“Don’t delay, winter is coming”: Russian advertising for foreigners is gaining popularity on the Web

A video promoting Russia and its peculiarities and urging foreigners to come to the country is rapidly circulating on social networks. Moreover, it is better to hurry with moving to the Russian Federation.

The video lists what the Russian land is famous for: delicious cuisine, beautiful women, cheap gas, rich history, world-famous literature, unique architecture, fertile soil, inexpensive electricity and water, ballet, affordable taxis and delivery methods, traditional values, Christianity , no cancellation of culture, hospitality, vodka that can withstand thousands of sanctions economy.

It's time to move to Russia. Don't delay, winter is coming

– conclude the authors of the video.

The video is not in vain calling for decisive action, as European gas prices beat new records. Thus, the cost of gas in Europe rose to $2300 per thousand cubic meters. The rise in price occurred after the failure of another gas pumping unit on the Russian Nord Stream pipeline.

Gazprom took this step due to the expiration of the time between overhauls before overhaul (in accordance with the instructions of Rostekhnadzor and taking into account the technical condition of the engine). Thus, the pumping of gas through the joint venture is carried out at the level of 31 million cubic meters of gas per day.

According to Rystad Energy analysts, such a low rate of blue fuel supply calls into question the filling of European UGSFs. To successfully prepare for the winter season, EU gas storage facilities must be 1 percent full by November 80st.
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  1. Roust Offline Roust
    Roust (Rouslan) 29 July 2022 09: 30
    And what are they to us?
    1. goncharov.62 Online goncharov.62
      goncharov.62 (Andrei) 29 July 2022 10: 21
      Hammer to me - so I will beat anyone in my!

      Vysotsky V.S.
  2. GIS Offline GIS
    GIS (Ildus) 29 July 2022 11: 21
    who took it off anyway?
    Is this European trolling?
    with whose light hand did you add vodka there)))?
    1. Cherry Offline Cherry
      Cherry (Kuzmina Tatyana) 29 July 2022 13: 59
      And women too.
  3. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
    Pat Rick 29 July 2022 21: 31
    Ballet, history and literature are very weak incentives for resettlement.
    Yes, and gas, so I will say, is not very cheap if you live not in an apartment on the floor, but in a house on the ground: there is a boiler for heating the house + hot water + stove, and it will cost more than 5000 per month, which is stressful for pensioners.
    Fertile soil? Beyond the Arctic Circle?
    What about the social security system in Russia? The medicine?
    Let foreigners live in the places of their permanent residence.
    1. Bartlswll Offline Bartlswll
      Bartlswll (Alexander) 30 July 2022 01: 53
      1st. 5000 rubles (80 USD) per month? Specify which one. I only know one - January. For this amount, I heat a house of 200 square meters in winter during the frostiest period. How much do you pay at -4F?
      2. Russia is the largest supplier of wheat. Wheat does not grow in the Arctic Circle. Or is it growing?
      1. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
        Pat Rick 30 July 2022 06: 16
        Write in English please.
  4. NatiKoshka_87 Offline NatiKoshka_87
    NatiKoshka_87 (Ela) 30 July 2022 03: 10
    Some kind of trolling and nothing else, by God) There is practically nothing from the above that would force a foreigner to move to the Russian Federation.
  5. DVF Offline DVF
    DVF (Denis) 30 July 2022 07: 51
    The most important thing in the video is traditional values.
  6. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 30 July 2022 13: 30
    vodka that can withstand thousands of sanctions

    A good reason to come to Russia.
  7. Art Pilot Offline Art Pilot
    Art Pilot (pilot) 30 July 2022 19: 41
    a little vodka
    and return ticket