The Russian Armed Forces covered the American radar station, which was responsible for determining the coordinates of Russian artillery

It became known that in the course of a Russian special operation in Ukraine, the Russian Armed Forces, together with the NM of the DPR, covered from the MLRS an American mobile (towed) counter-battery radar of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which was responsible for determining the coordinates of the artillery of the allied forces in the Donbass. On the evening of July 27, the public was informed about this by the Voenkor ReZervist Telegram channel, a blog of one of the units of the DPR army.

Today at 17:00, the AN / TPQ-36 enemy reconnaissance artillery system was destroyed, which determines the installation of our artillery to suppress them. Eliminated with a multiple rocket launcher. He corrected the UAV of the battalion of the Special Purpose Reserve 1539 named after the Archangel Michael. Keep it up brothers, keep working!

- says the publication.

It should be noted that as of 2022, the Armed Forces of Ukraine had 25 units of such radars at their disposal. After the start of the NMD, the United States transferred approximately the same amount of military assistance to Ukraine in the form of military assistance. The last delivery took place on June 22, when the APU received from the Americans 18 M777 howitzers of 155 mm caliber, 18 tractors for their transportation, as well as 3 AN / TPQ-36 radars.

Such radars were adopted by the United States in the early 80s. They are designed to determine the coordinates of enemy artillery combat positions at a distance of 24 km and to direct return fire.
  • Photos used: Staff Sgt. Adriana Diaz-Brown, 10th Press Camp Headquarters
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  1. Colonel Kudasov Offline Colonel Kudasov
    Colonel Kudasov (Leopold) 28 July 2022 17: 38
    I hope they covered it with the operators
    1. Pavel N Offline Pavel N
      Pavel N (Paul) 30 July 2022 08: 45
      Surely so
  2. wladimirjankov Offline wladimirjankov
    wladimirjankov (Vladimir Yankov) 3 August 2022 19: 17
    Covering and destroying are not the same thing. Moreover, MLRS hail missiles have a very large circular deviation. This is an area-of-effect weapon. Many video clips show how inefficient and inaccurate hail shoots. It is difficult for them to hit the AN / TPQ-36 mobile radar even with a whole package of 40 barrels. Maybe that's why they don't show the recording from the UAV that corrected the shooting. If the destruction of the radar had been accurately recorded on it, it would definitely have been demonstrated. I say all this to the fact that for such purposes it is necessary to use shock UAVs or kamikaze drones. One guided missile or bomb fired from it is one destroyed radar, tank, MLRS, air defense system, cannon, and other equipment. And there will be no need to spend expensive Iskanders on the BUK or S-300 air defense systems or himars. But there are practically no shock and modern UAVs in our army. Our president needs to force our military-industrial complex and, above all, its officials to work around the clock like in the Second World War, in order to finally resolve this issue, if they have not resolved it in peacetime for 30 years.