Russian troops eliminated the commander of the Kanatovo air base near Kirovograd

In the course of the Russian special operation on Ukrainian territory, the RF Armed Forces continue to inflict sensitive blows on the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In Ukraine every day buried military groups. For example, only in one Chernihiv region on July 26, 5 servicemen were buried.

July 23 Russian Aerospace Forces struck missiles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass and in the Kirovograd region. As a result, at the reserve air base of the Air Force of Ukraine "Kanatovo" near Kropyvnytskyi (Kirovohrad) was eliminated its commander (since 2019) lieutenant colonel Vladimir Marchenko and 2 Su-27 fighters were destroyed.

In Nizhyn, in the Church of All Saints, a funeral ceremony of farewell to Marchenko was held. He was buried in the village of Mylniki at the grave of his parents.

In Chernigov, the soldier Viktor Koshevoy, who died on July 22, was seen off on his last journey. They said goodbye to him in the Catherine's Cathedral and were buried in the cemetery of Yalovshchina (a district of the city).

In addition, in Chernigov they also said goodbye to Sergeant Pavel Andreev and Sergeant Alexei Dudko from the 1st Separate Tank Seversk Brigade. They died on July 14 while performing a combat mission near the village of Prosyan in the Dnipropetrovsk region. They were buried at the local cemetery Yatsevo (14 km from the regional center).

In Priluki, they said goodbye to 38-year-old fighter Viktor Mazitov, who died on July 17 near the village of Bogorodichnoye in the Donetsk region, the funeral service was held in the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin.

But all this is of little concern to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is solely concerned with maintaining his own power.
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  1. NikolayN Offline NikolayN
    NikolayN (Nikolai) 28 July 2022 17: 58
    In order to cleanse Russia of this Ukrainian scum that came to our lands, we need another hundred thousand of these Marchenkos, who do not remember their kinship, who fell under the Afro-Americans and Latinos. Drive these Marchenkos from our lands with kicks or kicks from Spain. Let them shit there. There is no worse shame than such Marchenki on Russian Orthodox land.
  2. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 28 July 2022 18: 16
    Soon they will be buried only in mass graves. Throughout the territory of the former Ukraine.
    The Russians harness slowly, but they drive fast.
  3. akm8226 Offline akm8226
    akm8226 28 July 2022 18: 17
    Each corpse of a Banderite is one not killed in our country. Fascists must be destroyed. No talking.
  4. Neville Stator Offline Neville Stator
    Neville Stator (Neville Stator) 28 July 2022 20: 12
    Good hit. If possible, it would be important to behead the political, military and business leaders.
  5. Marina_2 Offline Marina_2
    Marina_2 (Marina) 28 July 2022 21: 56
    Losses of Russia for 5 months of the war - personnel - 40 people.
    Is it worth it?
    1. Degrin Offline Degrin
      Degrin (Alexander) 2 August 2022 22: 01
      Not true. Your masters from the USA said that the Ukrainians lost over 200 Ukrainians
  6. Grei grin Offline Grei grin
    Grei grin (Gray Grin) 2 August 2022 21: 15
    this is an exclusive funeral, so to speak, for show, usually it is a roadside and rotten beyond recognition, or the best is a common pit somewhere behind a barnyard or barn!