt and may withdraw from the Republic of Moldova. The rest can indeed enter Romania. But it will be a very problematic region for her.
  6. foxes Offline foxes
    foxes (Victor Bogunov) 29 July 2022 18: 39
    The Orthodox Church recommends turning to God.
  7. zuuukoo Offline zuuukoo
    zuuukoo (Sergei) 29 July 2022 22: 35
    In general, at the moment, the Russian Federation will not be able to help Pridnestrovie in any way if any kind of "kneading" begins there.
    The fleet is pressed against the coast of the Crimea, cargo and landing aircraft, all the more, will not reach.
    Calibers ... well, calibers have been flying to Ukraine for 5 months now. Of course there is a sense, but nevertheless ...
    I mean, so far the Moldovan authorities, represented by Sandu, are behaving quite balanced.
    Maybe I just do not see the whole picture, but so far the impression is just that.
    1. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
      Pat Rick 30 July 2022 09: 04
      ... Grosu, who is still the Speaker of the Parliament, allowed in his comments on Mr. Tsvyatkov, publicly, for mass dissemination, deliberately, elements of “hate speech”. In addition to the fact that in Moldova this is an offense and the police are obliged to start an investigation, now we will check how many adherents of European values ​​are in PAS. Each member of the PAS, and especially the deputies, must now quickly decide and give this a political assessment. Whether Grosu attacked European values ​​or not, and whether the PAS supports or condemns it. The position of the EC, the Council of Europe and the OSCE will also be of interest.
      It should be noted that the speaker of the parliament, Igor Grosu, sharply criticized the statement of the deputy head of the Bureau for Reintegration, Nikolai Tsvyatkov, about the federalization of Moldova. He called Tsvyatkov a mankurt and a "fifth column", noting that such "mankurts" who make "anti-state statements" should be removed from the system and "sent to the Kremlin."

      This is an example of "prudentness of the authorities of Moldova" in the person of the Speaker of the Parliament, Igor Grosu.